Letter to Editor by Paula Ervin, Michigan Catholic, Sep 6, 1996

We donít all have to fight the same way

Regarding the letter of Robert Haak Sr., in the Aug. 16 issue, it is necessary in gut wrenching struggles like abortion to respect our fellow workers in the fight. Because all workers in this war are taking the path their hearts direct and are pointing to the ultimate goal of reverence for human life: You have chosen the abortion clinic route. We at Lifespan concentrate on education and lobbying. the groups with A PAC wade into the political battles fearlessly. Good for all of us!

I take exception to Mr. Haak's letter when he says to Margaret Spas, "Where have you been for 23 years?" My friend Margaret is a founding member of Right to Life Lifespan and played a major role in the defeat of Proposal B in 1972. She is one of our most qualified speakers. No one has been and is more dedicated to life than Margaret.

As to the Catholic Church, many Catholics who are weary and burned often lash out at our Church for not doing more. Yet Iíve had Protestant ministers say to me, "You must be so proud of your Church for taking a high profile when our Churches haven't got the guts." I think it behooves us all to respect the struggles each of has chosen and avoid preaching to the choir.

Paula Ervin
Policy Chairman
Right to Life-Lifespan