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Larry McLain
PRAYER REQUEST PRAYER REQUEST PRAYER REQUEST PRAYER REQUEST PRAYER REQUEST PRAYER REQUEST PRAYER REQUEST PRAYER REQUEST PRAYER REQUEST Beth Mohr, a Grand Rapids, MI Right to Life board member and faithful volunteer has just been diagnosed with a large, malignant brain tumor. Doctors are predicting she has less than a year to live. Beth is also 8 months pregnant. Please pass this prayer request along to other pro-life organizations, prayer groups, etc. There is great strength in unity of faith and together we can life her up to The Lord, knowing that our God heals. Thank you very much. p.s. for more info call (616) 532-2300.
Steve Ertelt
Please take the time to check out the Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List. It is the most comprehensive, user-friendly compilation of right to life information assembled on the internet. This is your last stop for information on the first and most important civil right.
Rick Denningham
As the chairman of my Roman Catholic Parish Respect Life Group, I help put together a monthly Pro-Life Newsletter for my Parish Bulletin. I am always looking for reliable information and articles (especially witnesses) which we can use. If your organization puts out a Pro-Life Newsletter, please include me on your mailing list. Thank You & God Bless You. Rick Denningham rickpop@aol.com
Sue Widemark
I run Cheese Whiz BBS - we have the largest collection of Pro-Life files in the US! 602-279-0793. Also I moderate the ProLife area of the Catholic Information Net. I'm always seeking Pro Life news so if you publish a newsletter or have a Pro Life Mailing list, would you please write to me or send the file to swidema@aol.com. Thanks! God bless!
Gerardo Diaz Cuellar
Hello fellows , I'm visitor number 162. I wish I could visit my homepage, is just outrageous.
National Pro-Life Association (Jeff Johnson)
The National Pro-Life Association would like for you to check out LIFE LINK CENTRAL , the largest collection of prolife resources on the net. This site is a must! Any questions? Email us at life@nashville.com
Thomas J. Brueckner
Please pray for us WAAAAAAY out here in Bozeman, Montana plus pray for the grace of the Holy Spirit to fall especially on the abortionist here, Susan Wicklund, and her employees, Holly Hausmann (physician [sic] assistant), Kristy Campbell and Stacy Haugland, that the Holy Spirit convict them *today* of the wrongness of their actions, and that the Holy Spirit lead them SOOOOON to repentance (Acts 3:26). Please pray also for the former abortionist Francis W. Balice (formerly of SE Mich- igan), his wife Grace, both nominal Catholics, and their form- er employees, Kim Zavalney and Ginny Burgin. I pray for their conversion frequently...please join me!! I rejoice in my own conversion to Messiah Jesus, through the sacrament of penance, leading to the joy of receiving Him in the Holy Eucharist!!!
Bill Freiheit
****** Glory to God in the Highest! ***** Please add us to all of your Pro-Life resource lists, and pray for us here performing the Lord's work in Dallas, Texas. Especially remember Flip Benham and Norma McCorvey, who have experienced a great victory for our Lord, and now are targets for the enemy's servants. God be with you, Bill Freiheit, St. Thomas Aquinas Pro-Life Chairman. freiheit@iadfw.net
ken freeman
Please list our URL LINK for post-abortion recovery. More than 425 recovery support groups are on our listings http://www.airmail.net/~carelink Thanks
I am not a Catholic but I do agree that unborn babys should not be Murdered. Also please don't plaster your ad like you do as it annoys people, including me. If you want to get your point across, Just say It, Don't spray It!
Thomas J. Brueckner
Where can I find some nice pro-life clip art to download for our local pro-life newsletter? I would especially like to find an image of the hand of a man holding a child's hand or the famous Michelangelo image of God's hand stretching out to Adam.
Amalio Escobar
I fear anyone who claims the be the owner of the Truth. "If you are not with me you are against me" is a disgrace. Amalio
Katherine Sabelko
Chexk out a wide-ranged information pro-life site. Since we have moved, please note new address. We have unfortunately had to add additional names to our boycott list. The House is voting on reconsideration of bills affecting funding for abortions under federal aid. Will have it posted Nov. 17th on site. Katherine Sabelko
Katherine Sabelko
We received this letter from one of our readers. Anyone like to respond? "Recently I was asked two questions about abortion which I had some difficulty answering. Maybe your readers could be of assistance, or refer me to the proper authorities. Miscarriages: Some miscarriages occur without the knowledge of the prospective mother. The fetal material is disposed of as ordinary waste. We believe that life begins at conception so how do we explain what happens to the soul of the fetus and why is there no ceremony to commemorate the lost life? Some miscarriages occur in a Catholic hospital while the prospective mother is under the care of a Catholic doctor. These are medically impossible to stop. The same questions occur as above. How is the fetal material disposed of and why is there no ceremony after the procedure? Rape: It's bad enough for a mature person to become pregnant after a rape, but what about a girl under the age of 12? Is there any case where a therapeutic procedure could be acceptable? I would appreciate your answers, or being referred to a competent authority. Thank you. Thanks for your answers!
George Bonina
God bless you for putting the truth on the Internet. I'm new to the Internet and quite appalled at what I'm finding. I just left the Planned Parrenthood page and found their typical propaganda about the "abortion procedure". It's full of lies and half truths. Thank God there is a Catholic presence on the Internet to proclaim the truth. In Christ, George
Kirk James Fontenot
Dear Fellow Americans and Children of God: I am an elite right winged virgin Catholic male obssesed with restructuring the sexual moral reference frame of this nation. Years and years of praying and sheer determination have resulted in an elaborate blueprint that I have which I feel is a gift from God to start an anti-teeny bopper culture hyper media that can have influence on our young and counter the thought pushed by the false gods in the multimedia today. If you or anyone has the resources to invest in a music CD and/or magazine explosion that will start the counter-media that we have longed starved for, please contact me. The hour is dark and the end is near. I used to lambast non-catholic fundamentalists for preaching that Judgement Day is near, but in these recent drastic times, I am no longer sure. I rely on hardcore Doctrine, central themes, and recurring ethics when I deal with the issue of pre-marital sex and this nation's sexual moral reference frame. I have studided the media elite and all of the street-rhetoric that is used to water down the minds of young adults today. I have anaylzed them, disected them and I now know all of their weak spots and how to destroy them. Please, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, let some angry Christian with thousands and thousands of dollars to invest hear this message. Thank you all. I would appreciate your prayers during these dark hours. Kirk Fontenot (318)-232-2608 : kjf4890@usl.edu.
Amy Koslowski
I am writing a paper on the RU486 abortion pill and I was wondering if anyone might have some information that they could send me. I'd really appreciate it! Anything will help. You can email me at the above address. Thanks! Amy
To Amalio up there who fears people who think who has the truth: well, pro-choicers think it's okay to abort. Either we have the truth, the choicers do, or there's an in- between. But the TRUTH is somewhere. Find an ob/gyn text & see for yourself if you don't believe us. I think there should be some info on Natural Family planning. We have to help prevent abortions, too.
BTW, if there happen to be any pro-life socialists lurking please e-mail me at aaa227@agora.ulaval.ca We're a rare species . . . Suzanne
Stephen J. Paterson
When is Mother Teresa's birthday? Keep praying for me Mother Teresa. God Bless You STEVE Woburn, MA USA
Katherine Sabelko (CoR)
This is an SOS to all within electronic hearing range. There was to be no statewide rally held in Arizona for Roe v. Wade. Though we are a small organization, CoR is organizing a march and rally on January 21st. Since we have no "contacts" for this type of activity, we need everyone's help to spead the word. If you know of anyone in Arizona, have them contact us or perhaps they could help distribute flyers, notify their group, post notices on their college campus. We need your help! It is January 21st, in Phoenix Arizona. March starts at 2 p.m. at Encanto Park at 15th Ave. Rally starts at 2:30 p.m. at Capital. A ny help will be greatly appreciated!
Dan Heffernan
I am a strong advocate of the right to live for all human beings born or unborn, healthy or unhealthy. I just visited the DeathNet on Internet to see what was there and it is not only shocking but I find it so very disterbing that fellow human beings can see things so much differently and be so adament about their belief in the right to die or the right to have an abortion. I want to help with your efforts if there is a way, let me know. I am involved with our local Knights of Columbus here in Canada and we try to make people aware of the autrocities of abortion and euthanasia but some times you feel very small in a large ocean. Let me know how I can help. Dan Heffernan Box 522 Angus, Ontario. Canada L0M 1B0 705-424-9894
Glenn Stern
I think you people should mind your own business, and let other people mind theirs. If you don't like it, move to Vatican City; Catholic law has no business here except in the Catholic church.
Bob Hengstebeck
I just discovered this page yesterday. It looks great. I am a 60 year young Catholic in Southern California. If you have not been exposed to our next Prolife President, visit one of the following web sites:
Dr. Alan Keyes was the Ambassador to the United Nations under Reagan. He is everything that I could hope for in a president. I cannot find anything that he has said that I disagree with. The media has been trying to avoid him. Please check him out. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM AND HIS CAMPAIGN!!! God bless.
John Schmidt
I have an organization in Lou Ky, Democrats for Life, working in Ky politics to take a pro-life message to candedates for office at all levels I need help to promote this idea especially in Ky. I need a forum or BBS that gives me a disciussion vehicle for this cause. Any suggestions?
Dennis M. Thielen
I'm most impressed by your site. Although I'm now one of those "dastardly Protestants" (I was once a faithful Catholic), I agree One Hundred Percent with your cause. We are still one Living Body in Christ, despite disagree ments over some minor matters. I plan to give this place a good rating in my review of Internet sites column in Net~User on-line magazine (CodeRx@ix.netcom.com write "subscribe" in the subject box.
Robert K. Smith
I would like to send a letter to Mother Teresa, but I am unable to find her address. Would anyone be able to help? Thanks in advance. Bob.
Robert K. Smith
I would like to introduce you to the World Hunger Relief Foundation which can be found at url http://www.csi.nb.ca/~rksmith/hunger1.htm To learn more about our Foundation, which is funded by corporate donations, please pay a visit -- we welcome your comments. Bob.
David R. Crine
Remember, the most important objective is not so much who is elected in '96, but who isn't. I have designed some simple items to help promote the un-election of the current administration in a way that is subtle yet effective. It is a commercial web site, but take heart, there is next to no profit included in these political items. -David
James K. Tharp
God Bless all who have worked to get this page together. I am the Pro-life Chairman for the Rolla Missouri Knights of Columbus council. It's great to see these resources out here!!!
jean Gaes
January 22 is almost here. Come to the March for Life and the Mass the night before at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Let us pray that we will build together a culture of life.
Daniel A. Foster
Al Lemmo's page on abortion terminology is one of the most amusing examples of extremist ignorance that I have seen for quite awhile. I felt both amused, and unthreatened by the page, and I now find myself musing on the myriad others who have read it and thought "yeah, yeah, he's got it right on." It discourages me to think of such ignorance, but at the same time it calms me to know that people as ignorant as Al are so stupid as to proclaim their ignorance to the whole world. Bravo, Al, for being y ourself and for having compatriots. And may you never forget how to tie your own shoes.
Del and Gillian Atwood
We are a pro-life Catholic family, recently blessed with the addition of a little boy, Peter Anthony. We, along with other pro-life families in our part of the west coast of Newfoundland, Canada, are meeting every two weeks to read, discuss and reflect upon the profound truth in the papal encyclical The Gospel of Life.
Barbara Rose
We are announcing a new Pro-life site featuring the "Anonymous Life Art Collective" from Cincinnati: http://www.erinet.com/aquinas/alac.html Description follows: Artists are truly a diverse group, but one side of the abortion debate has all but monopolized the art world. The Anonymous Life Art Collective exists to present the rarely expressed pro-life viewpoint through art that celebrates authentic human existence and love of humanity, in distinct contrast to mechanized destruction. Our art is exhibited "anonymously," without details of the individual artists, in memory of the millions of anonymous souls lost "by choice."
Edward Szymkowiak
On July 5, 1995 THE WALTON REPORTER lost its integrity and sense of journalistic responsibility when it announced that it would no longer run letters on the abortion issue. On that day, THE WALTON REPORTER silenced the voices speaking out on behalf of the unborn and turned a deaf ear to the cause of life. *** In Washington, DC on Jan. 22, 1996, prolifers were told by Cardinal Bevilacqua of Philadelphia that they were ¨the moral conscience of this nation". Let's pray that the new editor of THE WALTON REPORTER will reverse the editorial policy regarding abortion and thereby allow "the moral conscience of this nation" to promote a Culture of Life in this once fine paper. *** Please contact this editor, Patricia Breakey, at THE WALTON REPORTER, 181 Delaware St., Walton, NY 13856, Tel: 607-865-4131, Fax: 607-637-8983. Thank you. *** In Christ, Ed (73 E. Front St., Hancock NY 13783)
Pat Harding
I was very moved by your page! Keep up the good work
Ice Man (Timothy J. Kuczinski)
Hello fellow Catholics. I have an announcement to make. I have created a chat server for Catholics and other Christians to talk to one another live via the net. It is a fairly new concept and nobody knows of it yet. If publicised, people might start using it to talk about Christianity today. So please, CHECK OUT ICE MAN'S CATHOLIC CHAT, and have fun. God bless, Ice Man
John Loebach
It is so easy to become overwhelmed by the sin and darkness around us but "where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more". It is so encouraging to know that there are so many people standing up for the truth. It is sad to see so many people losing their salvation. "For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world".
Charlie Spies
In Michigan we have a unique opportunity to elect the first ever PRO-LIFE WOMAN to the U.S. Senate. While RONNA ROMNEY's tireless efforts working for pro-life causes are undenied, both her Republican primary challenger (James Nicholson) and her general election opponant (liberal Sen. Carl Levin) are pro-abortion. Please visit the Romney for Senate Home Page and fill out the volunteer form to help out in the grass roots effort to elect a pro-life U.S. Senator from Michigan.
Steve Ertelt
I wanted to let everyone know about the following: The Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List - The most comprehensive listing of right to life information on the internet. http://www.prolife.org/ultimate Life Sites of the Web - A weekly listing of sites that promote a positive life ethic and caring for others. http://www.prolife.org/lsotw Steve Ertelt ertelt@netcentral.net
Jon C. Randall
Come visit and browse through this site of a PRO-LIFE believer. Jon C. Randall JOSHUA COMMUNICATIONS joshcomm@infogo.com
John Jakubczyk
Hello from Arizona. Your home page is great. Tell Everyone (Mark, Theo et al that I said hello and please pray for Ville de Marie Academy. VDM is a private Catholic school started five years ago by Catholic parents who wanted more for their children. God Bless John
Thomas J. Brueckner
We had a Rosary last night for pro-life intentions, for an end to the abortion holocaust. I announced it, starting over a month ago, to roughly 70 people locally, counting about 40 Knights of Columbus at their Jan. meeting. Only 9 people came, including me.
I never expected any support from our priests here; I stopped looking for that a LONG time ago. The thing that really disappoints me is the number of people who said they would come but ended up not attending. This includes several fellows from the Promise Keepers crew in my parish. Only one Promise Keeper member came. Man, I am disappointed.
I have organized almost every kind of pro-life activity at one time or another: picketing at the abortion mill, picketing Kate Michelman on campus, pro-life oratory contests for high schoolers, voter i.d., poll-watching, rescue, and on and on. I thought a pro-life Rosary would be a piece of cake, but I was WAY wrong.
Well, praise Jesus anyhow! 1 Thess. 5:18. I am confident that the small crew last night will continue to pray with each other for an end to the abortion holocaust.
Lawrence F. Roberge
A new book has recently been published, entitled, THE COST OF ABORTION. This book demonstrates with HARD DATA, abortions' effects on the U.S. economy, society, demographics, and women's health. Using government data from various sources as well as other medical and scientific sources, this book describes abortion's effects on jobs, economic growth, national security, education, new housing sales, population growth, taxation, adoption, women's fertility, as well as showing how total numbers of abortions are UNDERCOUNTED!!!

