She's The Treasure Of My Life

reprinted from Mother and Unborn Baby Care Newsletter Sept, 1999

     This story is somewhat disassociated from our Problem Pregnancy Center mission, but not really. I think you'll see the connection. For many years on Saturday mornings at 8:30 and 10:00, a group of us (Catholics United for Life Southeast Michigan), some of whom are involved with Mother and Unborn Baby Care, have been praying in front of the Woman Care abortuary on Southfield Road south of 12 Mile. We always pray that somehow babies will be saved; that the women entering will be inspired not to have their unborn children killed; that the Lord will enter the hearts of the abortionist and staff and turn them from their repulsive careers. We also pray for many people and intentions.

     One recent Saturday morning, just as we were finishing our 8:30 prayer session, a woman drove her car up next to the group and opened the window. When we asked how we could help her, she told us a story that touched us deeply: Six years ago at the age of 41 with two teenage sons, she became pregnant and came to the clinic for an abortion. When she saw our group assembled in prayer in front of the building, she found she couldn't go through with the abortion and she drove home. In due course, she gave birth to a daughter.

     At this point in her story, the lady broke down in tears and cried: "I love that child so much! She's the treasure of my life!" There is no way that I can tell you how much this meant to our prayer group! We are there winter and summer; when it's freezing and when it swelters; when the rain teems and when the wind blows - and oft times watch the parade of women who enter for the destruction of their own progeny. We know our prayers and our presence do change minds and save lives, but it is so good to have someone tell you that a beautiful and beloved six-year old child exists and experiences the joy of life because you were there at the time of decision on some morning many years ago!

     We thanked the woman warmly for stopping and she drove away, but it made me think of the phenomenon that I've witnessed so many times at the Center - that women who almost abort their babies develop an unusually strong bond with that child. As I've heard so many times: "Every time I look at her, I am stricken to think that I almost had her killed."

     The tie-in between this experience and what we do at MAUBC is that both the prayer group and our counselors at the center are trying to do the same thing in somewhat different ways. We are trying to serve God and witness for Him by convincing women to give the gifts of life and love to their little ones and to come closer to the Lord themselves.

     By the way, both our problem pregnancy center and the prayer group welcome those who want to get involved. At the Center, we need counselors and other helpers and the prayer group's impact can only be increased by having more people supplicating Heaven. For more information, call (248) 626 6180. God bless you all!      Bob Collins