Booklet of talks given by Pope John Paul II

To produce a copy or copies of a booklet containing the major speeches of Pope John Paul II during his Oct 4-8, 1995 visit to the US do the following:

  1. Down load the Postscript file (hold down the shift key while clicking on the link to save it to a file on your machine).
  2. Print the file on a Postscript printer, doing what is ever necessary to make sure the content is interpretted as Postscript by the printer. (Every other page will be upside down, which is necessary for the next step.)
  3. Photocopy the printed pages using 1-side to 2-side conversion.
  4. Using a long-throw stapler put two stables 5.5 inches in along the long dimension, from the top.
  5. Fold along the stable line.

Make extra copies for you friends.