WARNING - Reading this letter may result in extreme emotional distress to so-called "Democrats" and others. Read it at your own risk.

An Open Letter to All Voters on Rejecting the Satanic-"Democratic" Agenda
How the "Democrats" are Destroying our People and Our Country

Fellow Citizen:

I am not wealthy but I am spending thousands of dollars of my own money to write this letter to you because I value my country and its people and I believe you do as well. My friends who call themselves Democrats are among the finest people I know, energetically and unselfishly giving of their time and money to important causes. But they are also willing to unlawfully spend everyone else's money on these causes. More importantly, I fear they overlook the very destructive aspects of their party. What passes for leadership in the so-called "Democratic" Party must cater to many interests in their working coalition, and many of the agendas of these interests are extremely harmful. My purpose here is to make the case for why this party's candidates should be rejected for our public offices. I realize it is lengthy but I believe you will find it worth your time.

The first error of the "Democrats" is to succumb to the most ancient and primary destructive urge of the human race: the prideful desire to be as gods, freed from the confining moral laws of the Creator. From the Garden of Eden to the present day, accomplishing this fundamental usurpation -- this rebellion, this challenge to the ultimate legitimate authority -- has been the root cause of all humanity's problems. Once thus empowered by appointing themselves gods, it is a simple step to dismiss the laws of both God and man. This lawless approach has become standard operating procedure in the so-called "Democratic" Party, whose agenda and methods violate most of the Ten Commandments, trample the concept of enumerated powers (the very heart and soul of our Constitution) and support judicial dictates that subvert the democratic processes of our constitutional government.

Let's examine the above assertions and their consequences, starting with the laws of God.

Whether you believe they are God-given or not, the Ten Commandments are widely understood as basic laws of civilization that are found in some form in every human society. Although incorrectly attributed to future president James Madison, called the Father of the Constitution, these words accurately describe the understanding of the founders with respect to the Ten Commandments:

"We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future of all of our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government; upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God."

Now consider how the "Democrats" treat the content of the Ten Commandments:

Idolatry and Killing: By the idolatrous self-worship of their own intellects as competent to determine criteria for who is or isn't a person under the law, the "Democrats" have rationalized massive prenatal child-slaying. This is simply the ancient sacrament of living human sacrifice (abortion "rites") to additional idols this nation now worships, including unrestricted sexual expression.

The fatal discrimination against the prenatal population arises from the same idolatrous, self-worshiping arrogance that is the source of racism. It's the same ugly ideas, just different criteria for choice. The "Democrats" are first cousins to racists, believing that human rights are granted or denied to the powerless by the powerful, based on criteria of their choice, rather than being intrinsic which each human life, which was the premise of our nation before it was struck down by Roe v. Wade.

Another idol they worship is equality of outcomes (rather than equality of opportunity, equality under the law or equality in the eyes of God) regardless of talent, effort, accomplishment, drive or virtue.

Coveting: Their emphasis on class warfare between "haves" and "have nots" promotes and rationalizes covetousness. Theirs is the politics of envy.

Stealing: Their confiscatory approach to taxation, even if there were any constitutional authority for their spending priorities (there isn't) is simply theft. It routinely violates the principle of equal protection of the laws by far more heavily taxing some of us, and punishes success.

Dishonoring father and mother: They dishonor father and mother with their support for euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide, pressuring the elderly to end their own lives.

Sexual and Relational Sin: They condone and encourage sexual and relational sin by their support for mainstreaming and normalizing homosexuality and marriage for SADS, Sexual Affinity Disorder Sufferers (a compassionate and accurate term, unlike the dishonest and misleading "gays") as well as sexual relations of every kind for minors and others outside of marriage.

False witness: They bear false witness against their neighbors with their wild accusations of racism, hate and judgmentalism in attempts to intimidate, silence or put on the defensive any critics of their destructive ideas. This is really psychological projection, attributing to others what is true of themselves. It is the "Democrats" who hate both the God who places constraints on them and those who remain true to His laws. They believe that they are both smarter and even holier than God and could create a more just and equitable world than the one He gave us if they could somehow start over from scratch.

