AL#2 Religion: The Cult of Abortionism

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The original version of the following essay was written in 1992 for distribution at a production spoofing Columbus and so reads as something of a spoof itself. It began with a take-off on the Communist Manifesto ("A specter is haunting America, the specter of Abortionism..."). The first two paragraphs were added and a few minor revisions made the following year. The companion glossary referred to at the beginning and end was also written in 1993 and last updated in 1997. It will be attached to the next email, AL#3, along with a file of some suggested slogan ideas that are somewhat more aggressive than those we've been accustomed to seeing.

This essay had two major objectives: to counter the charge that pro-life advocates are attempting to force one religious viewpoint on the nation and to more effectively demonstrate the linkage between abortion and other abuses of human rights. I believe it provides a simple and easily understood model in spite of its somewhat offbeat style. See what you think.






by Al Lemmo


One of the most effective ploys concocted by abortionmongers has been to portray the issue as one of conflicting religious beliefs. Combined with a concurrent disinformation campaign to destroy public understanding of the purpose of the First Amendment, and an unfortunate tendency on the part of many pro-lifers to base their position on abortion solely on their religious beliefs, the religion ploy has enjoyed remarkable success.

It is my belief, however, that the tables could be turned by demonstrating that the philosophy undergirding abortion is the underlying philosophy of virtually every degradation that humanity has ever suffered. I propose to apply the term "Abortionism" to this philosophy and the cult "religion" that it supports to emphasize that all "abortions" - i.e., terminations of fundamental human rights - are basically justified by this same destructive philosophy. Large scale aggressive application of terminology that reflects these truths could go a long way toward changing common understanding of the abortion issue. Some examples of such terminology are employed in the remainder of this article and a much more detailed source of suggested usage is available in a companion glossary.

Abortionism is the world's oldest and most destructive cult. It's central dogma, unchanged through millenia, has held that the fundamental and inalienable rights to life, liberty and property are not rights at all but conditional grants that may be terminated or aborted at any time on the basis of whatever criteria those who have the power to do the aborting choose to recognize. Any portion of the human community may be summarily excluded from recognition and even destroyed based on these criteria. The criteria may include race, color, creed, national origin, class, sex, abilities and birth.

The Abortionite dogma is totally opposed to that of the originally established "religion" of America which was an inclusive philosophy of unconditional and intrinsic human rights. The only criterion for inclusion was to be a living member of the human species, born or unborn. I choose to call this philosophy "Intrinsicism". The Abortionite dogma is then an extreme subset of a philosophy that can be called "Extrinsicism", or the belief that fundamental human rights derive from extrinsic human sources rather than being inherent with each individual.

The extremism of the Abortionite lies in his willingness to destroy (or abort) the fundamental human rights of those he has refused to grant recognition or personhood. Some may recognize these philosophies of Intrinsicism and Extrinsicism as similar to Natural Law and positivism which will not be discussed here. The major difference is that this approach is not concerned with the origin of human rights, only with the necessity of making the assumption that human rights are intrinsic with human life and the consequences of failing to do so.

The choice of criterion (or criteria) for exclusion of a class of people from the recognition and protection of the human community is what distinguishes the various sects and subsects of Abortionism from each other. It varies from one sect or subsect to the next but there is also considerable overlap among the sects. Some of the more common sects of Abortionism, characterized by their exclusionary criteria, include the Racist sect which excludes people on the basis of ethnicity, the Sexist sect which does so on the basis of sex, the Classist sect on the basis of social or economic class, the Creedist sect on the basis of religious beliefs and the Functionalist or Utilitarianist sect which excludes people on the basis of limited utility or abilities. One of the most common and active Abortionite sects in America today is the Birthist sect which excludes people on the basis of whether or not they have been born. They have much in common with the Utilitarianists and there is extensive joint membership.

Regardless of exclusionary criterion, the central dogma and guiding philosophy of Abortionism - that rights are granted to powerless people by powerful people rather than intrinsic with every individual - remains intact from one sect to the next. The reverence for power, especially the power to decide whose lives and liberties may be destroyed, has always been the common thread among all Abortionites. A Birthist Abortionite slogan neatly summarizes this point with the question "Who Decides?"

