Hesitation is felt on the edge,
As I balance between the invisible line
That separates life from death.
But fear can not grip me;
Nor can it hold me back,
Or lead me to a compromise:
The Truth is written on my heart.

There are many situations
That bring a quiver to my voice,
And a fearful tremble to my hands;
But when I serve the Lord
In the face of this "heartless slaughter",
My heart beats with courageous determination.

But as I look around, too many remain
Standing on the side;
Wondering if they should cross over
And enter into the fight.
The battlegrounds are bloody
And the tears often become your own.

It's time to join the army,
And use the greatest weapon of all:
Love can conquer sin,
And heal all open wounds.
Love removes all the fear
We may feel on the frontlines.
With His Love in us,
Our hands remain steady;
And our voices strong.

They need us to be there;
Every broken-hearted, hurting woman
Needs to feel the Love of Christ.

Laura Marie Muglia