Sister Lois is arrested at Notre Dame

Sister Lois Marie Metoraj, a Felician Sister, is arrested as part of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society protest of the Obama commencement speech at the University of Notre Dame on May 17, 2009.

Transcription and pictures extracted from video on YouTube and other pictures from the protest:

(Sr Lois) All the prolifers feel that we are witnesses for Jesus and that we are witnesses for the unborn babies that they be given the right to life, like you and I have, from God Almighty. God is prolife. He wants the unborn to live. (interviewer) So you believe that it is a mistake for the university to invite the president to speak. (Sr Lois) Correct. Mr Obama needs to know that every unborn baby has the right to life, like he has. His mother was prolife. He would not be in the White House if his mother did not give him life.