Cost is $6.95 (US) and $3.50 for shipping.
Call 800-552-1098 to order or write to:
Four Winds Publications, P.O. Box 3102, LaGrange, GA 30240: U.S.
Tel: 706-882-5368 FAX: 706-882-7999.

Remember, Hosea 4:6, "My people perish for lack of knowledge." Help, and you can prove that "knowledge IS power". Thank you.

Mr "B"
I'm number 631 and happy to see so many people to support Pro-life...Abortion is murder and commandment no 5 says "Thou shall not kill." God Bless You All
Rachel Hasser
I am doing a report on Abortion and what Catholics think about this issue. If anyone has any answers about what exactly catholics believe, I would appreciate it.
Anthony Bradley
Hi all, I would just like to commend you on your care for the unborn I would also like to say.. The Blessed Virgin has given a beutiful prayer for the spirtual adoption of the unborn. It is a prayer that is said while sprinkling holy water in the sign of the cross. While saying the prayer you pick a name for child. If anyone would like the prayer E-Mail me... antho@indigo.ie
Robert J. Plumley
It is reassuring to find so many fellow Catholics who are united in trying to stop one of the greatest evils of our history. The gift of life was given to us by God at the moment of creation and further instituted in Adam and Eve through the lives of Cain and Able. The sacredness of life should be protected in all instances. As fellow Catholics, we should try in our daily lives to educate others on the subject of the beauty and sanctity of human life. Yours in Christ Jesus!! plmy@sfs.utoledo.edu
Abortion is a violation of human rights!
Babies are beautiful!
Rob Church
Hi, I am a Christian, married man in Victoria B.C., Canada, and am looking for work designing and making HOMPAGES for people. Anyone interested please email me at relic@islandnet.com
Bill Hoogsteden
Many Catholics were killed by Nazis & Fascists. The pro-baby killing mantra of Buchanan=Nazi & Catholics=Fascists is an attempt to marginalize via name-calling. These are the techniques used by true N azis & Fascists.


Patrick Cracroft-Brennan
As a practicing Catholic I would like to applaud your pro-life stand. However, I am concerned about your support for Pat Buchanan. This man is, as we say in the UK, somewhat to the right of Genghis Khan. He is certainly a bigot, and as such should be condemned by all right-thinking Catholics. His anti-gay comments are a total disgrace to anyone who calls themselves a Christian. Please do not ruin the credibility of your message by aligning yourselves with this man.
Jonathan Hurst
I'm a sophomore at Dartmouth College and secretary of our newly formed group, Dartmouth Coalition for Life. Above is our home page address. Feel free to visit and/or send us advice in our campus endeavors.
Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List
Thanks for making the Ultimate Pro-Life Resoruce List the most frequented right to life site on the internet. We have been able to assist more than 10,000 people with quality right to life information. Drop on by today: http://www.prolife.org/ultimate or send an email to: ertelt@prolife.org Ultimate: The most comprehensive listing of right to life resources on the internet.
Daniel A. Foster
PSALMS 137:9 "Happy shall they be who take your little ones and dash them against the rock!" EXODUS 32:27 "He said to them, 'Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, "Put your sword on your side, each of you! Go back and forth from gate to gate throughout the camp, and each of you kill your brother, your friend, and your neighbor.'" EZEKIAL 9:5-6 "Pass through the city after him, and kill; your eye shall not spare, and you shall show no pity. Cut down old men, your men and young women, little children and women..."
Michele Squatrito
565 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA 02215 617/353-8481 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT:Holly Svertson April, 15, 1996 Loci, MotherJones & National Review to Hold Political Debate Online BOSTON, MA -- Loci (http://www.loci.com), a World Wide Web site for college students, will be holding a political debate live online, on Wednesday, April 17, 1996, from 9:00 - 10:00 p.m. EST, in conjunction with Mother Jones and The National Review magazines. Sparks will fly when editors from the magazines debate whether congress should override Clinton's veto of the partial birth abortion ban. Online users will have the opportunity to pose questions to each editor on the debate topic. Loci presents the debates to users within an HTML page format that automatically uploads every 20 seconds, introducing editor on the debate topic. Loci presents the debates to users within an HTML page format that automatically uploads every 20 seconds, introducing new questions and answers almost immediately as they are recorded, allowing online audience members world-wide to participate. Named RvL (Right vs. Left), online debates between the two magazines will be held each month during the spring academic semester. Upcoming debates are scheduled for May 8th. Past topics have examined the Republican Agenda and the Christian RightUs political involvement. Loci is a joint venture of Barnes & Noble Bookstores, Inc. and the Boston University College of Communication. The web site offers information and entertainment resources for students worldwide, including student art galleries, games, reviews and opinion columns, live chat, events and more. For more information, please contact Michele Squatrito at 617/353-8481, or via e-mail at mcat143@acs.bu.edu. # # #
Pat Villaescusa (Mrs)
Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz is the first American Bishop to stop beating around the bush and tell Catholics in his diocese that they CANNOT belong to groups which promote abortion, ethanasia and all the rest of those which are in open dissent with the Pope. My son is a seminarian in that diocese. When my son is ordained, he will, from the pulpit condemn abortion because it is the teaching of the universal Church. Give Bishop Bruskewitz some moral support. Write to him; thank him; support him! Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz at 3400 Sheridan Ave. Lincoln, Nebraska 68501
Pat Keller
Abortion is WRONG! While I firmly believe and provide witness to this belief, I have a very different point of view from the very vocal segment of the anti-abortion movement. I will merely ask this question to think upon.... What if all the resources... time, money, energy & emotion... that is currently being spent to take from Caesar what is Caesar's (that being Civil Law) were spent on providing alternatives for women who don't want their babies?!?!? As long as the government is not actively trying to FORCE people into abortion it is irrelevant. Work to match the infertile couples desperate for children with the women who don't want their babies and you will make a REAL difference. Work to change the Federal Laws and you are wasting your time at the fringe of the problem. Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and spend your energy where you can really make a difference.
Bill Hoogsteden
Rendering unto Caesar what's his is fine, I guess. It seams as though he wants more & more all the time. How much of my tax dollars are going to some form of abortion & contraception funding? Also, civil authorities are given to us to do God's will. He will judge nations accordingly. We don't live in an overtly totalitarian state (yet). We have the opportunity & obligation to do the Lord's will & change the ANTI-LIFE policies of our government. We must provide more Crisis Pregnancy work. If the Church had been doing more of this, the conditions & arguments leading to Roe v. Wade would not have had the inroads needed to cause that decision. The Pro-life Fight must be fought on every front. Crisis Pregnancy work will not do it alone.
I am asking for prayer for my family, especially for my dear mother, Norma, who is suffering with liver cancer. We are praying for a miracle (a complete cure) but will accept and love God's will whatever it may be for her. You are invited to pray the prayer for the Beatification of Mother Maria Luisa Josefa of the Most Blessed Sacrament (she is the foundress of a great group of Carmelite Sisters in Alhambra, CA. Would you be so kind as to join my family in offering this prayer for my mother's healing? O Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, King and Center of all hearts. Look with merciful love on the petitions we present to You through the intercession of Your servant Mother Maria Luisa Josefa of the Most Blessed Sacrament ... (pause here to mention your [our]intention). We humbly beseech You to glorify her, who was always such a fervent lover of Your Sacred Heart, by granting us these favors if they are for Your greater honor and glory. Amen. ---------- I thank God for C.U.L.
Phil Brennan
Today, May 2nd, is the beginning of a series on abortion on Wednesday on the Web (http://www.pacg.com/pvbr/).Part one deals with partial birth abortion and will remain on the site until May 7th when Part Two begins. Phil Brennan, Editor
Terry Sexton
God bless all who visit this website! Keep the faith alive during these dark times, and perservere in the knowledge that Christ our King has GUARANTEED our victory in the end. We have not been promised an easy path. Our reward is reached only by enduring the struggles of this life and overcoming the worldly temptations which surround us. Be not afraid!
Susan Gallagher
Hello Massachusetts ! I'm writing for Susan Gallagher and She's the only pro-life candidate running against Senator John Kerry (D) and Governor Bill Weld (R). She's running in the new Conservative party in Massachusetts. You may not have heard much about her yet, because the media has ignored her campaign. We need to get about another 3000 signatures to have her placed on the ballot. When that is done, the media will not be able to ignore the campaign. Sue is a viable candidate because she'll only need 34% to win if the vote is split evenly. Come visit the website to find out more.
I think that Catholicism is the most dis-agreeable thing i have ever encountered! I hate Catholicism, i am pro-choice, and i think electing Pat Buchanan would put an end to our freedom of religion right! I am an athiest and i disagree only with Catholicism because Catholics are the most stubborn people in the world!
Recovering Catholic
No one wants to have an abortion. No one. To think that pro-choice people are abortion "advocates" is ignorance at it's very worst. Abortions have always happened. Abortions always WILL happen. To make them illegal just means lots of dead fetuses AND lots of dead mothers. Really great solution. Why don't all of you self- righteous hate-mongers go out there and get the message to people that they need to use BIRTH CONTROL. Oh, oops. You're Catholics. Can't be using birth control. Let's just overpopulate some more. Maybe if you spent you time giving young people self-esteem, and teaching them to be responsible, abortions would no longer need to happen. You all live in a fantasy world. Wake up.
Bill hoogsteden
No one wants to have an abortion. No one.

