Earl Amyotte 1933 - 2007
Our Founder

Thank you Earl. You showed us the way and we are grateful. God bless you. obituary, anti-abortion crusader, wikipedia article, Life Site article, Guest books

Catholics United for Life is a nationwide organization with branches in a number of cities. We come together to pray and give witness for the protection of all preborn humans. Members of our Southeast Michigan branch meet weekly in front of several abortion clinics and pray the Rosary for the sake of the unborn babies and their mothers. We also meet monthly in church for adoration and prayer for the end to abortion.

The Perpetual Web Rosary

This is an ongoing rosary in which everyone on the web can participate. Say as many prayers as you wish. The place where you stop is saved so that the next person can continue from that point. The prayers are presented in English or Latin, your choice.
Spanish version | Italian version | French version | Vietnamese version

Our theme song: To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King

Prayers for adoration

Here are some of our pictures

The Pro-Life Minute from the Chicago Branch of Catholics United for Life


Book Links

We welcome Pope John Paul II

Archdiocese of St Louis - Pastoral Visit of Pope John Paul II to St. Louis on January 26-27, 1999
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Virtual Visit
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Booklet containing his speeches during visit

Other Links

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