Letter To The Editor
Partial-Birth Abortion Lies

by Al Lemmo, January 3, 2000

To the Editor:

First the abortion lobby claimed that the mother's anesthesia killed the unborn baby before the horrific partial-birth abortion procedure. This irresponsible and dangerous lie could have caused many women to postpone necessary surgery for fear of endangering their unborn children. Although it exposed the carefully nurtured myth of the industry's concern for women's health, the media chose not to notice.

Later, the industry insisted upon a health exception, knowing that the Supreme Court cleverly concealed its extremely broad definition of health (it can mean anything) in Doe v. Bolton, the companion decision to Roe v. Wade. This ploy destroys the support of borderline legislators by making them appear insensitive to the health needs of women if they oppose it. Ethical physicians know that partial-birth abortion is never necessary and that its real purpose is to assure a dead baby that is sufficiently undamaged and fresh that its parts will fetch top dollar in the market for research specimens.

What other practice must be sold almost exclusively on the basis of lies? What does it say about the abortion industry's relationship with the media when it can churn out lie after bald-faced lie for over three decades and never have its credibility challenged? Would any pro-life organization get away with the same tactic even once?

With such complicity by the media, will America ever get wise to the lies?

Alfred Lemmo