Some Ideas for Slogans, Signs, Bumperstickers, etc. - updated 1/29/2015

Al Lemmo

In the belief that we are way behind in the effectiveness of our slogans, (the proverb says it takes a book to answer a paragraph of lies), the following are offered as ideas for various occasions (rallies, pickets, rescues, etc.). Items in brackets are suggested alternatives. Many other variations are possible and encouraged. Don't be limited to these uses. A good zinger can also help in a letter to the editor or other medium. I often make my own hand-lettered signs and tape them in the rear window of my car. It's an uncensorable medium.

  1. "Pro-Choice": Conditional Value of Human Life
  2. (reverse) Pro-Life: Unconditional Value of Human Life
  3. "Pro-Choice": Arbitrary and Capricious [or, Subjective, Self-serving,
  4. Arrogant, Inhumane, Oppressive, Historically Repudiated] Conditions for Being Allowed to Live
  5. Roe v. Wade [or, Abortion]: The Profaning of the Constitution
  6. "Pro-Choice": Philosophy of Oppression
  7. Every Atrocity in History Resulted from Denying the Humanity of the Victims
  8. The Witch Doctor Is In
  9. Endowed by Our Creator...When We Are Created
  10. Roe v. Wade: Contempt for the Constitution
  11. Hear No Baby - See No Baby - Presto! No Baby!
  12. Abortionthink/ Indians -> Savages Jews -> Vermin Unborn -> Protoplasm, Blob, Tissue, Etc.
  13. Orwell Would Be Proud/ War Is Peace - Freedom Is Slavery - Ignorance Is Strength - Pro-Choice Is Pro-Life [alternate heading above is Doublethink]
  14. "Pro-Choice" [or, Schmo-choice]: Inane Slogans Based on Profane Philosophy
  15. What Determines Your [ <- underlined] Right to Life? Your Age? Health? Intelligence? Self-awareness? Responsibilities? Productivity? Abilities? Or Just Being Alive?
  16. Who Is Safe By "Pro-Choice" Criteria for Being Allowed to Live?
  17. Abortionite Temple/ Human Sacrifice Practiced Here
  18. Human Sacrifice Is Not Protected Under the First Amendment [First Amendment Doesn't Protect Human Sacrifice]
  19. Divine Right of Abortionites: Fatal Control Over Other Human Lives
  20. Abortion: Grotesque and Violent Caricature of Freedom
  21. I'm Glad to be a Product of Conception
  22. Abortion: Mockery of Freedom [or, Perversion, Perverse Parody]
  23. Human Rights Begin With Human Life
  24. Reproduction Is An Accomplished Fact After Conception
  25. Human Rights Are Inherent, Not Granted By ANYONE
  26. Abortion Is To Freedom As Pornography Is To Love [many variations possible]
  27. "Pro-Choice": History's Most Repulsive Euphemism Since "Final Solution"
  28. "Pro-Choice": Most Obscene Euphemism Since Hitler's "Final Solution"