Under the principles of Abortionism, millions have had their lives, liberties and property rights aborted. The Racist sect of Abortionism, which gained such popularity that it acquired political power in Germany earlier in this century, accomplished the abortion of millions on the basis of ethnicity. The Classist sect did the same in the Soviet Union on the basis of social class. Likewise, Native Americans had their lives or property rights aborted on a large scale by the Racist sect in this country. Using Abortionism's tried and true evangelical techniques to devalue the lives of the target population in the minds of the converts (who would be expected to commit the actual abortions), black Africans had their liberties aborted on a large scale. Similarly, the Creedist sect aborted millions in many lands on the basis of religious beliefs. The Birthist sect has gained such popularity in America that it has succeeded in aborting the lives of several tens of millions of prenatal babies. Only the Universalist Abortionites have historically failed to attract much of a following because they have not focused their hatred on the basis of any popular fear or envy, insisting upon their right to abort anyone's life for any reason. They have commonly been easily recognized as mere criminals or sociopaths.

It should be noted that hatred is not essential as a motivating factor for Abortionite exclusion. Black Africans, for example, were typically not hated by their Abortionite oppressors. The Abortionites simply engaged in self-serving rationalizations for denying their personhood in order to justify their enslavement. Likewise, prenatal babies are not generally hated by Birthist Abortionites (except the most extreme). It is simply regarded as ludicrous to accord them any status as members of the human community.

The chief sacrament of the various Abortionite sects has typically been some form of murder or enslavement - i.e., some form of abortion of a fundamental human right. The evangelical genius of Abortionites has been their amazingly creative capacity to make virtues of these practices. For example, the Racist sect successfully turned genocide into a final solution for a society's non-existent racial problems. In this country it trumpeted states' rights as the higher principle to be preserved when its sacrament of slavery came into conflict with the principles of Intrinsicism, the original established religion in America. In more recent times the American zeal for personal freedom of choice has been cleverly manipulated by the Birthist sect to make the poisoning or live dismemberment of prenatal babies a matter of choice when in reality it is nothing more than the ancient sacrament of living human sacrifice to the modern day idols this nation has come to worship. These include money, power, sex, image, convenience, physical and mental perfection and human intellect. Most of these are worshipped by the other Abortionite sects as well.

It should be noted that the high priests or priestesses of Abortionism often do not commit the sacraments themselves. These acts are commonly left to the converts who are frequently soft-core and seldom asked to disavow any other more traditionally recognized religion they may profess. The high priesthood has historically found it useful not to impose such a requirement, in part so as not to expose the fact that Abortionism is a competing religion. It has been far more effective to simply piggyback the Abortionite reverence for power and control on to the existing system of beliefs that predominate in a given culture. Furthermore, by remaining above the fray, the leadership can cultivate an altruistic image, fighting for the exclusionary privileges of their converts to deny inclusion of their target populations.

The Birthist sect in America has been particularly adept at this dogmatic symbiosis, mimicry of virtue and cultural parasitism. It has deceived many into believing that Abortionite doctrine is consistent with Christianity, consistent with the original established religion in America (Intrinsicism), and even protected by the First Amendment guarantee of religious freedom. Incredibly, they have even succeeded in passing themselves off as the champions of original American dogma while undermining it at every turn in the promotion of their own. This has been accomplished by intense application of the quasi-Orwellian principle of Abortionthink, in which the victim's life is systematically devalued to the point of irrelevance.

Concerted use of Abortionspeak, a dialect of Orwell's Newspeak, the language of denial, confusion and devaluation, has been critical to achieving the mass state of consciousness in which prenatal babies simply do not exist in the minds of the Birthist Abortionite converts. In this condition they are perfectly prepared to administer the Abortionite sacrament.

Abortionthink is closely related to the Orwellian concept of doublethink in which the practitioner is trained to hold two mutually contradictory ideas in mind at the same time and accept both of them. Thus, Abortionite converts have historically been able to participate in all manner of violence while still professing beliefs in traditional religions that abhor it. The Birthist sect has raised this art to new heights, professing to believe in the traditional ethic of sanctity of life for the prenatal child while accepting its destruction for virtually any reason. They have no problem with viewing the child as either a separate patient for whom heroic medical efforts may be made by fetologists, or as an object that may be disposed of at will. As one theologian put it, "in a successful manipulation of the mind, the person is no longer saying the opposite of what he thinks but he thinks the opposite of what is true." Abortionite converts who have reached this state of consciousness have achieved the ultimate spiritual development as members of the cult.

