Abortion and Religious Freedom


Three out of the four NPR commentators on *Roe v. Wade* last week babbled

pro-abortion drivel. Why am I not surprised?


Perhaps the most idiotic and dangerous nonsense came from the rabbi. He

seems to believe that we must respect any idea - such as his delusion that

human lives begin at birth - regardless of how inane - and the actions it

justifies, regardless of how horrific, if the idea is put forth as a

religious belief. Let's suppose there were a religion that believed life

begins at puberty because the ability to reproduce is essential to every

living thing, a belief that is actually more plausible than the good rabbi's

fixation with birth which is biologically insignificant. Presumably, under

his perverse concept of religious freedom, pre-pubescent children could be

subjected to poisoning, live dismemberment and having their brains sucked

out in the same manner as prenatal children and we would be constitutionally

powerless to prevent it.


[End of letter]


Birthist Abortionite necropimping from the religious perspective often

attempts to use the First Amendment as a universal cover. After making their

ludicrous assertions that contradict biological realities, they draw the

equally ludicrous conclusion that the only reasonable societal standard to

adopt when "religions" disagree about the standing of prenatal lives is the

lowest possible standard -- which is no standard at all. We must tolerate

the unrestricted slaughter of prenatal children because to do otherwise is

to violate religious freedom.

This is worse than ludicrous. It is obscene.