  29. Euphemisms/ Ethnic Cleansing - Final Solution - Pro-Choice [can add Pregnancy Tissue, Products of Conception, etc.]
  30. Oxymorons/ "Safe" Abortion - Abortion "Rights"
  31. Welcome to Auschwitz! Are You Proud To Live Here?
  32. Old Ethic: Sanctity of Life - New Ethic: Utility of Life
  33. Today, American "Doctors" Will Kill [Dismember Alive Over] 4,100 Unborn Babies
  34. Legal Choices/ Past - Present - Future / Genocide Euthanasia Apartheid Abortion Slavery Infanticide
  35. Lies, Damn Lies and Abortionspeak
  36. Abortionspeak: Lexicon of Lies/ "Pro-choice" - "Potential" Life - "Products of Conception" etc.
  37. Babyectomies! Cheap!
  38. Have Your Baby Killed Here For Less
  39. Womansnare/ Be Exploited Here For Less (after Detroit metro abortuary chain, "Womancare")
  40. Pained Parenthood: Nation's #1 Killer
  41. Efficient Baby Killing By People Who Care (Bring Your VISA)
  42. Jolly Molly (takeoff on Molly Yard, former head of NOW, and the Jolly Roger depicts feminine symbol of circle with cross below - skull is inside circle and small spokes on cross below form a swastika)
  43. Expose Media Cheerleading [Pimping] For Abortionmongers
  44. Abortionism: Our New National [State] Religion / Chief Sacrament: Living Human Sacrifice
  45. Abortion: Pre-emptive Surgical First Strike Act Of War On The Unborn (pre-empts rights of citizenship which are conferred by birth)
  46. "What You Do To The Least Of These..."
  47. "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do"
  48. Remember America's XX,000,000 "Disappeared"
  49. Fetal Processing Plant
  50. Reproductive Cleansing Operations In Progress
  51. Your Silence Is Required For The Killing To Continue
  52. Your Silence Is Golden For The Abortion Industry
  53. Yesterday's Gas Chambers [Ovens], Today's Suction Machines
  54. The Unborn [Prenatal Children]: World's Largest Class Of Condemned Political Prisoners
  55. Death Merchants Thrive On Lies And Apathy
  56. Abortionmongers: Today's SS, Tomorrow's KKK (they destroy the innocent legally today and will do so illegally when the protection of law is restored to prenatal babies)
  57. Abortionists Are Medical [or, Surgical, Medicine's] Prostitutes
  58. Real Doctors Don't Kill Babies
  59. Baby Shredding/ Fast, Efficient, Competitive Prices
  60. Only BIG Babies Are "Pro-Choice"
  61. "Pro-Choice"/ Putrid Lie/ Babies NEVER/ Choose To Die!
  62. Fight Prenatal Human Vivisection
  63. Pontius Pilate Was "Personally Opposed" (But Anxious To Assist) [The Pontius Pilate Posture] (reference to support for funding by politicians who claim to be personally opposed)
  64. Unborn Babies Never Have "Safe" Abortions
  65. Prenatal Mutilation Center
  66. Prenatal Dismembering Done Here
  67. Abortophilia: Nation's #1 Mental Illness [Abortomania, Fetiphobia,etc.]
  68. All Abortions Are Back-Alley: They're Committed By Filthy Rats
  69. All Crime Is Preferably Committed In Privacy
  70. No-Choice Hall of Shame/ Josef Stalin Adolf Hitler Harry Blackmun Pol Pot Idi Amin Dada Sarah Weddington Bill Baird Larry Lader etc.
  71. Abortionists Are The Ultimate Rapists
  72. Abortion Is Technological Rape
  73. Abortion: The Second Rape
  74. Abortionmongers Are Spiritual Polluters [or, Cultural]
  75. Abortionthink: Philosophical Pollution
  76. Nihilism And Hedonism Are The Pillars Of Abortionthink
  77. Abortionthink: Cultural Pollution
  78. Abortionthink: The Poisoning [Pollution] Of Our Cultural Environment
  79. Abortionthink: Moral And Philosophical Bankruptcy
  80. Abortionthink: Philosophical Impoverishment
  81. Witch Doctors Dismember Alive Over X,000 Prenatal Babies Every Day [Mutilate, Disembowel, Shred, Torture, Sacrifice, etc.]
