Letter To Editor
Universal Law

By Al Lemmo

To the Editor:

The Universal Law is to love one's neighbor as one's self. But America is suffering for its failures to heed this Law. Legal abortion has ruptured the ties that bind us, delivering the message that human lives have value only when wanted by those more powerful. This has deepened the alienation, anger, rebellion and hopelessness that feed crime and other social ills. "Every child a wanted child" has made every child a conditional child to immature parents, contributing greatly to postnatal child abuse (contrary to popular myth, abused children were wanted - for the wrong reasons - more often than those not abused). Abortion's easy availability has exposed women and young girls to increased sexual exploitation and subsequent coercion to use this deadly cover-up. It has been disastrous to the physical, emotional and spiritual health of women, the breast cancer connection alone now killing far more women than illegal abortion ever did. A more powerful vehicle for the abuse, subjugation and suffering of women could hardly be imagined.

Human history is littered with failed attempts to mistreat others without consequences. How much must it cost us before we concede that the Unversal Law is as real and immutable as the laws of physics?