Nowhere is the "Democrats'" psychological projection more evident than with election fraud. They have routinely stolen elections for decades, including the presidential election of 1960, but have never been taken to task by their left-wing media allies. The dead vote is legendary in such places as Chicago in Cook-the-Vote County, Illinois. But the wild allegations of electoral abuses in 2004 were miraculously absent in 2006. Why? Because they won.

Misuse of the name of God: Finally, they misuse the name of God when they violate their oaths of office to support the Constitution by pursuing legislation for which there is no constitutional authority and by supporting judicial dictates which subvert legislative authority altogether. These pursuits are violations of the laws of man.

The "Democrats" haven't the slightest intention of confining their legislative activities to the short list of enumerated powers granted to the federal government under Section 8 of Article I of the Constitution. The list does not include any authority for housing, education, health, welfare, agriculture, national retirement plans, foreign aid and many other things that the federal government routinely involves itself in today. Expenditures for these things constitute the great majority of federal spending and are violations of the rule of law. Every vote for these things is a violation of the legislator's oath of office to support the Constitution. Nearly all originated with the "Democrats" and are routinely supported by them.

This understanding was confirmed by enactment of the Tenth Amendment, the last article of the Bill of Rights, which was intended to protect us against expansion of federal power. Sometimes called the "reserved powers clause," it reads in its entirety: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." Under the Tenth Amendment, limited government isn't just a preference but the supreme law of the land. But for "Democrats," contempt for the law is a guiding principle since they're smarter than everyone else. The left-leaning national media, which function as the propaganda arm of the "Democrats," never make an issue of this. Opponents of expanded federal powers, rather than being praised as principled statesmen who are being faithful to their oath of office to support the Constitution, are more typically scorned as mean-spirited, narrow-minded, hateful, miserly or worse.

Don't take my word for any of this, It's YOUR Constitution, the plan for YOUR government of YOUR country. If you have no idea how it's intended to work you've really got no business choosing the people responsible for making it work and shouldn't be voting, especially for people who have no idea themselves or, worse yet, don't care. Such people are overwhelmingly so-called "Democrats."

If you've never even heard of "enumerated powers" or "reserved powers" thank the teachers, the backbone of the "Democratic" Party, who for some reason failed to teach you about them. Thank the left-wing media who never make issues of these key constitutional principles when new federal programs are being debated. An ignorant voter is a "Democrat" voter and the "Democrats" know it. They have a huge stake in cultivating and maintaining ignorance.

"Democrats" claim that the Constitution is a "living, breathing document" that must be interpreted in light of present day needs and understandings. That's an outrageous, self-serving lie! If the Constitution doesn't mean what it plainly says, it means nothing at all and we have rule of whim rather than rule of law. If we will not love our neighbors by honoring those parts of our Constitution that protect them, including protection for their wealth and income, why should they honor the provisions that protect our concerns, whatever they may be, including freedom of speech or religion, voting rights or anything else?

Many of the government services "Democrats" favor are permissible at the state and local levels where citizens have much more freedom to "vote with their feet" if government becomes excessive. "Democrats," however, object that the competitive pressure for lean government that this would produce would cause a "race to the bottom" in terms of government services provided. But they never seem to have a problem with the race to the bottom of the taxpayers' pockets.

Much of federal spending has become little more than the largest source of campaign funding in that it buys the votes of particular constituencies (with your money and mine) for those members of Congress who will support the continuation or expansion of those constituencies' pet programs, regardless of constitutionality. Even many Republicans have succumbed to this, finding it too difficult to run against Santa Claus when the media will only paint them as villains for principled opposition. They have thereby done great damage to the Republican "brand" by becoming nearly indistinguishable from the "Democrats." (The current president is one of the worst offenders.) They have joined the "Democrats" in the government candy store by giving everything to everyone at an anonymous Someone Else's expense. They have behaved like irresponsible parents who compete for the affections of their children by spoiling them and failing to apply necessary discipline. They have adopted the childish "Democrat" thinking which says "if I want it I should have it."