The totalitarian party in Orwell's 1984 had three slogans which were exercises in doublethink that expressed key principles of Abortionism. These were: "War is peace", "Freedom is slavery" and "Ignorance is strength".

"War is peace" expresses the reverence for and sanctification of violence and the exercise of power to accomplish the goals of the particular Abortionite sect. These goals are typically regarded as so beneficial that working toward them would constitute peace in spite of the work itself consisting of violent acts. And in any case the violence was directed against non-persons, the target populations who had been rationalized out of existence in the minds of the Abortionite converts through the process of Abortionthink. (It should also be noted that the totalitarian party in Orwell's 1984 regarded power as an end in itself rather than simply as a means to accomplish other goals. This is the essence of Abortionism.)

"Freedom is slavery" expresses contempt for genuine, individually responsible development and exercise of conscience that might bring to mind suppressed ethical principles that would likely be in conflict with the Abortionite principles which are destructive to freedom and which the convert is expected and encouraged to place above all others. The freedom to modify one's behavior to follow the traditional ethical principles such as reverence for life, even at some personal cost, is regarded as slavery to antiquated, sentimental and oppressive ideas.

"Ignorance is strength" expresses contempt for the knowledge of opposing ethical principles and humanizing facts about the target populations of the particular Abortionite sect which might lead a convert to backslide to some more traditional religion and reject Abortionism. Abortionite sects that practice the sacrament of war have often promoted hateful myths about foreigners to further their aims and the Birthist sect is well known for its enthusiastic promotion of ignorance about life before birth to dehumanize its intended victims.

Orwell's Abortionites had one further slogan: "Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past". Today's Abortionites are well aware of the truth expressed in this slogan and accordingly practice classical Orwellian reality control with great enthusiasm and diligence. They are busily devoting themselves to rewriting history to support the Abortionite version of the creation of society as we know it. The Birthist sect is particularly devoted to this, expending much energy to undermine public understanding of the history of the laws that restricted prenatal human sacrifice as well as the history of the attitudes of society and of the predominant traditional religion in America, Christianity. Their work in this area included total fabrication of medical statistics and bore fruit with the publication of the satanic verses known as Roe v. Wade.

The principal objects of worship in Abortionism have been the idols noted earlier. Perhaps the most difficult of these to recognize historically has been human intellect. The true Abortionite has an unshakable faith in either his own intellect and powers of reason or those of some Abortionite theologian, holding those who do not share this faith in utter contempt, especially if they have placed their faith in something as intangible as God. The difficulty in recognizing this idol is that it is worshipped to some degree by virtually everyone.

Abortionite sects have occasionally erected temples wherein to practice their sacraments. The Racist sect operated a number of temples in Europe some years ago, doing so with great secrecy, but the Birthist sect openly operates hundreds of temples in America and many other countries today.

The unholy scriptures of Abortionism are the writings of the prominent theologians of the various sects (Mein Kampf, The Communist Manifesto, Roe v. Wade, etc.). The theologians have often given lip service to the concepts of freedom and democracy but have usually meant the freedom of their Abortionite followers to democratically (among themselves) abort the freedoms of others. The theologians themselves have often been held in such awe and esteem as to constitute demigods. They have often been spellbinding as public speakers and possessed of a remarkable fluency in Abortionspeak, mesmerising people with clever phraseology and slogans which have often been transparently inane to anyone who stopped to think about them (e.g., "reproductive freedom" after reproduction has occurred or "a woman has a right to control her own body" when it is her prenatal child's body that is to be destroyed).

The leading theologians have never convened a joint council and Abortionism has never issued a unifying document clearly stating its dogma. This is largely because the various sects have always lacked a common hierarchy, mainly because their common dogma easily justifies their aborting of each other at every opportunity. The repeated failures of humanity to recognize Abortionism and receive dispensation from its sacraments can be traced to the difficulty of identifying its destructive unifying philosophy. It is a stealth religion.

