Tuesday, September 21, 1999

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Church erred in giving pulpit to Candidate Gore

   Thank heavens someone had the nerve to stand up and say to church leaders, “You are wrong” (“Al Gore’s appearance a travesty for church,” Sept. 10). It is very difficult to understand how the “pro-life” Roman Catholic Church could allow Al Gore to speak in church. It seems to me like a conflict of interest. It further seems like pandering.

   The Democratic Party “promises” so much to children, the poor, the homeless and the elderly. But what has it done about any of the problems? I know Gore didn’t help any, not giving $300 to charity. Cardinal Adam Maida should denounce clergy like Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Gumbleton and Fr. Norman Thomas. He actually should excommunicate them for their noxious views. We need to pray for the church in this difficult time.

Judy Mysliviec / Shelby Township

   In response to Larry Giroux’s Sept. 10 column, “Al Gore’s appearance a travesty for church,” regarding Gore’s visit to Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Detroit: So what is the surprise here? When has the American hierarchy ever expressed itself publicly about Bill Clinton’s conduct, about the Clintons’ and Gore’s support of partial-birth murder, about the misreading of the Constitution regarding separation of church and state?

   Despite the bias in the media regarding morality and the coarsening of our culture, Catholic clergy have done absolutely nothing to secure some time on television. They must know that if they make enough noise in the right places, they will guarantee coverage.

    It cannot be said too often that if we Catholics want moral leadership in this country at all, we will not get it from the Catholic clergy but from the likes of Dr. Laura and from William Bennett. Sadly, if we want more than the sacraments, we must look elsewhere.

Duane E. Lamers / Troy

Detroit News Op Ed Article by Larry Giroux - Al Gore’s appearance a travesty for church, Sept 10, 1999