But the "Democrats'" abuse of our government doesn't stop with legislative excesses. They have discovered that they can avoid the difficulties of the democratic process altogether by having their agenda enacted directly by dictatorial judges who are not accountable to any elected body that must be responsive to the will of the people.

Democracy? "Democrats" don't need no stinkin' democracy! When you're smarter and holier than God you know what's best for everyone. Why mess with legislative committees, two houses of an accountable legislature and executive vetoes when a dictatorial jurist can provide an express route to your objective? More such wannabe dictators will be appointed if "Democrats" are elected. Of course, the Constitution could be amended to legitimize some of the "Democrats'" ideas but that would take too much work. (Not surprisingly, sloth is also a sin.) However, even attempting to amend the Constitution would expose the fact that the "Democrats" have been violating the Constitution all along. So don't count on it.

Idolatry. Killing. Coveting. Stealing. Dishonoring father and mother. Sexual and relational sin. False witness. Misuse of the name of God. Routine and flagrant violation of constitutional constraints. Subversion of the democratic process. What kind of person would knowingly and deliberately use their precious right to vote, that so many have died to secure, to empower those committed to a horrific agenda and abusive tactics that are guaranteed to degrade the moral character and integrity of our people, further subvert our democratic system and wreck our constitutional republic? This agenda could have been written by Satan himself and could accurately be described as the Satanic-"Democratic" Agenda. You vote for it at your own risk and at your country's risk.

Don't think the misguided souls committed to this agenda intend to limit it to our own country. They have been actively engaged, along with leftists elsewhere, in cultural imperialism to inflict this agenda on other nations as well, especially the violations of the laws of God. This activity has played a significant role in the hostility toward our nation that we see in much of the world. One preferred technique is to have vague language written into United Nations documents so that it can be "interpreted" as desired when the opportunity arises, just as activist judges have distorted our own Constitution. They have fought every effort to more clearly define such phrases as "reproductive health" (so that it can later be "interpreted" to include prenatal child-slaying) in this stealth effort to corrupt the laws of the entire world. If we elect a "Democrat" to the presidency, our entire diplomatic corps will be seeded from the top down with zealots committed to the Satanic-"Democratic" Agenda.

An example is a U.N. treaty known as the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? But the leftist dominated U.N. committee responsible for "interpreting" and enforcing it has already attempted to use it to force homosexual marriage, legalized prostitution and prenatal live dismemberment (abortion) on much of the world. Even Mother's Day allegedly violates it because it "perpetuates traditional stereotypes." These radicals have little but contempt for family, motherhood, religion and tradition. They will be further empowered over our own country if the U.S. ratifies the treaty. It would only take a two-thirds vote of the Senate, not subject to presidential veto or judicial review. The Constitution makes treaties equal to the Constitution as the supreme law of the land (Article VI). We will be much more likely to be subject to CEDAW and similar outrages if more "Democrats" are elected to the Senate.

Demagogues have historically created villainous strawmen on which to focus the fury of the masses. In Europe this was usually a minority ethnic group, especially one that dared to be conspicuously successful. In our country the villainous strawmen are depersonalized corporate entities: Big Oil, Big Pharma, defense contractors, The Man, Whitey, etc. so as to avoid creating sympathy for targeted individuals. But it is still demagoguery and standard operating procedure for the Demagogic Party.

Another habit is creating panic over nonsensical, sky-is-falling distractions to take attention off their destructive agenda and promote the fable that they are the saviors of the world. Creating a stampede over alleged human-induced global warming, little more than a ploy to seize more control of our economic lives, is just the latest and greatest. Does anyone even remember the "Debt Bomb"?