  82. Abortionism's High Priests Sacrifice Over X,000 American Children Live Every Day
  83. XX,000,000 American Children Sacrificed On The Altar Of Women's Rights [or other altars, or To The Nation's Idols]
  84. Abortion: Violence Unseen And Obscene
  85. Abortion: The Sanctification of Violence
  86. Fight Philosophical [Ethical] Poverty - Choose Life
  87. Abortion: Surgical Sacrilege
  88. Abortionists: Hippocratic Oafs [Hucksters]
  89. Abortionists: Medical Misfits [Midgets, Monsters, Monstrosities, Surgical Sadists, etc.]
  90. Abortion: Surgical Obscenity
  91. Animals Have More Rights Than Prenatal Humans
  92. Abortion Is Reproductive Racketeering
  93. "Clinic" Personnel Are America's Death Squads [also spelled "Klinik"]
  94. If Abortion Doesn't Make You Sick, You're Already Sick
  95. Schmo-Choice/ There Are None So Blind...
  96. Every Crime Is A Choice
  97. All Babies Choose To Live
  98. All Choices Are Not Created Equal - Some Are Crimes
  99. Only Fools Consider All Choices Equal
  100. They Call It "Choice", We Call It DEATH
  101. Schmo-Choice Oxymorons/ Safe Abortion - Abortion Rights
  102. Ignorance, Obfuscation And Denial Are The Hallmarks Of Schmo-Choice
  103. A Vote For ____ Is A Vote To Kill Unborn Babies. Their Blood Will Be On Your Hands
  104. Rescue America From The Bloody Cesspool Of Abortion
  105. Abortion Is To Freedom As Rape Is To Love [Sex, Lovemaking, Romance]
  106. Abortionthink: Philosophical Toxic Waste
  107. New Meanings Of "Choice"/ Death Dismemberment Poisoning Disemboweling
  108. People Will Always Commit Abortion, Murder, Rape, Robbery, etc. (And All Other Crimes)
  109. Abortionspeak Would Be Laughable If It Were Not So Deadly
  110. The Case FOR [underlined] Abortion/ (blank poster)
  111. WHIM/ The Ultimate Rationale For Abortion
  112. 1860: Black Slaves = 3/5 Of Persons/ 1994: Unborn Babies = 0 Persons
  113. Who Will Be Decreed Out Of The Human Race Next?
  114. This Woman Controlled Her Own Body (under picture of aborted baby)
  115. Cry Freedom (under picture of aborted baby)
  116. A Sample Of An Abortionist's Handiwork (under picture of aborted baby)
  117. If A Child Did This To An Insect You'd Be Shocked (picture as above)
  118. How Revolting Does It Have To Be [For You To Act]?
  119. Abortion: Choice Of The Willfully Ignorant
  120. We Hold The Right To Life Self-Evident
  121. Abortion Is NOT: Medical Care - Anyone's Right - A Legitimate [Ethical] Choice
  122. Abortionmongers Are Cultural Terrorists [Subversives, Culture Assassins]
  123. Abortion: Woman-Hater's Solution To The Female "Defect"
  124. Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation And Degradation Of Women
  125. Real Feminists CELEBRATE (underlined) The Life-Giving Power Of Women
  126. Bogus [Phony, Ersatz] Feminism Says Women Must Change To Meet The Demands Of A Male-Dominated Society
  127. Abortion: The Feminass Mistake
  128. Pregnancy Isn't A Disease
  129. Real Feminism Insists Society Change To Meet The Needs Of Women - Not Vice Versa
  130. Abortion: The Ultimate Transfer [Shift, Dodge, Denial, Evasion] Of Responsibility
  131. Abortion: The Ultimate Cover-Up
  132. Abortion (in shadow letters): See No Evil, America
  133. Roe v. Wade: Malice Aforethought
  134. Roe v. Wade: The Defiling [Profaning, Rape] Of The Constitution
  135. Roe v. Wade: The Satanic Verses
  136. Roe v. Wade [Abortionmongers]: Constitutional [Judicial] Vandalism [Wrecking Crew, Sacrilege, Blasphemy, Perfidy]
  137. Rape Is The Abortionmonger's Gulf Of Tonkin Incident
  138. "Pro-Choice" [Abortion]: Last Refuge [Choice Of] The Morally Retarded, Ethically Dysfunctional, Intellectually Slothful and Willfully Ignorant
  139. Keep Your Laws And Religion [Suction Machines, Currettes, etc.] OFF MY BODY (said by cartoon of prenatal baby)
  140. The Victim Is Never Fully Human In The Mind Of The Oppressor
  141. Invisible People Are [Always] The Easiest To Kill
  142. 2 Philosophies/ Freedom: Human Rights INTRINSIC With Human Life (Inalienable)/ Oppression: Human Rights GRANTED By The Powerful (Who Decides?)