The closest humanity has come to exposing the common dogma of all the forms of Abortionism was in 1776 when the theologians of the American Reformation stated that they held as self-evident truths the beliefs that human beings are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, first among which were the rights to life and liberty. This has remained the foremost statement of Intrinsicist philosophy of all time. Their genius was in directing the allegiance of the people to the fundamental and inclusive principles of human rights, in which everyone had a vital interest, rather than to any ethnic, religious, political, socio-economic or other exclusive affiliation. It became clear to the people that it was only by respecting and defending the fundamental principles of human rights for all that they could safeguard their own.

Although the American theologians successfully fashioned a philosophy opposed to Abortionism, which would guide the growth of an amazingly diverse nation for nearly two hundred years (ending in 1973 when Abortionism became the official established state religion through an act of judicial tyranny), they failed to clearly identify and thereby expose their true enemy. Democracy was not their primary goal. They would have been content to remain subjects of the King of England if he had properly recognized their inalienable rights. Their theological descendants, who are now engaged in a bitter battle with the Birthist sect of Abortionism, have likewise largely failed to identify their true enemy and even their own premises. The basic premise of today's pro-life Intrinsicists has been a simple but logical application of the inclusive premises of the nation, the dogma of the original established American religion (Intrinsicism), to life before birth. However, because they typically professed a strong faith in God and Biblical principles and expressed their Intrinsicist philosophy in terms of the sanctity of life rather than fundamental principles of human rights, they allowed the Birthists to successfully appeal to the American ideal of freedom of religion, masquerade as its champions, and substitute the destructive dogma of Abortionism for the nation's inclusive founding dogma of intrinsic human rights.

The Birthist campaign was amply funded by the medi-whores of the prenatal vivisection and fetal processing industries and skillfully aided by necropimps in the national entertainment and information media, as well as in certain nominally Christian churches. Birthist propaganda has consistently depicted their opponents as religious fanatics, among the most feared and disliked character types known to the American psyche. Saddled with this deliberately fabricated negative image, the true champions of American dogma have had enormous difficulty even getting many Americans to listen to their message.

True Abortionites instinctively gravitate toward the governmental, educational and informational institutions of a society because it is from within these institutions that they can most quickly and effectively erode the resistance of a people to the Abortionite agenda. It is no accident that the Birthist sect is so heavily represented in these institutions in the United States today.

The use of wedge issues to obscure the common humanity of the targets and the converts of Abortionism, in order to exclude the former from the human community, has been a tried and true evangelical technique for the cult. The Racist sect has frequently used patriotism and economic issues such as unemployment for this purpose, whipping up hatred against minority groups. In addition to freedom of religion, as noted above, the Birthists have very effectively used so-called hard cases (rape, extreme poverty, mother's health, etc.), using the emotional impact, immediacy and visibility of these otherwise legitimate concerns (as well as the much greater ease of identifying with postnatal people in such situations) to divide the people from their prenatal brethren. Used in combination with Abortionthink and Abortionspeak, the synergistic effect has been overpowering, especially in the current cultural climate which has seen millions grow up morally retarded and ethically dysfunctional. Many have even absolved themselves of responsibility with the Pontius Pilate Posture: personally opposed to (but willing to assist in) private executions of the known innocent. The present cultural environment is so thoroughly polluted that it has been difficult for many to distinguish Abortionism's philosophical toxic waste from the surroundings.

Birthists often rationalize their violence through faulty analogies to killing in war or by capital punishment. They point to the killing of the culpable as the moral equivalent of the killing of the innocent and clumsily attempt to justify these deaths rather than hold those who have conceived children under undesirable circumstances responsible for their own actions. This kind of dysfunctional sense of responsibility is a hallmark of Abortionites ("I was just following orders").

Historically, one Abortionite sect often paves the way for the others by targeting the weakest members of a society whose exclusion and destruction may seem rational and even compassionate. For example, the Utilitarianist sect led the way in Germany by targeting the handicapped, making it much easier for the Racists to advance their agenda later. The Birthists have led the way in America such that the Utilitarianists are now making rapid progress in relieving the burdensome of their lives.

