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Kevin Given
I am a pro-lifer with a mission and I hope everyone who reads this will join me. If you feel as I do that the Republican party should keep it's pro-life planck, join my letter writing campaign to have Gianna Jessen, abortion survivor share her story at the next Republican National Convention (RNC).

If you are not familiar with Gianna, her biography is available through most Christian bookstores or "Focus on the Family" Publishing, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Her presence at the convention would accomplish many things.
1) she would bring about public awareness to the whole abortion debate and people such as herself who have survived, converting, I believe, many who are undecided on this issue to the pro-life view
2)Mobilize the Republican Party on this issue to hopefully doing something about abortion (after years of promises)
3) possibly be a unifying voice on this explosive issue within the party.

I have written to Republican elected officials, every Presidential candidate, and the RNC itself in an effort to see Gianna share her story at the RNC. Won't you please join me, since it will be hard for them to ignore a multitude of letters on this request?
Thank you for considering this,
Sincerly Pro-life Kevin

Since after the March for Life in 1979, I have said this prayer by Bishop Fulton Sheen, and urge all those who do not know of this prayer to begin to say it. God bless all of you who beleive that everyone should be given the choice to live. "Jesus, Mary and Joseph. I love you very much. I beg you to spare the life of the unborn baby, which I have spiritually adopted, who is in danger of abortion." Just think of it -- for every year you say this prayer, that is another baby you may have helped from being aborted! Something else I would also like to share is something I read by Rep. Henry Hyde -- To all those who have in someway stood against abortion, the day of our final judgement, the Lord will ask not "Did you succed?", but "Did you try?". Let us all try to help those who cannot help themselves.
MommyAllTheTime/Unplanned Pregnancy
Hi! Fantastic link sites. I've had to bookmark you to finish later. Love the idea of a Message Wall. May we all remember that we need to be aware of the frame of mind a woman is in who is thinking of having an abortion. I think if we try to put ourselves in their shoes, we can then know how to approach them. Some have no concept of Christ or religion, and are so lost. Don't get me wrong. I am not saying they are not killing a human life. I just mean there is a different type of effective message for every different type of individual. But I have seen prolife sites full of anger and hate, and I wonder, who will listen to this hate? This site is definitely NOT one of those sites. Anyway, from a sympathetic standpoint or a strong and unwavering standpoint, let us reach out to those in need. May God bless you for your work.
Hi, this IS a great site, thanks!! There seem to be many prolife sites on the internet and that is fantastic but has anyone come across a Catholic Singles Prolife site for marriage minded people in the US? If anyone has any information, please feel free to contact me via email, thanks a bunch :)
Thank again , God Bless!
Luhra Tivis Warren
Praise God! I quit my job and I'm back to working for God fulltime in pro-life. My new web site will be up the week of Nov. 1st, www.christ-like.org and I welcome visitors. My background is that in 1988 I worked in the Wichita, Kansas abortion clinic of Dr. George Tiller, who has done about 1,000 3rd trimester abortions every year for almost 20 years. Write me for info on speaking engagements.
I hope that all the Rosarys we pray will serve to protect the life of our unborn babies, God's creations and precious treasures. I live in Tegucigalpa, Honduras; please let me know how I can help from down here. Fortunately, abortion is not legal in this country, but we must be vigilant to keep it that way. God Bless all the people who, while praying the Rosary, seek the intercesion of our Holy Mother to protect the life of the unborn.
Yours Truly, Max Contag ficomacs@ficohsa.hn
Suzanne Mancil
I was on the "pill" for most of my reproductive life. I went through my time of month one spring and it felt wrong. Like a part of me had been ripped out. I then found a Christian Page on the "pill" and found out my gut feeling was right. I was on an abortion pill! (orthotricyclen). I cried and repented. I never have taken any artificial hormone again. Gladly, I am four months pregnant (after years of trying--the Pill messed me up for a while). I am sooo thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for my little miracle.
Thank you Blessed Mother of the blessings you have bestowed on my family. Please help Bertha and her husband. Please let him leave the earth without to much suffering. Thank you Lord, for everything. Merry Christmas to All and Happy New Year.
quote one scripture that supports right to life (here is a clue there isnt any remeber Jesus said "it is not what goes in your mouth that will defile you but what comes out" translation shut up thank you
Eve Ray
Please view my web site and if you feel it would help anyone, please link me to your website and I will do your page. It has beautiful pictures of Memorial Quilts and Memorial Roses in memory of the little ones. Three of the quilts we have are made by Catholic churches.

Thank you, Eve

Rita Lopez
Samuel Alexander Armas tiny .... Is the best example pro-life.
"21-week-old pre-born baby Samuel Alexander Armas tiny hand grips the finger of Dr. Joseph P. Bruner as he is being placed back in his mother's womb after a surgury to alleviate the effects of spina bifida before the baby's birth. "
PLEASE, everybody!!! Look this page:
kanny jay
i really appreciate what you poeple are doing. i pray that the almighty god through our blessed mother will give you sufficient grace to achieve the aims i was once involved in the abortion thing.i pray for god forgiveness and mercy. please always remember me in your prayers. i will be glad if i get more message/advice from you using my e-mail adds
Eugene E. Zix
We,at St.Bernadette Church have been praying 15 decades of the Holy Rosary every Tues. evening at 6:00 PM since October 1993, for the unborn and for the forgiveness of the abortion establishment and the parents directly involved wiih abortion. We have been using a prayer sheet to guide us in the prayers befoore the Rosary and prayers at the conclusion of the Rossary. If anyone is interested in starting such a Crussade in your parish, I'd be glad to send you some of the maaterial to help get you started. I can be reached at eejzix@digitalexp.com or snail mail:
Eugene E. Zix
110 Rose Coral Drive
Panama City Beach Fl 32408-5111
I wish to join in prayer with everyone who visits this wall, in hopes that through the intercession of our beloved and Most Holy Mother, and through the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, the hearts and minds of those working in the abortion field and those women who are considering to have an abortion, will change.

Dear Mother, speak to us of the Eternal; Not like earthly beauty, dangerous to look upon, but like the Morning Star which is thy ember, bright and whimsical, breathing purity, telling of Heaven, and infusing peace...
O Light of the Pilgrim, lead us still as thou has led; Through the dark night, across the bleak wilderness, guide us on to our Lord Jesus... Guid us home!

I say this prayer also for those who now live with the pain of having had an abortion... And for all thosewho are suffering for whatever reason. Amen.

Nelson and Nicole
My sister has just found out that her baby she is carrying has a brain abnormality.My sister is 24 weeks along in her pregnancy and the baby is due in July. The doctors have told her that there will be brain damage.My sister has been advised by non-Catholic relatives to abort the child.We need your prayers for the child, my sister, her husband and the misguided relatives.
Shayra Rivera
My name is Shayra Rivera and I'm doing the project about "Abortion in moral and religious aspects" I need more information in english about this topic.What so ever will be of great utility and would send at aryash25@hotmail.com or cm_melendez@hotmail.com
Angela Williams
St. Boniface Catholic Church
Lafayette, IN 47904
Join us in a nine day Novena of Prayer to end Abortion in the United States! In this the Great Jubilee Year 2000, the Feast of Divine Mercy is on April 30, 2000. The Novena given to Sr. Faustina by Our Lord begins on Good Friday, April 21, 2000.
Won’t you join us in this novena prayer for the intention: To End Abortion in the United States in the Great Jubilee Year 2000. Our Lord has promised : I will deny nothing to any soul whom you will bring to the fount of my mercy.
Liana Vivero
Many thanks to JesusChrist and His Beloved Mother for this site because like Our Lord said:"Where two or more are gathered together in My Name, I shall be there". Liana
Denis J. Keohane
A very Pro-Life and very Catholic novel, rejected by some of the finest publishing houses in the land. May not please...may even offend. But not written to 'sing to the choir', but intended to reach many, those on the wall, the apathetic. Perhaps wrong to 'use' the present culture, but as written, 'all things to all men', and we once made great headway conforming the cultures to Christ, and not simply opposing. His Peace to you all. Denis Keohane mail to: caheragh@gamewood.net
Gerry M. Kaye
Use Truth-Choose life. Read the true facts about abortion: Medical, Spiritual, Political, Laws, Options, Effects, Referrals, References. http://www.GerryMKaye.org/abortion.htm
Barbara Barthelette
Elections are coming up and everyone is busy making their personal decisions for whom to vote. This is the AMERICAN WAY. You vote your conscience. If, however, all Catholics are voting their conscience, according to our Faith, why is that we have had a pro-death president in the White House for the last eight years?
How many parishes advocate pro-life yet the majority of their congregation votes the ticket that puts the very lives of the innocent on the line. Someone told me once that when I reach the Social Security years, I will change my political views dramatically when it comes to my monthly Social Security and related benefits! What a reality check! They vote for added comfort while unborn babies can be murdered brutally and legally even if they would be viable outside the mother's womb. Perhaps, Social Security Catholics should worry about euthanasia as abortion is surely the precursor to that. If the life of a baby is so unimportant, how much more value would an elderly person have in this day and age?

I am not here to say that one political party is any better than the other. I think it is time to look at all the people running for the various offices and study their moral values and qualifications not their party label in order to bring morality back to the United States.