If that were true, there'd be no abortions. PP & the Baby Killing Doctors sure has H### what women to have'em. Baby Killing is seen as an easy way out.

To think that pro-choice people are abortion "advocates" is ignorance at it's very worst.

"Pro-choice" (i.e. "Pro-Baby Killing") have never seen an Abortion (i.e. Baby Killing) they didn't like.

Abortions have always happened. Abortions always WILL happen.

That IS true. Murder will always be with us.

To make them illegal just means lots of dead fetuses AND lots of dead mothers.

There is no proof of that. Maternal death rates from abortion haven't dropped since ROE.

Why don't all of you self-righteous hate-mongers go out there and get the message to people that they need to use BIRTH CONTROL.

You need Baby Killing when your BIRTH CONTROL fails. BIRTH CONTROL means treating people as objects and things. And don't forget the harmful effects of many forms of birth control.

Oh, oops. You're Catholics. Can't be using birth control. Let's just overpopulate some more.

That is anti-Catholic propaganda. You have nothing to back it up. Are you going to be coming after my wife if she has more children than YOU deam "ENOUGH"?

Maybe if you spent you time giving young people self-esteem, and teaching them to be responsible, abortions would no longer need to happen.

If young people were living the faith, they would avoid the problems sinful living bring. Many pro-lifers are working with children & others to give them self control.

You all live in a fantasy world. Wake up. YOU are the one living in a fantasy world. Doing your "OWN THING" to get your jollies @ the expense of anyone in your way will get you a real wake up call @ the end of your life.

Kirk Fontenot
Fellow Catholics! I have a web page that is an aggresive defender of virginity, and I even get into the inner social politics of this decay of teen sex/pre-marital sex. The issue is far more complicated than many think. I would appreciate all feedback and criticisms. I also have MANY conservative links. Thank you all!

Kirk Fontenot

I am a roman catholic fighting for my Faith in Norway against the modernists. For my apostolate I need to come in contact with other (conservative) catholics, a hope in their support. Please link your Web page to my Home Page. A.M.D.G. Alfred Olsen
Wendi P
My husband & I are catholic. We are trying to adopt a child. It's not God's plan for us to have our own child. We are assured that there is a special "little angel" out there for us. We have been married for eight years, and trying to have a family for seven. If you know a p regnant woman who might be considering adoption. Would you please let her know that there is a young couple looking to add a child to their family. We have been approved & had our Home study done. They can contact us on our (800)497-8527.
So happy to have found you out there...! Just finished running the PostCard signing campaingn to overturn the Partial Birth Abortion Veto...here's praying that it will work...mmb
God on the Issues...
Check out "God on the Issues..," a publication featuring Biblical quotes selected to demonstrate the "truth" of the Holy Book.
"God on the Issues..." is an abomination! These are not real Bible quotes! Look them up!
Michael Vande Wiel, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
God Bless you for your pro-life work. Please direct your readers to visit our site in Canada.
Whatever this is all about, Here my contribution to it!
I'm catholic and prolife for myself I can not tell someone not to have an abortion. It is not my place to tell them not to, especially here in the USA, remember we have freedom of choice . Even though I'm clearly saying we have a right to chose and you are saying to your selves she is prochoice I do think it is practically MURDER and very wrong but again I CAN NOT TELL YOU WHAT TO DO THANK YOU FOR READING THIS
You have a wonderful page. I just bookmarked it. Please keep up the good work. I firmly believe that abortion is murder. We all have the right to life. It is a gift from God. We have no right to stop it. If people do not want to have children they must be responsible in their acts. We must insist on teaching our children morality and the difference between right and wrong. This does not change with times.
Contribution from Cyber Joe concerning a report he wrote that the Earth is ALIVE!??
***Congressional Candidate Chris John Votes For Using Medicaid Funds For Abortions*** In August 1994, former state representative Chris John, a supposedly pro-life candidate for the 7th Congressional District of Louisiana, voted for a bill in the Louisiana House of Representatives that provided for public Medicaid funding of abortions in the cases of rape and incest. HB 1, August 20, 1994.
John Robb
I live in Ft. Worth, Texas and we are trying to organize this year's Life Chain for our fair city. It seems as if we are having some difficulty recruiting churches to participate in this event. Do you have any contacts in our area that we could pursue. We are also concerned because it appears as if some very large cities in the area may have no plans to organize for the Life Chain this year. Would appreciate any ideas you might have. We would also welcome your prayers that the Lord would give us a victory in this. Thank you.
JC Sullivan
NATIONAL BOARD Ancient Order of Hibernians in America Office of JC Sullivan National Press Officer 9240 Milford Dr Northfield Ohio 44067 001.216.467.47.47 e-mail www.jcs@en.com Contacts: Edward J. Wallace 315 686 3917 Edward J. O'Hearn 502 239 1676 Joe Barrett 301 681 3617 NEWS RELEASE Clayton, New York.....National AOH President Edward J. Wallace announced that the AOH will join the National Conference of Catholic Bishops (NCCB) and other Bishops and Cardinals in a prayer service for the override of the Partial Birth Abortion veto. The prayer service will take place at 2:00pm, Thursday, September 12, 1996, at the U.S. Capitol, West Terrace Level. That is the area of the Capitol Building facing the White House. "Congress intends a vote to attempt to override President Clinton's veto of the bill in mid-September. Prayers will be said for a restoration of respect for human life in our Nation," said Wallace. "There are few causes more precious and more deserving of our time and effort than Life." Arrangements for parking are being made and can be coordinated with Chris Caron at NCCB headquarters (202) 541 3470. “We ask that despite the late notice, every good effort be made to attend with anyh by as many as possible,” said Ed O’Hearn. It is highly desirable to have as many members of the AOH and our friends as possible take part in this Prayer Service. All are invited. If you are within a few hours driving distance of Washington you are asked to part in the Prayer Service and to encourage others to do so. It is hoped that a Mass can also be planned for the afternoon. Those who come are encouraged to meet with their Senators and Representatives regarding this most important issue.
john schmidt
My pro-life organization would like a place to post messages to ourselves and like minded individuals.
Mike Demos
Each year at this time, an appeal is made to as many people as possible to assist in a week-long rosary for the intention of ending abortion. This effort has been initiated by coordinators of the Pilgrim Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Each person is asked to sign-up to pray 15 decades of the rosary for one hour during this week. Last year, this effort became international -- a continuous rosary was prayed by participants from multiple nations for the entire week. If you are willing to help, please send me a note giving me your name (or alias) and telling me which hour you would like to pray the rosary (please indicate what time zone you are in). You can send this by e-mail (mike@x-net.net) or to my home address below. The rosary starts at 6:00 pm on October 6 and continues until 6:00 pm on October 13. Feel free to sign-up for more than one hour if you can. Please pass this request on to as many people and organizations as you can. If you have a web page or publish a newsletter, please consider posting this message. Thank you for your help. God bless you. Mike Demos. 103 Knight Circle Clemson, SC 29631 (864) 654-7451 e-mail: mike@x-net.net
j. slut
my body is my own business. whatever happened to separation of church and state? i'm glad you all have this space to pat yourselves on the back, but my convictions will not be changed by your close- minded babble. never go back.
support for recovering catholic, it takes a lot of guts to speak your mind when you're in such a minority. i am an athiest, in my right mind, and supportive of reproductive rights of all kinds. to call recovering Catholics' words anti-Christian propaganda is absurd on a page full of statements like "abortion is wrong" in capital letters. you cannot expect to gain respect for your cause when that's your only argument, based on an ancient book that remains open to interpretation. i cannot see your point of view and your close-minded rants do nothing to convince me.
michael tate
I would like to have the email addresses of the members of Congress and the President and Vice President. I believe email would be an excellent way to express our opinion on the upcoming vote on overriding the President's veto of the partial-birth abortion ban.
an x-woman
hey out there - i have a question - how come all those who are so proud to be pro-choice and anti- catholic who leave messages here don't leave their names? (i didn't just to get the attention. you're reading it, so it worked.) and if they're so into choice, why are they reading all the pro-life stuff? i'm from the generation known as X - the first generation to suffer from our parents right to choose. i am a college graduate - went to a place called the Franciscan University - i am an intelligent catholic woman, and i do believe i have the right to choice. i make the choice of whether or not i want to control myself. i am strong enough to do that, which is the failings of most pro-choice people. they can't control themselves, find themselves in a position they might not want to be, and decide to go with the quick fix. but there are no quick fixes in life. that's how it is. i am married, and just had my first child at Easter time. it wasn't planned, it wasn't convenient. it was probably the worst time to become pregnant. but the timing wasn't our choice. it was God's. and there are no regrets. our son is the most perfect baby. it wasn't easy. but life is a challenge. if it wasn't, it would be boring.
I want to regain my faith. I've sunk so low that I don't know if it's possible. Don't even know where to start. I wish I could be the person that many of you seem to be. I used to be. Keep up your good work!
Victor Varisco
Please take a look at the new web site for The Miracle of Saint Joseph. The address is www.TheMiracleofStJoseph.org The messages are profound, yet touch the very depth of ones own soul. This has to be the greatest thing to happen in 2,000 years.
Peter Vere
***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** Una Voce Canada 45 Durham Street, Suite 102 Sudbury, Ontario P3E 3M2 phone # (705) 673-9205 email tradx@Cyberbeach.net Catholic Bishops Support Pro-Choice Lobby Una Voce Canada Press Release October 5th, 1996 On May 15th of this year, the Canadian Council of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) broke with the Vatican's policy on abortion. The CCCB donated 2000 dollars to the National Action Committee on the Status of Women (NAC). The NAC is probably the largest abortion rights lobby in Canada. Many lay Roman Catholics were shocked by the bishops' action, especially given the Pope's recent promulgation of his anti-abortion Encyclical "Evangelium Vitae." Speaking on behalf of the various Canadian Una Voce chapters, a Catholic Organization dedicated to the Church's traditional teachings, Northern Ontario Chair Pete Vere stated: "Having taken a strong stance for the rights of families, Una Voce Canada wishes to restate its support for the pro-life movement. For the bishops to financially support this notorious anti-life organization, especially at a time when Canadian pro-lifers are being persecuted more than ever, represents a betrayal of their pastoral duties -- both towards the laity, and towards the child in the womb. In essence, the bishops are destroying almost thirty years of hard labour on the part of laity. While this action might be consistent with the infamous Winnipeg Statement, this action is still in direct violation of Pope John Paul II's 1991 letter to the World's Bishops `On Combating Abortion and Euthanasia.'" In addition to the aforementioned harsh criticism of the CCCB, Una Voce Canada is calling on all Catholics to petition Pope John Paul II, along with boycotting the collection plates in Catholic churches where the priest has not strongly supported the anti-abortion movement.
Diana Michelle
Thank you for this valuable homepage! I am so sorry for those of you that wrote and expressed your "right" to chose. It sickens me that we have reached an age where murder has become an acceptable choice for our mistakes. I pray that God gives us all the grace to seek the truth
Bill Hoogsteden
Flux pas,

As far as I'm concerned, standing against the Church shows no courage. The "Recovering Catholic" is just sliding alone with the winds of today down "the wide road" leading to destruction. All the while he spits at those following "the straight and narrow path" of the Church's teachings. He needs our pity & prayers. For one day, he shall be truly recovering.

