The Bill of Frights

(aka The BRIGHTS Manifesto)

A Declaration of the Principles and Premises of the Wrong-Wing of
the American Political Universe.

When in the course of societal evolution, it becomes necessary for those most fit to rule, by virtue of their greater education, wisdom, goodness and moral enlightenment (hereinafter referred to as the BRIGHTS, for Benevolent, Rational, Insightful, God-like Humanists Transforming Society)to dissolve the political constraints which have heretofore unjustly lumped them with the Masses, especially the dense, poorly educated and unenlightened DIMS (Diminished Intellects, Morally Stunted), and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and enhanced station to which the Laws of Reason entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of humankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

Therefore, We the BRIGHTS, in Order to consolidate more perfect Control, establish perfect social and economic Justice, insure domestic Subservience, provide for a common Standard of Living, promote universal Welfare, and secure the Benefits of BRIGHTS Governance to ourselves, the Masses and our Posterity, do set forth these non-negotiable principles and premises of the BRIGHTS Philosophy and Agenda.

Article 1. There is no god. Allegiances among the Masses to any mythical being or beings shall not be recognized in law in any way.

Article 2. There are no supernatural beings or phenomena. We the BRIGHTS have complete faith that claims of miraculous phenomena can only be based on poor observation and interpretation.

Article 3. There is no natural law. All genuine law and moral principle is positively determined by the BRIGHTS based on their vision, their will and their principle of reason, uncontaminated by religion or other antiquated traditions and superstitions.

Article 4. There are no absolute truths except that there are no absolute truths. All moral truth shall be determined by the BRIGHTS relative to the BRIGHTS philosophy, principles and agenda.

Article 5. Freedom of individual conscience shall be paramount so long as it does not conflict with the BRIGHTS philosophy, principles and agenda.

Article 6. Free exercise of religion shall be confined to harmless worship. No precepts of any religion regarding relationships among human beings or communities, especially those precepts considered to apply beyond the adherents of a particular religion to the whole of society, shall be recognized in law, except insofar as they are consistent with the philosophy and principles of the BRIGHTS.

Article 7. Free exercise of the BRIGHTS government to counteract and destroy the antiquated, ignorant and oppressive moral and religious precepts of the DIMS shall not be questioned.

Article 8. To accelerate the demolition of the oppressive DIMS worldview, especially among their impressionable young, their historical heroes and icons shall be portrayed as having serious character flaws, as hypocrites, and even as SADS (Sexual Affinity Disorder Sufferers), regardless of the scarcity of evidence to support such portrayals.

Article 9. There shall be strict separation of church and state, except for those churches or other religious institutions which are supportive of the BRIGHTS philosophy, principles and agenda.

Article 10. BRIGHTS supporters who cling to superstitions regarding the supernatural shall be co-opted by assurances that they are empowered by their deity to support the BRIGHTS philosophy, principles and agenda. This shall be regardless of how blatantly the traditional teachings of their deity are violated or contradicted by the BRIGHTS.

Article 11. It shall be the ultimate objective of BRIGHTS governance that the BRIGHTS philosophy, principles and agenda shall become universally regarded as so benevolent, beneficial and wise as to never be questioned or opposed and that the BRIGHTS themselves shall become as gods, objects of worship in place of mythical beings.

Article 12. Scientific knowledge and principles shall be the basis of all law except insofar as they may be inconsistent with the BRIGHTS philosophy, principles and agenda.

Article 13. To accomplish the praiseworthy and benevolent ends of the BRIGHTS philosophy, principles and agenda for all, any available means may be justified and employed for as long as necessary.

Article 14. The powers of the BRIGHTS government shall be unlimited. Obstacles to the progression of BRIGHTS governance, such as DIMS allegiance to obsolete founding principles and documents of the nation, shall be overcome through concerted BRIGHTS judicial interpretations and exploitation of proven loopholes such as the words General Welfare and Commerce. Whenever possible, troublesome but little known provisions of such documents shall be simply ignored.

Article 15. Founding documents shall always be characterized as "living" so as to imply progressiveness, easy adaptability, relevance to current conditions and legitimacy of manipulations that suit the BRIGHTS philosophy, principles and agenda. The writings of the Dead White Male founders, many of whom clearly had no understanding of human freedom, as shown by their ownership of slaves, shall be ignored or discredited, especially insofar as they argued that their work secured limited government.

Article 16. There is no creator capable of endowing human beings with anything, and especially not unalienable rights. The BRIGHTS specifically reject the Doctrine of Divine Endowment which the DIMS claim is the premise of the nation. The BRIGHTS alone shall be as gods, knowing right from wrong and dispensing perfect social and economic justice in accordance with the principle of BRIGHTS reason.

Article 17. Individuals are included in or excluded from the moral community of persons recognized under the law based on the criteria established by the BRIGHTS in accordance with the principle of BRIGHTS reason.

Article 18. Rights are granted or denied to all by choice of the BRIGHTS based on the principle of BRIGHTS reason and recognizing only those criteria for any choice to make such grants or denials that are approved by the BRIGHTS. No rights shall be inherent with human lives based only on their biological existence. We the BRIGHTS shall decide.

