The following was written in the late 1980s to be a rallying song for the

pro-life movement. It is obviously to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the

Republic although a few minor adjustments must be made to make the

words fit the music. Twenty-five verses were written within about two

weeks in 1989. Nineteen more followed when a local pro-life group

requested verses fitting for a memorial service for children lost to abortion.

The total is now forty-six, the same as the number of human chromosomes.

The words "they" and "them" in the chorus are fully intended to have the

double meaning of both life and liberty as well as unborn babies.






Glory, glory life and liberty

Truly, truly they were meant to be

Mercy, mercy let them live and see

His truth will set us free!


1 We are proud to share the premise that our rights are come from God

To Americans self-evident, to others somewhat odd

That the value of a human life's intrinsic from the start

Our country's founding creed!

2 The right to life is paramount, no other can compare

If the right to life is compromised, the others won't be there

-We will defend the right to life for all within our care

Our unborn children too!

3 For the millions who have perished, whose existence was denied

Let it not be laid to reticence by those of us who tried

-To spread the truth and show that they were ones like us who died

Their blood cries out to God!

4 The sanctity of life is not an option to be waived

We look forward to the day when ev'ry baby will be saved

And we'll reach out to those people who are now by lies enslaved

His truth is marching on!

5 In the glory of His likeness shall we live that all may see

With a vision of His kingdom that transfigures you and me

As He died to make us holy, we shall live that all may be

Empowered by His word!

6 Though through ignorance and apathy the truth has long been missed

We are confident in victory if we will just persist

For the value of all human life begins when life exists

Its sanctity upheld!

7 While the sowers of confusion will deny and obfuscate

-Depending upon ignorance and pandering to hate

For the blood of many millions of the innocent too late

The truth is marching on!

8 They will speak of single issues to demean this worthy cause

They can sneer and scorn forever but they can't repeal God's laws

We will carry on this battle and not even stop to pause

'Til victory is won!

9 When He formed us all in secret where no human eye can see

And invested us with dignity, with all humanity

He entrusted us with freedom and in freedom shall we see

His truth go marching on!

10 While the masters of deception act to hide their grisly trade

As they traffick in the flesh and blood of countless helpless babes

We will not forget that it was in His image they were made

His truth is in our hearts!

11 As they slaughter our posterity for quick and shameful gain

We will not forget that these are human children being slain

And the impact on the nation in the future will remain

An open running wound!

12 Reproduction is accomplished long before the time of birth

Some will claim that in the interim we lack all human worth

But if worth is not inherent in all life right from the first

No human life is safe!

13 The apologists for horrors stress exceptions to the rule

An approach to human problems that appeals to ev'ry fool

Their perversion of our heritage especially is cruel

The Constitution mocked!

14 They talk of reproductive rights, a euphemism weak

To pretend that it's not killing and it's babes whose lives they seek

It's the language of denial and it's called Abortionspeak

A language made for lies!

15 The abortionmonger's credo makes denial of the facts

A necessity to camouflage their vile barbaric acts

So prenatal vivisection gets a cover for its tracks

Abortionspeak abounds!

16 The only change that comes at birth, a defense if you like

Is the child becomes a citizen, although it's still a tyke

-To kill it before birth is just a surgical first strike

Pre-empting all its rights!

17 To claim religious freedom takes a blind, unthinking nerve

When it's living human sacrifice to idols that they serve

For our precious First Amendment offers no such acts preserve

Abominations all!

18 Abortionism is the new religion of the land

If Abortionites don't want you it's your life they will demand

If you're too much of a burden they won't lend a helping hand

They'll seek to end your life!

19 In Abortionism's dogma all the worth of life depends

On each person's own utility to meet productive ends

And if killing is the means for any purpose it defends

It justifies the means!

20 In Abortionism's sacrament, the sacrifice of babes

Is to several hungry idols of a nation now depraved

Those to money, power, image, sex, convenience now enslaved

His truth will set you free!

21 In Abortionite mythology a child does not amount

-To anything until it's born, and even then there's doubt

-Don't bother me with facts they say, my whims are all that count

Self-centeredness extreme!

22 The slavers talked of rights of states, ignoring rights of slaves

-Abortionites talk privacy, ignoring rights of babes

-But privacy won't do for sending children to their graves

It's strictly talk for knaves!