Andrew Clemens
I want pictures (.gif .jpg) of unborn children in the womb. If anyone has these, or knows of a site that has them please e-mail information to me andrew@cdmnet.com
Annette R.
Hello! I am a Jewish convert to the Byzantine Catholic Church. I became a Catholic after many years of searching, during which I had an abortion. I now have two wonderful children, but in the last 1 1/2 years, I have lost three babies late in pregnancy. I want to ask those reading this message to please keep me in your prayers. Right now my doctor is trying to find out why I am losing babies. I have become active in the pro-life movement, after having spent a number of years in the pro-abortion movement, 3 of those years as an abortion clinic escort (may GOD forgive me!) I am against all forms of contraception as well as abortion. Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory to Him Forever! Annette
Annette R.
I just posted a message, but then I read some of the messages posted by those supporting a woman's right to kill. I want to say a few things. I became pro-life six years ago, during my pregnancy with my son. Hearing his heart beat at 10 weeks gestation made me realize the unborn child is alive, and that the one I aborted years before was also alive, and that I had him killed. In April of 1995, I lost my baby daughter Rachel, at 5 months gestation. I held her in my arms, wrapped in a baby blanket. She was a 19 weeks fetus, but she sure did look a lot like a baby! And abortions are performed in this country up to 24 weeks for any reason. To me, Rachel represents all the babies aborted. Women like me, who lose babies in pregnancy, are given a special gift--the gift to actually see and hold the wonder and miracle of God's creation in the womb. There is NO WAY I could ever again believe for one moment that the unborn child is not a person, a baby. I have SEEN my own child with my eyes, and have held her in my hands. She had the most perfectly formed little hands and feet, and her nose was cute and turned up. In Feb 1996, I lost my baby boy at 10 weeks--Andrew. I also got to see him, and he was a tiny baby in miniature. He was NOT a "blob" by anyone's definition. MOST abortions in this country are done at 10 weeks, and yet Andy was a very cute little baby, with the most detailed fingers and toes. And a few months ago, I lost a third baby--Nicholas. He was 20 weeks along, and he was just a little bit more developed than Rachel had been. He had blue eyes that were partly open, and his body parts were perfectly formed, as Rachel's and Andy's had been. I held him in my arms too, wrapped in his baby blanket that the hospital staff gave me for him. After what I have been thru, there is no way I could ever again believe the unborn child is not a baby. Pro-abortion people LIE to themselves. They LIE to others. They LIE to women like me, when they told me before my abortion that its "not a baby, just a bunch of cells". LIARS!! ALL of you were and are LIARS!! STOP lying to women! Stop trying to frustrate our maternity!
Joseph W. Totton
I think your page is very comprehensive and I really do like it. Is there a CUL branch or chapter in the Kansas City area? One last thing, your link with Priests For Life is not successful. You might consult the URL again, just to make sure it is right. Thank you and God Bless -Joseph W. Totton
Sara Allen
I am a student at New York University, and I am studying the pro-life movement. I am looking for individuals active in a pro-life organization in New York City, who would be willing to talk with me about their organization and participation. I am also interested in any protests or meetings that might be going on in November. Thank you!
Indiana Citizens for Life
Pro-life and live in Indiana? Drop by the hope page for Indiana Citizens for Life. We are the statewide pro-life group working in Indiana to care for women and support the right to life. our web page is www.indy.net/~icl and you can email us at icl@indy.net
Steven Ertelt
There is a new home page helping women with crisis pregnancies or who have had abortions. CPCs Online has the most comprehensive and accurate listing of crisis pregnancy care centers in the United States. Please link to this important page on yours and let every young woman you know about this page. We are located at http://www.prolife.org/cpcs-online For more information you can email me at ertelt@prolife.org
Jane Masucol
Had difficult time finding information on pro-life in the father's perspective. I am a student at St.Lawrence College in Kingston Ontario. We are having a debate (class presentation) I was to debate the father's right when it comes to Abortion. Obviously to this point in society there are no rights for the father of the unborn child. However I would have liked to have seen some kind of information on their point of view. It was hard to pin-point where I should be looking and given my time restraints and many files to read, was unable to find it. It the future could you have a subheading with a father's perspective etc.... Thank you for your time. At this time I do not have a e-mail address, but it may help others in the future. Sincerely Yours J. Masucol. Peace .
Jenny Davis
I believe that Mother Theresa pretty much summed up the whole "My body, My choice" mentality: "It is a poverty that a child must die so that you may live as you choose". I have taught religious education to both 6th and 8th graders. While teaching each of the classes I was pregnant. One week after our daughter, Grace, was born I came to class with her and her ultrasound video from 7wks, 19 wks, and 24 wks. It was amazing the silence that overcame these kids while watching the video and seeing the newborn baby right in front of them. It is hard to deny life when it is staring you in the face. This was a wonderful witness for these kids. To all you pro-abortionists: If you think you are so right, then perhaps you need to stare the newborn in the face a tell him/her she is just a blob. You are selfish cowards.
Mary K. Ryan
I am looking for any info. concerning "Cemetery of the Innocents". These are crosses that are set up in a field or church yard to represent babies that have been aborted. I am hoping to do this in Jan. 1997 but I need more info. If any one has any information I can use please send me an e-mail to MKRYAN@worldnet.att.net I would greatly appreciate it.
Adam Bouvet
do you want to help the prolife cause and save money on your long distance phone bill to? well here is your chance. the prolife network offers long distance service for 10c a minute 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. to whom ever you call. Plus a full 5% of your long distance bill goes to prolife causes. A bill you are going to pay anyway. there is no change in the way you dial, and no loss in the quality of the service. Please help the prolife cause today. Godbless Adam Bouvet Prolife Rep
Ray Olinger
Nice page, nice links. Thanx.
Virginia E. Nousse
Graduate student needs post-abortive women (with only one abortion) for a master's thesis. I am researching the area of healing as related to an emotional hurt the woman may have experienced before, during, or after, her abortion. The hurt needs to have been caused by someone else since the study participant would need to fill out measures on their feelings, thinking, and behavior towards that individual since their hurt. I have collected data from 25 participants to date. I still need another 10 individuals from the Dane County area since I go to school at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Thank you for your assistance. My e-mail address is venousse@students.wisc.edu
Mike Edenburn
I think you should consider promoting Governor Robert P. Casey book, Fighting for Life. It is a wonderful book by a wonderful pro-life man. He is the longest living person (with one exception) of a person with a heart liver transplant, and his book deals with his disease and his fight for the unborn. Please let me know what I can do to promote this wonderful book for the father of my best friend, Governor Robert P. Casey. Sincerely, Mike Edenburn
Karma Guy
I think that your cause is fine, since you are allowed to have it. One question I have though... how many of you that are all for saving an unborn child are for also ending school lunches and food stamp programs and prenatal care for poor mothers? While you are busy examining the virtues of the sanctity of life, remember that life goes on after birth, and so to demand a baby be born as a community, and then to abandon it as a community is wholly irresponsible. I wish the two sides of the issue would get it together. One side is all for child care and development but pro-abortion and the other is all for getting the baby born and then leaving it to fate. Makes absolutely no sense. By the way, the vocabulary of hatred used in some of these links is not in the spirit of Christ. If you want to change, change from sympathy and love, not from the rhetoric of hatred. Sheesh.
Thomas J. Brueckner

Way up at the top of this file, I placed a call for prayer for Susan Wicklund, the abortionist here in Bozeman. She has had national notoriety, having been on the "60 Minutes" television show a few times. I asked you all to pray for the Holy Ghost to come and lead her to repentance, and for the same grace for her employees.

It mow looks as if the Holy Ghost has scored. Two Sundays ago, Dec. 22, 1996, she attended a church service with some friend she had met through horseback riding. It appears that she has had a "born again" experience. This was in a little Baptist congregation in a mining town west of Bozeman.

I bless the Holy Spirit for His wondrous works.

It is not clear whether her conversion was genuine; I am trying to track down reliable information on that. Also, it is not clear whether there will be appropriate fruits of repentance, like shutting down her abortion business and beginning to make amends. I am trying to get solid information there, as well. She has been very secretive here in Bozeman, and kind of paranoid, so reliable information is hard to come by. We all certainly hope it is true and that she will leave the death business behind.

Please continue to pray for her soul -- that is an appropriate move in any case, whether she was shamming or truthful.

If you want to contact me by email for more information, that would be fine.

Blessed be the Lord, the Giver of LIFE!!!!
Thomas J. Brueckner

That was posted on Jan. 4, 1997. Please pray for her and for the conversion of all sinners!
Rev. J. Vincent Fitzpatrick
I am posting this message in hopes of hearing from as many of my old friends (from the eighties) in the pro-life movement as possible. Please write.
Larry Kervella
To those who don't believe, this is not a Catholic fight. It is a fight to defend those who can't defend themselves. We condemned the Germans after WWII for murdering children by abortion, but we are stating openly that these lives are no longer important. A movie called "Talk to the Abortionist" (I think that is the name of it) would convince even the most strong willed. I also would like to protect our young ladies who don't know the effect that having an abortion does to them. How many have to suffer before we learn. Please pray that our world will soon come to understand the butchery we are putting these babies and young mothers through. God Bless Larry
Maryalene Bergh
Wow! I will definately bokmark this spot! It has just about evey link I can think of. I'm a college student at Western Michigan University. I also head up the Students for Life group there. We just held a candlelight vigil for Roe v. Wade and it was a huge success! But it's been an uphill battle to get this group on its feet. If anyone has any advice or words of inspiration, I'd be glad to hear them! I'm definately proud to be pro-life and Catholic. All praise to our God!! He will never leave our side!!! God bless you all!!
Fr Phil Bloom
Wonderful web site! I'll be putting a link to it on mine when I update. On my home page I discuss a number of pro-life issue: abortion, birth control, overpopulation, immigration, et etc. as well as some current controversies like women priests. Give me a visit. I am sure I will be back here often. Keep up the great work.
John Le Chien
LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION is all I have to say.
Post describing the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
Great page, and great links. Does anyone know of a group for family members of a woman who's had an abortion? This occurred 4 and 1/2 years ago, and we are still devastated. Please pray for my sister, that she will turn back to Jesus.
Bill Breuler
I am active in Birthright in New Haven, CT and am looking for a rideshare for a young woman who wants to go to Flagstaff or Phoenix, AR in the near future. Can anyoane help? She has a youngster who will accompay her.????
Bill Hoogsteden
Please pray for Kathy Doncaster, the ten year old Daughter of Jeanne & Carlton Doncaster. She has been diagnosed with a tumor in her brain stem. The tumor is inoperable & barring a miracle, fatal. Jeanne & Carlton are good Catholics & pro-lifers. Kathy & her family desperately need your prayers.
I am wondering how many people that are prolife currently sponser or support financially in some manner an unwanted child, or have an adopted a child. The mental, physical, and educational development of another human being is an enormous responsibility for anyone to bear. I think it is unfair to bring a child into this world if you are not capable of providing those three things.
You wondered how many people that are prolife currently sponser or support financially in some manner an unwanted child, or have an adopted a child.

1. I'll bet that there are FAR MORE prolifers supporting & adopting so-called unwanted children than pro-aborts (they're too busy contracepting or aborting them).

2. Implying that prolifers have to support those they try to save is bogus. That's like saving firefighters, EMT's, doctors, & police officers shouldn't rescue people in trouble unless they're willing to financially support them.

Prolifers deal with the aftermath of irresponsible people who care only for their physical pleasure with callous disreguard for who gets hurt in the process.

Who decides what the "proper" requirements are for raising a child? Should we round up the children of those that don't meet these requirements & kill them?

Damon Cudihy
God Bless you all! "you are doing the most important work here on earth"
Daisee Love
All I want to say is that I am Christian, but I am pro-choice. That doesn't mean, though, that I would have an abortion, but, I think I should have the right to have that choice. I am open-minded!
Lisa Berlin
Way to go any X-woman. I agree with you. These pro-choice women don't even have the guts to leave their name. I'm not judge, but God is and they will get a real wake-up call in the next world.
Lisa Berlin
Way to go any X-woman. I agree with you. These pro-choice women don't even have the guts to leave their name. I'm not judge, but God is and they will get a real wake-up call in the next world.
Richard A. Watson, M.D.
1 May 1997 Saint Joseph, the Worker Saint Joseph, the Worker We're Catholic; We're Pro-Life and We're Proud To Be: THE CATHOLIC MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (National Federation of Catholic Physicians' Guilds) and now, we're ON THE WEB! Check out our new Web-Site at www.cathmed.com We're just starting out, so we'd appreciate your comments and advice. Please let other pro-life folks know where to find us, too! Thanks! Oremus pro invicem. (Let's keep praying for one another.) Richard A. Watson, M.D. Vice President, CMA rawatson@cathmed.com
Kathy Mihok
Clinton wants to determine how Pro-Life or Pro-Choice the US is. Not many Pro-Life people have heard about this and pastors are encouraging that everyone with the ability log on and vote. The address is http://www.abortion.com

Chrysler is withdrawing its commercials for sponsoring the show Ellen due to Ellen coming out. They are asking for telephone calls to indicate support for their coporate decision. The telephone number is 1-800-992-1997. You will get a lot of selections to choose from when you make the call. Just stay on hold and a real person will answer your call. Call weekdays 8 AM - 4 PM Central Time.