Article 19. Sufficiently undesirable or troublesome individuals or entire populations, as determined by the BRIGHTS, shall be subjected to demeaning and dehumanizing media campaigns, marginalized and mentally relegated to subhuman categories in the public mind. They shall be placed outside the moral community of persons, thereby effectively removing conscience as an obstacle, such that anything can be done to them in order to achieve the wise and benevolent BRIGHTS objectives.

Article 20. There is no settled law. All laws arising from DIMS traditions shall be subject to revision based on the BRIGHTS philosophy, principles and agenda, especially those based on such oppressive ideas as monogamous and solely heterosexual marriage and the sanctity of human life. Existing laws bearing the taint of religion shall be especially suspect.

Article 21. The BRIGHTS international movement shall insert such vague, positive and harmless sounding terms as "reproductive health care" into international documents and agreements such that they can later be interpreted by BRIGHTS dominated judicial and administrative bodies to include such practices as prenatal live dismemberment, and held to be binding on all nations, even where DIMS traditions are still strong, under such concepts as customary law.

Article 22. Everyone of any age has a fundamental right to have sexual relations with any one or more individuals, animals or objects, at any time, in any place, in any manner of their choosing. Sexual relations shall be considered a need rather than simply a want, which must be satisfied at any cost. The BRIGHTS government shall be empowered to enable sexual relations of any kind for all, without adverse consequences and regardless of any ignorant, backward and antiquated DIMS religious precepts to the contrary.

Article 23. Everyone of any age has the right to terminate any condition arising from the arbitrary caprices of nature which might result in the unequal treatment of the sexes. No one shall have any responsibility or obligation to any mere products of conception.

Article 24. Everyone has the right to a common standard of living as determined by the BRIGHTS.

Article 25. Everyone shall be expected to contribute to society in accordance with his or her abilities as determined by BRIGHTS wisdom.

Article 26. Everyone shall receive what is due him or her according to his or her need as determined by BRIGHTS wisdom.

Article 27. The existence of material inequities in society being evidence of structural economic injustices, the BRIGHTS government must have the power to rectify such inequities and equalize living standards for all.

Article 28. Those possessing greater wealth or receiving greater incomes than others must be taxed more heavily than others because that's where the money is.

Article 29. The BRIGHTS government must have the power to rectify historical social injustices based on race, ethnicity, sex, age, language, national origin, sexual disorientation, lifestyles, deathstyles or other common criteria for discrimination, based on BRIGHTS principles, regardless of the degree of responsibility for such injustices or degree of injury due to such injustices on the part of those now living.

Article 30. Responsibility for all social and individual problems shall be attributed to society as a whole. The concept of individual responsibility shall be erased from human memory to promote the universal habit of looking to BRIGHTS wisdom for all decision-making.

Article 31. Negative consequences of foolhardy or immoral behavior as judged under the DIMS value system, whether the behavior be economic, social, political or otherwise, and regardless of how predictable, shall be mitigated to the maximum extent possible and as often as necessary. This is to demonstrate the infinite BRIGHTS capacity for compassion, expand the pool of debilitated and indebted individuals in need of the comprehensive BRIGHTS governance, and ensure continued fealty to the BRIGHTS government. DIMS objections to this approach as subsidizing bad behavior or moral hazards shall be characterized as economically or socially disastrous, narrow-minded, lacking in compassion and cruel.

Article 32.It being essential that the BRIGHTS control the present in order to be able to control understanding of the past and thereby control the future, the BRIGHTS must have the power to limit access of the DIMS to communications media and the recording, interpretation and teaching of history. This is to prevent the DIMS from infecting society with antiquated and oppressive ideas that are contrary to the BRIGHTS philosophy, principles and agenda. The BRIGHTS may rewrite history as necessary to delete records of earlier failures in the application of the BRIGHTS philosophy, principles and agenda.

Article 33. Only language such as libberish, approved by the BRIGHTS government's Ministry of Truth, shall be acceptable in public discourse so as to discourage dissention from BRIGHTS policies and even the thinking of heretical thoughts. Critical language shall be characterized as hateful, racist, sexist, discriminatory, inciting violence, terroristic, extreme or otherwise unacceptable and punishable regardless of the absence of evidence for such characterizations. This is to bully and intimidate any resisters, put them on the defensive and place them in the logically impossible position of having to prove that they are not as accused. False witness in the defense of the BRIGHTS philosophy, principles and agenda shall be encouraged as patriotic, healing, nurturing of brotherhood and promoting the eradication of bigotry and hate, regardless of how hateful it is in itself.

Article 34. The BRIGHTS must keep the Masses focused on highly emotional if illusory diversions (Hate, Imminent Environmental Catastrophes, Energy Crises, Population Bombs, New Ice Ages, Debt Bombs, Inflation, Global Warming, Nuclear Winter, HIV-AIDS Pandemics, Unsafe Uterine Cleansing, etc.) sold as the moral equivalent of war. Preoccupation with these wars is to prevent awareness of and possible opposition to the stealthy and permanent consolidation of BRIGHTS control which will bring the ultimate peace. Thus, War is Peace.

