Media and Abortion Violence


The national news and entertainment media have long provided pimping

services for the medical whores of the abortion industry who have

prostituted their skills to destroy human life, typically using only

euphemisms like "pro-choice" (which presumes a moral choice when that's the

only thing at issue) or oxymorons like "safe abortion" or "abortion rights"

(there's no such thing as a right to a wrong). Abortion "rites" would make

sense to reflect the living human sacrifices to the idols this nation now

worships (money, power, sex, image, convenience, physical and mental

perfection) but don't count on seeing it.


The media have sensationalized the seven murders of abortionists and their

staffs and stereotyped the "typical" pro-lifer as an incoherent religious

fanatic who rationalizes murder. This shoot-the-messenger strategy

capitalizes on the deep American distrust of religious fanaticism. Our

brain-washed masses can now recall these crimes on cue like Pavlov's dogs.

But they will have never even heard of the seventy-seven murders (at this writing)

of pro-life people, many of them women who resisted coercion to abort (so much

for "choice"). These and thousands of other crimes against pro-life people have

been almost completely ignored by the media (documentation at

One can only imagine the media reaction if pro-lifers adopted a threatening

slogan like "No Justice, No Peace" for which the politically correct get a pass.


But the worst abuse has been the blackout of images whose power they know

full well. They will show the bodies of genocide victims in places like

Rwanda, even the naked bodies of Nazi death camp victims. This is

appropriate, lest we forget. But they have never shown the mutilated bodies

of aborted babies, lest we ever know.


A slogan of Orwell's totalitarian party was: "Who controls the past controls

the future; who controls the present controls the past." By their near total

control of the present the media Thought Police have manipulated a nation

into meekly accepting the slaughter of its young.





You can go directly to the web page on violence against pro-lifers at the

Human Life International website (referenced in the above letter) with this