David Compas
Please pray for forgiveness for us all. We have "lost" well over 30 million of God's greatest gifts. We have had over 26 years to overturn the court decision that is destroying this country, our babies, and our moral fiber. And we are still a l o n g way from achieving victory! We must double our efforts to stop this holocaust, we must stop mothers from destroying our most precious gifts, we must stop doctors from destroying our babies, and we must vote people into office that will vote for LIFE! No country can call itself anything but pitiful if it allows the destruction of its most innocent, precious, God given sons and daughters!
Ellen Orsak
Hello! Does anyboyd like getting E-mail? I do. Juts write me and I will write you back ok.
Andrew Schmiedicke
My brother, Mike, and I run a web site that is a resource of Catholic-owned, Pro-Life businesses. Take advantage of this site by purchasing the products and services you need from the businesses advertised there. There are also several FREE SERVICES on MaxMarket. Announcements, Personals, Employment Opportunities, and Employment Seeker ads can be placed for FREE! So come visit us at http://www.maxmarket.com
Just this past Easter I went to confession - the first time in over 20 years! Believe me I was very nervous. I felt like I had a list a mile long & why would anyone, let alone God, want to forgive me. I had to take my 3 month old with me & while I was standing in line fidgeting, thinking, pondering,worrying, etc., I looked down & there was my baby giving me the biggest smile for no reason. Then it hit me - the pure love for me that was radiating from this little child is nothing compared to God's love for us, and if this child loves me with his whole being - even with all my faults - then just imagine the scope of love God has for us. Needless to say, it was a very emotional confession. The priest was the best - very understanding. Going back to the Church was THE best thing I have done (well my kids rate right up there too) and I strongly urge you to go. I hate sounding corny, but I really felt a weight being lifted from my shoulders. Just remember EVERYONE struggles-everyone. After all, we're only human. Go for it.
Ooopps! My previous post was for Ztom@msq.ti.com in reply to his post here. sorry
Sara Clark
I am a young person....I still stand for what is right....abortion is wrong and I will continue to fight to save the lives.....
David Thacker
I thank you and Jesus for this site. I an a novice surfer and this is great. To all who think that "It is my body", I challenge you to breath see out of one eye and not the other, or make your heart skip a beat, or hold your breath for ten minutes. You can't do any of these things. Your body belongs to God and one day you will be accountable for what you have done to it. Every breath that you take is from God. Jesus will forgive you and all of us if we only trust in Him.
Dan B
FYI, CNN is offering a "just for fun" poll about partial-birth abortion. It asks 1 question: Should late-term abortions be banned? You can take their poll at: http://pathfinder.com/cgi-bin/GDML/gdmldb/AllPolitics?latetermpoll Take the poll and PASS IT ON. Pro Aborts are trying to stack this poll.
Jack R. Voltz (aka Pirate Pete)
Pro-lifers of the world, I need your help! I have started a new project--I intend to turn my '79 Dodge Diplomat into "The Most Pro-Life Car in the World." With your help, I hope to plaster my car from bumper-to-bumper, from roof to muffler, with every kind of pro-life bumper sticker imaginable. I already have about sixteen stickers on the left, right and rear sides of the car--even a few on the windshield! Not a remarkable number, granted, but believe me when I say I'm noticed when I drive down the street. With this project, I hope to increase that "visibility factor" even more, to take a stand and make an undeniable statement for the right to life of all unborn children. If you would like to contribute to this effort, please mail me one or two bumper stickers of your choice. Send your selections to:

Jack R. Voltz
"Most Pro-Life Car" Project
c/o West Virginians For Life
P.O. Box 6278
Wheeling, WV 26003 Thanks in advance for your assistance, and God Bless. I will post updates on this project (including pictures of the car as they become available) at the following web site: http://www.ovnet.com/~voltz/plcar.htm If you see my car rolling through your town, shout, honk, or wave!

Bruce Cadle
Please check out Life Institute's new international pro-life web site featuring the most comprehensive collection of pro-life Scripture on the web along with international news reports updated daily. http://www.lifeinstitute.org In His Service, Bruce Cadle
Bill Wallace
Contribution by Bill Wallace about political parties
I am a peer counselor at a local pregnancy support center in CT. could use prayers for this ministry and especially for a premie born 9 months ago who is yet to go home from the hospital. We call him baby J. Was very pleased to find this site as we deal with crisis pregancies. Am also on our Respect For Life commitee at our church. This is a difficult subject for most people to deal with as most believe in having abortions and not realizing the outcome to their physical as well as their mental health. Our center also does post abortive counselling. A much needed service in todays society for men as well as for women.
Texas voters: Please contact Gov. George Bush and ask him to convene a special session of the Texas legislature to consider passing a law requiring Parental Notification when a minor duaghter wishes to have an abortion. A bill co-sponsored by half the legislators and favored by 73% of Texans never came up for a vote due to a technicality. The Diocese of Galveston-Houston is sponsoring a petition drive to urge the Governor to convene the special session to bring this to a vote; without a special session, the bill will not be considered before 1999--and many babies will die and young girls exploited in the interim
JOIN IN & AS THE BODY OF CHRIST, PRAY PRO-LIFE ROSARY NOVENA.. PRAY (three) 9-day Novena (27 days) of Meditative Rosary in Petition, and then follow immediately with (three) 9-day Novena (27 days) of Meditative Rosary in thanksgiving, to Our Mother, Mary, as "Queen of the Rosary"; Begin Rosary on AUGUST 15, 1997 (Feast of the Assumption) and continue until OCTOBER 7, 1997, (feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary) for: *AN END TO ABORTION, EUTHANASIA, & CULTURE OF DEATH; *IN REPARATION & FOR CONVERSIONS; *FOR PERSONS IN PRO-LIFE WORK; * AND FOR THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.
Dan Laskowski
Dear Sir or Madam; I'm writing about the article in the June 20 1997 Toronto Star, "Abortion drug 'tragedy'". The first thing that hits me, as I read the article, is that the Toronto Star ,throughout the article, paints the "pro-life forces" as a militant bunch of radicals who use "blackmail and threats" to restrict "women's reproductive freedom"? The Star never even hints at the possibility that the abortion industry itself might be pulling strings to keep RU486 off of the market. As the Star admits in the article "more than 100,000" abortions are committed a year, in Canada alone. This has spawned a MULTI MILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY with new "clinics" built exclusively for abortions. What will happen to the lifestyle of the doctors, who depend on abortions for their livelyhood, when women can CUT THEM OUT of the abortion process altogether with a few new pills? Dan Laskowski cdsound@mnsi.net
Lisa De Vries
Hi, I am a university masters student who is researching the psychological effects of abortion on men and women. I have a homepage through which I will be collecting my data. Would it be possible to exchange links? This would enable me to gain a greater number of hits and therefore a larger sample size This in turn will allow my research to be more accurate. My page is at http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Delphi/5286 Thanks, Lisa
This is a great site, dedicated to the unborn. We need more like this. Anyone who comes to this site, please let at least one other person, also concerned about the rights of all human beings, know about this site. "I have set before you life and death. Choose life!"
I have been looking for the complete life story on Mother Teresa. Thank You in Advance Jerry
Chris S.
I pray that the tyranny of abortion will end,and that the people who advocate their "right" will know of their "wrong"
ron nats
Bless all of the people who are taking care of the poor. Deeds are more important than words.
Patrick Harlow
Here's a request for information, concerning the Natl. Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (Bascilica) in Wash. D.C. . My question concerns the events at the Shrine during the week leading up to Oct 13, '97. (International Week of Prayer and Fasting...). Does anyone know where on the web I might find a DETAILED day/time schedule for the events of that week at the Shrine? pharlow@atlas.vcu.edu
Kelly Sovine
The Respect Life Committee of St. Henry Parish, Knights of Columbus Council # 12012, St. Henry Parish, and the community will be conducting a "Project Life" project in January of 1998. Check out the page that has just been created to get the support needed to undertake the project. It can be found at the following URL: http://edge.net/~kdweb/innocent.html Maybe ad this to any links you might have or pass the link to others to help generate the support. Let me know your feedback. Your Brother in Christ Kelly Sovine & Family
Gary Schaefer
(Abbreviated text) America's Rosary Crusade -- America's Day of Prayer On October 13, 1997 Please join us by saying 15 decades of the Rosary to STOP Abortion & Euthanasia.
Click here for Gary's full text
Kevin Banet
I am president of CUL of Chicago. Your web page is incredible! Great going, guys! E-mail me for my latest successful technique on getting Catholic prayer partners and sidewalk counselors. --KB
Vincenza Carter
Hi, from Hope Mills, NC. Our Parish, Good Shephard, is in the process of starting a Project Rachel chapter here, and I would really appreciate prayers..I am the contact point for the Parish, and I have the task of gathering the information and finding out what training is involved. My only qualification for my task is that I myself have had three abortions, and have recieved the Healing and forgiveness of Our Lord and the Church. I would appreciate,first and foremost, prayers,,,,,and second, anyone who has been involved in Project Rachel, can you please email me any suggestions, or addresses where I can get more info.
did you know that 1/3 of all women that have abortions are catholic?????
marlene tuitele
In the words of the late Mother Teresa - "We must not be surprised when we hear of murders, of killings, of wars, of hatred. If a mother can kill her own child, what is left for us to kill each other" God help those who do not see - send Your Holy Spirit to enlighten the blind - Amen.
Please send me the mailing address and phone number of CUL
Kathleen Mulvey
Hello and a warm and grateful thank you from Scotland. Thank you for having such an up to date web site re: the Pro - Life movement. You are not alone in the fight. Abortion is not murder that would be classifying it as something illegal where by unfortunatley it is legal. One day we will all stand triumphantly together when the battle is over.
Professionals for Excellence in Health Care (PEHC)
Professionals for Excellence in Health Care has a web site! PEHC is a non-profit, pro-life organization of physicians, nurses, attorneys, and pharmacists dedicated to the ethical treatment of persons, born and unborn. Membership is open to all professionals and their spouses who are willing and able to ascribe to the Mission Statement set forth by PEHC (this can be read at our home page). PEHC has no religious affiliation and welcomes members of all faiths. Our current spiritual advisors are Bishop W. Thomas Larkin and Rev. William E. Anderson. E-mail us at pro-life.professionals@usa.net. Thank you.
Shannon Augustine
Hi! I'm doing a thesis paper on the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (1994), also known as the FACE Act. I'm attempting to prove that it's unconstitutional. I need more info!!!! Anything you know will help me tremendously! I'm also delighted to know that there are so many great Pro-Life web pages out here on the internet. Hope to see you all in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 22, 1998, for the Pro-Life March on Washington to try to rid the nation of abortion! Thanks again!
FYI Denise
Those Catholics procuring or helping to procure an abortion are excommunicated and by definition are no longer Catholic. They need our prayers. Of course, going to confession (to a GOOD priest) with a repentant heart can bring them back home to the Church.
Lawrence E. Kolker
I was so impressed with the Web Site that I have added a link on our Knights of Columbus Council's web site. It is really refreshing to see a site like this on the internet, and hopefully it will save the lives of unborn children!
Bernadette V. Lim
I am sorry but I can't get through the PERPETUAL WEB ROSARY. Nonetheless I include my prayers and intentions to all those who have joined, are joining and who will be joining this chain. May the Lord bless us all through His Immaculate Mother.
Susan Stratton
A Pro-life....memorial site for unborn babies ...those lost in miscarriage and stillbirth, etc... Baby Bunny Memorial Site http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Corridor/5613/baby2.htm I am seeking a Catholic server to place the pages rather than leave them on geocities....if anyone has any information, please email to me at: order7@juno.com
You are doing wonderful thing. Keep it up, hopefully someday soon everyone will listen. God bless you and your work.
Francis Liberatori
I finally found a web site that addresses real world issues from a catholic perspective. I have been very troubled by why 57% of catholics voted for clinton and only 40% of Protestants did. Here in the Tallahassee diocese (Florida) there must be some of the influences mentioned in the letter above (Why Catholics Voted For Clinton) as I can't recall when a sermon was last preached on abortion. Boy we sure do hear lots of discussion on gays and capital punishment and evil conservatives cutting food stamp programs. Have the liberals conquered the Catholic infrastructure? Try reading our Florida Catholic newspaper. The letters to the editor will astound you. I have much more in common with the Religious Fundamentalists than the strutting peacocks so well intrenched in the church beurocracy. Thanks for an interesting and informative web site. Frank Liberatori
Juan Nepomuceno D. Fruto
Catholics Never Die; We Just Fade Away! Jesus Knows Best. Why Can't We Opt For Life? He Did It First; We Are His Disciples Today and Forever. He Died For Us To Have Life To The Full, Even The Kingdom. But Now Repentance Is A Must To All Christians (Not Catholics Alone) For We Belong To The One Father Of Jesus, Who Is Our Saviour. We Can Still Give God The Best!
Frank Liberatori
Mr Glenn Stern writes in his letter above, "I think you (Catholics) should mind your own business and let other people mind theirs" My answer to Mr Stern is that when the "business" happens to be the killing of babies, Catholics as US citizens have the right and duty to speak out. The government (Supreme Court) approved this murder. Perhaps if the citizens of Germany in the thirties had spoken out early on against the Nazi "business" policy towards the jews then maybe six million jews would not have died by government edict. Why should anyone criticize the German populace of that day for not speaking out if they are unwilling to speak out today against this infanticide?
Lisa Espinosa
I am twenty three years old. I am a full time student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I am a mother of three beautiful daughters. My husband, brother and law and I want to start a pro-life organisation in our college. All the paper work should be done by next week. I guess I just want advice or suggestions. It gets so frustrating!! Most of my friends agree that abortion is wrong but they still think it should be legal. We need help. Anybody out there who has any advice please write.
Lisa Espinosa
I am twenty three years old. I am a full time student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I am a mother of three beautiful daughters. My husband, brother and law and I want to start a pro-life organisation in our college. All the paper work should be done by next week. I guess I just want advice or suggestions. It gets so frustrating!! Most of my friends agree that abortion is wrong but they still think it should be legal. We need help. Anybody out there who has any advice please write. You can reach me at lespin3@uic.edu Help!!!!
Josh Doll
As I sit here today and type on this computer a baby dies and I wish could do something to stop this 25 year Holocaust, but laws stop me from stopping those women and making them have that baby. I hope god will be with those women who in there eyes see them self doing the best thing possible. May god watch over there souls.
Joseph C. Moorman
Have you ever heard of the Pro Life Network? 5% of a customers long distance bill goes to the National Right to Life, or to a designated Pro Life Organization. For an application or information, contact me toll free at 888-JOE-SING, fax at 888-756-2799, or email me at mrjoe@pgh.net. The Pro Life Network can also be used as a fundraiser. If you are a Pro Life organization, you can specify on any applications you distribute that the 5% would go to YOU. The rates are super, too. 9.9c Interstate, 24 hrs. a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Again, if interested, drop me a note and I'll get the information to you. God bless, and thank you for all you do to support LIFE. I also am a professional singer, and made a recording of sacred music, "AMDG-Prayer In Song." Catholicity has a website out on it, you may want to take a peek. You'll find it at: http://www.catholicity.com/market/amdg/default.html Thanks for these minutes of your valuable time. Joseph Moorman The Catholic 888-JOE-SING, mrjoe@pgh.net
To the Person who most needs my love and Prayers tonight . I love you and someone is always there when things seem worst. May God give you the strength to bear whatever burden you feel now and join with me in a simple prayer ...He will give you the words...AMEN
betty j racz
Pray the rosary, the most powerful weapon of all to end abortion. Consecrate the pro life movement to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and she will take care of the rest. BJRACZ@aol.com
David Jackson
URGENT PLEASE HELP. See this story submitted by Rev David Jackson about the Sudanese government.
Em. C. Spiteri
I support LARRY KERVELLA an earlier message leaver. I cannot better his sentiments!
Will Wearden
I am a student at Texas A&M. Our Catholic Church, St. Mary's has over 4,000 active student parishiners. We recently found that "FAMILY PLANNING" is building a clinic in Bryan Texas, the town outside of our campus. I was hoping that people could send to me any information on what we should do to halt this horrible deed. St. Mary's is working on this, but I was wondering what outside help or advice I could find on the internet. Bryan is a poor school district with many girls who may see an abortion as the only way out of an unplanned pregnancy. My E-Mail address is (fww2810@labs.tamu.edu) Thank you very much for your time.