Soraya Cortez
instead of trying to impress each other here on earth, we should impress our father and his mother, so that the day that we're called on we rest in peace
Mazda and Ford Motor Companies provide abortions at company owned and operated facilities. A pro life boycott against Ford and Mazda requesting them to get out of the abortion business. The boycott believes that Mazda and Ford should stick to the automotive business and stay out of the abortion business. Ford and Mazda should be niether pro life nor pro abortion. They should have no stance on the issue. However by providing abortions, they are actively taking a pro abortion viewpoint. We urge all pro life Mazda and Ford customers, employees and stock holders to contact Ford and MAzda management via our boycott web site and let your thoughts be heard. Visit the boycott at http://www.boycott.org.nz
Denise & Roger Murphy
For all Saints day, Please Peace & Love be granted in all are lives.
John Regan
God bless you for the work you have done.
Kevin Given
please see my webpage on Gianna Jessen, abortion survivor http://www.suresite.com/fl/g/givenpage
I ask for prayers for all parents who have lost children to death. That the Devine Mother will bring us comfort. I ask also for guidence in my time of great testing of my Catholic faith.
Barbara Bell
Thank-you for having the courage to stand up for the most innocent members of our society. I feel very alone in my church, as there are only a few of us who seem to be horrified by abortion and moved by Jesus' call to do something about it. How can that be, if as Catholics we are supposed to be ardently Pro-life? I pray every day that all Christians will come together and demand the end of this insane practice. God Bless You.
John MacNeil
Using the procedural term "abortion" to indicate a womb-dependant child is succumbing to the psychological strategy of the groups who support the killing of womb-dependant children, their aim being to create as much grammatical distance from a real life association as possible. Therefore, the term "abortion" should be replaced, wherever posssible, by a more life representing term.
John Colee
I realize this Wall is for the unborn, from what I've seen, however I'm a struggling fully grown Catholic. I have had a very hard time, having been a hard drug addict. I am now trying my best to do God's will. I have brain damage from the drugs & a motorcycle accident in which I suffered head trauma. Please pray for me, I pray for ALL the people on this Earth, everyday.Please pray for me. Thank You & God Bless You,... John earth everyday.
Araceli Menager
Deseo con todo mi corazón que el mensaje de Fátima se divulge con toda la fuerza de la Iglesia y que llegue a cada persona que tenga el corazón abierto, no solo católicos y que podamos ser personas unidas en el amor y no separadas por títulos religiosos.
Octavio Saenz, M. D.
Please visit my URL for an unrivaled Truly Hopeful and Truly Honest New Euro-American Century, for a Truly Religious Democratic World's Progress; that is, for, finally, a Truly Equal Individually Human and Personal Opportunity to reach Our Creator's Mercy, inspired on reading His Bible - which still at present remains absolutely impossible in our religionistically discriminatory and exploitational Euro-America, so self-righteous but clearly without God's True Democracy: withour Universal Functional (Loving) Literacy and without Universal Healthcare (Mental) Insurance. Long-Live your Most Truly Religious-Patriotic Organization!
Michael Tullos
My wife and little girl just released a beautiful pro-life song entitled "Let Me Live". We are trying to sell it through churches and over the internet. Please visit www.letmelive.net if you are interested in a copy. I promise, if you are pro-life, you will not be disappointed. God Bless.
I am a citizen of the U.S., registered to vote in the 4th Congressional District of Connecticut. Please inform me names, political party and their position on abortion of candidates to U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate (if any). Ditto with respect to Bush and Gore and their running mates, when designated. I OPPOSE ABORTION for strictly secular/ethical reasons + 10 Commandments!
George J. Mougios
I, George J. Mougios, publish The Bridgeport Post Newsletter, and this publication has espoused many causes and one of our causes is ProLife and to ALERT people that the Daughters of Charity National health System, now known as Ascension Health, allow known abortionists to work under the sign of the cross in their hospitals. The daughters also teach NEW AGE methods and eastern religious practices as altenative medicine. I have sent copies of our publication to many churches and even to over 60 Bishops and to the Vatican. Yet nothing has been done. If you ant futher proff, conatct me and BptPostNew@aol.com
Dear Friends - united in prayer, I have just participated in the Perpetual Rosary, which I do every time I get on to the internet. I unite my prayers with you for all the unborn babies and their mothers - for all who are in any way influential in the matter of choosing life. My prayers are also offered in reparation for all those who use the internet for the promotion and propagation of evil which is having such a terrible influence on children and young people. Now, before I close, I ask each one who will read these few lines to offer to God through Our Blessed Mother Mary, just one Hail Mary for a family greatly in need of God's help and guidance right now. I in turn will pray for you all - wherever you may be. Next time I write, I will tell you something wonderful about an unborn baby whom I named Francis Mary.
I came across this quote the other day and I couldn't help to think how it applies to abortion. "A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right." Thomas Paine
M. Alkendos
A book all pro-lifers should read is TO BE OR NOT TO BE: REFLECTIONS ON MODERN BIOETHICAL CHOICES by Donald V. Paone. By using reason alone, he demonstrates that abortion is unethical and sets forth a possible basis for the reversal of Roe v. Wade. Retailing at $9.95, it can be purchased from Internet book suppliers or from Blue Skies Press: toll free phone 888-414-3239 or FAX 516-596-0646.
Kevin Hobbs
Please, everyone who sees this message, ask and pray to our savior Jesus to forgive us in these last days and to remember what He said on the cross that 'they know not what they do' that we might have leniency from God the Father in the end. Pray that Jesus comes soon to put an end to the terrible evil in the world today. We love you ,Jesus, and await your coming.
This the first time I have been on this page, and it is inspiring that so many are praying for an end to abortion. Please pray for me and my family, we are desperately in need of prayers. We have had so much sadness in our lives, but I know the Lord and His blessed Mother will take care of us. Thank You
Dear Friends - united in prayer - I was asked today to send this message for a lady who does not have internet facilities. She would be so grateful if each one reading this message would offer up one Hail Mary for her family - Evelyn, Oliver, Jennifer, Debbie and Mark. On her behalf, I thank you - "more things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of." Sent in the Divine Will - N.M.B.
please help.our daughter who is only 4, was just diagnosed with leukemia and has another2 years to go for chemo treatments. It is treatab le but the chemo is strong. On top of that my husband found an old diary of mine and found my promiscuious life before my renewal. He questioned me and and I admitted it. Since then he has had insomnia and extreme insecurity and keeps questioning me about the past in detail. I haven't cheated on him while we were married but he feel like I did becausse of my past, I cheated on him while we were dating. Since our renewal-my only desire is to please the Lord and for Him to make us a holy family. At first he wanted an annulment. It is very hard for me to live like this. I try to comfort him and tell him I love him and the kids with all my heart. Last night I tried to read the Psalms to him but he cannot concentrate. Please lift us up to the Lord,I am praying so hard. But I know I need help. Thank you and thanky Mother Mary for being there for all of us, your children.
I want to thank you for helping spread the word. Killing a human life should not be so easily dismissed. A person like you and I has been killed because we made a wrong decision because we were to lazy. It shouldn't happen and I for one will fight for the right to live.
Dear Friends - united in prayer .... Today - the 8th September is the day on which we remember and celebrate the Birthday of Our Blessed Mother Mary. Right now, Fr. Nicholas Gruner, through whose website we are privileged to have the facility of communication on the "Wall", is urgently in need of heart-felt prayers offered on his behalf. He has spent his whole Priestly life in the service of Our Blessed Lady of Fatima whilst, increasingly in recent years, the enemies of Our Lady have been making of Fr. Gruner a target for their evil endeavours to play down the great Message of Fatima and to block the fulfilment of Her requests. Today - on Our Lady's Birthday - let us all spiritually unite in saying each day, from now on, the beautiful prayer of St. Bernard which we know as THE MEMORARE ..... "Remember, O Most Gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to Thy protection, implored Thy help or sought Thy intercession, was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly unto Thee, O Virgin of Virgins, my Mother. To Thee do I come, before Thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions but in Thy mercy, hear and answer me. Amen.
Jen Heide
I have spiritually adopted an unborn baby and named her Thecla after the resilient saint. Every night I say: "JESUS, MARY, AND JOSEPH, I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. I BEG YOU TO SPARE THE LIFE OF THE UNBORN BABY THECLA, WHO I HAVE SPIRITUALLY ADOPTED, WHO IS IN DANGER OF BEING MURDERED BY ABORTION." I will say this prayer for nine months, and then "adopt" another unborn baby. This holocaust won't last forever.
Michael Mitchell
Possible way to use current law on death to promote life. Click on URL given
Keep up the fight and have faith that God will not allow evil to triumph over good in the end.
I think that the person who IN BOLD TYPE above denies that The Pope is the Holy Father is either misinformed by reading a newspaper article not accuratly quoted, as well as disobediant to our Great Shepherd and certainly shows no effort to research this topic as well as the educational persuit of The Catholic Faith. God bless whoever this pweson is; I will pray that you become enlightened to the facts as well as your heart be softened to accept the word of God through The Pope. Next time, investigate appropriate sources before spewing partial information; like www.ewtn.com, www.catholic.com, and many other links available through these URL's. Knowledge is power; half-truths are embarrassing. Enlighten thyself! -Jack
Thank God that we have Our Holy Father Pope John Paul II ! He is our Great Shepherd & leader- anyone who misquotes him, or refuses to become educated not only in the Catholic Faith, but also regarding The Pope and his teachings, is just simply that: not properly informed. Shy away from negativity regarding our Pope; He is carrying out Christ's techings; go to the proper sources for the proper information. God Bless our Pope, and God Bless the person who does not have the right and complete information on the teachings & quotations of our pope. Sometimes the "secular" news only prints waht is "interesting', rather than what is complete. Go to EWTN for the RIGHT & COMPLETE news! God Bless Our Pope, and Praised be God the Father, God The Son, & God the Holy Spirit.
Does anyone know where I can purchase the keyboard/chord & melody music for: THE DIVINE CHAPLET as sung on EWTN? Please email me. Thank you! -Marcia
Stanley M. Rokosz
I would truly like to see in my life time the blessing of Russia and Mary's work in the conversion of sinners to continue.
Patricia Smith
My heart mourns for the babies being murdered each minute of the day. I want to do God's will and reach out to close minded people about the terrible crime against these little angels. My husband recently brought home a lapel pin that has feet of a 10 week old fetus. The feet are the actual size of the baby at that stage of development. I am trying to find the pins. If we can find them we plan on passing them out at our church. I think it would be a good way to get a conversation going to inform others of the murders going on against these beautiful babies. If you know where I can find them, please email me. We have to do everything we can to save them. Please pray for me and I will pray for you and your efforts to save the babies.
Banner of Life
Banner of Life is a pro-life , post-abortion healing ministry for those who have been impacted by abortion. It is a banner made up of panels of fabric squares representing the number of babies which are murdered through abortion. People (including parents, grand-parents, siblings etc. )are asked to name the child and then sign the name on a square. Most people also write a message to that child. It has been the beginning of healing for many and closure for some. Too many are suffering in silence and abortion minded people need to hear the truth. I am looking for people who can assist me with sewing panels of squares. Our current vision is to place panels in Crisis Preg. Centers all over the country to reach those who need healing. Our ultimate vision is placing a completed banner on the lawn in Washington DC. These little 2.5" squares in 5 foot rows would have a length of over 2.5 miles and that is only one year! We feel that people will be made more aware of this horror when they "see" the truth. If you want info, please e-mail me. I will also accept signed squares. God bless you!
Dan Stockdale
The Pastoral Plan of the National Council of Catholic Bishops calls for “a public information and education effort to deepen understanding of the humanity of the unborn”. To that end I propose that the church encourage each expectant mother to give a temporary, prenatal name to her fetus. In other words, I want it to become common for Catholics to give names to CHILDREN WHO ARE STILL IN THE WOMB. Then, at mass, just as we pray for the sick of our parish by name and we pray for our bishops by name, each parish would pray for it’s own unborn children BY NAME . This would be a powerful way for us to demonstrate that we believe that a fetus is an individual human being who deserves the right to life. How better to fulfill the mandate to deepen understanding of the humanity of the unborn. There is a psychology behind this, call it the “psychology of a name”. A name forges our identity as individuals distinct from others and is central to the formation of the bonds we make with each other. Understand that every member of every human society has a name and if we want society to think of an unborn child as one of its members, we need to take the lead in giving names to the unborn. The idea that an unborn child would have a name is not foreign to Judeo/Christian thought. God called Isaiah BY NAME from his mother’s womb (Isaiah 49:1) and both John the Baptist (Luke 1:13) and Our Lord Jesus (Luke 2:21) were named before they were even conceived. Since the prenatal name is temporary and can be changed at birth, the sex of the child need not be considered even if an engendered name is chosen. The idea that one’s name can be changed has been embraced by both God the Father (Abram to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah) and Jesus (Simon to Peter). Of course there are many names that are not gender specific and even nonsense names would be perfectly acceptable. Though we might try to convince someone who is about to enter an abortion clinic that she should stop and give her child a pre-natal name, it seems that earlier exposure to this concept would be a more effective way of preventing the abortion. Therefore we need to make prenatal names such a part of society’s fabric, that a women who would never consider going to church would embrace the idea of giving a prenatal name to the baby in her womb simply because it has become common to give unborn children the dignity and benefit of a name. Once a mother has given even a temporary name to her child, she will not likely seek an abortion. Naming the child is even beneficial if there should be a miscarriage or the child is stillborn because it is an important step in the grieving process. In fact it is an integral part of the Project Rachel.
Steve Evans
At www.babycalm.com the researcher Steve Evans discovered and can prove fetal hearing and memory at 16 weeks - we can send you the Newspaper cuttings etc from the 7 years of clinical trials which show this. The site is a commercial one and if you can let people know about this we would be grateful. Thankyou. Best regards,
I am not a Catholic, but I agree that abortion is terribly sad and wrong. But we must not condem women who abort their babies, rather just support them and help them. We all make mistakes and far too many pro-lifers (if they can really call themselves that) are too hard on women who have had or will have abortions. I am a true pro-lifer. I do not believe in abortion. I do not believe in capital punishment. I also do not eat the flesh of other living creatures. We should all respect life, not just the born or the unborn but for the girt that is is, from whoever it was you believe gave it to you. Open-mindedness and kindness are the keys to saving unborn babies and others who shouldn't have to die...........
Please pray for me,,I need an operation.and that the insurance Co. will cover the cost of the operation..
I would like to say to all the Catholics out there who say they are catholic and pro-choice.You are decieving yourselves,you cannot be Catholic and pro-choice. You have spiritually excommunicated yourselves from the church.To be pro-choice puts you in direct opposition to God,and The Church.For many reasons,1.God said "Thou shalt not kill".2.God said "Love thy neighbor as thyself" You cannnot love thy neighbor while killing it.3. God said'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"I find it hard to believe anyone would want themselves to be murdered . 4.God said "'Judge not,lest you be judged by your own measure" By being pro-choice you are judging innocent human beings unworthy to live,and sending them off to a horrible death.Where are you going to spend eternal life? Man that fire is hot!!!Repent ,today is the day for salvation. God said " judge a tree by the fruit that it bears ." The fruit of abortion is death for mother and child and all of humanity.Because of abortion and birth control our species is under the threat of becoming exstinct. This would explain why promiscuous sex is so rampant in this day.our species wants to survive.All of humanity is caught in this viscious cycle. Henceforth death, diseases,depraved sex in all fashions wether it be homosexual,heterosexual,or in groups. Make no mistake,the fruit of abortion and birth control is way beyond rotten.5.God said for us to be charitable and care for the orphans, the widows and the fatherless.He doesnt say for us to kill them.These people are dear to Him.I realize this is a pro-life web site.I am speaking to those pro-choiceEx-communicated catholics who are decieving themselves and are in the habit of showing up on the internet misrepresenting the Catholic Church and what it stands for . Thank you for reading my message God Bless you and Protect you from the evil one Thank you ,Signed, MourningDove