"Democrats" spoke of a "culture of corruption" in the last Congressional elections, mainly because some Republicans were engaged in immoral behavior ("Democrats" who do this usually just get a wrist slap). But with the "Democrats," corruption of the moral character and integrity of our people, corruption of the democratic process and corruption of our constitutional protections are matters of party policy. Corrupting the morals of our people, especially our youth, is their standard operating procedure. But it doesn't stop there. Their agenda includes forcing the acceptance of homosexuality by law, contrary to conscience, on people whose religion rejects it, branding those who speak out against it guilty of "hate speech" or "hate crimes." They intend thereby to silence all opposition, including talk radio. And they intend to drive recognition of the real God, who competes with them for our allegiance, from our public culture. Inferior ideas have always hated competition and the Satanic-"Democratic" Agenda is no different. Suppression of dissent is a top priority.

Most of us say we vote for the candidate rather than the party. But if "Democrats" gain majority control of a house of any legislature they will control every committee such that much good and necessary legislation will never reach the floor and much that is bad could be approved and signed into law. Electing any "Democrat" could empower the entire agenda of this morally depraved party.

A local Republican Congressman, commenting on S-CHIP (State Children's Health Insurance Program), contrasted the two parties' guiding principles: "1. Republicans believe Americans are sovereign citizens. Democrats believe Americans are hapless victims. 2. Republicans believe the federal government must serve sovereign Americans. Democrats believe Americans must serve a sovereign federal government. 3. Republicans believe in reducing people's taxes. Democrats believe in raising people's taxes. 4. Republicans believe social programs exist to make poor people self-reliant. Democrats believe social programs exist to make all people state dependents. 5. Republicans want poor people to escape the welfare state. Democrats want all people inside the welfare state. 6. Republicans believe America needs a fiscally sound social safety net that temporarily helps poor people and respects taxpayers. Democrats believe America needs a big government trampoline that permanently traps poor people and impoverishes taxpayers. 7. Republicans believe a social program's success is measured by how many people have escaped from it. Democrats believe a social program's success is measured by how many people have been added to it. 8. Republicans believe government should not use taxpayers' money to unfairly compete against taxpaying businesses. Democrats believe government should use taxpayers' money to unfairly compete against taxpaying businesses. 9. Republicans believe in free enterprise and our citizenry. Democrats believe in the welfare state and its bureaucracy."

The arrogant self-righteousness of "Democrats" is very evident in their approach to economics. Herding cats is a cinch compared to teaching economics to "Democrats." There's simply no willingness to learn. They routinely jack up demand, restrict supply and increase costs and then blame the producers and providers they habitually harass and burden when prices go up! We get incredible products at dirt cheap prices in sectors like consumer electronics where there is the least government involvement. Where there is more government influence, in sectors like energy, housing, higher education and health care, prices go up the most. "Democrats" increase demand with easy money policies (mortgages, tuition, rent, etc.) and health care coverage (with or without insurance) and reduce supply with such things as land use restrictions on everything from oil drilling and refinery construction to housing density. They necessitate costly defensive medicine to please their trial lawyer donors. They impose unfunded mandates to force states and struggling enterprises to enact Nanny State policies without "Democrats" having to pay the political cost of raising taxes. And their solution to the problems they cause is always the same: more government. Let's throw some more gasoline on the fire! They simply refuse to acknowledge that there are unintended consequences to even the most well-intended policies. What benefits some people costs others. Their punitive policies towards our most productive, creative and successful people have been driving jobs from what used to be the most prosperous regions of our country. They have squeezed and abused American business, the goose that laid the golden eggs, so hard for so long that it is flying away to friendlier climes. "Democrats" believe in taxing things we need more of (capital, profits, income, savings) so that we'll get less of them and subsidizing things we need less of (family breakdown, non-marital childbearing, fraudulent education, government dependence) so that we'll get more of them. What geniuses!

All of us create jobs whenever we spend our money. Useful work done to provide a product or service in exchange for compensation, even for a short time, is a job. If our personal profit picture, the excess of income over expenses, is harmed by increased taxes, we can create fewer jobs. It's the same with businesses. Profits create jobs. Government jobs paid with taxes are largely oversight or management functions, that is, overhead that does not directly produce goods or services. Healthy enterprises minimize overhead but "Democrats" are obsessed with expanding it to control our lives. The god-like "Democrats" in all their hubristic pretentiousness always know best.