Yours in Christ
Will Wearden

Noel Kilkenny
This year is the 1625 anniversary of the birth of the Great St. Patrick. . . . . . .Read his "Confession"
Tammy Brokaw
How can I join the Chicago chapter of your organization?? You have all my prayers and well wishes. May God be with you. Tammy
HELP! I am looking for scripture versus concerning life in the womb/pro-life, etc for christian teen class about abortion. I found a home page with a lot of verses but am no longer able to find it. Please forward to AmySaraSue@aol.com Thanks!! Amy
Maria E. Serrano
Hello... Sorry, but I can't write in english very well... I'm in the Comité Pro-Vida in Sonora, México. (Next to Arizona). I'm looking for some Pro-life organization in Tuczon, Arizona.. if someone can send me a telephone, I appreciated very much. (pvidason@usa.net) God bless you.
Mauricio Alberto Satizábal Barragán
En estos momentos en que hay tantas dificultades para poder vivir, por lo menos asi es en COLOMBIA. Lo importante y ver- daderamente importante es no abandonar la ORACION. Pues con ELLA estamos siempre junto a DIOS PADRE, DIOS HIJO JESUCRISTO Y A DIOS ESPIRITU SANTO; así como también a LA SANTISIMA VIRGEN MARIA. Que ellos nos protejan y nos acompañen por SIEMPRE.
JoAnn Windholz
I am the president of the Spectra Pregnancy Center, a Christian ecumenical crisis pregnancy center in Northglenn, Colorado. We need to raise money. I am trying to locate some Catholic individuals, foundations, and/or organizations that are willing to fund a non-profit pro-life crisis pregnancy center. I am beginning to think that they are few and far between. I am Catholic and Spectra operates on a strong Catholic belief in the dignity of each life. Thank you and keep us in your prayers.
Vincenza Carter
Just wanted to say bless you for this site,,,
James Fletcher Baxter
The Mathematics of Life

Question: "If one equals zero what does 12 equal?" Question: "If the Individual is worth zero what is the Nation worth?" Dear Trendy-One: Any questions about our Nation? Your future? How about arithmetic? Selah *vincit veritas* Shalom

Web Design
Julie Oelker
I am doing volunteer work for a local unwed mothers' home, and I need information on grant funds. Do you know of any listings of organizations?
Mrs. Nancy Bustamante Groves
I am working as a volunteer at the Catholic JMJ Crisis Pregnancy Center in Orlando, Florida. Can anyone recommend good training manuals for training CPC volunteers. Where can we purchase the manuals and how much do they cost? Thank you very much.
I am forming a pro-life organization in Maryland and I would like to ask for your prayers. Also, anyone interested in helping or providing literature or materials is encouraged to contact me. Thanks.
Sharon Witton
Please pray this devotion/rosary for the Complete Stopping of Abortion! Address is Listing of directory: http://www.hwshrine.com/. Read the promises! and the other pages. Sharon
I recently moved to Colorado Springs and am desperately searching for a safe, good, preferably orthodox catholic elementary school for my two boys. Anyone with any ideas on where else (besides those listed in the yellow pages ) to look please contact me at SwtestEyes@aol.com Thank you.
Sandi Reyburn
Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life will be in Orlando, Florida on the 29th and 30th of August. He will be having many different speaking engagements and will be celebrating Mass at a few different parishes. If you are interested and would like more information please either call me at (407) 935-9387 or email me at catholic-vision@juno.com Father is a beautiful witness and great speaker in the pro-life movement.
Roy Reeder
Matthew 19:13 - 15 Then there were brought to him little children that he might lay his hands on them and pray; but the disciples rebuked them. But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and do not hinder them from coming to me; for the kingdom of the heavens is of such: and having laid his hands upon them, he departed thence. Although this passage was in a different context, "…Do not hinder them from coming to me" brings a different meaning today. In Leviticus, GOD tells Moses of Molech, the Caananite god in which children were offered in sacrifice. GOD tells Moses about the seriousness of the crime and the extreme punishment of offering children to Molech. Human sacrificing rituals took place in the Americas five hundred years ago. 20,000 to 50,000 persons / year were sacrificed with their still beating hearts excised from their chests. The limbs were also cannibalised. The early Mexican historian Ixtlilxochitl estimated that one out of every five children in Mexico were sacrificed. They were hindered from coming to JESUS. Today, we have a parallel of blood against human life. Millions of unborn children are killed every year around the globe, in procedures that in some countries are not only legal but also officially supported and financed by their governments. We also have many person willing to go to jail by protesting the taking of these innocents. These are presently hindered them from coming to Jesus As I am CATHOLIC, I am immutable in my conviction of the evils of abortion as are my children, ages 16 and 19 who made their own decision that abortion is murder. Thou shalt not kill, but are the Catholic Senators and Representatives who vote in favor of the legalization of abortion, and the vilest of the vile, Partial - Birth abortion, any different than the priests of Molech and the priests of the temple of Huitzilopochtli. Where is the chastisement by their parish priests and diocesian bishops for their support of this evil. Truly, we are in the age of APOSTACY. Here is a portion of a prayer for the victims of abortion, "…We also pray to your Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart for all abortionists and all abortion supporters that they may be converted and accept your Son, Jesus Christ, as their Lord and Savior. Defend all of your children in the battle against Satan and all of the evil spirits in this present darkness…" Write letters to the major newspapers and Dioceses of the states and concentrate on those who have tough re-election battles this year or who are in right-to-life states. That would include: Patty Murray - WA, Carol Moseley Braun-IL, Russ Feingold of WI, Bryan of NV, Graham of FL, Robb of Virginia, and Torricelli of NJ.. Do not for get these others that have voted no for the partial birth ban; Chris Dodd, CT, voted NO, Carol Moseley-Braun, IL, NO, Richard Durbin, IL, NO, Tom Harkin, IA, NO, Olympia Snowe, ME (Greek Orthodox), NO, Susan Collins, ME, NO, Paul Sarbanes, MD (Greek Orthodox), NO, Barbara Mikulski, MD, NO, Ted Kennedy, MA, NO, John Kerry, MA, NO, Jack Reed, RI, NO, Tom Daschle, SD, NO, Pat Leahy, VT, NO, and Patty Murray, WA, NO. In the Peace of Christ, Roy Reeder 943 Buford Road Mountain Home, AR 72653
Mary Ellen Jovene
I was wondering what your thoughts and stance on the apparition site in Conyers Georgia USA is. I have visited there and receive the journals from there. Also my sister is very dedicated to reading "True Life in God" by Vassula Ryden-what are your thoughts and beliefs with these inspired writings? Thank you.
Where can I go to get tuition assistance while I look for a job? Over eleven years ago due to a rally at an abortion clinic in Jackson Heights, I did not go through with an abortion. As a result I gave birth to twin girls. My girls have been going to St. Joan of Arc School in Jackson Heights, NY since first grade. This past February, I lost my job and did not finish paying all the school tuition for 97-98. To date I have not found a new job and my time is running out. I was told by the principal, if I don't come up with the back tuition before September, my kids will not be allowed to go back to St. Joan of Arc. Please help me so I can continue giving my girls the right education and catholic upbringing that you preach. Thank you.
I would like to share my story in the hopes that it may help others. My name is Alex, I'm currently 27, married with 3 children.

My story begins in January 1991 when I became very sick with what I was sure was the simple flu. My boyfriend (now my husband of more than 7 years) took me to the doctor because I just couldn't shake whatever it was I had. Approximately 2 hours later we found out I was around 2 months pregnant.

Needless to say we were more scared than we had ever been. We were both 19 at the time, in college (we graduated high school in 1989 - myself Valedictorian), and both expected to go very far in life. I was also having quite a bit of trouble with my parents because they really didn't care for Steve. All that said, we were faced with the most frightening choice we had ever and have since ever had to deal with, especially since I was brought up strong Catholic and had always opposed abortion with all my heart.

