Letter to Editor of The Michigan Catholic by Bob Haak , Aug 16, 1996

Clergy have ignored abortion issue for years

Margaret Spas ("Praise Cardinal Maida for new Project Life," July 26 issue), where have you been for 23 years? How can you praise Cardinal Adam Maida and the National Council of Catholic Bishops for their efforts in pro-life activities? What activities?

Until the last several months, because of the outrage about partial-birth abortions, very little has been said or done for the unborn child by the United States Catholic clergy (except for a couple of cardinals and a handful of bishops and priests). We "Catholics United for life" have asked, begged and prayed that they would join us at the abortuaries to peacefully pray the rosary and/or speak out from the pulpit in defense of the unborn child. Twenty-three years of no response.

The only time the "A" word is mentioned at Mass or in parish bulletins (with few exceptions) is Jan. 22 (if you are not an active prolifer, that date will mean nothing to you). If Jesus Christ, His most holy mother Mary, foster father St. Joseph, the apostles and disciples were physically amongst us today, where do you think they would be on the days the abortuaries are open for business?

Robert A. Haak Sr.
Southfield, MI

Reply by Paula Ervin