ron haas
my heart cries for the poor inocent children dying by the hand of the doctors knife. please we must get it stopped. thank you and GOD BLESS
In the fight against abortions has anyone requested the Pope to excommunicate the Congressional members who are Catholic and support abortions?
May the Peace and Love of our Lord Jesus be with you all, for you are doing great work in protecting and helping His little children. Pax et bonum! Kurt
Somebody Who loves God and is a proud parent
Let me start by saying that I thank God for my 5-year-old daughter and my 7.5 month unborn son. He has truly blessed me and my family. I am new to this thread, but I don't plan on becoming a member. I thank God that I don't think like you shallow-minded individuals. So, which one of you out there wishes to adopt the 1.3 million abortion babies if the mother decides to carry to term? And don't get me started on you people who hear 'a voice, God's voice', telling you to kill an abortion doctor or harrass a woman over what she decides to do with her body. A large majority of you are male and can't carry a baby, so don't even think for a second that you are 'CHOSEN' by God to carry out violent acts. The whole eye-for-an-eye thing is really outdated. The 10 commandments are really what is needed now. Remember the Law 'Thou Shalt Not Kill'? Can you define that for me? I'm a little hazy, but I don't think God made that law lightly. Are you truly so blind that you believe your murdering another human being because he destroys lives (not open for discussion whether they are unborn or not) makes you Holy? You really are self-righteous. God did not make the commandment to read "Thou Shalt Not Kill (except for those who have killed, then there is a special rule that gives you full pardon)". The law is THOU SHALT NOT KILL, and those who do face a Higher Court than ours here on Earth. God is the Judge of all of our actions. Remember that the next time you go to kill or assault someone who is pro-choice or whatever they're views are. Let them do as they wish. It is Satan's work, but God has promised the unborn eternal life. His justice is just, swift, and everlasting. How would you feel if there was a website with your addresses, names, childrens names, where they go to school, where you work, phone number, make of car, etc..? There is a saying that I feel is appropriate: "Let Go And Let God" My views on abortion? Thats my PRIVACY. Dr. Barnett Slepian had a child. A child that watched her father bleed to death because of the actions of a pro-lifer. Cowardly actions, I might add. Let Go And Let God...
When is everyone going to follow through on this issue. We are stopping the killing but we are not taking care of the mother and child. Call your congress person and tell them you want the IRS tax form 1040 marked for all prolife tax payers so that we can have the nescessary monies taken out to provide for these mothers and children. Please do it today. There are many poor prople out there that need our help.
Please Don't DeFetus ! com The Death Penalty is for Serial Killers Not Cereal Eaters.com Abortion is Hypocrisy according to Hippocrates.com R U 4 8 6 ing Babies ? com Planned CHILD hood B4 Planned PARENThood.com 'We don't kill cats and dogs as often as we destroy female children' Please Don't De Fetus Pick on Someone Your Own Size.com Before I FORMED you in the WOMB I knew you. Before you were born I set you apart GOD ( Jeremiah 1:5 )
luisa snider
May God bless all of his human creations and forgive us our sins, give us the courage to abide by His ways,especially for peace throughout the entire universe. May we love,help and understand each other just as He has done to us.
Can anyone here help me to locate printed copies of a beautiful artwork called "Mother of the Unborn"? It is a remarkable painting by an American named Tidwell and shows Our Lady holding an aborted baby with its guardian angel looking on. I have searched the net for hours, but cannot locate it anywhere. I want to donate a copy to our local society which helps pregnant women in need. Thank you!
Great site!!
Howard Wallace
Greetings from Dublin,Ireland.We all have to unite to fight the culture of death through prayer and fasting.It may not be obvious but we are winning the battleagainst the abortion menace. Mir.
Excellent website. Please help rally 1.1 million people to sign Grassfire.net's "Petition For Life" - one person for each of the 1.1 million unbornbabies who will be aborted this year. Click here for information: http://www.grassfire.net/21.asp?PID=1045810
Chris Lilik
First Union should stop funding Planned Parenthood Editor: I would like to take a moment to thank the Target Corporation for deciding that they will no longer donate large sums of money to the number one killer in America, Planned Parenthood. Abortion provider Planned Parenthood is probably the most evil organization on the planet, killing more than one million children each year in the US alone. Planned Parenthood was founded by a racist eugenist named Margaret Sanger, who wanted to wipe out “inferior” races like Jews, Blacks, Italians, and Slavs. It is not surprising that Sanger even spoke at a 1926 Ku Klux Klan rally in Silverlake NY since she hoped to exterminate America’s black population by carrying out her “Negro Project”. A pro-life organization called Life Decisions International was behind Target executives’ change of heart. Thus far Life Decisions International has convinced at least 77 major corporations to stop funding abortion provider Planned Parenthood. While our area is the home of many outstanding pro-life crusaders like Helen Gohsler, Bishop James Timlin, Don Sherwood, and Bob and Patrick Casey, sons of the great former governor Bob Casey, many people are unaware that area businesses proudly support Planned Parenthood. While it is magnificent that Target has chosen to stop funding Planned Parenthood’s abortuaries, it is depressing that First Union Bank still funds the abortion industry. First Union Bank has appeared on numerous Catholic and pro-life boycotts for their strong support of CHOICE and Planned Parenthood, which not only butchers babies but is also attempting to kick the Vatican out of the United Nations. Neighboring Pennsylvania Congressman Curt Weldon called the Planned Parenthood-supported See Change movement to remove the Vatican's Permanent Observer Status from the United Nations an "anti-Catholic effort." Planned Parenthood has also lobbied for measures that would force Catholic Health plans to cover contraceptives. What is especially alarming is that First Union is the bank used at many Catholic schools like Villanova University and Catholic University. Whether they like it or not, Catholic college students like myself are forced to use pro-abortion First Union Bank which funds the most anti-Catholic organization in the history of humanity. Outraged students like myself contacted First Union regarding their strong support of the abortion industry, and sadly they did not care that we were pro-life. And even more amazingly, Villanova’s cowardly Catholic administration tried to sweep it under the rug and keep First Union’s Planned Parenthood donations quiet. First Union’s contributions to the abortion industry are a slap in the face to local pro-lifers like Bishop James Timlin and Helen Gohsler who have worked so hard protect innocent human life. First Union’s donations to an organization which lobbies against the Vatican and Catholic hospitals are also borderline anti-Catholic. If First Union really cared about all its Catholic and pro-life customers it would stop funding Planned Parenthood entirely instead of using company profits to advance an anti-Catholic pro-abortion leftwing political agenda. I want to put my money in a bank, not a NARAL support fund. Chris Lilik Clarks Summit, PA
Ted Wilkinson
Dear Catholic News Service/Web Master, I am writing to you to let you know about a free short story, addressing the injustice of the Death Penalty, written by a practicing Catholic, available on the web throughout the month of August at the Literary E-Zine Quantum Muse. (Quantummuse.com). Peace, Ted Wilkinson For Use As Press Release FREE READ! Catholic Short Story Addresses Capital Punishment "The Gospel Is My Hair Shirt" is a story about two condemened prisoners, and the prison chaplain who visits with them throughout their last days. The story addresses the Christian response to the injustice of the Death Penalty. No fee is charged for the story, and no information is required of the reader to access the page. The site where the story is posted is Quantum Muse, (Quantummuse.com). It can be found under the "Alternative" heading.
Sharon Antonio
Hello everyone! How family now resides in Pangasinan, Philippines. I have been offered the job as Pro-Life Philippines Director of Pangasinan. We have nothing to work with. If anyone is interested in helping us to set up an office, a home for unwed mothers, a day care center for the poor, or help in any way financially or materially we need you. We need videos, pamphlets, natural family planning visual aids, and books. We have a Catholic priest, Father Matias of the Bimmaley Parish and head of the Family Apostolate for the Diocese of Dagupan-Lingayen, to work with. We are in the planning stage of teaching Chastity in the High Schools and Universities and need support material for it. OUr address is Art and Sharon Antonio, 52B M Castillo, Libsong West, Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines 2401. Our phone number is 011-63-542-4726. Our email is asantoniorc@pangasinan.com or rcantonio95776@yahoo.com. I will be in the States until the end of September. You can reach me at my Yahoo address or leave a message with my son, Andrew at 941-992-7768. We need your help. We see a lot of hope in the Philippines but they need you to give them that hope. In Christ and Mother Mary, Sharon
Michael Morris
We are what we allow ourselves become in prayer we should ask that we become what GOD wants not what we want.
gabriel kim
we are a manufacturer for catholic articles like holy statues, crucifix, rosary, liturgy, etc.... for details, please email package7@netsgo.com fax 82-31-592-3319 to gabriel kim of pstc. i remain
Mrs. Luhra Tivis Warren
I have been unable to find an address & phone for the Fransciscan Friars of the Renewal, Father Groeschel & Father Apostoli; can't find a web site either. Does anyone have contact information for them? Have you heard if they are safe & well? They are probably out helping to care for the wounded. I hope they are safe. I am in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Susan Bullock
Let us pray that ,in light of our nation's recent tragedy, there will be a great many true conversions and a realization that God will bless America when America stops killing it's unborn. Since the 1973 legalization of abortion on demand and the use of abortifacient contraception, we have at least 20 million less young men to defend our country.
Prof.Dott. Dr. Luca SCOTTO DI TELLA Ph.D.,Rome,Italy
I'm the Rector of an italian PRO LIFE University, the A.S.A.M. UNIVERSITY of Rome. I'm a ProLife Professor of Bioethics. GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR GOOD WORK. Please, see Our Web Site and combat with us against abortion! Prof. SCOTTO DI TELLA (surname) Luca (name) asamuniversity@yahoo.it http://utenti.tripod.it/asam/index-1.html
pray for my husband and I and my children that we stay as a family forever together.
Jonathan D. Phillips
Thanks be to God for this site. I just found it! Thank you for the strong reminders that we, as Catholics, need to pray constantly for the end to abortion. I could never have imagined the effects if my wife would've aborted our precious 3-year old son. We are reminded that "to whom much is given, much is required". Oremus!
please check this site: http://radiofamilyrosaryphoenix.homestead.com/dayofadorationjan2002.html Please join us. Let's make this day of Adoration nationwide.
A baby rescued from the dumpster... Heart Attack Claims Life of Hall of Famer Lane at 73 Star on NFL's All-Time Team By JIM VERTUNO .c The Associated Press Hall of Fame football star Dick "Night Train'' Lane, who went from Army soldier to record-setting rookie defensive back with the Los Angeles Rams in 1952, has died of a heart attack. He was 73... Lane's mother was a prostitute and his father was a pimp known as Texas Slim. Abandoned in a dumpster when he was 3 months old, Lane was found by a woman who at first thought his cries were a meowing cat. A widow with two other children, she adopted him... Full story by Associated Press in most newspapers.
Patty Sheridan
During my life (35 years) I've meet so many woman who suffered the terrible experience of losing a baby from a miscarriage. These were Good Woman who desparately wanted a baby, why is that.....I'll tell you. The fact is GOD decides which children (his children) are to be born. So it really frustrates me when Woman think it's THEIR choice whether or not a child (GOD's child) should be born. Especially woman who chose to have intercourse in the first place. THAT was their "Right to Choose". It's GOD's "Right to Choose" which babies live and which stay with him in heaven. Woman who have to go through the horific ordeal of Rape and end up pregnant should pray to God for help and guidance. If God chooses that woman to carry that baby to term, it's for a reason....not one that WE as Mortal beings need to understand. If God doesen't think that a baby should be born, He will handle it. A baby isn't just a baby when it's WANTED, a baby is a baby ALWAYS. Having an abortion means killing a BABY...Period! Woman should remember that good loving families have miscarriages for no apparent reason - to US, and some good loving families get unexpectedly pregnant - unexpectedly to US....not to God. We shouldn't try to second guess God and his plan for us. God Bless You All.
The ACLU is proclaiming March 24 a National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers! Please advertise for additional rosaries to be said to counter this blatant mockery of our Creator. Anna
Dear Lord, Thank you for blessing me and my husband with three daughters, two sons-in-law of Faith and two grandchildren who will be raised as Children of God. Please forgive me for the six months I did not trust in You and used the pill thirty years ago! Amen
I have recently heard of a new long-distance telephone company that donates 100% of its profits to the pro-life cause. The company is called Pro Life Communications and more information about it can be found at http://www.prolifecomm.com which I highly recommend (please post URL on this site with other links). The founders are a Catholic husband and wife devoted to spreading the word of Jesus and the message that all life is sacred and deserves protection. What a great concept-saving money on long-distance and internet service while supporting the pro-life cause at the same time!
Frank Margera
What a truelly wonderful site. I adore the Virgin Mary. She is my idol. If you wouldn't mind, plaese visit my site. There is lots about Mary andJesus Christ. Frank.M.
Hi, i was looking through your website for info on a school project. i found it very mind-opening and quite shocking. however, i dont believe you have looked at all the aspects of why a woman(or girl) would want an abortion, if a 13yr old girl got pregnant, she had no money or means to keep herself nevermind her baby, what would she do? please do not dismiss my message thankyou,
Let us continue to pray for all those souls that did not get the chance to live and make a difference on this earth. Lord have mercy on their souls. Amen.
Kevin Given
I am a concerned pro-lifer back with another page about the letter writing campaign to see Gianna Jessen share her story at the next RNC. This page is better graphically and would like to invite everyone who believes that Gianna should speak at the RNC in 2004 to join me in writing to the Republicans to request her presence at the RNC, if your not sure who Gianna is or what this campaign is all about, just click on to my homepage!
Save me O Holy Queen by the grace of Jesus.
Camelia Murphy
I am the mother of 7 children. For my first four children, I chose abortion--to murder them when they were still in my womb. I didn't understand the nature of what I was doing when I did, because I was in denial. Yet, I know that I was guilty of very grievous sins against them. I say "was guilty" because I also know that God has forgiven me and Jesus washed away my guilt in His Blood. I am eternally grateful to God--the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! God has forgiven me and, miraculously, enabled me to receive my children's forgiveness. Only after receiving their forgiveness could I fully forgive myself. I received this gift at a Project Rachel retreat, and I encourage any mother or father of an aborted child who is still in need of healing to attend one of these retreats or to seek out God's healing wherever He leads you. God has shown me that He loves the mothers and fathers who have aborted their children as much as He loves those children. Our children are with God, thanks be to Him! He longs for us to be reconciled with Him and with our children! I also have two children with me in this world, signs to me that God never stopped loving me. They are beautiful, good daughters. My last child I lost through miscarriage, but I am confident that he is with Jesus, and so I am at peace about that. I would welcome emails from other mothers, and also fathers of aborted children, or from anyone who has been wounded by abortion, or feels the need to communicate with me for any reason, at bless_mary@hotmail.com
my name is ned kennedy,i love our blessed mother, read one of my poems,the lady in white. thank you.
Bev Moran
Dear pro-life friends, Please consider putting www.wevoteprolife.com on your website. I heard about it from my pro-life infonet e-mail. As you know this is such an important election year. We need pro-life senators and congresspersons to approve President Bush's judicial nominees. Also, with 34 gubernatorial elections throughout the country, some of them will probably be running for president in the future. Thank you and God bless, Bev Moran
A Woman's Touch Pregnancy Counseling Center just opened in Bellevue, NE in April, 2002. Already we have had the opportunity to purchace a building right nextdoor to Abortionist Leroy Carhart and primary Congressional lobbyist for partial-birth abortion. We are seeking support through prayer and funds to pay off a promissory note and make nexessary renovations. You may contact us at P.O. Box 276, Bellevue, NE, 68005, (402)933-2988 Be a part of this mighty battle for life !
Roger H. Frost
Praise to My Lord Jesus Christ. In lew of the recent developments of national urgency; via The Spaceship Columbia, the Trade Center, I believe Our Lord is telling us to pray the we take the sanctity of life to our hearts, minds and souls. All life is important. We are only here on earth for just a short time. God Bless You, and God Bless America. Yours In Christ, Roger H. Frost My son went home with the Lord 20 years ago due to stillborn and my daughter went home with the Lord 18 years ago due to misscarriage. Praise His Name for ever. To John and Susan I will see you both someday. Praise God.
ted a hood
now that we have our man in office,the house ,the senate, and the suprene court, how long must we wait to over turn ROE VERSUS WADE? HOW MANY MORE DEATHS? ONE MILLION OR TWO MILLION OR MAYBE 100,000,000,000? i think it is time to call in our paper, we voted for pro life then we should expect some results. thank you
Don Worthington
J M J I try to say at least one Perpetual Rosary a day. It was Our Holy Mother who gave The Most Holy Rosary to Saint Dominic in Toulouse, France . We can pray a 1/3 of it which is 5 decades,with the new mysteries it would be 6.66. I don't like that number. I pray the Rosary as it was given to Saint Doninic and will continue to do so untill Our Lady changes it. I will continue to pray for Peace,the Holy Father and the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I will log off and not pray when you have the mysteries of light. They are not from Our Lady. I will continue to pray the Rosary Don't worry Our Lady will change the ROSARY when she is ready. GOD BLESS
Dying on the inside
thank-you so much for all the work and effort youall put into prolife groups. I do what i can. My only wish that such groups were as avaiable 25 years ago. May god grace be with all you and the poor women and men confronted with abortions as an issue in their life at the present time. May god guard and guide them to make the choice of Life for the Unborn. May the unborn angels who died at the abortions clinics rest in peace and let perpetual light shine on these angels. Amen
Hey Everybody, I want to tell you about the launch of a new web site for the movie THERESE, produced by Luke Films and scheduled for theatrical release October 2003. Please visit the site and support this beautiful family film on the life of St. Therese of Lisieux. There are all kinds of things to do and see on the site. You can learn about the people who made the film, learn more about St. Therese and join the discussion group, plus there's a contest where you can win a free trip to the movie premiere. The more of you who visit the site the greater the impact the film will have and it'll show the theater owners and the distributors what kind of films you want to see. Make sure you post a message on the discussion board to show your support. Here's your chance to make a difference in the entertainment industry. Check it out, www.theresemovie.com.
Margie Benge
I coordinate a network of pro-life workers in the 33 county Tyler Catholic Diocese. Two of them have been told that the majority of illegitimate babies (babies born of crisis pregnancy) are Catholic because the Catholics don't believe in contraception. Do you have the statistic of what the percentage is for Catholics as opposed to non-Catholics? Thank you. Margie Jacksonville TX
Some time ago, a reader posted a message about voting for pro-life candidates. Since this wall doesn't date messages, I have no idea how old this message is, but I have a few comments on it. Since messages here aren't dated, I have no idea how old this message is, but I'd like to comment on it. I have yet to see a politician for whom one could vote with a clear conscience, make it past the primaries. Why? Largely because of the way the media downplay him. Case in point: Gary Bauer, 2000 elections. I heard one, and only one, news bite about him when he ran in a New England state primary election. I liked what I heard, and I wanted to keep track of him, thinking I might even vote for this guy, BUT I NEVER HEARD ANOTHER WORD ABOUT HIM!!! Basically, when you believe you've got to vote for someone, you tend to vote for the least evil. The other choice seems to be not to bother to vote at all. I used to take that tack myself. The problem with that, however, is that, by being a non-voter, you turn yourself into someone your Congressman doesn't bother to heed. A better option is to go to the polls and cast a write-in ballot---either for someone you've heard of who is no longer on the "official" ticket, or, as many people do, a fictional character. While the latter, in and of itself, is a vote of "no confidence" in either candidate, you can send a stronger message, if you use a fictional character, by choosing one who is both well-known and shown to be pro-life. (An example: Jack Ryan, a character well known to anyone who has read Tom Clancy's novels.) In the meantime, each of us does what he can at the grassroots level, and all of us pray unceasingly.
Pray and Meditate
Thank you for the Perpetual Web Rosary.
Our Lord told St. Gertrude the Great that the foloowing prayer would release 1,000 Souls from Purgatory each time it is said. The Prayer was extended to include living sinners which would alleviate the indebtedness accrued to them during their lives. Let us say this prayer often to help souls in Purgatory:
"Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the Masses said throughout the world today, for all the holy Souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal Church, those in my own home and within my family. Amen."
European Pro-Life Doctors
We want to come into contact with your association. Most of our gruoup of physicians for life are catholics. Do you know other catholic organisations in Europe? (We are in contact with HLI, Dr. Wilke, ...).
Best wishes from Munich/ Germany Yours sincerely
Dr. Gero Winkelmann, 49, physician Founder and coordinator of EPLD D-82008 Unterhacxhing / Munich
Cathy R.
I am trying to decide what organazation I would like to donate to; I would like to know what percentage of the donations go directly to your cause. How much is spent on other things? Thank you for your time.
What an awesome web site. I'm so happy there is somewhere we can go to hear the truth. As a post aborted women, I'm glad there is a place to go so women can hear the truth about the wonderful gift of life God gives us. Thank you for your work and please say a prayer for my son Joseph Durham. I pray he knows how much his mother loves him.
Please pray for our son who is nine monyhs old. He is leaving soon to get a liver and small intestinal transplant.We would appreciate all the prayers we can get for him.
Promotion of Adoption is the key to ending abortion. Check out our web site!!!!!!!
Francis G. McCloskey
Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2004 1:33 pm Post subject: The Big Oh! Hint: Half the answer is in the Subject to this posting. . . Question: What is the nomenclature of the annual Eye-Grabbing, Life-Saving, Soul-Searing, Street Preaching, Ecclesi-Court Judging, Paul&Silas Reminiscing, Four Day Teruah Housetops Event at abortion facilities and elsewhere planned with the active assistance of the FBI, New York State Police Counter-Terrorism Unit, National Park Police, at least 3 other police departments and . . . [suck in thy breath] the rabid pro-Abort NYS Attorney General's office? Hint #2. It's August 15-19, 2004 and includes a family tent or cabin campground with enclosed recreational facilities, option of motel reservations, KitchenByCena [award-winning blue-ribbon chef Cena Rasmussan arrives a week early from Palm Springs CA just so she can be as picky about buying the food as she is in cooking it]. Hint #3, this event has proLife songs composed just for it. Everyone goes home humming these songs. . . Hint #4 - Big cafeteria for the "into the night" fellowship. Hint #5 - A Commemorative Keepsake Battlefield Book is published for the event. The 2003 Book goes for fifteen dollars. It's a sold-out but print-on-demand keepsake. A Big Oh! wall calendar for 2004 has just been produced for everyday reliving of this Teruah Housetops Event. A 2005 calendar will become a must-have collector's item. And the name of this event is....... [Guess] /frfr
Dear Sirs, My name is Paloma Arias. I am Spanish but I do live and work in México for the "Fundación León XIII". We are a part of the IMDOSOC, Instituto Mexicano de Doctrina Social Cristiana/ Mexican Institute for the Christian Social Doctrine. This Organization works along all the Mexican Republic helping the indigenous population that live in the worst condition in the most impovered areas of the Country. Our programs includes alphabetization, health, women and children, agriculture, housing, feeding... and others, trying to give them a better living condition and a whole development as human beings. Our web page is www.fleonxiii.org.mx At the moment we are looking for all kind of resources (money, materials, volunteers, consultancy..etc) from International Organizations. We will be very glad to send you information regarding our Foundation, working methods, Projects, contacts in Institutions or religious authorities that work with us to give you reference about our work, or any other you may need. We can visit you if necessary. Any help will be welcomed, and even if your Institution could not help us in our purposes, any tip on others Institutions will be very helpful. Hoping hearing from you soon, Kindest regards, Paloma Arias Fundación León XIII Pedro Luis Ogazón 56 Colonia Guadalupe Inn México City +525556613796
Hi! Following is information about our Pro-Life Ministry's project … a Tribute to Life. If you can help, or know of a group, organization that can, please contact me. Sincerely, Phil NEWS RELEASE For: St. Mary/St. Patrick Pro-Life Ministry Release: Immediately 606 W. Main St. Contact: Philip J. Meyers Durand, IL 61024 Phone: 815-248-3166 Fax: 815-248-2454 e-mail:pjm@aeroinc.net Ministry commissions Life Tribute, seeks funds Durand, IL … A Tribute to Life sculpture 16 feet tall has been commissioned by St. Mary/St. Patrick Pro-Life Ministry of Durand, IL. The sculpture of black granite and stainless steel will show images of life from conception to the elderly, include the disabled and ethnic diversity. Also inscribed on the tribute will be a paragraph in which Pope John Paul II addressed America on the “inestimable worth” of all human beings. The Tribute, to be located on the grounds of St. Mary’s Church in Durand, will be seven feet long, three feet deep, and eight feet tall with a stainless steel cross rising an additional eight feet from the top of the base. The Ministry has commissioned Joseph Burlini, Arlington Heights, IL, to design and complete the Tribute. Burlini is a world-renown sculptor whose works are displayed in many prominent and private collections. He has had several one-man shows including a unique display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, and has received awards from numerous organizations, including the U.S. Air Force. “We want the Tribute to be, as Pope John Paul II says, a visual testimony to the worth of every human person, no matter how vulnerable or helpless, no matter how young or old, no matter how healthy, handicapped or sick, no matter how useful or productive for society,” says a ministry spokesperson. The Pro-Life Ministry is seeking $20,000 in donations to complete and erect the sculpture. Anyone interested in contributing, or desiring more information, can contact the parish office of St. Mary Catholic Church at 815-248-2490, 606 W. Main St., Durand, IL 61024, Msgr. Eric Barr, pastor, attn. Life Tribute, or Philip Meyers, a ministry coordinator, at 815-248-3166. -end-
a henneberry
The Virginia House of Delegates is advancing a bill that requires abortionists to anesthetize second and third trimester babies before aborting them. This will end the horrific suffering the infants undergo being torn apart alive and raise the consciousness of people as to what they actually are doing.
Denis Drew
Let Joe Schiedler go down one side of a bus waving pictures of fetuses and shouting that there is no privacy in the Constitution while I go down the other side of the bus with no gory pictures but simply asserting that legislatures should be allowed to adopt the medical consensus on when life begins: and I will get 80% of the random public - as well as an issue that could give enough courage to a couple of Irish Supreme Court justices (or their Roe reversing follow-ons) to undo the worst of the worst of American jurisprudence - not to mention create non-controversial anti-Roe position for conservative federal court candidates to own up at Senate hearings. Perfect! Roe framed itself in terms of a compelling interest test (conventional enough assuming there really was fundamental privacy in the Constitution to balance against - there is now; no sales fighting it). But Roe morphed itself into a consensus test: ruling that the legislative branch "may not, just by adopting one theory of life override the rights of the pregnant woman that are at stake"; having already found the judiciary "not in a position to determine when life begins" given the lack of consensus among the supposedly relevant disciplines of "medicine, philosophy and theology." Philosophy? Theology!? Once a consensus test pass constitutional muster -- pegging prenatal protection to a specific point in development rather than the meaningless point of birth -- one week prior to whatever the certain humanity line is found to be must exist at least a compelling state interest. (No more counting a 10 month, late waiting fetus as "uncertain" life while the humanity of a 5 1/2 month struggling preemie is unquestioned - not that possible human life should not be the very definition of compelling). Needless to say, once the power to protect life before consensus becomes self-evident, the judiciary will "not be in a position" to determine when uncertain life begins - uncertain enough to supposedly become uncompelling, that is. Assuming that Roe's unstated substantive finding that uncertain life - in the womb -- is uncompelling can survive at all, only legislatures will be able to peg a protection point for early fetuses: any activist judicial attempt to do so would be impossibly legislative. Prenatal personhood? Roe consulted past constitutional practice only - informative, but the concept of "inalienable rights" trumps past indifference. What else will the courts say when future technological progress allows fetuses to be removed overnight for medical care and returned to the womb?: will prenatal inequality be sustainable before birth?! Partial birth abortion?: how about head first by a non-medical perpetrator, like a prom date? Prolife has finally gotten head first into anti-PBA legislation but has not enough sense to demagogue over it. Of course prolife wont likely have enough political sense to fight for the consensus test either. How about you, Pat? Denis Drew ddrew4u@aol.com
Leo Kronberger, MD
As the webmaster of this beneficium, not a parish church, I want to draw your attention on the homepage of the Holy-Spirit-Church in Graz, Austria, http://www.kath-kirche-graz.org/buergerspitalskirche/ where you will find the Holy Rosary with all Mysteries not only the 4x5 but also these 3x3 for the first three Ave Maria in Latin. I would appriciate if you could copy to your Holy Rosary homepage http://cul.detmich.com/rosary.html with a reference. Yours in Christ and His beloved Mother Leo Kronberger
Dear Kevin, I went through some of your pictures on the fatima website and I was really touched by the pictures of the tomb of the unborn child.I intend to write a book on "See How Peaceful she lies".I just wanted to find out if I could write and have it in your magazine if you have any?I intended to write it for a group here in Nigeria Called the Prolife Plus but I have not gotten in touch with them yet as I am still gathering materials for my write up.I am strongly and willing to join any party fighting to get the aborton of babies stopped. By the way I saw some of the Catholic united for life T shirts and Jackets you have.Is it free?Can everyone have it.Please I would appreciate if I can have it too. My address is as below. Justynah Alexandra Ochigbo Hephzibah Computer Engineers Ltd. A O 14/15 Junction/Nassarawa road Kaduna P.M.B 8961 Kaduna. Nigeria. Thanks. Justynah.
Estoy visitando su web y les felicito por su contenido. Acabo de publicar en Internet una página con poesías sobre el aborto: http://universoliterario.net/desamparado.htm Si es de su interés, pueden poner un enlace en el lugar que estimen oportuno o reproducirla. Desearía que, al leer estos poemas, se evitara un infanticidio, esto compensaría con creces mi trabajo. Gracias por su atención. Cordialmente, Emma
HALLELUJAH! INNOVATIVE CATHOLIC PROGRAM HELPS RAISE FUNDS! Catholic groups across country promote prayer with Rosary fundraising program! Lakewood, CA -- Faith-Sharing, Inc. unveils rosary fundraising program promoting prayer. Faith-Sharing, Inc., a rosary company, is now offering non-profit groups across the country an innovative fundraising program that has religious significance and promotes prayer. The program is simple, groups call 1-800-559-0514 to sign up, they will be provided with actual rosary samples, catalogs and order forms and groups can earn up to 30% of sales. "Our groups support this highly successful program 110% because not only does it have religious significance but it also promotes prayer,' says Victoria Muschek, Vice President. Faith-Sharing, Inc. offers individually hand crafted, artistic rosaries that are named and themed giving each one a unique personality. Each product comes in an organza satchel with instructions on “How to Pray the Rosary” and a lifetime guarantee. All products are made in the U.S. Established in 2000, Faith-Sharing, Inc. serves Churches, Catholic Schools and Life Teen groups across the country. For more information, contact the Customer Care Department at 1-800-559-0514 or info@faith-sharing.com. ###
David Taylor
May we all dedicate ourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
The Rosary Page
Pray the Rosary every day.
Paco de Mexico
I would like to say that conservatist views towards abortion are silly. Its a woman's right to do as she chooses with her body and her children.
Jarvaris G.
What does it mean to be a seventh child of a seventh child born?
Rev. Gerald Zensen
Please remove Fr. Zensen's address from your mailing list. He has been retired about 10 years and is no longer in this area. Reverend Gerald Zensen St. Mary's church 703 Heisler St. Mapleton, IA 51034-1222 Thank You Donna Castle Secretary
joe martinez
Dear friends, I've been trying to find a CUL Email address to forward a magazine article I thought would be of interest to members, but haven't succeeded. It's about Margaret Sanger who lived and died here in Tucson. Of course it's written in high praise of her. Perhaps someone would like to send in a letter to the editor to the rag: tucsonweekly.com click the March 11 issue of this year in archives. Viva Cristo Rey! Joe Martinez
Gloria Samuelson
I am here to assist in the life of those who choose adoption. Also, i have Catholic familes that are homestudy ready and desiring to adopt, if you have anyway of connecting them to a birthmother thru my services,please contact me. In His Service, Gloria
C C Smith
As someone who has had 16 years of catholic education I say to you wacko's get a life. It is a WOMAN"S CHOICE! I'd be more concerned about the evil Priest Pedophiles!!
Bill & Fran Ryan
Please send this web site to each Catholic Parish and ask that they each notify their congregations of the immediate need to join in signing the petitions. Please go to http://www.reclaimamerica.org email: Bill & Fran Ryan
I wrote this poem because it is the only gift I can ever give my grandchild. I would like to see it placed at any memorial sites around the country such as graves for the unborn etc. I would like it passed on to others who have been hurt by abortion. Today's Grandmothers are the generation that started this holocost. "My Body, My Choice---My Mistake!" Grandmothers unite for the Redemption of Eve(ROE), Thank you and God Bless.

A Star For No One

Though my eyes never saw you, my soul sees you clearly.
Though your little heart once beat a rhythm like mine,
You are now but a twinkle in that wrinkle in time.
Had brave hearts prevailed and had love been sincere,
I could have held you in my arms and kept you near.

You were so brave there in the dark,
But She, too frightened to give you light.
You were soothed by her voice and rocked by her sway.
Who would have thought she could throw you away.

But Judges on Earth let go of God’s hand!
And declared to all that you are less than man!
They called you “No One” for privacy’s sake.
They dismissed your life for convenience sake.
By her choice she made your bed and
By her choice she delivered you dead.

But you should know that you were loved, you were wanted.
They never asked me, I was never consulted!
I would have taught you to pray, to whistle and sing.
I would have given you anything!

You're not alone, there are millions with you
And for each child lost Angels hang a new star.
I saw one tonight come out of the blue.
A Star for “No One”, They named it for you.

Love, Grandma
Kelly P.
If even one woman reads this message and it helps give her strength then it was worth it. I became pregnant at nineteen years old by my then long time love/boyfriend . I had just completed my first year of college away from home , was on the cheerleading squad, in the Honors Program etc. I was loving life! My pregnancy devastated my very conservative/strict family and changed my life forever. Did I make all of the right decisions? No! But I made the most important one - to have my child. I lost my cheerleading scholarship, the respect of my family, most of my friends, a lot of my dreams. However, i gained SO much more! I sit here now with the most amazing six year old son who I thank God for everyday.He was my drive and inspiration and because of him I turned my life around. I am still in the process of finishing school but I have an amazing husband (NOT my sons biological father who turned out to be a mess and a half) the greatest son I could ask for, a beautiful 2 year old daughter and we are expecting our third child any day now. Yes I struggled - I lived in poverty on government assistance for almost 2 years but I used it and got a great government job - fell in love with a man who respected me more for keeping my child when most of my friends used abortion as a means of birth control- have a great house, a great life, love and hope! Pleaseif you have doubts and are pregnant at least give that child a chance - Adoption is an amazing thing and we have just started the process to become adoptive parents ourselves. I am sorry if I seem to ramble and I can not begin to explain all of the details that made my situation even more complicated (ex. violence, my child being bi-racial, etc) But as I sit here now I can say my family did "forgive" me and we are all still healing , but I would never have been able to live with myself if I didnt follow my heart and do what I knew was right. Be strong and God Bless you all.
My name is Nettie and I am 39 years old. I always considered myself fairly healthy and never paid much attention any national organizations for diseases. I would contribute a few dollars to the fund raisers if someone I knew was participating, but never gave it much thought, until recently. I started having near fainting spells that seemed to come out of nowhere. The results of my testing showed an irregular heart beat and evidence of a prior stroke. I was shocked… like I said, I am only 39 and have always been fairly healthy. How could heart disease strike me? I never had high cholesterol, my blood pressure was always normal and I had no family history of heart disease. Well, it did strike, quickly – with no rhyme or reason…. Now I pay a bit more attention to all of those fund raisers and medical research. I am currently involved in raising money for the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk. Please take the time to consider how quickly any one of us can be afflicted. Here is the link to my website for the walk, please donate if you can. Thanks for your support. https://www.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=52244&lis=1&kntae52244=739C15E0155D4CEF85A3722173B2CF4F&supId=47223226
Hi all... I don't normally post here, but I just thought that the word needed spreading as to what the author of the Swift Boat Veterans book has to say about Catholics. If this is true it is beyond disgusting... too awful to print where a child might see it... The site is reputable, at least as far as this goes, I think... A hateful person... http://mediamatters.org/items/200408060010
Anjeanette Kiser
I want to pray for all the men who are an a pilgrimage to Washington D.C. praying at the abortion clinics along the way to stop abortion. One child has been saved so far. God Bless them and May they save many more lives.
Tetsuyo Sano
Dear Sirs; My book is the good manual of the four Gospels. For example, I know these things. Monday, December 25, 5 B.C., of the old Julian calendar: Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. http://www15.ocn.ne.jp/~philip/ Sincerely, Tetsuyo Sano
Catholics allowed pro-choice vote by Vatican
Catholics allowed pro-choice vote by Vatican They can back abortion-rights candidates, if they agree on other issues Pronouncement in an Italian magazine from Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger http://www.marianland.com/latestnews.html Fraudulent Communist's atheistic religion "Theory of Evolution" was approved by Vatican few years ago and now votes for diabolical Pro-Abortion Political Candidates is approved by Vatican too. Beside of Homosexuality, Sexual Abuse, Pedophilia and Closing of Parishes what is next?
Rafael brom
True Professionals - Political Cartoon on Liberals and Abortion: http://www.marianland.com/marxism/trueprofessionals.html
Re: Pro-Life Issues and Action
Opportunities for pro-life action surround us. Leaders must be carefully chosen based upon their intelligence and deeds.
Pro-Life Issues and Action
Denis Drew
The only example of the Supreme Court imposing a consensus standard on law was Roe v. Wade: legislatures “may not, just by adopting one theory of life, override the rights of the pregnant woman that are at stake” – citing the judiciary’s own inability to determine when life begins for lack of consensus among medicine, philosophy and theology -- (conveniently hurdling the impossible barrier of possible human life for what was supposedly a compelling interest test). “Philosophy” and “theology” may be of academic interest to judges probing a substantive issue not actually within their job description – but the rawest power of the last word may not foist more than medical unanimity on legislators whose job protecting life actually is: the First Amendment having some pointed things to say about tying legislation in religious knots. Our emotions tend to treat fetuses as non-citizens living beyond our national boundaries. In like mixed-up manner has our legal system (and most others) historically mis-taken prenatal legal equality. Absent the issue of abortion, this too normal emotional miscue might have been corporeally harmless. Modern appreciation of the evolution of behavior informs us human society is organized – not so much by social contract – as by social instinct – the Bill of Rights being sort of the human genome project for innate “social expectations” – why babies who have not yet “come out” socially may not seem “under contract”. No surprise, then, that when Justice Blackmun of all persons raised a logical question on prenatal status for the first time in Supreme Court history -- was prenatal life compelling enough to outweigh privacy (even if the framers did not exactly have privacy in mind, not the kind of issue to come up in their time)? -- he instantly side stepped the logically compelling value of possible human life with his never-never “consensus test” – Harry “knew”, instinctively shall we say, he could not ignore a born, “proximate citizen’s” needs even for a “non-present, non-citizen’s” life. If and when prolife legislatures bring themselves to officially recognize a set week in pregnancy when all medicine agrees life has begun – in compliance with Roe’s tricky dictum -- what could any court say to oppose equal rights from then on: “lack of social contact breaks down the subjective sense of social contract?” – especially if cautioned that future courts will face fetuses who have been temporarily removed from the womb and re-coupled alive. Post official-consensus, a purely rational Fourteenth Amendment inquiry into equal protection before birth should need only to ask: are preborn human persons physically present within the state? Seven suns prior to any legislatively established line, post-Roe courts will face an un-ignorable compelling state interest in the persons of 95% the same pre-born babies (no more 10 month, late fetus as uncertain humanity while a 5 month, struggling to survive preemies are unquestioned humanity) which will tug courts back to where Roe came into this picture: the logical (if not necessarily constitutional) compelling interest test. Which resurrected substantive issue will write prolife’s final act: laws protecting “possible” human life before birth. A constitutional cinch since it would appear impossibly legislative for judges to determine a precise stage of gestation where life is not compelling. The 60% mushy middle will applaud protecting life when there is a medical consensus – less than lion hearted justices – and nominees and senators – wont be afraid to (to 80% applause). If the high court recognizes prenatal personhood at consensus, all states would be forced to re-legislate from scratch – unlike simple reversal which would leave recalcitrant states free to let old laws ride. PS. Have prolife legislators have passed yet another partial birth abortion ban not anchored in (part-post-natal?) personhood? When will they see that an emerging baby (at least they included head-emerged this time) sings “most-eligible for membership” in any human society? Denis Drew Chicago ddrew4u@comcast.net
William J. Karnowski
Billy If I had been given a choice, I would have lived even if it was only long enough to taste just one drop of my mother's sweet milk, my ten tiny fingers reaching ten tiny toes beseeching someone to tickle me, someone would have cried for me. I would have had a real name, not zygote or fetus, perhaps something warmer like, Billy. William J. Karnowski Author of "Pushing the Chain" www.williamjkarnowski.com
Rev. Amaro Saumell
A Comment and Response to “The Challenge of Faithful Citizenship” The Call to Political Responsibility When we read The Challenge of Faithful Citizenship, certain phrases pop out to the forefront such as “For Catholics, the defense of human life and dignity...” Notice that human life must come before dignity. After all, who can have dignity unless one is allowed to live. So, as you have heard me say so many times, life must be defended before the issues of life can be addressed. Jesus told us, “[John 12:8] You always have the poor with you, but you do not always have me." We do not have Jesus when we separate ourselves from him through participation with sin. We do not have Him when we contradict his very creation by destroying it. We have come to know, “[John 1:3] All things came to be through him, and without him nothing came to be. “ If “being” or existence itself came through Christ and we participate in any way in its destruction, we destroy the most fundamental act of God. This is why we must think very clearly before we act in any way concerning the preservation of life. We know if we prioritize life or destroy life by participation through acts of commission or omission. God also knows and will separate the sheep from the goats. After one exists, once faces circumstances or what we now call “issues.” These need to also be dealt with. But we as a church who are very large in numbers do not have to count on “passing the buck” to social organizations to deal with these “issues.” Imagine if everyone who calls himself or herself a “Christian” actually participated in correcting these issues personally what the result could be? People often say that they have a “personal relationship with Christ.” If this is so true, each Christian would be personally feeding the poor, helping the homeless, caring for the sick. Unfortunately, we too often “pass the buck” to political structures of civil law or other convenient organizations to accomplish what should be a witness of Christ’s love through those who “personally know Him” as “Savior.” If every single Christian cared for one of the “poor” in our society, can you imagine the change that would take place? Can you imagine the absence of bureaucratic red tape that often strangles the ones that it is supposed to serve and how it would disappear? Jesus came to give us life. OK, he accomplished that. But He gave others life too. Unfortunately, because of our imperfect nature as an effect of original sin, there are those who would remedy their own physical problems at the expense of killing another life. An embryo is a human life. It has “being.” It is “human” therefore, it is a human being. There are those who would extinguish a life because of their anger in a case of rape or incest, not seeking justice for the criminal, but killing the second innocent victim. No, we are supposed to participate with the abundance of life meted out to victims through us as Christ’s body. Christ gave life, even in the worst of circumstances. We must give it abundance. If we lived up to our faith, we would not need government or other organizations to do it for us. So, human life comes first from God. We as His people supply the dignity through how we handle “issues.”. But if we erase God’s first step in creating life, we commit both sins, because we are also robbed of participating with its abundance as an act of love. Another phrase that supports this so well is “”Protecting human life” begins with our opposition to abortion and euthanasia, which are pre-eminent threats to human life and dignity...” The document itself prioritizes human life as more than a mere “issue.” It cannot be equated with an “issue.” One might way that we should not participate with war or the death penalty. While this is true, it is not always true. We have a responsibility to protect the innocent, sometimes with the secondary effect of loss of life. We must remember that those who go to war, by their own choice join the military. Those on death row are alive enough to make attempts to defend themselves. Those who might be guilty on death row knew the societal demands and consequences before they committed the crime. The distinction here is that all of the above have the choice to participate in their own destiny. The unborn do not. You and I will be alive tomorrow to deal with “issues.” We can always participate. However, there is a great urgency to make people aware of the preciousness of life that cannot be replaced in its innocence. If all life comes “through Him,” we may not contradict it, especially in that innocence. As it stands, many of us already have the blood of the unborn on our hands before God because of our acts of commission or omission. But we are still alive to repent and correct. Will those who have a “personal relationship with Christ” stand up now and offer His abundance to the poorest of the poor and forsake their own “issues.?” After all, we have a tomorrow in which to \face those issues. God’s judgement demands the examination of our commission or omission and prioritizing as life’s Author.
Nicole Hunter
Dear Friends, My new book, Waiting for the World to End, is the first novel about abortion and faith in contemporary middle America. Please visit my website at www.nicolehunterbooks.com, where you can read Chapter 1 online, request free discussion questions and free autographed bookplates, and order the book. I invite you to e-mail me with your thoughts about Waiting for the World to End. You can also post your personal review of the book on Amazon.com. Just go to my website’s Order page and click on the Amazon.com link. Waiting for the World to End is being considered for the Best Books of Indiana 2005 Fiction Award. The competition is sponsored by the Indiana Center for the Book, an affiliated program of the Library of Congress. Please feel free to share this message with anyone you know who might have an interest in Waiting for the World to End. Sincerely with gratitude, Nicole Hunter
Timothy Brosnan
The Knights of Columbus of Bay Shore, NY will be having a Pro-Life Spaghetti Dinner on Jan. 9, 2005. Guest speakers will be Joan Andrews and Chris Bell. If you are interested in attending, contact me (Tim Brosnan, tibrosna@suffolk.lib.ny.us
Hi, I just discovered the Perpetual Web Rosary through the grace of God and I am truly grateful for the privilege of praying together with all of you. I just wish to mention that the crucifix prayer (sign of the cross) "In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen" is not listed on the web rosary. I was just wondering why it wasn't there. Thank you very much once again. The peace of Jesus be with you all! Mary L. U.S.A. 12/18/2004
If any of you counsels unwed pregnant mothers...please pass this along. I found myself pregnant at the age of 19. Of course, there were some who told me I should have an abortion. I never thought twice about having my child. On Thanksgiving of this year, my beautiful, gifted 6-year-old son stood with his kindergarten class and read his carefully hand-printed page of things for which he wanted to give thanks. It was only three sentences, but three very strong sentences. "I am thankful for my body. I am thankful for my mom. I am thankful for my life." I think this says it all.
Reverend Sal DiStefano
The Ancient Order of Hibernians, Division 1, New York County is sponsoring a Pro-life Mass that will take place on Saturday January 22, 2005 12:00 PM at Mary Help of Christians Church 440 East 12 Street (between Avenue A & First Avenue) Manhattan New York City. The celebrant and homilist will be Reverend Richard J. Neuhaus, editor "First Things" magazine. Clergy are invited to concelebrate. All are welcome to attend. For more information please contact: Reverend Sal DiStefano, Chaplain, AOH Div. 1, NY County 917-929-0839 e-mail distefsa@shu.edu Thank you. Father Sal
Dolores Thompson
I am a pro-life, Catholic poet/writer. I want to share a song I wrote entitled 'Your Womb My Tomb'. You can listen to this beautiful, sad, touching song at: www.poeticintercessions.com It is the song of the month. The song is portrayed by the child in the womb. Tragically, it ends in abortion. Please take a few minutes to listen to this song. Sincerely, Dolores Thompson
adele caramico
Vorrei segnalare alla Vostra attenzione il sito www.bioeticaefamiglia.it in cui si parla della vita umana e della sua tutela fin dal primo istante del concepimento, e della famiglia unita. Ad esso è anche collegata una ML http://it.groups.yahoo.com/group/bioetica_e_famiglia/ nella quale si parla e si discute sulle stesse tematiche. Vi sarei grata se si potesse diffondere e far conoscere questo sito e questa ML per diffondere anche su internet il valore della vita umana e della famiglia unita. Grazie. Adele Caramico
zoe' joslin
Late Thursday night an 8-month-old little girl named Delaney pulled a hot Fry Daddy onto her body. Her Mom, Deena, pulled her out of her walker and also burned herself. They life-flighted the little girl to Scottish Rite and then to Parkland Burn Center in Dallas. She has 40% burns on the trunk of her body. They are going to amputate at least 3 fingers on one hand and will have to graft skin from her Mom and Dad to help repair her. She is in critical condition and her lungs have filled with water. They don`t know if she will live or not. They say the next few days will decide. They live in Florence, Texas and have two other children. THEY NEED AS MANY PRAYERS AS THEY CAN GET. Will you please forward this to as many prayer warriors as you can? It only takes a moment to say a simple prayer for this sweet baby, and prayer is much more powerful than most people realize! Please take just a quick minute to pray for this baby girl, and forward this request to anyone else you can. THANK YOU!
we have a CD for sale called "A WISH FOR LIFE" available at the website, it is beautifully written, arranged and sung, and dedicated to Father Keith, written in memory of Alverna who died in 1935 from an illegal abortion. It is sung in a child's voice stating the feelings of the lost infant killed by abortion.
Arnie Raj
I'm a seminary student who looked at this site for a paper i'm writing on religious websites. Frankly I was appalled at the rhetoric and tactics used to make women feel guilty about getting an abortion which thank God is still safe and legal for women in this country. I was disgusted at the shameless invocation of God as somehow backing your political attempts to overturn ROwe v Wade.God help you all.
Please pray for a couple struggling with post abortion strife and symptoms in the marriage. Pray that they attend a Rachel's Vineyard Retreat to save their marriage if it be God's Holy will. Thank JMJ..Amen
Deacon Robert F. Ellis
Open Letter To Whomever JUDGE ORDERS COLD BLOODED MURDER Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Judge George Greer declined to grant Terri Schiavo's parents an emergency stay that would have barred removal of the feeding tube which provides her nutrition and hydration. He ordered removal of the tube at 1 p.m. March 18, 2005. Everyone knows Terri Schiavo will die an agonizing death from lack of nutrition and hydration within 3 weeks of the carrying out of this order. The judge's order reads as follows: "Ordered and Adjudged that absent a stay from the appellate courts, the guardian, Michael Schiavo, shall cause the removal of nutrition and hydration from the ward, Theresa Marie Schiavo, at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, March 18, 2005" If Judge Greer's order is carried out, the world will witness the first known murder by judicial fiat executed in the United States of America. If our nation's citizenry, its civic and religious leaders, and its social and political institutions do not intervene in whatever manner is necessary to prevent the cold blooded murder of Terri Schiavo, we will have been reduced to the equivalence of German society during Hitler's reign of Nazi decadence, if not worse. Terri Schiavo is NOT in a coma. She is not brain dead. She is NOT in a persistent vegetative state. She has NO terminal illness. She is NOT on ANY form of life support. Feeding tubes are NOT life support. They are widely used means of nutrition and hydration - no different in essence than crutches, wheel chairs, hearing aids, pacemakers, prosthesis, etc. used by millions and variously disabled persons. She has NOT indicated a desire to die. She IS simply DISABLED like millions of other American citizens. Removal of Terri's feeding tube would be nothing other than an act of premeditated, cold blooded murder. And the foreknowledge of the horribly agonizing and torturous process of this kind of death would make the crime exceedingly atrocious and disgraceful, reducing its perpetrator/s to the lowest levels of degradation and depravity imaginable. And who will be guilty of Terri's murder? Every last one of us will share a measure of guilt! We've wallowed in opulent, hedonistic depravity for so long we've barely even noticed the vile and pervasive corruption enveloping our very souls and eroding our societal foundations. We've become so engrossed in the instant gratification of every whim that we've abandoned our civic responsibilities as well, if any of us even know what they are any more. If history will judge us by the way we treat or weakest, and it will, our legacy will be contemptible shame. If God judges us by what we did NOT DO for the least among us, and He will, many will suffer the loss of heaven and the pains of hell. Every last one of us, from the lowliest peon to the president, can and ought do something. We better all wake up, NOW. Judge Greer's order is completely void of authority, for no one has competence to order the brutal killing of another. No one has any obligation whatever to carry out such an order. And EVERYONE has an obligation to intervene. Oceans of legal mumbo-jumbo, deceptively nebulous medical jargon, highly nuanced media reporting slanted to an agenda, and deplorably tepid spiritual leadership have confused the masses so much so that the average citizen thinks himself incapable of understanding and rendering judgment in the Schiavo affair. Nothing could be further from the truth! Forget all about the medical jargon and legal mumbo-jumbo. Forget the media and pray for the gift of Episcopal timber for our spiritual leaders. You don't need a Ph.D. to figure this out. A defenseless, innocent woman is about to be murdered in cold blood by order of a member of the judiciary. If we do not stop this we are unworthy of our heritage, our nation is dead, and it is time to start over from scratch. Deacon Robert F. Ellis http://www.SchiavoPrayerCampaign.org
As we approach Holy Week, I would like to invite all of you to visit www.chapletofdivinemercy.com. One week from today begins the Divine Mercy Novena which leads into Divine Mercy Sunday, following Easter Sunday. There on the site you may pray the novena, or a shorter version, anytime, but especially during the 3 p.m. hour, the hour that Christ expired on the Cross. Please visit it, bookmark it and send a link to your friends and family. Don't forget to give us feedback at comments@chapletatthree.com. Thank you and God Bless!
Brent Rooney
Elective induced abortion was virtually outlawed in Poland in 1993. Between 1995 and 1997 the rate of preterm births under 36.0 weeks gestation dropped by about 40%. Abortion is not legal in Ireland and that country has a very low preterm birth rate. The key article that persuaded the Texas Department of health to warn about his preemie risk is at: www.jpands.org/vol8no2/rooney.pdf . My email: stopcancer@yahoo.com
PLEASE CONTACT THE FLORIDA LEGISLATURE TO SAVE TERRI SCHIAVO'S LIFE, HERE ARE THE ADDRESSES: Please intercede legislatively to save the life of Terri Schiavo. It is a crime to kill someone but to do it in such an open and horrednous manner as starving and dehydrating a human in a slow agonizing legally sanctioned way is barbaric, it makes Stalin and Hitler look benign. Sincerly, Kevin P. Morrison -Chicago, Il wilson.frederica.web@flsenate.gov, villalobos.alex.web@ flsenate.gov, smith.rod.web@flsenate.gov, smith.rod.web@flsenate.gov, siplin.gary.web@flsenate.gov, siplin.gary.web@flsenate.gov, sebesta.jim.web@flsenate.gov, sebesta.jim.web@flsenate.gov, sebesta.jim.web@flsenate.gov, saunders.burt.web@flsenate.gov, rich.nan.web@ flsenate.gov, pruitt.ken.web@ flsenate.gov, posey.bill.web@ flsenate.gov, posey.bill.web@ flsenate.gov, peaden.durell.web@flsenate.gov, miller.lesley.web@ flsenate.gov, margolis.gwen.web@flsenate.gov, lynn.evelyn.web@ flsenate.gov, lee.tom.web@flsenate.gov, lawson.alfred.web@flsenate.gov, klein.ron.web@flsenate.gov, king.james.web@flsenate.gov, jones.dennis.web@flsenate.gov, hill.anthony.web@flsenate.gov, haridopolos.mike.web@flsenate.gov, geller.steven.web@flsenate.gov, garcia.rudy.web@flsenate.gov, fasano.mike.web@flsenate.gov, dockery.paula.web@flsenate.gov, portilla.alex.web@flsenate.gov, dawson.mandy.web@flsenate.gov, crist.victor.web@flsenate.gov, wise.stephen.web@flsenate.gov, constantine.lee.web@ flsenate.gov, clary.charlie.web@flsenate.gov, carlton.lisa.web@flsenate.gov, campbell.walter.web@ flsenate.gov, bullard.larcenia.web@flsenate.gov, bennett.mike.web@flsenate.gov, baker.carey.web@flsenate.gov, atwater.jeff.web@flsenate.gov, aronberg.dave.web@flsenate.gov, argenziano.nancy.web@flsenate.gov, alexander.jd.web@flsenate.gov
Sanford, Florida January 22, 2005
Prayer To End Abortion