Later that afternoon I had my first ultrasound to determine exactly how far along I was. At this point we were beginning to think of any option we possibly had, but all that came to mind was "Why us? Why now?"

Throughout the next month we made up are minds and changed our minds at least a thousand times. We didn't want to throw our lives away after all that we had worked for, neither did we want to cause any more tensions with my family. The month quickly drew to an end, and we made our decision and an appointment. The previous day I was sicker than normal (which is very very sick), but I was sticking to my decision, I couldn't afford to give up my life. That night I fell asleep and woke up early the next morning after the most vivid dream I had ever had. This dream has changed my life forever. The surroundings in the dream were pitch black, I was standing center stage in what appeared to be a spotlight. There was this little boy tugging on my skirt. All he said, over and over, was "Mommy, please don't hurt me." I fully awoke and just shook off the dream, not truly believing. I went to my appointment, went through the counseling, and was led into the room. I undressed, got up of the table, and placed my feet up into the stirrups. The doctor began to place the instruments inside me, when I heard the voice again. I closed my legs immediately and began crying. I couldn't do it.

Steve and I were married 2 weeks later (in the Church), and our son Nicholas (who with the grace of God had spoken to me just 2 months earlier) was born July 12, 1991 5 weeks early (but in better shape than I was). Nicholas is now 7, has a 5 year old sister Alli,and a 16 month old baby brother Joshua. Steve and I have struggled throughout these years, but have always made ends meet. We have both managed to achieve our dreams even without college, Steve a computer programmer, and myself a graphic artist. We have never been happier or more fulfilled.

There are still times when I look at Nick and tears come to my eyes and the most horrible pain to my heart, and I wonder how I could have ever considered what I had almost done. I don't think I will ever get over the pain.

I hope this story of my life can be useful and help someone, because I know there is hope where there is faith and trust in God. Please feel free to use this in any way you feel it would be most beneficial.

Alex stevem@rainbowstudies.com

The abortions, euthanasia, gun control all came from The nazi Hitler wanted to rid his country of all the worthless vegetable eaters the old, sick, crippled, mentally retarded unfortunately the people of the United States have adopted these policies so be aware of where These came from its till to ask god to put a stop to all this murder of the unborn, the elderly
Mary Christine
I am a student at Seton Hall University in South Orange New Jersey and a member of our pro-life club. I have been wanting to get a webpage started for our group, but I am not sure of what to put on it. I would love to hear any suggestions from you. Thanks and God Bless you all.Keep praying for the evil of abortion to stop soon. Peace Love and Happiness in Christ
Sorry for any confusion! Just wanted to tell you that you could send e-mail to me at my school address woollema@shu.edu or my home address babybee3059@aol.com Mary
John Dombrowski
I noticed Life Chain is listed as October 5th. Wrong! It's Sunday October 4th. Just didn't want anyone to show up on the wrong day. Life Chain Coordinator Erie, PA
Sue Widemark
Come visit this prolife home page - Cheese Whiz on the web. Interesting files.
Thank you for this beautiful site.
I see many people talking, and many people searching. My words here are those of someone who is listening. All actions in life are rooted in love or fear. Ask yourself if you are making the loving decision. God is love. Be Godlike.
Walt Albrecht
It makes me sad that the partial birth abortion "right" has recently passed the senate. Please America, see that this so called right is repealed as soon as possible. Vote this November for pro-life people. What you do in this life will determine your next life. You have a choice. Best wishes, Walt
Marilyn Birnie
I am the director of 2 homes for homeless pregnant women. We were established in 1984. We also have a CPC named "Friends". We are Catholic and dedicated to the sanctity of all human life. Can you put our name into your web site for information. Our name is Friends of the Unborn, Inc. We are now working on our own Web Page. Hopefully it will be ready by the end of October. Praise God for this wonderful page of yours it's very interesting and instructive. God bless you all.
St. Louis University is hosting a two day seminar entitled a celebration of the thought of John Paul II. Speakers include George Weigel, John Kavanaugh, S.J., Avery Dulles, S.J., Helen Alvare, Jerram Barrs, Janet Smith, Rev. Robert Sirico and Carl Bernstein. The cost for this two-day event including lunch and reception is $25.00 per person. Please reply if you would like to attend or you may call 314-977-2541. E-mail is pope@slu.edu
This is a wonderful website! I will bookmark it and come back often. I also invite all to visit my site: The Mother Teresa: Path of Love Website.
marianne from singapore
i think that this is a great page for catholics and would -be catholics. very interesting! very informative!! will pass on this site to all my catholic and non-catholic friends.
Michael Thuc Do
Please pray for my wife Martha Mai Bui Do for her full recovery from Cancer.
Maureen Nugent
I am pro-life as well. Abortion is wrong no matter what the circumtances. We can not just kill an innocent life because we are not strong enough to deal with what we've gotten our selfs into. Women who get a abortion may think they have gotten rid of their problem. The only thing they got rid was there son or dauther. Who were waiting to be slauthered by there mother! A child is not choice it is a baby without a voice!
I am pro-life as well. Abortion is wrong no matter what the circumtances. We can not just kill an innocent life because we are not strong enough to deal with what we've gotten our selfs into. Women who get a abortion may think they have gotten rid of their problem. The only thing they got rid was there son or dauther. Who were waiting to be slauthered by there mother! A child is not choice it is a baby without a voice!
Gina Matthews
I a looking for a man named Morris Wayne Smith who has a 17.11 year old son Jason. I need to get a message to him. Jason's mother passed away and Jason is longing to see his father. He may be living in California or North Carolina. If you have any information, please contact me at rmatthews@exchange.fullerton.edu Thanks = )
Joni and Jim Nelson
God bless you all for representing the most helpless of all!
This is to Tom who wants to regain his faith. Tom, you say you don't know where to start. I believe you have already taken the first step by realizing what is missing in your life and wanting to get back on track. Trust God. Ask Him every morning to guide you through the day in everything that you do, then listen. You will soon be feeling the Holy Spirit within you. If you slip up, don't worry. Our's is a forgiving God, Who never leaves our side. It is we who turn from Him. He knows your heart and is there for you with open arms. Believe, Tom. That's all you have to do. My prayers are with you.
Thomas Diederich
I am 68 and a retired social worker who has worked with families and children since l957. I believe the right of each person to self determination. I am not "for" abortion, but believe it should remain legal and that medical professionals should make decisions about the specifics. I was raised a Catholic and still retain a love and respect for the Ursuline sisters who taught me. Mostly I remember the teachings of Faith, Hope and Charity. The latter, love, is the most important. A few days ago Dr Barnett Slepian was shot by an assisin. Last evening we saw a person with a "home page" that lists all those who have performed abortions or supporters of this procedure. Could I be listed as one who has protested? Has your group done anything? I am sure you do not support such activity, but I think some positive action is needed. The web site must be in violation of law-as it does advocate murder- if a bit indirectly.
Does your group consider protecting the very people you so oppose? Would not Jesus want us to protect these people , even as he protected the woman who was about to be stoned?
Have you sent any message of sympathy or caring to the slain mans family?
Thomas Diederich
3821 Storms Rd.
Dayton OHio 45429
Tolleman Gorham
Hello, I would like to urge all pro-life organizations and individuals to support the American Independent Party (California) and U.S. Taxpayer's Party (elsewhere). This party is truly pro-life unlike the Republican and of course Democrat parties that only partially support the pro-life interests we are fighting for (Babies). I was a Republican for eight years (I'm only 26 yrs old) and have recently changed to the American Independent party. I would like to see this party grow and become a more effective vehicle for the Pro-Life cause. The link for the party's web site is http://www.wordpr.com/aip/index.html Please look it over seriously and add it to your links if you haven't done so already. God Bless You, Tolleman Gorham toney@yosemite.net
Greta Rosenberger
Thank you everyone for your deep thoughtful concern about this issue. I would like to ask you all to pray for the issue of pre-marital sex. I do not believe that the issues of abortion and pre-marital sex can be separated. "Unwanted" pregnancies almost always happen within the context of pre-marital sex. Please pray for all teenage girls who find themselves alone and pregnant. Please pray that they would have someplace to go and someone with whom to speak. We cannot adequately address the issue of abortion without first addressing where the demand comes from. Please pray for all the kids who are too emotionally immature and insecure to be able to honor the act of sex. Please pray for all of these scared and confused people. I do not believe that anyone "WANTS" to have an abortion. It will never be a real life-giving option in this life. Please pray for all people who believe (and have been convinced by their own fears and by others and by the devil) that this is their only option. Please pray for each and all of these frightened and confused people.Thank you and God bless you. Peace in Jesus' name....Greta.
Janice Priest
We are Catholic entertainers in Michigan. We'd love to come out for your special event. Also, there is Catholic radio available in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan. WDEO and WCAR 1290/1090AM. Listen! :)
Paul Andrew Paladino
I'm a young Catholic man who has battled with his faith many times over the last few years. Recently, my faith was healed by the noble actions of a wonderful Catholic woman. This 20 year old unmarried woman became pregnant sometime in June 1998. Against the wishes of the baby's father, she (being an extremely strong Pro-Lifer) refused to have an abortion and decided to become a single mother. Except with the help of a very loving family, she dealt with the daily pains and hardships of pregnancy virtually alone. After the first ultrasound which showed the baby's developing parts including her fingers and toes, she became ecstatic with joy of becoming a mother and bringing a baby into this world.

During her 2nd trimester, a complication arose and she was rushed to the hospital on Sunday, November 8, 1998. Upon her arrival, she was fully dilated and in labor. She was shortly diagnosed as having an incompetent cervix, and that the baby was ready to be born. The baby was born shortly thereafter and lived only about an hour, but never left the arms of her loving mother. The mother said that she had brown hair, soft hands and feet, and the most beautiful little lips ever on a baby. She was fully developed at less than 6 months except for the strength of her heart, lungs, and brain. She weighed 1.1 pounds, and could be held easily in the palms of two hands. The mother was my sister, Allison Paladino, and the baby was my niece, Massery Elise Paladino. Massery was buried on November 11, 1998.

This story may seem awfully sad and depressing to most of you reading it, but for me and most of my family, it is one of the most miraculous blessings that God could bestow on us. For my sister, she gave birth to an angel who is sitting on her shoulder every waking hour, and who is cuddling with her mother every night while she is asleep.

I've always been an advocate of pro-life, and after the last six months, I will always be. This story was not written today to make people mourn the death of an infant girl and to seek pity for the struggle of her unwed mother, but simply to celebrate the gift of life given to my niece Massery by applauding all mothers who have sacrificed so much to give life to other infants. Please, if you are able to do nothing else to support pro-life except for this one thing, just remember that no matter how large the hardships in life, the rewards are so much greater.
Thank you for experiencing the joy of life with me and my family!
Paul Andrew Paladino paisan@gateway.net

nice site visit my NFP message board: www.insidetheweb.com/mbs.cgi/mb176861
Pray for me.I am so depressed.
Ronda Rooney
Hello All, I hope this information willl be useful to everyone reading this:

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Ronda Rooney
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I wonder how many pro-choice call themselves christians, christians who live by the ten commandments and honor "Thou shalt not kill." If we could try and live the life that we are supposed to live, and trust in Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit and The Heavenly Father, We wouldn't be in the predicament that we're in.
You have no link with french site. What about having one with this french pro-life association of young catholics : Jeunesse-Action-Chrétienté. Thank-You.
Jim Reynolds
This is a wonderful and well needed site. This is truly a work of the Lords best servants.
je suis francais et j'aime le cul surtout associe a la tendresse
Louis J. Casper
I am a youth minister at a tiny parish in NW New Jersey and I'm leading 46 youth to the March for Life in DC on 1/22/99. Does anyone have information or can you refer me to where to find the marshalling point so we can join the march? We got a local priests residence to put us up on friday night so that we can participate in a liturgy at the National Shrine on Saturday and then go the all the memorials. Any tips, tricks or special info I should have as I'll be responsible for the well-being and safety of our precious youth? Thanks God for you all! Praise the Lord!
Arthur Bryan
What if you were to be the one aborted just because? We can read, listen, or write all we want, but your mission will not be accomplished unless you pray. Pray, by praying God's work WILL be done. With every word we speak or write against abortion we must make a prayer. No prayer is too small or insignificant that Jesus will not listen to. We must physically combat the forces of Satan, we must also Pray with our hearts. Pray my friends, because there are infants who don't have a chance. Your Brother, Arthur
Michelle Parker
Please visit my website. It is a new pro-life internet apostolate. God Bless you all, Michelle The Gospel of Life Ribbon Campaign
Can anyone answer this question for me? Why will a doctor perform an abortion to kill a child, and then go do an ultrasound on the next women who may be at the same stage of her pregnancy as the one the abortion was performed on? Can't he see that he just killed a little person?
Zaliza Murni Abdul Hamid
Aper khabar...? Selamat datang ke my new homepages.
Michelle Rigling
I think that abortion is taking away from someone else, what was granted to you. I also believe that everyone should realize how lucky they really ar to be alive. Abortion is terrible and I am 100% against it!
Michelle R.
I think that abortion is taking away from someone else, what was granted to you. I also believe that everyone should realize how lucky they really ar to be alive. Abortion is terrible and I am 100% against it!
stephen pereira
i have been a regular visitor of your site, since one year i have found this site to be one of the best places to fulfil ones spiritual needs. i wish to have some information about the rosarians and rev. fr. padre pio i shall always keep you in my prayers. you ahve been doing an excellent job may god bless you steve
Jake Coleman
The seminarians at Cardinal Glennon College Seminary are praying for the end to abortion and the upholding of human dignity. Mary, Mother of God, pray for us. Thank you for your hard work.
Joseph W. Cunningham, Bl. Gianna Society
Please check out our website and tell others about Blessed Gianna Beretta Molla. Her husband and children are alive! and are Honorary Advisors to our Society. CUL publishes our holy cards. Thank you. Joe Cunningham, President of the Society of Blessed Gianna Beretta Molla (info@gianna.org)
Mrs. Wendy Cukierski
Dear friends... I am a devout Roman Catholic wife and mother of six small blessings. Our family has an apostolate (Cukierski Family Apostolate). Click on web address below to see what we are all about. During the month of March we are giving away the FREE pro-life bumpersticker which says "A Nation that kills its own Children-is a Nation without Hope-John Paul II". During the month of February we mailed out several hundred FREE bumperstickers when we solicited this offer to a group of Catholic Mothers on the Internet (to know more about this group, contact catholic@qni.com). Led by the promptings of the Holy Spirit, we now make this offer to all who PROMISE TO USE THE BUMPERSTICKER! Send your postal address to us at our email address Amen_Sister@msn.com and we will mail out your bumpersticker. Yours in life, love, peace and humility... Mrs. Wendy Cukierski http://frontpage.velocity.net/roaminka/Cukierski/home.html HOW TO PREPARE FOR Y2K is our 27+ page report on what you need to do physically and spiritually to prepare for Y2K. You are free to photocopy it. Send your request & ANY SIZE donation (to help us defray cost of printing and postage) to: The Cukierski Family Apostolate, PO Box 396, Wampsville, NY 13163 ---We also offer other items available on a donation basis, see our website!--
Michele Aloia
When I was at the March for Life on Washinton DC. I received a Pro-life Rosary, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find more than one i need about 25 of them and if you know where i could get some, please e-mail me my e-mail address is chellene@netscape.net. Thank you and may God Bless and Keep you.
Sandra Case
pray that the buffer zone bill, wont pass. Worcester,Ma. God Bless
Please pray for my friend Adriana, 4 years ago she got pregnant and both her and her husband were very happy. At about 4 months into the pregnancy she starting having lower back problems with pain radiating into her leg. The doctors assured her that once the baby was born she would be alright - that the baby was pressing on the sciatic nerve - well the baby was born and she still had problems. She apparently herniated her disk due to the pregnancy - she has had to back surgeries but nothing helped - she is in constant pain - please pray for a healing - she was carrying a baby and this happened.
Frank E. Dee
As catholics we must stop the constant blaspheme against our blessed Virgin Mary Mother! American Liberty News is asking for your support in writing in to the address on the webpage listed below to stop this terrible play that makes our mother a 'Lesbian'!
Click on for information on how you can help stop this terrible play!


Thank you
Frank E. Dee
Publisher/American Liberty News
E-mail: netquest@earthlink.net

Kevin Morrison-Chairman
God Bless you and the work that you are doing at the Fatima Apostolate, Fr. Gruener you are in my prayers and may the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary always guide and radiate within you! Our organization is attempting to highlight the persecution the Irish went through in maintaining their faith, one of the reasons that Our Lady of Knock appeared in Ireland, as a consolation to the suffering souls. God be with you always! Vivat Jesus!
You can view our website at http://www.irishfamine.com or e-mail us at km@irishfamine.com
Tom Roman
Thanks for all the information you have for supporting and promoting "respect for life. You may establish a link to our web site at http://www.pro-life.org I ask if I can establish a link to your web site. Send email to me at one of the following email addresses: troman@pro-life.org troman@plebs.org Thanks. Tom Roman Web-Resource Pro-Life Resource[tm] web site P.O. Box 18014 Minneapolis, MN 55418-0014 Phone: 651-776-5433 Fax: 612-789-0035 email: info@pro-life.org or info@plebs.org God bless you!
Lisa Snow
A Mother's Day Concert featuring Marty Rotella and Donna Lee will be held at 7:00 p.m., May 6th, Our Lady of the Lakes Church, Oakdale, CT and at 7:00 p.m., May 7th, Saint Andrew Church, Colchester, CT. The Diocesan Tilma Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas and Protectress of the Unborn will be present at both events. For more information call (860)859-1575 & (860)537-2355.
Eric Bateman
Keep praying for the lives of all babies, born and unborn. Pray for the end of violence in this world, especially in schools and in Kosovo and Serbia.
Aline Beaudry
I cannot see the rosary to click on the beads as I pray the prayers. I seem to access everything else. I miss it and thank you for your site. God Bless you abundanly. Aline
thomaas a bauza
looking for information on a painting by beth sweigard of auburn washington to be mounted as apro life poster on my knights of columbus council thank you for your help and peace be with all that visit here
want to hear the latest messages of Mary everyday
want to hear the latest messages of Mary everyday
Joe Dalton
I just had a chance to view your web page and I am very impressed with your organization. Your commitment to our cause and your works are truly inspiring. I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Joseph Dalton. My wife and I are the founders of Pro Life Communications. We are a very unique company. Our organization was formed for the sole purpose of donating to other pro-life organizations. In fact 100% of our net profits are donated. In the next 4 years, we are projected to donate over $14.8 million to the cause. Although we officially began our business operations in January of '99, we are thrilled at the amount of support we have received to date. Here are some examples of organizations that have given us their full endorsement: Heartbeat International, Lutherans For Life International, 10 Lutherans For Life State organizations, Missouri Right to Life, Arkansas Right to Life, The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, 3 Catholic Diocese and countless other organizations and pregnancy centers. Yes, we are a phone company. I know there are other phone companies out there that donate a portion of their profits to worthy causes. We don't even compare to those companies. We donate all of the net profits which is usually at least 3 times what they offer to donate (we donate an estimated 20-25% of the phone bill). Our rates are much lower than our competitors. We offer one low rate for residential and commercial: 9.9 cents per min. We bill in 6-second increments, which will cut your cost 20-30% if you are being billed 60-second increments now. Our calling cards are 15 cents per min. with no surcharge (another dramatic savings compared to our competition). But more importantly, our customers not only save money by using our services, they also save lives. The main difference is that we are a pro-life organization first and a phone company second. We have no other motive or incentive but to create funds to protect life. We are the only phone company that can say that. Our customers are very excited in the knowledge that all of the profits from their phone bills are going to pro-life, not some executive's pockets. We are very interested in telling you more about our ministry! Please do me the favor of viewing our web page and contacting me personally. Our toll free number is 877-878-LIFE and I am at extension 12. Our web page is at http://www.prolifecomm.com/ Thank you for your time and may God continue to bless your work. Your servant for Life, Joseph X. Dalton President Pro Life Communications 1811 Sherman Dr , Ste. 9 St. Charles, MO 63303 (636) 916-LIFE X-12 web page http://www.prolifecomm.com/
Diane B. Blair
Please pray for my children. My son is 24 and drinking alcohol and using drugs. My 18 year old daughter has violated her probation and is living with a 24 year old man. I am traditional Catholic. Please pray for the traditional church and the truths that have been denied the novus orda congregations. Please pray the lies will stop and the truth of Jesus and his blessed Mother be known. I travel one hour to church on Sunday because I and my mother are being denied the true faith, the true Catholic religion. Everyone in American would stand up and shout if they were denied the right to vote, their right to free speech and other rights, but let a traditional Catholic have the right to practice their faith, it is being denied. All the money that is being donated in the Novus Orda faith is in the keeping of the lies of the current way of the church. This is not the way of God and the way Jesus founded our faith. I cannot do anything about my children but pray for them. I was a home mother, I cooked, canned, sewed their clothes, made, bread, jellie and home cooking, gardening, quilting and volunteered in their schools, took them to school, taught them after school. I did no alcohol, no drugs ever. Now I have the world and the lack of the true faith to thank for the ways of my children and other's that have abused their parents, grandparents and have denied their faith. Once in awhile, my son will go to church. My daughter, never. The good Lord has given her two bleeding ulcers. I told her to get right with God and pray the rosary, that she needs to get right with her mother and grandmother and fix her life so she isn't committing sins all day and night and her ulcers will go away. My priest, bless him, has told me all my prayers are being heard, it's just she isn't done learning her lessons yet. I see other parents that are good people, not of our faith, but Christian people, they have taken their children to their church as well and thaught them their faith, just like I did, to no avail. This world is indeed at it's end. We need to pray and beg God for guidance and help in these troubling times. I pray every day. Some days for 45 minutes before I start my day. Some days, on the way home from work, some days, while at work. I work for an attorney, he's Catholic too. I purchased a rosary for him for Christmas last year and he got on the net and found all the prayers on his own and started praying the rosary, and carries it in his pocket with him everywhere. If he forgets his rosary at work he comes back for it. The rosary is a powerful instrument of our Blessed Mother. It may sound crazy, but some days when I am praying I beg for her to hold me for a brief moment and I feel like she is. If there is a message I can give to all out there, believe in the power of prayer and believe in the power of praying the rosary. It does work. Thanks, Diane B. Blair
Dear lord Jesus and Mary
We the Jumonvilles love you with all our hearts. Please pray for us that we may live in your light. We pray for the unborn children of the world and their parents. Lucy and I are parents of four and the grand parents of two. We cannot understand why people put so much effort into making life only to destroy it. What have we become that we put so little value on life. Do the needs of one outweight the needs of so many. Have we become so vain that we are better than God. Our president and I use small p for a reason and congress as well as the superme court has made this decission for us. How ever are we doing enough to change it's decision. Our lady in her visits to Fatama has urged us to pray for sinners. If we continue to pray the Holy Rosary and ask God to open the heart's of the people life will become sacred the way God intended it to be.
May prayer be the answer
Steve Jumonville and Family
Ronald Miller
The information sources that are presented in this web site are an inspiration to all Christains who believe in the rights of the unborn.
G. Weg
I just completed the Perpetual Rosary for the first time today and I must say it was a wonderful experience. It was really helpful to see the prayers pop up because I did the Rosary only one other time about a month ago with my husband who was teaching me, but since then, I haven't remembered exactly what I'm supposed to say and focus on. It's nice to know that in the midst of cyberland garbage, there are still some treasures to be found. My mom has been trying to get me to do the Rosary, and now I will be able to tell her that I can do it now on a regular basis. Thanks!
Ceil Dziura
I visit the rosary site on a daily basis. I have passed this site on to others who all visit and pray. However, there is one thing I think you ought to consider. That is that your site is not accessible to the blind. My friend in California went to it and with her reading machine, she cannot say the rosary. It would be a wonderful thing if you could make this or another site available to those who cannot see but must rely on their reading machines to assist them. I believe you are doing the Lord's work in trying to save the lives of the unborn. This is not a Catholic thing; this is a moral responsibility which should be shared by people of all religious beliefs or none. Life created should be life protected. And if not us, then who will do the protecting? I wish you success in your endeavors.
I'm curious as to how you can say you are a united national orgnization but your beliefs differ fron church to church. How is that united?
Association Defending Life with Mary
Article describing this association
For the little human beings that lost their lives because they were not wanted...............May God bless them! For all Pro-life advocates.........May God bless them! For this wonderful website.........May God bless it!!!
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