  143. Historic Criteria For Granting/Denying The Right To Life/ Race Religion Politics Utility Residence In The Womb Weakness Handicaps
  144. Abortion Violates Every "Just War" Principle/ Just Cause Proportionality Competent Authority Last Resort Immunity Of Non-Combatants
  145. Racists, Sexists & Birthists: Same Philosophy [Ugly Ideas], [Just] Different Criteria [For Choice]
  146. Pontius Pilate: Patron Saint Of Those Personally Opposed To Private Executions Of The Known Innocent
  147. Required To Vote For Pro-Abortion Candidates: No Knowledge, No Ethics, No Shame
  148. Abortion Sucks [or Will Suck] The Life Out Of You
  149. Racists, Sexists & Birthists: Only Their Criteria Set Them Apart
  150. Inaction Equals Complicity
  151. Neutrality Favors The Oppressor
  152. This Nation's Premise Applies To Prenatal Life
  153. Martin Luther King Called It The Nation's Creed
  154. Inclusiveness Applies To Prenatal Children
  155. Roe v. Wade: The Ultimate Act Of Exclusion
  156. Abortion: The Beam In America's Eye
  157. Front Alley Rats Are Just As Deadly
  158. Front Alleys Conceal Rats Too
  159. Welcome To The Front Alley - Rats At Work
  160. Clinton (or Klinton) Means More GORE (letters dripping in red) - obsolete
  161. Clinton (or Klinton) gore (under picture of aborted baby) - obsolete
  162. Clinton: Slippery When WET (letters dripping in red) (substitute other politician)
  163. Slick Willie & Pontius Pilate: Champions Of Cowardice In Defense Of The Known Innocent (substitute other politician after 1/20/2002
  164. MENGELE LIVES (AT 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.) - obsolete after 1/20/2002
  165. Prayerfully Pro-Choice - This slogan of the Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights (I prefer to call it the Sacreligious Coven of Abortionite Reprobates - SCAR) is shown beneath a depiction of a robed, hooded figure offering a bloody aborted baby in sacrifice before an altar consisting of the RCAR logo (with the swastika at the heart of the cross highlighted in red) combined with a dollar sign and fasces. Other appropriate symbology to be included in the altar might be feminist symbols, condoms, etc.
  166. A silent symbol might consist of the prohibited symbol (red circle with diagonal bar) containing the end of a suction tube into which a prenatal baby is being drawn and torn apart. (This idea came to me after seeing an opposition bumper stick containing a coat hanger in the circle)
  167. Ignorant And Aborted = Barefoot And Pregnant
  168. States' Rights Are To Slavery As Women's Rights (Choice?) Are To Abortion (Child Killing)
  169. Abortion Is America's "Final Solution" To The "Negro Problem" (after Hitler's Final Solution to the Jewish Problem)
  170. A Man Has A Right To Control His Own Bodies (said by cartoon of a plantation overseer holding a whip over slaves in one hand and a Confederate flag in the other)
  171. Abortionite Mantras: Pro-Choice - Reproductive Freedom - It's My Body
  172. Silence Grants Permission
  173. Single Issues: 1) The Economy 2) Deliberate Killing Of The Helpless Which Matters More To Your (underlined) Conscience?