Oh, sacred and dearest Holy Family
I pray and humbly beg you
to lead all the innocent aborted souls
and sacrificed children of God,
accomplished by the holy Angels and Saints,
to go before the Throne of Almighty God
and united in one triumphant, powerful voice
intercede for an end to abortion and violence
in America and the whole world.
May your sweet and pure voices accord
descend down to our minds, hearts and souls
with repentance, sorrow and remorse
so as to lead us to a Culture of Life
and the long prayed and desired for
Threshold of Hope.
May their powerful prayers,
thru the Blood of the Lamb,
come down upon us
as a soothing, healing, forgiving balsam
to unite in love all creation and God.
“Choose life, then, that you and your descendants may live…” Deut. 30:19 (Note: Written on the 32nd Anniversary of the March for Life –Roe vs. Wade- without me knowing it! Praise be to Jesus Christ.) Angelica
I want to say that I have been deprived of knowing two siblings because of abortion. Since about the age of 16, I named two children. I felt so strongly that someday I would give birth to two children. As years went by, I had one child. I kept feeling that I would have two more children. Their names continued tormented me. I felt that someday I would either have twins or two more pregnancies. I have never been blessed with another pregnancy. Then I found out my mother had an abortion before I was born and another after I was born. It all began to make sense. Through Spiritual guidance, I have let them go. And I have found peace in knowing why I had such a strong yearning for these two children. They were part of me. I know they are in heaven and that someday I will meet them. God gave me the courage to encourage my mother to seek forgiveness through confession. I pray Dear Lord, that she has. We spoke of this twice and I have never brought it up again to my mother. I only trust in God and thank Him for the guidance He gave me. I needed to heal because I sincerely felt I had been deprived of knowing my two siblings. So you see, abortion affects us all, even those of us who never had an abortion. I thank God, first for my precious child. Secondly, I thank God that I have never had to make a choice between birth or abortion. I have sought out forgiveness for the birth control I used in my younger years. I live a celibate life now and I understand clearly, the benefits of this type of life. I do not feel deprived in this life. I feel grateful. I feel peace. I have touched true love. I have experienced the fullness of my faith.
Gordon Axmann
Please notice that since the beginning of 2005 a new website is available to track your personal fertility calendar online...
Steve & Nancy Crumm
Please pray for us to adopt another newborn or Infant. God Bless you Thank you Mr.Mrs Steve Crumm
Denis Drew
Roe took normal care working its way through the logic of fundamental privacy – subjecting anti-abortion laws to a compelling interest test. But, just as the opinion of the Court came to a conclusion, it switched in – without logical preparation or explanatory rationale – what may only be called a “consensus test” for legislatures: “In view of all this Texas may not, just by adopting one theory of life, overturn the rights of the pregnant woman that are at stake.” Just preceding this last moment mandate, Roe rattled off a not very current list of five competing theories of theories when life begins in the womb – declaring the “judiciary” not in a position to choose from among them. Three of the five concern when the soul enters the body (Catholic, ancient Catholic and Jewish Orthodox) – which presumably does not concern American legislatures. A fourth was quickening – which, in modern consensus, no longer counts. Which leaves only what Justice Blackmun called the medical profession’s focus – which he took to be on conception or birth or perhaps viability. Legislatures can tighten up on this remaining area of divergence. Lawmakers can almost certainly ascertain that a medical consensus exists about a minimum point in gestation when full humanity is present in the womb – I would guess somewhere between 14 and 20 weeks (will certainly be no higher than 14, once artificial wombs become extant). Human emotions (innate behavior?) treat unborn children the same way they treat persons who exist beyond our societies physical boundaries and who are not citizens – likely explaining Roe’s constitutional confusion. In 21st century understanding, the Bill of Rights represents the “human genome” of innate social expectations. Once the presence of human beings within state borders is recognized in law, the Fourteenth Amendment’s command for equal protection automatically comes into play. “Inalienable rights” should be the controlling issue on personhood, this time, not past practice. To cut to the chase: what will future courts say when fetuses of a higher tech era may be removed and returned alive to the womb – will unborn children be allowed to exist part “slave” and part “free”? Once certain humanity is established at week X, then, at week X minus 1, the courts must discover an undeniable compelling state interest. No more 10 month, late arriving fetuses who are not a recognized as human while in the same legal milieu 5 1/2 month preemies are legal persons – substantive sanity will return (conservative religion will no longer bar prolife legislation!). Legislatures will back in the anti-abortion business. And what politicians will want to oppose protection when there is a medical consensus about humanity – with at least 80% of voters (mushy-middle plus pro-lifers) in favor? Denis Drew Chicago denis.drew@netzero.com
PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jim Nolan (202) 285-0466 August 10, 2005 E-Mail: andrew@crossroadswalk.com 35 AMERICAN YOUTH BEGIN WALK TO WORLD YOUTH DAY FROM STEPS OF EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – A group of 35 American youth, who recently completed three simultaneous walks across America at the steps of the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C., will begin a 150-mile walk from steps of the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium to World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany. The organization is called Crossroads, and this will be the second time Crossroads has attended World Youth Day. “Europe is the cradle of the Christian faith. There will be roughly a million youth from all over the world here to see Pope Benedict, as he calls European youth to return to their Christian roots,” said Sarah Vyvlecka of Kearney, Nebraska. “This will be a unique opportunity to say to the European youth, ‘Don’t be afraid to speak the truth. We have reached millions in America walks over the past 11 years. You can do the same.’ But we know that we are discussing controversial topics, and that the reaction – even at World Youth Day – is not always going to be positive.” “Most Europeans find it distasteful to discuss life issues in the context of any conversation – political, moral, philosophical, even scientific,” said Crossroads President Jim Nolan. “They think that because we’re Americans, we moralize and then politicize everything. But we are not here to make a political statement. We understand that the worst chapters in human history were accompanied by silence, and our generation refuses to shun this responsibility. Our message is moral and cultural, not political.” Crossroads was founded over ten years ago in Steubenville, Ohio, in response to Pope John Paul II’s call at World Youth Day in Denver in 1993 for the young Americans to take action in the defense of life. “America sets the standard for most of the world, even in the places where we are unpopular,” added Vyvlecka. “If the rest of the world begins to understand that a great majority of Americans favor protecting human life at all stages, they might engage in honest and fearless dialogue on these topics.” To interview one of the walkers from Europe, please contact Jim Nolan at (202) 285-0466. # # # For more information on Crossroads, please call (202) 285-0466. Or visit our website, www.crossroadswalk.com
I encourage you all to join in praying on October 2 for the Worldwide day of Prayer. The intention is to uphold the Sacredness of Human Life. The aim is to have 100 million Rosaries (or other appropriate prayers), through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin and to couter the "forces of disintegration" which threaten the family. Please see www.worldfatima.com for more details and to register. The names of all who register their promise to pray will be placed at the site of the Blessed Virgin's apparitions in Fatima, and will be remembered in a special Mass at the shrine. You can also register by Email: waf_fatima@domuspacis.com or Fax: 00351 249 539 864. Please join in to make this the biggest organised Day of Prayer ever! to stop the killing of innocent lives! God bless you, and thank you for your participation. Please let other people know about this day. "O Mary, bright dawn of the new world, Mother of the living, to you do we entrust the cause of life … [Obtain for us] the courage to bear witness to it resolutely in order to build, together with all people of good will, the civilisation of love, to the praise and glory of God, the Creator and lover of life". (John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae, n. 105)
How's a kid supposed to survive when neither CPS nor the courts are on their side? Cps investigate the mother for neglect and molestation by her boyfriends and they determine they can't make a solid case and let it alone. The judge take a look at 2 pictures that are shoddy at best and decides that dad has a history of violence because the mother says so and the kids get the shaft and mom's the one to get custody. Turns out 15 months of a stable home life with brothers and sisters is worth 30minutes to say good bye. I don't understand but then I'm not Judge Carmen Riviera-Worley. Although to say she'd made her mind up before hearing the case would seem like sour grapes but isn't it a bit suspect to start taking child support information from someone who has custody if you supposedly haven't yet heard why they shouldn't have custody? Isn't it strange that a mother who has never held a job, has never been able to provide a home other than the one her parents have and is always "falling in with a bad element" and in and out of jail for bad checks can get custody over a father who is happily married, provides a home, keeps a job, paid child support even when he didn't have a job, is active in his church. Oh that's right he spanks with and without a belt occassionally, (time out being the primary punishment) and she claim she doesn't but for once or twice in their entire life. Maybe it's the Mason connection the judge shares with the mother's family? Oh well, I guess the kids aren't meant to survive.
Please pray for all the women hiding from abusive husbands and protect their children from harm. I am one of these women. Please do not print my name.
sarebbe bello - insieme al rosario - avere un'immagine di Maria, ciao
Marie Theresa Colgan Buckno
Abortion will not end until we have a female prolife leadership in our nation. It is a women's issue and it is the women who will be obedient like Mary and bring it to an end. BUSH IS NOT THE ELECTED PRESIDENT AND HE IS NOT A SOLD OUT CHRISTIAN NOR A CATHOLIC.
I am looking for coverage to pay for a pregnancy and delivery. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition and will not be covered by conventional insurances. We are located in Erie County, Buffalo, New York. I am praying about this circumstance and am sure my prayer will be answered.
Innamorati del Rosario
GESU’ CONFIDO IN TE Figlia mia,esorta le anime a recitare la coroncina che ti ho dato.Per la recita di questa coroncina mi piace concedere tutto ciò che mi chiederanno. Ogni volta che senti l’orologio battere le tre,ricordati di immergerti tutta nella Mia Misericordia,adorandola ed esaltandola;invoca la sua onnipotenza per il mondo intero e specialmente per i poveri peccatori, poiché fu in quell’ora che venne spalancata per ogni anima. E’ un’ora di grande misericordia per il mondo intero. Diventa Apostolo della “Divina Misericordia” con Maria Regina della Pace e invita gli amici a divenire Apostoli anche loro http://it.geocities.com/innamoratidelrosario/coroncinadm.htm
John Ryan
Does anyone know of any organizations dedicated specifically to convincing the constituents of pro-abortion "Catholic" politicians, especially their Catholic constituents, that one must be pro-life to Catholic and that to be pro-life a Catholic must oppose abortion and euthanasia? I am aware of American Life League's "Crusade for the Defense of Our Catholic Church," Ambasador Raymond Flynn's "Catholic Citizenship," and the "Church & Truth Project" lead by Monica Migliorino Miller in Michigan. Are there any others?
Sister Marie Fiorini
Judge Alito will never be confirmed, because unfortunately Mrs. Alito had 2 abortions herself. There is a demonstration on Monday at Fos News in New York City. We had better brace ourselves for this. It is sad that even the Republicans want the convenience of terminating human life. We must press to get our own candidate who is truly committed to ending the carnage. Sincerely, Sister Marie
kelly aquilon
Hello, I am working on a book which is a compilation of letters post-abortive men and women have written to their unborn children. The letters written are heartfelt expressions of loss and love, of regret and hope. They serve to remind people of the tragedy of abortion and of the power of God's forgiveness for our choices. Those interested in sending their letters can contact me at kmkitsul@yahoo.com or by calling (250)573-3386. Thank you, Kelly Aquilon
chidi Ibeh
Am a catholic and when i saw this site my heart was over whelm by the beatiful picture i saw so i would like to be communicating with you often.
Innamorati del Rosario
Ascolta e recita on line il S.Rosario,la Coroncina al Cuore di Gesù, la Coroncina alla Divina Misericordia
Juan Flores
God Bless You! My name is Juan Flores and I am writing you from En Cristo Nuestro Señor, a catholic evangelization ministry dedicated in professional audio and video recording. We recently recorded Father Frank Pavone, Priest for Life (www.priestsforlife.org), and Mario St. Francis, Chastity speaker and Catholic Lay Evangelist (http://www.mariostfrancis.8m.com/), during a Pro-life Lenten Retreat in Gardena, CA. It was an awesome event and now we are able to share it with the world. Visit our website at www.e-inhisservice.net/pavone.htm to get more information on this event, or if you are interested, you may purchase the entire or some of the talks of this event. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@e-inhisservice.net or by calling us at 626-926-4231. God Bless You and spread this great news to those that would like to live this pro-life Lenten retreat with Father Frank Pavone and Mario St. Francis! In Jesus Christ Our Lord, Juan Flores ECNS www.e-inhisservice.net
Greg Johnson
We need to continue to do more to educate people on what abortion really is. Here is my idea... I would like to propose an annual national PRO LIFE MARATHON supported by the Catholic church and may involve any other PRO LIFE supporters. The MARATHON would be led up to by doing regional 10k runs that are supported by every catholic church diocese in the nation. Special collections to help fund the local run, advertising, etc. and once a year we would do a national marathon. Runners who enter the Marathon would be sponsored to fund the FIGHT AGAINST ABORTION. I am passionated and motivated and believe abortion can be stopped soon! Please contact me if you have any questions... Here is a quote that I have come up with... "We take breaths to have life and have no right to take breath from those who want to live" Greg Johnson (greg@calsignwholesale.com) Modesto, CA Cell 209-985-4662 Local 209-523-7446 Fax 209-522-2997
my name is Grace
I want to say that the peace is very important, and the mathers to mast love our children. I phink that the world is more beautiful if the people is love it. I pray for may father. I remember Bianca and uncle Helen. I want love for children and for the people of the world. thank you. I pray for my daugther for her study my husband for his iob, I phink all my friends. I consecrate their to Immaculate Heart of Mary. your help me to pray for my father, my mother, my sister, my brother, my dauther, my husband, for marco, andrea, silvano, aldo,carla, vilma, anna, alessandra, alessandro, and for persons that I don't know. Thank you. And I phink to bianca, aldo, giuseppe, elena, and for parents that they are with the angels. Thak you, very much. I want a miracle at the Vergine Mary. Help me in the pray. Thank you I want to pray for jennifer and her child kill in way horrible I ask the miracle at the Virgin Mary; the help for study and because my mother love me, too; so my brothers. I ask at the Immaculate conceptione. The suffering is in to the person as woodworm, I ask the Virgin Mary of help me. The hope of the life in the heart; the love for all, above all the people that are in to suffering. I had pray for my brothers for the people, for the peace in the world I want pray for my family, because my mother know me and her understand whth want say to be mother. I pray for my father because he be near to God. I want pray for my father and my mother for may daugther and my husband. thankyou
Follower of Jesus Christ
Do you people realize what you are saying when praying the rosary? You are saying, "HAIL MARY, blah blah, pray for us sinners now and the hour of death. First of all you are giving her praises that only God deserves, otherwise you would not say "HAIL." Then you ask her to pray for you. HELLOOOO, news flash, she's dead, she can't hear you and she certainly can't save your souls. REad your Bible, there is only ONE name under heave and earth by which man can be saved, the Lord Jesus Christ. Mary was just a humble servant used by God, that is all. She is not to be elevated to monumental proportions. It is a dangerous thing to put all your trust into a religion such as yours and buying all the hooplah they teach. Your very soul is in danger of hellfire. Find out the truth for yourselves by reading the Bible.
I want that Mary and Jesus that are before near to me in a moment of the life. We listen my prays that I do with hard.
Praise God for life!
I Want to commend the effort of the rosary center. I must be sincere in all my dealings with my fellow human beings, since my contact with this body, my life has changed. Our good Lord has raised me to a greater height. I have known peace in my life, my academic life also changed.I really thank God for his goodness in my life. Donatus Jnr
vincenzo trombetta
I call Vincenzo are Italian alive to Naples, e' from many years that are tormented from the devil, prayed for my liberazione.thanks.
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Yvette Thayer
The GOP needs to get Honest about Abortion.

