His Pain

Another one gone.
Killed, before her time.
Just another number to be counted,
As the list continues on.
And we fall to our knees;
What else can we do?
As we pray for their innocent lives
to be spared;
Suddenly I hear Him cry.
I see His horribly saddened face.
I feel the weight of His great sorrow.
Oh, how deep it truly is.
How heavy the pain He bears;
It consumes His Being.
His tears soak our hearts
And drench our souls.
How can we stop this hurting?
What must we do?
Their blood is shed every day,
As they lie at the mercy
Of unfeeling hands.
Stop - I call out.
Stop - in the Name of God!
But the clinics remain open,
And the people still come and go.
We fall to our knees once more.
Weep for the little ones;
Cry out with compassion.
Let your hearts break
For the little ones.
His heart aches for His little ones.
Cry with Him -
Feel His pain.

Laura Marie Muglia