  174. Necrochoice or Necrochoicers (multi-purpose alternatives to "pro-choice")
  175. Euphemism: Choice [Evasion] Of The Intellectually Bankrupt
  176. Medicide: The Killing Of Medicine [The Medical Profession]
  177. Let's Not Put The Sick Out Of Our [Emotional and Financial] Misery
  178. The Grand Illusion [Delusion]: Prenatal Babies Somehow Don't Really Exist
  179. The Grand Hallucination: Abortion Is An Element [Expression] Of Freedom
  180. You Can't Vacuum Your Responsibilities Away
  181. You Won't [Can't] Kill The Memory
  182. You Can't Vacuum Your Mind [Memory]
  183. War On The Unborn: 99% Collateral Damage
  184. Rapists For Sexual Freedom (mock name of "pro-choice" organization)
  185. The Mob Still Screams For Barabbas
  186. Women's Capitulation Center
  187. "Not The Church! Not The State! White Men [Klansmen] Will Decide Their Fate!" (caption under cartoon of hooded figures attending a lynching)
  188. "The Question Is Who Decides!" (said by cartoon of plantation overseer holding whip over slaves in one hand and Confederate flag in the other) (can also be said by Nazi SS, etc.)
  189. We're For States' Choice! (said by plantation overseer cartoon as above)
  190. Keep Your Laws And Religion Off My Bodies! (said by slave owner as above)
  191. Our Bodies! Our Lives! Our Right To Decide! (said by slave owner as above)
  192. This Is Death Roe
  193. RU486: Human Pesticide
  194. RU486: Chemical Warfare
  195. Abortionmongers [Abortionites, Necrochoicers,etc.] Just Don't Get It
  196. The BIG LIE (picture of coat hanger)
  197. Molech Is Still Hungry [Never Satisfied]
  198. Roe v. Wade: Unnatural Law
  199. Abortion: Unnatural Selection
  200. Genuine [Real] Choice Requires Options
  201. Klinik Deathscorts: The Ultimate Hypocrites [Ultra-Hypocrites Obstructing The CHOICE Of Life]
  202. Is This Really Your (underlined) Choice?
  203. Hypocrites For Choice Only Offer One Option
  204. Gender Cleansing: Sex Selection Abortions
  205. Killing The Sick Is MALthanasia
  206. Real Americans Guarantee The [Natural, Inalienable] Right To Life - Oppressors Conditionally GRANT It
  207. Are You A Granter Or Guarantor Of The Right To Life?
  208. Whose Choice Are You Living?
  209. "Pro-Choice?" What Other Choice Do THEY Offer You?
  210. Can There Be A "Right" To [Commit] A Wrong?
  211. Safe And Legal (under picture of aborted baby)
  212. Never Again? (under picture of aborted baby)
  213. Abortion: Developmental [Prenatal] Apartheid
  214. Abortion: Pagan Prenatal Care
  215. Wanted Or Not, I Have A Right To Live (held by a child)
  216. I Survived The Abortion Holocaust (held by a child)
  217. Wake Up And Smell The Corpses, America!
  218. Democracy Means Responsibility For Laws We Live Under
  219. Dump Sick Willie - obsolete after 1/20/2001
  220. Restore Civilization: Fight Prenatal Child-Killing
  221. Every Abortionist A Wanted Abortionist (By The Law)
  222. Support Your Local Abortionist _ Fool Around
  223. Medi-Whores Prostitute Medical Skills (to Destroy Human Life)
  224. Terminate ALL Pregnancies! - After Nine Months
  225. Pro-Choice = Pimping for Medi-Whores
  226. "Pro-Choice": Theology of Denial [Evasion, Narcissism, etc.]
  227. Abortion: Violence to Medicine [Ethics, Morality, The Social Fabric, The Ties That Bind Us, Law, Values, Principles of Human Rights, Language, etc.]