Government has its legitimate functions, but every form of government is basically a legal monopoly on the use of force and coercion that must be handled with care. Constantly resorting to government to meet more and more of our needs and desires makes us more and more dependent as well as vulnerable to threats of having our needs withdrawn as a means of control or punishment. This weakens our ability to resist the entire Satanic-"Democratic" Agenda and empowers those who will defend it. That's the way the so-called "Democrats" want it and that's how they've arranged it. More government entrenches their power to be as gods. The upper half of income earners now pays nearly all federal income taxes, such that there is little reason for the lower half not to vote for "Democrats" who are obsessed with raising taxes. An anonymous "Someone Else" will always pay.

"Democrats" pay lip service to uniting us. Around what? -- sin? Don't count on it. Their entire agenda is really about division. It's the old strategy of divide and conquer. They divide legislation and policy from the laws of God and man. They Balkanize and divide our people by class, sex, race, religion, generations, language groups and financial interests into multiple constituencies, each bought by some typically unconstitutional government entitlement that "Democrats" can stay in power by defending. They divide us into tax payers and tax beneficiaries. They divide income from work, knowledge from schooling, certification from achievement, advancement from merit, benefits from fiscal realities, morality from law, power from accountability, legislation from constitutional authority, voting from citizenship (recently adding illegal aliens to such traditional constituencies as the deceased), individuals from responsibility (preferring to bury it in groups), responsibilities from freedoms, punishment from crime, the right to life from prenatal lives (so much for the "little guy"), children from parental authority, fatherhood from family, religion from moral development, and sex from love, commitment and marriage.

The "Democrats'" success at dividing costs from beneficiaries and consequences from bad behavior has built a nation of insupportable government obligations, broken families and a culture of dependency. Their socialist vision of utopia is a society of equal outcomes regardless of talent, effort, drive or virtue with all authority vested in an all-knowing central government -- God, church and family having been eradicated. Their idea of democracy is voting the sticky-fingered, heavy hand of government deeper into one's neighbors' pockets. They appeal to the worst in us: our pride, envies, fears, anger, resentments, lusts and destructive appetites.

The "Democrats" are working to destroy such traditions and standards as self-reliance, personal virtue, monogamous and heterosexual marriage, the nuclear family, private initiative, free enterprise, the rule of law and the sanctity of human life. "DEMOCRATS" can be thought of as an acronym for "Demagogic, Extreme Miscreants, Obstructing, Corrupting, Regressing and Attacking Traditions and Standards." (I had a really tough time deciding on the "D" since there were so many pertinent alternatives: Death-Dealing, Deceitful, Dangerous, Destructive, Degenerate, Disordered, Deranged, Deviant, Dysfunctional, Depraved, Demented, Deplorable, Decadent, etc.)

A slogan of the totalitarian party in Orwell's novel 1984 was, "Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past." "DEMOCRATS" practiced classical Orwellian "reality control" by their overwhelming control of the present for several decades. Whereas our founders clearly understood the importance of personal morality based in religion for maintaining a self-governing republic, the culture corrupters promoting the Satanic-"Democratic" Agenda deliberately attacked that historic understanding. Through the leftstream media, our leftist-dominated schools and influential culture-forming centers like Hollywood and New York, they made huge and devastating strides in revising our nation's understanding of its past. They successfully substituted an anything goes counterfeit understanding for genuine freedom which is based on liberation from the shackles of ignorance, oppression and vice. The counterfeit rejects all sense of obligation to God, family, community or nation and promises a false "liberation" from morality, responsibility, truth and any law originating outside the self, whether from God or man. It glories in a corrupt and infantile self-centeredness and depends on ignorance of law, morality, ethics, and history . For the culture-corrupting "DEMOCRATS," as Orwell's totalitarians put it, "Ignorance is Strength."

