Letter To The Editor
Moral Waiver

by Al Lemmo December 18, 2010

Prologue: After some forty years of attempts at persuasion based on science, ethics and logic, with seemingly little to show for it, here's another approach to arguing against abortion. It simply confronts the defenders with what legalized abortion really says about women. It is presented here in the form of a draft letter to the editor.

To the Editor:

In this age of lip service to holding people accountable, legal abortion makes women the moral equivalent of children, people so immature that they are incapable of being held responsible for their actions. Unlike men, real adults who can be drafted into the military and forced to sacrifice their lives based on circumstances not even of their own making, "women" (too often teenage girls) are treated as moral incompetents. With over a million abortions annually for less than life-threatening reasons, this status is richly deserved.

Although not grown-up enough to be held responsible for their own actions, "women" have been "empowered" (really infantalized) to outsource their responsibility to their inseminators, parents, taxpayers, or, ultimately, to their own prenatal child by forcing it to pay for its parents' irresponsibility with its life.

Women will always be second class, and deservedly so, for as long as they are granted this moral waiver.

Angry? How sad. Have a cookie, little girl.

Alfred Lemmo
Dearborn, Michigan