  228. Abortionmongers: The Ultimate Anarchists
  229. XX,000,000 Abortions: The Fruits of Anarchy [Anarchist's Dream, etc.]
  230. The First Abortion Is Mental So The Victims Don't Exist
  231. Slick Willie: Slippery When Wet [letters dripping in red] (substitute other politician)
  232. Abortion Rites: [Prenatal] Human Sacrifice
  233. Hard Cases: The Wedge Issues of "Choice"
  234. Abortion Empowers [Male, Sexual] Predators
  235. Visualize Aborted [Unborn, Prenatal] Babies - The Media Never Will
  236. All Life Is Viable In Particular Environments - Including The Womb
  237. Intra-uterine Viable Children Have A Right To Live
  238. We're Shown Holocaust Victims' Bodies Lest We Forget, We're Never Shown Aborted Babies' Bodies Lest We Ever Know
  239. We're Pro-Choice For All Moral Choices
  240. It's The Nature Of The Choice That Makes The Difference
  241. Fight The Meat Manager Mentality (view of human life opposed to that of spiritual beings made in the image and likeness of God)
  242. Meat Management: Abortion, Euthanasia, Cloning, Infanticide, Etc.
  243. Meat Managers See Us [Human Beings] As Cattle
  244. Intrinsicism: Philosophy That Human Rights Are Intrinsic With Human Life
  245. Extrinsicism: Philosophy That Human Rights Are Granted/Denied By The Powerful (basis of all oppression)
  246. The Child-Killing, Stupid!
  247. Any Right To Choose Depends On What's Being Chosen
  248. Real Men Don't Use [Sexually Exploit] Women
  249. Real Men Raise Their Children [The Children They Father]
  250. Real Men [Are Faithful To, Stand By, Support, Are There For] Their Women [And Children]
  251. Rape Exceptions Insult [Patronize] Women
  252. Rape Exceptions Say Women Can't Handle It [Heroic Sacrifices, Adversity]
  253. Abortion Doesn't Undo [Worsens, Aggravates,] Rape
  254. Hard Cases Yield 99% Collateral Damage
  255. Child Molestors [Murderers, Rapists, etc.] For Choice (mock pro-abortion names for hypothetical organizations)
  256. We Won't Buy The Meat Model Of Humanity
  257. Mentally Aborting Thy Neighbor Is The Key To Every Atrocity
  258. Doublethink: Abortion-On-Demand And The Sanctity Of Life
  259. Just Say No To Barbarians In Public Offices
  260. Abortion Is Forever
  261. Abortion: Pay Now, Pay More Later [Forever]
  262. Abortion: Short Term Relief [Solution], Long Term Pain [Disaster, Grief]
  263. Life Trumps Choice [Every Time]
  264. Choice Ends Where Life Begins
  265. Abortion [Enslaves, Shackles, Burdens, Oppresses, Degrades, etc.] Women
  266. Abortion: The Ultimate Discrimination
  267. Who Is My Neighbor? (picture of unborn baby)
  268. [Do You] Think Inclusively [?] (picture of unborn baby)
  269. Do You Discriminate On The Basis Of Age, Abilities, Size, Form, Parentage, etc? (picture)
  270. Medicine's Red Light District
  271. Above All Do No Harm [ - Hippocratic Oath]
  272. I Will Not ... Induce An Abortion [ - Hippocratic Oath]
  273. Medical Whorehouse
  274. Who Is My Patient? (picture of unborn baby)
  275. My Fetus Or My Baby? (picture of unborn baby)
  276. [Prenatal] Babies Dismembered Alive Here Daily
  277. We Pray Outside, They [Planned Parenthood, etc.] Prey [or Preys] Inside
  278. Legal Abortion = Abandonment of Women [In Their Hour Of Need]
  279. Every Child *IS* A Wanted Child [By Someone]
  280. Every Child Is Wanted By Someone (Planned Parenthood slogan: Every child a wanted child)
  281. Abortion? Get Wise To The Lies
  282. Racist Abortionites Rally [or Celebrate] For Choice (photos of Nazi rally with swastika banners or hooded KKK at lynching
  283. Creedist Abortionites Celebrate Choice (photo of aircraft striking World Trade Center)
  284. It's My Body. You Wouldn't Understand (said by cartoon of unborn baby)
  285. Chastity Is Keeping Your Inner Environment(s) [Physical, Mental and Spiritual] Pollution Free
  286. Let My People Grow! (picture of an infant)
  287. Aborting God's Authority Establishes A Culture of Death
  288. Abortion: Living Human Sacrifice To The Idol's Of One's Choice [Choosing]
  289. Choosy Mothers Choose Life
  290. Choosy Mothers Wait For Marriage [Stay Chaste Til Marriage]
  291. [Only] The Chaste Are Chased
  292. Protect Your [Inner And Outer] Environments: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Social, Moral, Ethical, Political, Cultural, etc.