Culture is highly perishable. If it is not successfully passed on by even one generation it can be seriously damaged or even lost. The religious and moral foundations of our culture have been furiously assaulted by moral relativist "DEMOCRATS" in our schools, information and entertainment media to the point where the next generation has dangerously deficient understanding of the nature and origins of our culture and what it takes to preserve it. They too often rationalize cheating in school and stealing (such as Internet downloads), lack faith in God (the source of our liberties) and regard themselves as simply intelligent accidents of nature driven by basic urges rather than as moral agents gifted by God with free will. Many have embraced the Meat Model of humanity and a meat manager mentality, seeing us as cattle rather than as spiritual beings made in the image and likeness of a loving God. Hence the support for cloning, embryo cannibalization, in vitro fertilization, abortion, euthanasia, doctor-assisted suicide and other assaults on human dignity.

The "Democrat" leadership are not "secular humanists." This is an empowering misnomer in that it implies that they are neutral or disinterested regarding religion. That is a lie from the pit of Hell. These hubristic humanists are really fanatically religious. It's just that they worship false gods, primarily themselves, their own intellects and powers of reason and their pretensions to moral superiority. Their key interest groups include the radical femi-nitwits, the sexually disoriented, enviro mental cases, socialists, race extortionists and one-dimensional "economy stupid" types who would sell their God-given birthright of freedom for their next meal. Most of them are devout idolators.

"DEMOCRATS" support the regressive Roe v. Wade decision, which reduced us from a unique nation based on the premise that we are endowed with our fundamental human rights by God, to just another nation based on might makes right. Real Americans will never accept the obscene drivel of Roe v. Wade. We want our country back. But we'll never get it back so long as large numbers of Americans delude themselves into thinking that "DEMOCRATS" are fit for public office.

Consider what kind of mind it takes to hold a perfectly formed human child squirming in one's hands and then puncture its skull and suck its brains out. Partial-birth abortion has no known medical purpose, only the purpose of denying the legal protections of citizenship that are conferred by being born. Only "DEMOCRATS" could defend such a satanic practice. In an age when public figures can have their careers destroyed for using insensitive language, it is an appalling testimony to the morally degraded state of the electorate that enablers of such barbarism can even be considered legitimate candidates for any public office. That's why "DEMOCRATS" have the audacity of hope that they can routinely get away with offering us little else. Whether it's Carl Levin, Debbie Stabenow, Jennifer Granholm, John Conyers, Irma Clark-Coleman or Barack Obama (a man who wouldn't even protect babies aborted alive), this is what you get when you choose the wretched excuses for "candidates" of the party from Hell. If there's ever anything even remotely resembling a Judgment Day, I won't be accounting for knowingly and deliberately choosing for my lawmakers and public policymakers the likes of these. I hope for your sake that you won't be either.

We lack a concise, preferably single-word, descriptive term for the founding philosophy of this nation, which makes it difficult to talk about it. I propose the word "Intrinsicism," to mean the belief that human rights are intrinsic with human lives from the very beginning because we are endowed with them by our Creator. All pro-life people and all true Americans are Intrinsicists. Abandoning this philosophy, as the "DEMOCRATS" have done, breaches a wall of separation between freedom and oppression, or civilization and barbarianism. Once this wall is breached, all criteria for "choice" (ethnicity, sex, age, abilities, religion, prenatal developmental characteristics, etc.), to discriminate against others, even fatally, then compete on an equal basis because they are justified in principle. Breaching this wall is the key to all human rights abuses. It enables the strong to prey on the weak.

With great sympathy for the victims of Ottoman barbarism, and for their descendents, the House "DEMOCRATS'" attempted resolution in October of 2007 to label the World War I mass murder of the Armenians as genocide was a transparent attempt to cripple the nation's war effort in Iraq. Deliberately attempting to knock a critical ally, Turkey, out of the fight, can only be described as "levying war" against the United States, the definition of treason in the Constitution (Article III, Section 3). It would have enormously increased costs and exposed our troops to much more danger. The "DEMOCRATS" have the constitutional power to withhold funding but lack the political guts to use it and so resort to back-stabbing our troops. And they want us to regard them as patriots!? To please their trial lawyer constituency, they then refused to protect telecommunication companies from massive lawsuits for having cooperated with the government in protecting us from terrorism. Why is it that "DEMOCRATS" begrudge the rightful owners and developers of products and technology their profits in the marketplace but feel perfectly comfortable selling our very lives for campaign cash?