Since 1995 the Republicans have controlled Congress and since 2000 the Presidency, therefore the GOP had great opportunity to outlaw abortion. At best, the Partial Birth Ban was passed, but that only represents 1% of abortions and no one wants partial birth abortion. The only debate was whether there should be an exception for the mother's life. We must ask why is the GOP all talk and no action.

My concern is that the GOP doesn't care about ending abortion. Based on the GOP's inaction, it should be clear that the GOP is using Abortion to motivate voters to "get the vote out". Manipulating voters by using Abortion is immoral.

With President Bush's executive order ability, there is absolutely no excuse for inaction on ending Abortion. Perhaps, it is because Laura Bush is Pro-Choice that keeps the President from fulfilling his promise to his Prolife Base.

How shameful. Andrea Myers

Ruth E. Longwell

"A Cry For Justice"

Operation Rescue is calling pro-life supporters from around the nation to converge on Wichita, KS, the Abortion Capital of the World, for a four-day event on January 19-22, 2007, focusing on late-term abortionist George R. Tiller during the 34th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that decriminalized abortion in America.

The event, Wichita ’07 – A Cry For Justice, was prompted by Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, who has been highly critical of Tiller during broadcasts of The O’Reilly Factor. “There should be thousands of people protesting outside Tiller’s abortion clinic in Wichita,” O’Reilly said. (See O’Reilly’s Talking Points Memo, 11/10/06)

This schedule is tentative and subject to change. Friday, January 19, 2007:

PEOPLE YOU CAN EXPECT TO SEE (Partial list) The majority of members of the original Operation Rescue leadership team from the 1991 Summer of Mercy are expected to attend including:

In addition representatives are expected from the following groups: Operation Outcry Justice For All Kansas Coalition for Life Kansans For Life Kansas Republican Action Assembly Rock for Life Kansas

Life and Death in the Culture War by Bill O'Reilly Nov 10, 06
You know, I've been covering the news in America for 30 years and this Kansas situation is the worst thing I've ever seen. A doctor named George Tiller is operating a late-term abortion mill that will destroy a viable baby up until birthing for a mental health exception, which much of the time is an episode of simple depression experienced by the mother. Wednesday night on this broadcast, a pro-life advocate told us that Tiller injects poison into the baby's heart while it is still in the womb, then removes the dead baby and cremates it. We have not been able to confirm the cremation assertion, but a letter purported to be from Tiller himself describes the injection.

Now even if you are pro-choice, you must see the ramifications of this barbaric display. If we as a society allow an undefined mental health exception in late term abortions, then babies can be killed for almost any reason. And in Kansas hundreds, maybe thousands, of babies have been aborted by Dr. Tiller — the price is $5,000 dollars each.

Is this the America we want? Is it? This is the kind of stuff that happened in Mao's China and Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union.Americans cannot turn away from this; cannot ignore it. There should be thousands of people demonstrating outside Tiller's abortion clinic in Wichita. The new attorney general in Kansas, Paul Morrison, says he might pursue the investigations into Tiller's late-term operations and also into the abortions of girls ages 10 to 15 that have not been reported to authorities in Kansas, as required by law.

We hope Morrison does that, as this kind of stuff simply cannot be tolerated by a civilized society. America is in the middle of an intense culture war, where the lives of babies are at stake. This has nothing to do with reproductive rights or any other euphemism. This has to do with terminating the lives of viable babies, because the mother wants to back out of the pregnancy in the late stages. If we allow this, America will no longer be a noble nation — a country that stands for human rights and protection of the innocent. If we allow Dr. George Tiller and his acolytes to continue, we can no longer pass judgment on any behavior by anybody. What Tiller is doing is that bad. And that's the Memo.

Here's a link to stop using taxes to fund Planned Parenthood petition http://www.stopplannedparenthoodtaxfunding.com/ If you dont have internet connection please go to the library or a friend who does and sign this petition. Why? Should YOU be forced to underwrite

Instead of paying money out to these people maybe these funds will go to better our public school, that is what we should be funding.
John Bissell
Before Pope Benedict came to America to celebrate Mass in New York and Washington, it was revealed that as a young boy in Germany he had had a cousin with Down Syndrome. One day a Nazi doctor came and claimed his cousin for the Third Reich. Taken to be "cared for" at the "hospital" young Joseph Ratzinger never saw his cousin again: one of the host of "useless eaters" marked for extermination by that brutal regime.

My wife and I operate St. Joseph's House, a daycare and respite care home for handicapped children. As it happened one of the children we care for, a wheelchair bound young lady, was chosen along with three other handicapped folks to carry the gifts up to the altar before the consecration at the Mass at Nationals Stadium in Washington D.C. on April 17, 2008. One of these was James, a 30ish man who works in the Officer's Club at Andrews AFB. James has Down Syndrome. He was chosen to carry the large host which would become the Body of Christ lifted up before the assembled. As James with great ceremony advanced toward the Pope, his native enthusiasm overcame his reserve and he started to run. Simultaneously the Holy Father leapt from his chair and walked towards James with his arms out­stretched. We have a picture of this moment which I cannot look at without tearing up. What did he see as he gazed so lovingly at James? I believe he saw his cousin. I believe he saw the face of Jesus. And I believe that his great prayer as he elevated that host on that impossibly beautiful day was "As long as you did to these the least of my brethren, you did it to Me."

The next day, April 18th, a boy was born to of all people, the Governor of Alaska. They named him Trig.

Mario Borgatti
New Hope for "Life" in America!
Dear Folks,
As you know, the next President of the United States will have the responsibility of nominating future U.S. Supreme Court justices. If the unborn are to have any chance of survival in this Country, it will rest squarely in the hands of the future Court and their ruling. We trust a McCain - Palin administration to make the right choices.

Governor Sarah Palin is breathing new hope into the "Right to Life" issue. As John McCain's executive right hand, she will have major influence in major policy decisions. The anti-life forces are vocal, viral and well funded but Governor Palin has proven, by her words and actions, that she is totally capable of galvanizing the electorate and all decent Americans into action.

If elected to the Vice presidency, Governor Palin has assured us that we will have a strong voice and an advocate in the White House for children with special needs. And she has unequivocally expressed her position on the rights of the most innocent among us, the unborn.

So strongly do I and my colleaque Rich Klopfer feel about Governor Palin's candidacy, that we wrote and produced a musical tribute which extols the virtue and values which she has in common with millions of women in America. The song, entitled All American Woman, is our portrayal of a woman who understands what it means to be a wife, a mother, a friend and most importantly a woman who believes in the sanctity of life.

Rich and I hope you enjoy this tribute to a remarkable and courageous woman. She brings to us new hope for "Life" in America.