  293. Aborting God's Authority "Frees" Man To Abuse Others
  294. Hell Hath No Victory Like A Woman Coerced To Abort [Reduced To Abortion, Slaying Her Own Child, etc.]
  295. The Streets Of Choice Are Paved With Good Intentions
  296. Hell Hath No Defeat [Rejection, Repudiation, Renunciation] Like A Woman Giving [Choosing] Life [Birth]
  297. Choice Be Not Proud
  298. There Is Nothing Certain In This World Except Choice And Taxes
  299. This Country Is Going To Choice In A Handbasket
  300. Yea, Though I Walk Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Choice I Will Fear No Evil
  301. And All Our Yesterdays Have Lighted Fools The Way To Dusty Choice
  302. Pray For Us Sinners, Now And At The Hour Of Our Choice
  303. Into The Valley Of Choice Ride The Ignorant [Uninformed]
  304. Snatch Life From The Jaws Of Choice
  305. The Wages Of Sin Are Choice
  306. After Roe v. Wade All Choice Broke Loose
  307. The Gates Of Choice Shall Not Prevail Against It
  308. All We Are Saying Is Give Life A Chance
  309. Don't Dam The River Of Life
  310. Abortion: The Choice Of Despair
  311. The Streets Of Hell Are Paved With Choice
  312. Prenatal Children: No Voice, No Choice
  313. Abortion Treats Women As Guinea Pigs
  314. Abortion: Psychological [And Spiritual [And Social]] Suicide
  315. Abortion: A Woman's Right To [Choose To] Self-Destruct [or Destroy Herself]
  316. Pro-Ignorant Choice
  317. The Nature Of A Choice [Change Or Reform] Matters [Is Critical]
  318. Poor-Choice: All-purpose substitute for "pro-choice" (from David Reardon)
  319. Something Else Also Dies [Is Killed] In An Abortion
  320. The Baby Isn't [Won't Be] All That Dies [Is Killed][In An Abortion]
  321. ["Reproductive Freedom?" Try] Repro-Abortive License: Replicate, Then Terminate [or Exterminate] (applies to abortion, embryonic stem cell harvesting and any other activity in which reproduction takes place and the embryo or fetus is then destroyed)
  322. Abortion: The Unnecessary Evil
  323. Prenatal [Unborn] Lives Matter
  324. Abortion: Death Penalty For The Innocent Where Is The Outcry?
  325. Vessel Owners Have No Right to Kill Stowaways (Rape Analogy)
  326. Black Lives Matter? Over A Thousand Black Children Will Be Killed by Abortion This Day
  327. Single Issue? Abortion Stains This Nation Like Nothing Else [-- Ever]
  328. Pimp-Choice: Providing Cover for Medi-Whores Who've Prostituted Their Skills to Destroy Human Lives
  329. HER Body??!! HER Choice??!! (Said by cartoon of unborn baby)
  330. Chief Characteristics (or Traits) of Birthist Abortionites: Willfulness, Childishness, Selfishness, Ignorance, Hubris
  331. Leftist/Abortionite Creed: "My Will Be Done"
  332. Repro-destructive [or Repro-abortive]: Multi-purpose descriptors to replace "reproductive" such as repro-destructive assault, rites, rituals, health degradation, "care," unethical [or pseudo-] science, etc.
  333. Legal Abortion Reflects Rule of Whim, Not Rule of Law
  334. Fetus Is The Abortionmongers' "N-Word"