Article 35. Freedom shall mean the ability to do anything one wants, with no responsibilities or obligations attached. Obsolete visions of freedom which incorporate such extraneous concepts are bondage to antiquated, sentimental and oppressive ideas. Such Freedom is Slavery.

Article 36. Schools shall be established to efficiently promote the BRIGHTS philosophy, principles and agenda for the enlightenment of the Masses. The schools shall not be permitted to provide more than a shallow understanding of human history or any awareness of antiquated ideas, concepts and principles that might cause anyone to question the wisdom and moral authority of BRIGHTS governance and thereby threaten the legitimacy of BRIGHTS rule. For the continued flourishing of BRIGHTS governance, Ignorance is Strength.

Article 37. The primary BRIGHTS technique for public education shall consist of loud, sustained, coordinated and consistent bleating from a multiplicity of sources so as to create the impression of overwhelming consensus by this proven principle of Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad. Dissent from BRIGHTS positions shall be discouraged by ridicule, character assassination, career destruction, blacklisting and passionate pronouncements that the debate, whatever the subject, is over.

Article 38. Ethnic diversity shall be celebrated to demonstrate BRIGHTS benevolence and brotherhood. Religious diversity shall be exaggerated so as to justify marginalizing in the name of religious equality any ethical systems that could conceivably compete with or contradict the BRIGHTS philosophy, principles and agenda. Diversity of thought, especially of political opinion, shall be strongly suppressed. DIMS resisters of the BRIGHTS philosophy, principles and agenda shall be characterized as merely religious fanatics bent on forcing their narrow, backward, ignorant and oppressive worldview on the whole of society.

Article 39. BRIGHTS supporters must be constantly discouraged from entertaining dangerous ideas that they could be self-sufficient or in any way able to function successfully without the benefits provided by BRIGHTS governance. Their inherent incompetence and helplessness without the BRIGHTS must be accepted beyond doubt. The underlying negative and defeatist message that "you can't" must be repeatedly reinforced to crush any movement toward independence from BRIGHTS governance and destroy their self-confidence, self-esteem, self-reliance, initiative, hopes and dreams.

Article 40.The message "you're on your own" and therefore helpless without BRIGHTS governance must be driven home and believed by BRIGHTS supporters in spite of the existence of family, religious and fraternal associations, unions, co-operatives, profit-making and non-profit corporations, insurance plans and all manner of other organizations the Masses have historically created to manage their affairs apart from the legal monopoly on the use of force and coercion that is government.

Article 41. The BRIGHTS shall benevolently offer their wisdom and judgment for the benefit of the Masses as a permanent solution when the BRIGHTS concepts of peace, freedom and education produce their usual social chaos. Should the offer be rejected, the BRIGHTS shall take whatever steps they may deem necessary to assure permanent BRIGHTS control anyway. The BRIGHTS shall always be positioned to pose as the saviors of the Masses, especially where electoral choice is still an option.

Article 42. The Masses must be constantly reminded of their indebtedness to and dependence upon the BRIGHTS for providing them with wise and morally enlightened governance which meets all their needs and which should not be questioned. The Masses must learn to ultimately love the BRIGHTS as though they were big brothers and sisters, in spite of any disasters or sufferings that may be mistakenly attributed to BRIGHTS policies, or any punishments that may be applied against those who oppose the BRIGHTS philosophy, principles and agenda.

Article 43. Crimes determined by the BRIGHTS to have been motivated by hate, especially hate for the BRIGHTS philosophy, principles and agenda, shall receive additional punishments regardless of DIMS traditions prohibiting unusual punishments. Other thought crimes shall also be enacted into law as BRIGHTS creativity deems necessary.

Article 44. Everyone shall have the right to vote for those candidates and ballot questions approved by the BRIGHTS without regard to national allegiance or ability to prove identity. BRIGHTS supporters shall be encouraged to vote early and vote often and to assist BRIGHTS supporters who are no longer living to exercise their right to vote as well.

Article 45. The BRIGHTS must have the power to adjust the results of elections in accordance with scientific statistical procedures when the Masses have clearly erred in their judgments. Successful candidates offered by the DIMS shall be harassed with constant recall campaigns.

Article 46. The Masses must be prevented from possessing weaponry by which they might harm themselves or others, or even, unthinkable as it may seem, rise up against BRIGHTS governance.

Article 47. Rights and principles not covered in this document shall be determined by the BRIGHTS on an ad hoc basis.

Article 48. The BRIGHTS always know best. The Masses must learn to leave the thinking to us.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on our own dazzling brilliance and moral perfection, and eagerly anticipating the Triumph of the BRIGHTS Will, We the BRIGHTS pledge the lives, fortunes and eternal futures of the Masses.

Done in Collusion by the Anonymous Consent of the BRIGHTS present the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Selves two thousand Eleven and of the Sovereignty of the United Nations the Sixty-Seventh. In witness whereof We have hereunto refrained from subscribing our Names.

Signed by:

The BRIGHTS Benevolent, Rational, Insightful, God-like Humanists Transforming Society