Democrats and Division

The so-called Democrats practice "divide and conquer." They have divided us by class, sex, race, religion, generations, language groups and financial interests into multiple constituencies, each bought by some typically unconstitutional government entitlement that Democrats can stay in power by defending. They have corrupted the electorate, subverted our democratic system and undermined the foundations of our republic. They have divided income from work, knowledge from schooling, certification from achievement, advancement from merit, benefits from fiscal realities, morality from law, power from accountability, legislation from constitutional authority (read Article I, section 8 and the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution), voting from citizenship (recently adding illegal aliens to such traditional constituencies as the deceased), individuals from responsibility (preferring to bury it in groups), responsibilities from freedoms, punishment from crime, the right to life from prenatal lives (so much for the "little guy"), children from parental authority, fatherhood from family, religion from moral development, and sex from love, commitment and marriage.

The Democrats' success at dividing consequences from behavior has built a nation of broken lives and a culture of dependency. Their socialist vision of utopia is a society of equal outcomes regardless of talent, effort, drive or virtue with all authority vested in an all-knowing central government - God, church and family having been eradicated. Their idea of democracy is voting the sticky-fingered, heavy hand of government deeper into one's neighbors' pockets.

Want to destroy America? Just elect this party of division, destruction and death.