The most fundamental law is to love our neighbor as our selves. But with the "DEMOCRATS" it's "envy thy neighbor," "blame thy neighbor," "corrupt thy neighbor," "soak thy neighbor," and "abort thy neighbor." Their basic messages are "Someone Else is responsible for all your problems" and "you can make Someone Else pay." In the slash and burn politics of the so-called "DEMOCRATS" the Party harvests the votes and reaps the short-term, windfall profits of political power by cultivating anger and despair and destroying the self-reliance, self-confidence, self-esteem, initiative, hopes and dreams of the people they claim to be the saviors of. They are the party of grievance, discontent, whines, excuses and paranoia. Their message is "You don't have a prayer without us." Their message is "You can't." They preach the gospel of failure. It has been taken to heart by many of their most devoted constituents with disastrous consequences that have persisted for generations.

The so-called "DEMOCRATS" have pretensions of being champions of the environment. But their typically extreme ideas, with no thought to costs and other adverse consequences, would ruin us. A more holistic view of the environment to include the internal environments of our own physical bodies, minds and spiritual natures, our ethical and moral environments, our political and social environments and our overall cultural environment which encompasses most of the others, would make clear that these regressives are actually the most persistent and egregious polluters of most of them. The best way to protect our environments is to keep "DEMOCRATS" out of our public offices and to tune out their negative and demoralizing messages of defeatism, corruption and victimhood.

Both "DEMOCRATS" and Republicans say "yes, we can!" "DEMOCRATS" say "yes, we can -- at Someone Else's expense" and Republicans say "yes, we can -- by our own initiative."

"DEMOCRATS" believe they can do good by doing evil. Whether it's destroying human embryos for hoped-for cures or stealing from the rich to help the poor, they are ethically delusional.

Hope? The "DEMOCRATS" are fervently hoping and praying for us to lose the war and suffer economic recession so they can reap a political windfall. Many of them long ago declared the war lost and their media arm has been spewing negative prognostications to destroy consumer confidence and bring on the hoped-for recession. The war, the economy, jobs, health care, border security, terrorism and all the other issues are important in their own right. But how we do things matters, the kind of change we get matters, the direction we go in matters and the nature of our choices matters. To simply call for unlawful policies, "change," a "new direction" or "choice" is nonsense fit for fools. If our approaches to these issues violate our common commitment as a people to sticking up for each other's fundamental human rights, including the rights to life, liberty and the quiet enjoyment of the fruits of our own labors, we risk losing the qualities that define us as a people. American values are based in love of neighbor and expressed by abiding by the rule of law, both God's law and man's law.

Republicans are not immune to the temptation of appointing one's self a god and indulging in all the abuses that flow from it. A significant portion of our party is motivated mostly by the "DEMOCRATS'" violations of the laws of man while down-playing the violations of the laws of God. Grass roots REPUBLICANS (Responsible, Enterprising, Principled Upholders of Basic Liberties Innovating Constructive and Affordable National Solutions) need you to join us in strengthening the Republican Party's principled commitment to the laws of both God and man. This is essential to healthy environments of every kind, for our people, our nation and our world. Please consider contributing more than just your vote.

Thank you for reading this. Please act on this letter like our people, our nation and our world depend on it -- not to mention your own moral integrity. May God bless you. Written and paid for by "Judgment Al" Lemmo, Republican Delegate, Precinct. 24, Dearborn, Michigan, because good judgment beats bad judgment every time. I am solely responsible for the content of this letter. It can be copied at http://cul.detmich.com/Satanic-Democratic_Agenda_3.html and emailed at will.