Here are some suggested key dates for pro-life and Constitutional educational events, most with potentially better weather than January 22nd and reduced school/vacation conflicts. I am not advocating abandoning January 22nd as our main focus. What is being offered here are additional dates that can provide significant educational opportunities throughout the year.

January 15 King's Birthday - emphasis on non-discrimination based on race, inclusiveness, etc. - rejection of Racist Abortionism* - (

January 16-22 National Hypocrisy (or Schizophrenia) Week - 7 days from King Day to Roe v. Wade anniversary enshrining discrimination on the basis of human characteristics before birth (Birthist Abortionism*) (

February 15 Susan B. Anthony's birthday - link to Feminists for Life of America site and teach about history of pro-life feminism - (

March 2 1885 Supreme Court decision in McArthur v. Scott acknowledged that unborn babies have due process rights (which can only apply to persons) and should have been legal precedent to prevent Roe v. Wade's conclusion

March 4 First Congress convenes under the newly ratified Constitution and declares the Constitution the law of the land (1789) - also Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address (1865) - teach about tradition that God punishes nations when they do evil, a theme of Lincoln's speech with key appeals to religious and moral values

March 6 Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857) - ruled Constitution did not apply to Negroes - never repudiated by the Court (rendered moot by amendments to the Constitution)

March 25 Annunciation - Teach when each individual life begins recognized in much of Latin America as the Day of the Unborn (see for ultrasound videos)

April 18 Supreme Court upholds the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 in Gonzales v. Carhart (2007) also abandoned the nonsense about not being able to determine when a human life begins from Roe v. Wade

April 19 Battles of Lexington and Concord (1775) - Oklahoma City Bombing (1995) - example of "mental abortion" by Timothy McVeigh preceding the physical abortions of the victims' lives

April 22 Earth Day - Teach ethic of holistic environmentalism to include inner environments of body, mind and spirit - other polluted environments include social, political, cultural, ethical and moral (, especially last 2 paragraphs)

May 8 VE Day (1945) - Liberation of Nazi death camps (some prior to this) - emphasis on use of images to prove historical truth of Holocaust - contrasted with suppression of images of aborted babies

May 31 (date varies) Memorial Day emphasis on the number of fatalities in the ongoing war on prenatal children with discussion of the violations of the laws of war and Just War criteria

June 21 New Hampshire ratifies the Constitution in 1788 - 9th state - results in Constitution becoming effective for ratifying states

June 28 Stenberg v. Carhart (2000) Supreme Court upholds partial-birth infanticide, a literally surgical first strike to preempt the protection and recognition by law normally accorded at birth

July 4 Independence Day - teach the nation's premise of Intrinsicism

July 9 Ratification of 14th Amendment (1868) - basis of civil rights legislation and abortion "rites" (living human sacrifices to the idols the nation now worships) - demonstrates Supreme Court hypocrisy - contrast with founding philosophy of Intrinsicism 5 days earlier - also, the Articles of Confederation were signed (1778) speaking of the "Great Governor of the World"

August 6 Hiroshima Day - First atomic bombing (1945) - used to illustrate principles of Just War, laws of war, first strike, first use, etc. in the literally surgical, disproportionate attacks on prenatal children ( and

September 11 - Example of "mental abortion"* on the basis of religious beliefs - it becomes possible to do anything to people who have been mentally relegated to subhuman status such that conscience is obliterated - use photo of aircraft striking World Trade Center captioned "Creedist Abortionites* celebrating choice" - also the anniversary of the Battle of Lake Champlain (1814) which saved the nation

September 14 Writing of The Star Spangled Banner (1814) - "In God is our trust" (4th stanza)

September 17 Signing of the Constitution (1787) and 1862 Battle of Antietam on 75th anniversary of the signing leading directly to the Emancipation Proclamation, a "new birth of freedom" still the costliest day in American military history, a baptism by blood to erase the nation's original sin of slavery - September 17th is America's other birthday

September 22 Emancipation Proclamation in preliminary form (1862) - known among African-Americans as Emancipation Day

October Respect Life Month and LIFECHAIN

November 5 Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act signed into law in 2003 earlier versions blocked by judicial action, providing an opportunity to illustrate usurpations of unelected judicial branch, especially due to proximity to Election Day

November 11 Veterans Day (formerly Armistice Day) - Another opportunity to study the violations of the laws of war and Just War criteria in the ongoing war on prenatal children ( and

November 19 Lincoln's Gettysburg Address (1863)

December 10 Presentation of Nobel Prizes, including the Peace Prize (anniversary of death of Alfred Nobel) also known as Human Rights Day due to anniversary of passage of Universal Declaration of Human Rights - opportunities to illustrate violation of ethical principles in the war on prenatal children

December 15 Virginia ratifies Bill of Rights - 10 of 12 proposed amendments become part of the Constitution (1791) emphasis on Fifth Amendment's prohibition on deprivation of life to any "person" without due process of law

*See In short, a Racist Abortionite discriminates against others, even to the point of rationalizing their total destruction, on the basis or ethnicity or race; a Birthist Abortionite does it on the basis of prenatal developmental criteria or the lack thereof. They share the same ugly ideas -- that human rights are granted or denied by people in power rather than that all people are endowed with them by their Creator under the nation's founding premise of Intrinsicism. They are members of different sects of the same cult of Abortionism, differentiated by their criteria for choice.