Sincerely, Mario Borgatti & Rich Klopfer

Patti Kennedy
I was a member of C.U.L. years ago when I lived West of Detroit. I prayed for years with Earl Amyotte at two abortion mills.We have since moved twice. I am now praying at the Midwest Kalamazoo Planned Parenthood. I miss the Detroit/Livonia group and would like contact with them,would like to become a member again so I can visit and be somewhat involved in their activities.
Enrico Moretti
What are we Catholic’s to think of this? http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=29441 Comments: Catholic Campaign for Human Development Has Given ACORN $7 Million by Phyllis Schlafly 11/11/2008 Do you wonder why 2008 election data shows that the majority of Catholics voted for Barack Obama even though his record as Illinois state senator proves him the most pro-abortion candidate who ever ran for president? Perhaps one answer is that on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, millions of Catholics will again be putting in their church’s collection plate their annual donation to what the pre-printed envelope calls “Campaign for Human Development: The Catholic Church working to end poverty and injustice in America; We’ll turn your dollars into hope for the poor of our nation.” The generous Catholics who respond to that well-phrased appeal probably think they are making a Good Samaritan gift to provide necessaries to the down-and-out. Most would probably be shocked to learn that the money donated to the Campaign for Human Development (CHD) does not go for charity but for radical Obama-style community organizing. Over the last 10 years, CHD has given $7.3 million of Catholic-donated dollars to the Saul Alinsky-style group called ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now). When in 1998 some Catholics complained that CHD grants were not used for Catholic charity but were actually funding groups opposed to church teachings, CHD changed its name to Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD). The name change did not redirect the flow of money. In 2007 alone, CCHD increased its support of ACORN, giving it 37 grants totaling $1,037,000. Continued During 2007 and 2008, ACORN and its affiliated organizations were aggressively registering what it claimed were 1.3 million poor people. ACORN focused on new registrations in the key toss-up states of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida. You can listen on YouTube to clips from ACORN’s national convention and decide for yourself how partisan it is. CCHD knew how ACORN spent its money. CCHD’s executive director, Ralph McCloud, admitted to Catholic News Service that “some of the funds that the Catholic Campaign contributed to ACORN in the past undoubtedly were used for voter registration drives.” Even though the pro-Obama political activity of ACORN had been widely reported, and employees of ACORN and affiliated organizations like Project Vote have been either indicted or convicted of submitting false voter registration forms in 14 states, in June 2008 CCHD approved grants of $1.13 million to 40 local ACORN affiliates for the cycle beginning July 1, 2008. Those grants were ratified by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops at its June 2008 meeting. The CCHD-ACORN relationship suddenly became too embarrassing to ignore, and CCHD announced it was suspending (not canceling) the 2008 grants. But the reason given for suspension was not ACORN’s partisan political activity or registration frauds, it was because Dale Rathke, the brother of ACORN founder Wade Rathke, had embezzled nearly $1 million from the organization and its affiliates back in 1999 and 2000. CCHD also announced that it has formed a task force to ensure that church funds are spent according to the guidelines of the Bishops Conference’s poverty-fighting program. Presumably, the previous millions of dollars given to ACORN were within the conference’s guidelines. Barack Obama knows the political value of ACORN. He gave $800,000 in campaign cash disguised as payments for “advance work” to an Alinsky front group called Citizen Services Inc. Obama admits he got his start as a community organizer in Chicago, saying it was “the best education I ever had, better than anything I got at Harvard Law School.” He tries to downplay his connection with ACORN, claiming he worked for churches, but he was trained by Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation and then spent years in the 1980s teaching the Alinsky method to others through several Alinsky offshoots such as Project Vote and Developing Communities Project in Chicago. Saul Alinsky’s son Lee David Alinsky felt compelled to remedy Obama’s failure to give proper credit. In a letter to the Boston Globe in August after Obama’s open-stadium rally in Denver, the younger Alinsky wrote: “Obama learned his lesson well. I am proud to see that my father’s model for organizing is being applied successfully beyond local community organizing to affect the Democratic campaign in 2008. It is a fine tribute to Saul Alinsky as we approach his 100th birthday.” Saul Alinsky explained his community organizing tactics in his book “Rules for Radicals.” His game plan was to divide the community into the Haves and the Have Nots, make the Have Nots believe they are unjustly treated by the Haves, build resentment against the American social and economic system, use church congregations to mobilize street agitators, and lobby government for higher taxes and big-spending welfare programs in order to confiscate the wealth and power of the Haves and turn it over to the Have Nots. Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer, “the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom.” Another Alinsky quote seems remarkably prophetic: “Ego must be so all-pervading that the personality of the organizer is contagious, that it converts the people from despair to defiance, creating a mass ego.” ——————————————————————————– Mrs. Schlafly is the author of the new book The Supremacists: The Tyranny of Judges and How to Stop It (Spence Publishing Co).
G. Grace
I'm real grateful for a way to share something I've been working on since the election. I've created a line of t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. that espouses the pro-life cause without being argumentative or preachy. Please look at www.cafepress.com/InflatableSoup and click on the "LIFE" button (you can't miss it). These designs are upbeat, positive, & fun instead of being confrontational or condemning. They're things you, & especially your kids, can wear everyday without giving the impression that you're just out for a fight. Please share the site with your friends!
Support your local Catholic radio station
Could you add a link on this site for the Choose Life License Plate? www.choose-life.org
Mireya Diaz-Granados
I am very unhappy because when you open your web site I cannot see the rosary beads. I have been told there is nothing wrong the my computer, but it might be a problem on your side. If this is so, I really use these rosaries every day and I feel sad. please advise. Thank you. (ed: The rosary is implemented as a Java applet, which requires the Java plugin. If your browser does not have this plugin installed, it may be obtained from http://www.sun.com/)
Dear Catholics United For Life,
My name is Katie and God is calling me to do a public awareness campaign concerning a very sinister threat to human life & to Christianity, which is on the horizon. This threat to all human life comes in the name of "peace, justice, and respect for all creation," in the United Nation's world-wide project called the Earth Charter.
Have you heard of this before? If not, please check out the Catholic Conservation Center website's report on it > http://conservation.catholic.org/Earth Charter.htm This document is all about saving the environment, and supports abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, humanism, pantheism, and totalitarian control of each country's government and society. Here is what I have discovered >
1) The US Mayor's conference signed the Earth Charter in 2001, so thousands of mayors across America are quietly aligning their local policies to the Earth Charter's anti-life paradigm of "sustainable development"
2) The UN's committee on science, environment, and education, UNESCO, has a highly active relationship with the powerful National Education Association, and their top priority is to push the Earth Charter into all public schools in America and abroad over the next twenty years.
3) The ultra liberal, dissident Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), which represents around 90% of the "active" Catholic orders in America, signed the Earth Charter in 2001 so many of them are spreading Earth Charter propoganda into the ministries and parishes they serve, all over the nation! YUCK!!!
If you'd like me to send you scholarly articles about the above three items, let me know. Anyways.... While Barack Obama and his evil administration draws all the attention of the pro-life movement in our country, this diabolical Earth Charter, which sounds rather pro-life, even Christ like in its ideals, is quietly slipping past the guards...
Well, I say no more! I invite everyone at Catholics United for Life to please do the following>
1) Visit my website, read the articles there, and do your own research online about the Earth Charter.
2) Share my website and any other resources you find exposing the anti-life, anti-christ Earth Charter with the pro-life groups at your parishes, with your bishops and diocesan respect life committees, and to all other pro-life, Christian (especially Catholic) leaders and groups you know.
3) Please pray that God directs and helps this cause to expose the Earth Charter to as many people as possible, that He opens the eyes of top Catholic leaders as well as local parishes so they reject the Earth Charter, as it is nothing but a Trojan horse for the anti-christ
Well, I couldn't find a physical mail address for CUL, so I thought I would write a message here. If you want to contact me, my email is EarthCharterUSA@aol.com Thanks for your time and attention, and I do hope to hear from you... I am ready to send scholarly articles to those who want more information on this important subject.
Sincerely, --Katie B.S. in PR and Marketing, defender of Christ and the Church
Hi! I am a servant of God on www.prophecyfilm.com and wish to beg you, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, to please link to this wonderful site which has glorious Prophecies & Revelations of Jesus and Mary from Saint Bridget in many languages! We also have free videos for download on various catholic topics, and maybe hoped that you could tell your visitors! They are a bit further down on the page and are quite interesting. You are free to copy all our videos on our site www.prophecyfilm.com to your site if you like them. This can draw lots of brothers and sisters to your site. We know by experience. We hope you also read the revelations and watch our videos personally! Peace and God bless! prophecyfilm1@gmail.com www.prophecyfilm.com Saint Bridget was canonized by Pope Boniface IX in the year 1391 and confirmed by Pope Martin V in the Council of Constance in the year 1415. The Revelations of Saint Bridget were accorded an exceptionally high degree of authenticity, authority and importance from an early date. Pope Gregory XI (1371-78) approved and confirmed them and judged them highly favorably, as did Boniface IX (1389-1404) in the papal Bull Ab origine mundi, par. 39 (7 Oct 1391). They were later examined at the Council of Constance (1414-18) and at the Council of Basel (1431-49), both judging them to be in conformity with the Catholic faith; The Revelations were also strongly defended by numerous highly regarded theologians, including Jean Gerson (1363-1429), Chancellor of the University of Paris and Cardinal Juan de Torquemada (1388-1468)
Please join us in Praying to End Abortions. We have created a website with the goal of having every minute of one entire year covered in prayer to end abortion. Sign up will begin Jan. 1, 2010 and praying will begin starting March 25, 2010.
Ms. LaNell Babbage-Torres
Please see my youtube "mothersdaychooselife" on Youtube. I was raised Catholic and I was told at a young age that all human life was sacred. Thanks be to God for saving my life from abortion and I stood for my five children also. When their fathers said abort, I said NO!!!
Br. Maximilian Joseph Connolly
Dear Perpetual Rosaries for Life: Thank you for praying for an end to abortion. Please include in your prayers intercedessions for the conversion of the abortionists at http://www.penitents.org/please_pray_for_the_conversion.htm for an Expanded list of these abortion staff by state, please e-mail me matthewconnolly484@gmail.com or call Br. Maximilian Joseph Connolly at 651-646-8586 x 308 Franciscan Brothers of Peace
I am so against abortion.I think all this is basically authorized MURDER!!!!!!!!!! there are so many ways to stay protected and there are millions of people that can't have children. It's selfish and disgusting. I am a 26 year old female with 2 beautiful boys that are my world. I won't judge any one who does this cruel action, this statement is just my opinion. You will have to answer to the powers above and live with this horriable crime the rest of your life.
Bruce Crane
Redemptorists create ‘prayer list’ for Mother’s Day Worldwide prayer appeal for women experiencing difficult pregnancies DENVER, CO, April 29, 2010...If you know of a woman who is experiencing physical and/or emotional difficulties related to her pregnancy, you can now add her name to a global prayer list created by the Redemptorists of the Denver Province for Mother’s Day. The names on that list will be offered up in prayer to St. Gerard Majella, the 18th century Redemptorist brother and patron saint of expectant mothers, between now and Mother’s Day, May 9th. If you know of someone you would like to add to this prayer list, please go to www.redemptoristsdenver.org and click on the Mother’s Day banner on the home page. And please feel free to enter the name of any mother for whom you would like us to pray. St. Gerard Majella was born in Muro, Italy, in 1726 and joined the Redemptorists at the age of 23. He served as sacristan, gardener, porter, and tailor. However, because of his great piety, extraordinary wisdom, and his gift of reading consciences, he was permitted to counsel communities of religious women. This humble servant of God also had the faculties of levitation and bi-location associated with certain mystics. His charity, obedience, and selfless service as well as his ceaseless mortification for Christ, made him the perfect model of lay brothers. He was afflicted with tuberculosis and died in 1755 at the age of twenty-nine. This great saint is invoked as a patron of expectant mothers as a result of a miracle performed through his prayers for a woman in labor. ### The Redemptorists are a religious congregation of Catholic priests and brothers founded by St. Alphonsus Liguori in 1732 in Naples, Italy. Presently, there are some 5,000 Redemptorists working for the poor and most abandoned in nearly every part of the world. More than 400 Redemptorist priests, brothers and students represent the Denver Province in much of the United States and in Brazil, Nigeria, and Thailand. Bruce Crane Redemptorists Denver Province 303.565.5438 bcrane@redemptorists-denver.org
Tom Jakubowski
Our Church Group displayed a Pro-Life Billboard on the north side of Jacksonville. The link to a 3 min video is as follows: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2GmpzdQqpI&feature=email Thanks!
ProLife Technology
Imagine being able to show abortion minded women what their baby looks like in 4D full living color and 4D full living motion video without having to lug around heavy laptops or screens. Instant sidewalk counseling without having to utter a single word! Living babies in the womb are more realistic that flat images on a poster! ProLife Technology introduces 4 Dimensional Mini-Videos of babies in the womb moving around, sucking their thumbs, smiling, smirking, yawning, sticking out their tongues, and more. Videos are customized and pre-designed to display on your cellphone, IPOD, IPAD, or any other portable multimedia device. If you don't see your device listed, email us a request with your device specifics and we will get you the correct format for your device. ProLife Technology is dedicated to saving babies from death and women from making deadly choices by providing counseling and education tools utilizing cutting edge technology. Who would be able to say, "It's just a clump of cells," after viewing just one of these beautiful Mini-Videos! Each VideoPak DVD is packed with over 70 full living color and full living motion Mini-Videos. SALE! For a limited time ONLY - 25% OFF ALL STOCK! Call Call 215-550-3796 or visit www.prolifetechnology.com to view Samples. Currently offering 4D video - introducing more product soon. Thank You From The ProLife Technology Team! www.prolifetechnology.com info@prolifetechnology.com (215) 550-3796
Sarah Terzo
I wish to give thanks and encouragement to all pro-lifers who are visiting this page. I have a site at http://www.clinicquotes.com that has a great wealth of pro-life information, including quotes from current and former abortionists about what they do, information on women's health and abortion's risks, pictures, videos, and many articles. Please check it out!
Jeremy Chin
Hi, I am the author of the book Fuel, and I have in it a Pro Life poem I’d like to share with the world. IF If I could speak I’ll not lose my words behind my cheek Will never leave any songs unsung And thoughts shall never stale under my tongue If I could hear I'd want my heart to be my ear I'd sit alone on the quietest quay And try to hear what my eyes couldn’t see If I could smell My nose will tell you if I’m unswell It will crinkle when I smell something bad And it will run all day when I’m feeling sad If I could laugh My grin would cut my face in half For awhile my eyes would disappear And if I'm really happy they'd start to tear If I could taste I'd savour every bite and not chew in haste Eating right, I wonder how tall I'd grow But Mum I guess I'd never know Taken from the book FUEL by Jeremy Chin
CUL staff, Wanted to let you all know about this pro-life documentary that will be released on the 26th: www.180movie.com Perhaps you've already heard about this. This video is part of a substantial pro-life campaign put together by Living Waters Publications (www.livingwaters.com) and they are hoping that it will go viral as soon as it is released. Currently they are planning a massive advertising campaign in order to accomplish this goal. Please know that I am not attempting to officially represent LWP in this message. I just thought you all would appreciate hearing about this campaign if you have not already. Please have a look at the trailer for the video and see what you think! Thanks, David
These Stone Wall
Here is a link to an important post and we ask your help to spread word of it: http://www.thesestonewalls.com/gordon-macrae/the-duty-of-a-priest-father-frank-pavone-and-priests-for-life/
Animal rights activist
Very convenient how your page about abortion and animal rights (http://cul.detmich.com/animalrights.html) doesn't have a comment section where pro-life animal rights activists can contest some of your assertions. Wouldn't want anyone to prove you wrong, right? See here for some counter-arguments: http://www.reddit.com/r/vegan/comments/oe5r2/i_have_a_question_for_vegans_its_a_genuine/
Donald Ramsey
This is a link to Patrick Benedict's St. Michael the Archangel Organization. They are organizing a ONE MILLION ROSARIES FOR THE UNBORN event, May 4-6, 2012, in the USA, for an end to all surgical and non-surgical abortion of the unborn. PLEASE, everybody, SIGN UP at the website, keep your pledge and pray at least one rosary for an end to abortion May 4-6, 2012 as part of this movement and event. http://www.SaintMichaeltheArchangelOrganization.org/pressrelease.html God bless all of you.
Deborah Raho
Special Prayer Request for Election While in Rome for the Bishop's Synod, many are asking for the following Prayer Requests. The Laity spend One Holy Hour Praying for Religious Freedom and Pro-Life. Our Holy Priests Celebrate One Extra Mass for the Intention of Religious Freedom and Pro-Life.We know the Mass is the Highest Form of Prayer and that is what is needed for this Very Important Election. Thank you and God Bless You!
Pro-life music video with a strong message in a subtle package. www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw_y_Y5NYA4
Tollie Schmidt
God has laid it on my heart to reach out and offer my support. How can we turn the tide of abortion and win the argument. In order to save the child we must first save the mother. We stop focusing on the child and change the conversation towards loving, caring, and supporting the mother. From a persuasive position it's important to understand that it is hard to connect an audience to an unborn child, this is why Pro-Choice advocates are much more persuasive in their arguments. Pro-Choice allows the audience to feel an emotional connection to the mother. I have always had the ability to reach the younger generations, or the so-called millennial generation. I have had many unique life experiences which have culminated into my ability to change the argument and create a position which is unbreakable. I created a short 5 min video to pose a new question. I apologize for the quality, I do not have a computer or camera, and so it is the best I can do with my resources. However, I have shown it privately to staunch Pro-Life and Pro-Choice individuals and have seen the opportunity to open up their hearts. Because I will always believe, that it is easier to change the hearts and minds of people, rather than pass laws or regulations to bound individuals into submission. From first hand experience, laws and regulations are like a cattle prod, you can get zapped in the butt so many times, before you say enough is enough. Can any nation successfully legislate morality? More importantly, what is being done currently is NOT working. In the younger generations you are losing the Pro-Life argument, you are losing the younger generation from growing up in the church. If the set course is not altered, Christianity is on the path to extinction, and all morality right along with it. It doesn't have to be this way. I am an ordained minister, and I follow one guiding principle, W.W.J.D. What would Jesus Do? I hope you'll take a look at the video, and allow the opportunity to start a new dialogue. If a person was to do a show on this topic, and produced it in the way I see it in my head, you would change the National Dialogue immediately, I can prove how that can be accomplished. To save the life of an unborn child, first you save the mother, love the mother, and reThink Life. reThink Adoptions. reThink Compassion. http://tollieschmidt.com/save-the-life-of-an-unborn-child-first-we-save-the-mother-rethink-abortion/ Sincerly, Tollie Schmidt www.TollieSchmidt.com
Oghenekohwo Solomon
I thought you might be interested in this eBook manuscript from Amazon. Read "Land of Diminished Distinctions" and Learn how Abortion, genetic engineering along with the rapid spread of the same-sex culture are all attempts to denounce creation and deem mankind the "all in all".
John Dunkle
Can you help me with this request from Jim Kopp: 10prof i really need your help on this one!!!! there is a small hardbound brown book by a guy called jose or Joseph or somebody espinoza or espinosa, MD. Elasah Drogin, down at Catholics united for life will have the exact title, this is an absolute gem of a book, even if its out of print or whatever, it needs to get back in print, it paints a very accurate picture of MD bullying and Big Pharm and the Pill and genocide and all of it. espinosa uses the phrase: "create a disease, and cure it.", meaning, infertility from Pills and abs. i would be so grateful if you would please track down this exact site, maybe some readers will bring it back into print, maybe amazon has one.
Mike Lane
Hi. I see you do not have a link to Life Decisions International (fightpp.org) on your page. LDI has had a link to CUL for a long, long time. Would you please consider adding LDI? Thanks!
Patrick Harris
Please pray for the repose of Fr. Gruner and that his Fatima Apostolate may continue to spread devotion to Our Lady. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/buffalonews/obituary.aspx?pid=174811017
Dear Friend, I'm Sr. Ma. Rebecca Ginturo, OP a Dominican Sisters of the Most Holy Rosary of the Phils. assigned at St. Joseph Academy, Bugasong, Antique and would like to ask a favor from you, since we have almost 350 students and pupils in our school and I don't have enough rosaries for them every time we pray the rosary not only in our school but also to our neighboring barangay schools especially for the months of may and October. May I ask from you to please send us rosaries for our children to us. Thank you for being generous. Here's my present mailing address: Sr. Ma. Rebecca Ginturo, OP St. Joseph Academy Bugasong, Anntique Philippines 5704
My husband and I are trying to adopt a baby We just signed up with adoptimist so we can increase birth moms coming our way Please share on your face book and anywhere else you can please Thank you https://www.adoptimist.com/adoption-parent-profile/20460 God Bless, Connie Custodio
Why don't you get a facebook page?
Mi associo alle vostre preghiere.
Darryl Pereria
I have a group of 200+ members who pray 8 rosaries (every three hours) operted through whatsapp. i will promote Perpetual Rosary among my group.
William Lorenzo
I am from the Philippines. Pls. relay to Judge Kavanaugh: The sufferings you and your family are undergoing is the effect of the monumental battle between Christ and the devil on Marriage and the Family spoken of by Sister Lucia of Fatima in her letter to Cardinal Carlo Caffarra of the Pontifical Institute for Marriage and the Family. The attacks against you have been vicious because they are preternatural. You are dealing with satanic fury and hatred. In the face of the evils that threaten you, please consider consecrating you and your family to the Immaculate Heart in the spirit of St. Louis de Montfort (check out "Consecration to Mary" by Fr. Helmuts Libietis for their protection and consolation. Montfortian consecration will plug you in to the stream of graces that the most holy Mother of God mediates to us from Her Son.
David Wong
Here is my pro-life video showing the horrific magnitude of abortion in this country alone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6cb0aheZK8
fr hillary masiyiwa
dear brothers in christ .l have group of pro-life our main aim is to end abortion,early marriages in children.l request the following materails,rosaries,medals large,holy pictures,rosaries of the uborn.if any one can find them post rev hiillary masiyiwa,3655-9th cresent dzivaresekwa4,harare,zimbabwe
Chuck Kilmer
when are you going to fix the counter on the Rosary
Bob Roesser
The rosary counter is fixed.
Praised be Jesus Christ! Dear friends, November 18, 2020 will be the centenary of the legalization of abortion. Abortion was legalized by communists in Soviet Russia in 1920. After that, its legalization spread to other countries of the world. This led to an immense number of the killed children, unprecedented in the history of mankind, as well as to the transformation of the social mentality, a change in the way of life, so that abortion became a norm of life. Considering all the above, can we organize something together on this sad date November 18? Some kind of world vigil or prayers for the unborn children? Asking forgiveness of God for so many destroyed children's lives... There is very little time left, but it is still possible to organize some prayer. Holy Masses, 24-hour Adoration (where it is possible), Rosaries or any other variants of prayer – everyone can organize a vigil or a prayer which corresponds with the possibilities of his parish, his prayer group or his own possibilities. Thank you very much. I hope we will succeed. May God help us to unite in prayer for the unborn children in the centenary of this tragedy. Anna Belova (Roman Catholic parish of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Moscow) Contacts: krasoten1@mail.ru, +79032711962