The first objective of any Abortionite campaign has been to breach the wall of separation between freedom and oppression (or civilization and barbarianism) which is the philosophical foundation of a free or civilized society. This wall is the philosophy of Intrinsicism. Once the wall is breached by compromising the integrity of the philosophy that protects life and liberty, all the criteria of the various Abortionite sects then compete on an equal basis because they are justified in principle.

Abortionism is humanity's original false religion. Its historical success is due to the fact that there is a natural tendency in each of us to embrace its enticing dogma. An ancient story even describes how the world's first two Abortionites attempted to abort the rights of their Creator with disastrous results for all generations thereafter. Eternal vigilance is the price of keeping Abortionism in check, yet it has such an amazing capacity to evade detection, mutate and adapt itself to any culture, that it has continued to plague humanity, even infecting a society as dedicated to human rights as our own in epidemic proportions.


If you found this article worthwhile, please consult the companion pro-life glossary which provides a variety of terminology and clarifies misnomers that have plagued the discussion about prenatal child-killing from the outset.

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One of the latest instances of the religion ploy occurred in the Michigan gubernatorial debates when Jennifer Granholm, the Democratic candidate, stated that she accepted the teaching of her church (Catholic) that life begins at conception (but she'd still be willing to allow its destruction). Few seemed to notice what had just occurred because it was so subtle. Birthist Abortionites like Granholm have long insisted on the truth of a key false premise of their cult -- that when "life" begins (not when an *individual* human life begins, which is not the same thing -- i.e., they're also fond of confusing individuals with isolated living cells like sperm and ova which are not individuals of our species) is a question of religious doctrine. Contrary to Birthist dogma, the time at which an individual human life begins is a matter of biological, scientific fact, not a matter of religious doctrine.

The glossary mentioned above was intended largely as a teaching tool and provides some detail on matters of biology as well as other subjects. I'll be sending it to you shortly as an attachment. You can access the glossary, the essay above and much (but not all) of the material I will be sending you (and some other things I won't be sending you) at the website of Catholics United for Life (, migrating to Page down to the Documents section. My writings begin about half a dozen items from the top of the section. The glossary was dubbed the "Glossary of Abortionism" by my friend who runs the website. You can also go directly there with these links:

Abortionism: America's New Established State Religion

Glossary of Abortionism

Thanks again for reading this. I hope it has helped.

Al Lemmo

Dearborn, Michigan

October, 2002



Abortionism really entails a three step process for full development. The first abortion is that of the authority of God, often disguised by making some claim to having been empowered by God. The second step could be called the "mental abortion" of relegating the target population to some sub-human category, and the third is the actual physical abortion of lives or liberties. The first abortion was downplayed in the essay above (briefly hinted at in the last paragraph) but it is really the key. What's truly amazing is how many people now think that removing the religious basis of our nation will somehow improve matters when the religious principles this nation and others in the West have followed are the basis of our success and commitment to human rights. (See the draft letter to the editor at the end of email AL#1. A parallel movement to expunge the influence of religion from public policy is occurring in the European Union.) In spite of the numerous examples, especially in the last century, of the crushing failures of the man-as-god approach, some people seem determined to try it again. This is likely due to the ancient desire to be "liberated" from God's authority. One strategy to accomplish this has been a campaign to discredit religion by blaming religion for wars. But this lie is ably exposed by Michael Medved in his article, "Religion is unfairly blamed for the world's wars," accessible at The article is dated 11/3/99 and is found in the archives at the bottom of the column.

Many thanks to those who sent messages of encouragement after receiving the first email, AL#1. There were also some requests to be removed from the mailing list, but the only ones that were really discouraging were such requests from so-called "leaders" of the pro-life movement, sometimes known as the "Frozen Chosen." I suspect there is some relationship between the close-minded rejection of new or different ideas by some of our so-called leadership and the less than blazing success we have had in reducing the number of abortions. We have long credited our opponents with clever strategy in changing the terms of the debate by emphasizing choice, but too many of our leaders seem unwilling to change our own approaches. I'll be discussing some of the efforts that have been made to change the pro-life message in future emails. I hope you'll stick around for them.

Al Lemmo

Dearborn, Michigan

November 23, 2003