23 It was said that John Brown's body lay a'moulderin' in the grave

But his spirit marched until a blemished nation had been saved

We will do the same for children destined for an early grave

His soul goes marching on!

24 In the aftermath of civil war, the nation undertook

To protect the rights of everyone, and no one overlook

Then a brazen act of tyranny our heritage forsook

For persons in the womb!

25 We are once again at civil war, the nation's heart is torn

And the tactics of the enemy by time are hardly worn

To deny the true humanity, this time of those unborn

Dred Scott your spirit lives!

26 They have said they'll go on killing even when the law is changed

As the legacy of holocaust has ethics rearranged

Just as slavery produced the Klan, abortion has arranged

For years of blood to come!

27 In a nation seeking leadership the last thing that we need

Is to sacrifice our future strength to selfishness and greed

As tomorrow's greatest resource is allowed to die and bleed

Our future stands in doubt!

28 As the present generation looks in fear on those to be

-Concerned about resources and excess humanity

Have they wondered who'll produce the things we all would like to see?

Our young are not a threat!

29 The aborted generation, the survivors of the womb

Will look back on their companions who have met an early doom

-And wonder how so many could have thought there wasn't room

In sorrow overwhelmed!

30 The philosophy of killing is dependent on the thought

That the value of another's life is little more than nought

It's the key to ev'ry holocaust and genocide we've bought

When will we see the light?!

31 As assaults upon the worth of life spill over to the born

And events bear out the truth to many whom we tried to warn

Must we wait as law's protection from each target group is shorn?

Life's value's absolute!

32 We will fight the prolongation of the silent holocaust

We will not forget the millions of our children who've been lost

And we shudder at the thought of the incalculable cost

His justice will be felt!

33 When a single child is lost it's cause for many hearts to mourn

With the sacrifice of millions sure the nation's soul is torn

With their promise for tomorrow gone the nation stands forlorn

Forever unfulfilled!

34 As our schools continue closing and good jobs are hard to fill

They continue to destroy the source of all our future skill

And persist in their denial that it's children that they kill

The Big Lie yet more shrill!

35 The absence of a multitude of young with many gifts

In a nation numbed in spirit as it slowly sinks and drifts

Will be felt when they won't be there to provide the needed lifts

Their talents gone for good!

36 It's a gross affront to womanhood to make the wretched claim

That a woman must her children kill for economic gain

And such so-called feminism isn't worthy of the name

It's violent to the core!

37 As the holocaust continues, many mother's heart is sore

For she can't blot out the mem'ry of the child that once she bore

But a gracious God won't leave her if repentance is in store

His love will see her through!

38 As a generation decimated bears out what we feared

We can not forget that millions of our young are disappeared

And that many mothers' memories are now forever seared

By loss that can't be soothed!

39 Though they hear and see no evil, many hearts are full of doubt

As practitioners of horrors strain to keep the daylight out

Though they labor long in darkness, they cannot forever flout

His holy, righteous law!

40 Though the power of the enemy against us is arrayed

We will not allow him license to all human life degrade

We'll give thanks for ev'ry babe whose execution has been stayed

Our God will see us through!

41 The arrogance of justices has life itself betrayed

In the bloodshed of the innocent, satanic force displayed

Though the enemy confronts us we are not by him dismayed

Our God will yet prevail!

42 Though the evil of abortion costs four thousand lives a day

Thanks to seven godless judges who have forced on us their way

Though the media ignore us or distort the things we say

Our message will be heard!

43 Though the commentators mention that the birth rate's not the same

They refuse to name the reason, it's a policy of shame

And it's symptomatic of a nation nearly gone insane

Awash in blood and guilt!

44 Though so many now have noticed something's certainly gone wrong

That the birth rate's in decline yet the conception rate is strong

They will not admit the reason which to them cannot belong

The truth remains suppressed!

45 The conspiracy of silence cannot work if we speak out

The enormity of evil calls on everyone to shout

To demand that life be honored and that no one snuff it out

My God has called on me!

46 They will smirk and smile and mock us but the truth will shine

on through

There's a voice we need to join us and that voice belongs to you

Will you raise your voice for justice for the unborn children too?

Their lives depend on you!