The Essentials of Abortionism

by Al Lemmo

This essay is to set forth the key elements of the idolatrous cult of Abortionism which is based in a philosophy of human self-worship that is the basis for virtually every degradation humanity has ever suffered. It describes the violation of the critical, protective philosophy of Intrinsicism, the Three Abortions (or profanements, analogous to the sacraments of true religions) and the subdivisions of the cult into sects and subsects based on their criteria for choice, the choice to discriminate against others, even to the point of rationalizing the total destruction of entire human populations.

The United States is founded on the philosophical premise that our inalienable human rights are intrinsic with our human lives, with the understanding that this is because we are endowed with them by our Creator rather than by any human source. This premise, based in Natural Law, is described as one of several truths we hold self-evident in the nation's founding document, The Declaration of Independence. The lack of a simple, concise and descriptive term for this philosophy, however, makes it difficult to talk about it, and it's too important for that to continue. I propose the term "Intrinsicism" to fill this need. It simply means that human rights are intrinsic with us, we the people, simply because we are living members of the human species. We are different from each other in every other way (age, sex, race, health, beliefs, abilities, knowledge, experience, etc.). Making any other characteristic a criterion for recognizing our inalienable human rights will inevitably put some of us at risk. The premise of Intrinsicism allows us to appeal to our Creator over the head of any tyrant or other would-be grantor or denier of our fundamental human rights for their recognition and protection.

The philosophy of Intrinsicism serves as a wall of separation between freedom and oppression or civilization and barbarianism. Once this barrier has been breached, all criteria for destruction then compete on an equal basis because they are justified in principle. We end up arguing over whose criteria for destruction will prevail. Look at any debate about prenatal child-slaying and this will quickly become evident. No one ever asks from where those asserting ludicrous criteria for personhood get the authority to override the philosophy of Intrinsicism, even prenatally.

One of the standard ploys in fighting the abortion battle has been to shoot the messenger by portraying abortion opponents as motivated solely by religious ideas which they are trying to "force" on the rest of us. I propose to counter this tactic by demonstrating that the philosophy undergirding support for abortion rituals (or rites, not rights) is not only contrary to Intrinsicism, the philosophy on which the nation is founded, but is the basis of a cult religion that has been at the root of virtually every abuse ever inflicted on human individuals or populations. I call this cult "Abortionism" to clearly associate it with the most egregious violation of human rights in our country and most of the world today. Its standard practices are three "abortions":

1) The Theological Abortion of the authority of God to grant us our human rights, often disguised as a claim to having been empowered by God, but ultimately a matter of substituting one's own judgment, values and preferences for God's. This act of idolatry is at the heart of all sin. It can also be described as idolatrous worship of the human intellect as competent to choose criteria for who deserves the recognition and protection of the human community as persons under the law. This enables the second abortion, which is...

2) The Mental Abortion, by which the target population, however defined, is mentally relegated to some subhuman category such that anything can be done to it. This step is essential to overcoming the moral obstacles to committing the most egregious violations of other human beings that all human societies prohibit. Conscience is effectively removed from the picture by this process such that the third and final abortion can be done. This is...

3) The Physical Abortion of lives or liberties by some form of murder, enslavement, plunder or bodily violation. In the case of prenatal child-slaying it is literally living human sacrifice (abortion rites) to the idols this nation has come to worship (money, power, reputation, convenience, unrestricted sexual expression, etc.).

The common creed of all Abortionites is just four words: My will be done.

The sects and subsects of this cult are characterized by their criteria for choice in performing the Mental Abortion and are named accordingly: Racist, Sexist, Creedist, Birthist, Utilitarianist, Functionalist, etc. Basically, Racist Abortionites and Birthist Abortionites, for example, share the same ugly ideas with other Abortionites. They believe it is up to them -- those who have power -- to grant or deny fundamental human rights to other human beings rather than that such rights are granted to all human beings by God. They differ only in their criteria for the choice of discriminating against others to the point of rationalizing their destruction.

I believe that effectively and convincingly associating the acceptance of prenatal child-slaying with racism can discredit and demoralize its defenders and send them reeling in retreat. Terms like secular humanism do not do this. People think secular is good or neutral due to misunderstandings of the meaning of the First Amendment and humanism sounds like it's friendly to humans -- which is hardly the case. Abortionites of any sect are hardly secular, even if they are atheists. They are actually fanatically religious. It's just that they worship false gods, beginning with their own intellects, and typically including the usual pantheon of money, power, sex, image, convenience, etc.

There are several reasons why I think the approach I'm suggesting has merit: