by Al Lemmo

Version 1.5, Dearborn, Michigan, November, 1997

This glossary has been compiled to aid all pro-life Americans in their struggle against the alien and destructive philosophy that has gripped our land in the guise of enhancing freedom. It includes a variety of new terms and some humor but its purpose is extremely serious. It is an effort to equip the pro-life side with new understanding and tools to change the terms of the debate.

Particular attention should be directed toward the concept of Abortionism and such terms as sadistician, necrochoicer, necropimping, medi-whore, depravigentsia, Birthist, Sentiencist, babyectomy, gravida, Intrinsicism and Extrinsicism, abortionthink, Abortionite Klansmen, Pontius Pilate Posture, medicide, abortion rituals, Abortionspeak, necronym, Slaveraid, irreversibility and intra-uterine viability. Efforts have been made to demonstrate the links between prenatal child killing and other historic violations of human rights as well as with such political and ethical subjects as Just War Theory, Orwellian totalitarianism and political correctness.

It is hoped that widespread use of the terminology set forth herein will help expose the true nature of the underlying philosophy of prenatal child killing, put the hard-core necrochoicers on the defensive, and demoralize or even win over their soft-core allies. The emphasis is on the foundation philosophy of human rights (called "Intrinsicism") which this author believes has universal appeal and will therefore be far more effective than any approach based on religion or the sanctity of life. A companion article on Abortionism is available and recommended for a more detailed discussion.

Abortionite Broadcasting Company. A communications network peopled by Abortionites who censor and slant news and information to promote the Birthist Abortionite agenda.
An individual who believes in aborting the rights of others, sometimes to the point of justifying their destruction, on the basis of their abilities or handicaps. A member of the Utilitarianist sect of Abortionism. See also UTILITARIANIST and FUNCTIONALIST.
A euphemism used to describe the poisoning or live dismemberment of prenatal children without benefit of anesthesia. Frequently used in this glossary to include any abrogation of human rights under the philosophy of Abortionism. In this context it is a sacrament of the cult of Abortionism.
A temple of the Birthist sect of the Abortionite cult wherein their sacrament of prenatal human sacrifice is practiced.
The world's oldest and most destructive idolatrous cult whose central dogma holds that human rights are conditionally granted or denied to powerless people by powerful people based on whatever criteria the powerful choose to recognize. Those who do not meet the Abortionite criteria for inclusion may have their rights summarily aborted through Abortionite sacraments (crimes) at any time. The criteria, which define the various sects of the cult (Racist, Sexist, Birthist, Creedist, Classist, Utilitarianist, etc.), may include ethnicity, sex, birth, religion, social or economic class, and abilities. The term "Abortionism" also refers to the underlying philosophy of the cult.
An unethical physician who has chosen to abandon the ethical norms of the medical profession and prostitute his or her medical skills to destroy prenatal human life.
Of or pertaining to the cult of Abortionism. Also, a member of any sect of the cult of Abortionism.
The defect in the conscience of Abortionites resulting from the practice of abortionthink such that the target population of the particular Abortionite sect has ceased to exist in the Abortionite's mind as human persons. It is for this reason that Abortionites just don't get it when it comes to understanding oppostion to their sacraments (crimes).
A metaphorical ethical precipice over which a society will plummet when it abandons the high moral plateau in which all human life is protected unconditionally. Often more generously described as a slippery slope. American society has been in free fall over this precipice since Roe v. Wade.
Abortionites, especially those of the Birthist sect, who will continue to practice their sacraments even after they have been outlawed, because they have been taught by experience that they have a right to do so. The Ku Klux Klan is the best known example, although they are members of the Racist sect. Similarly, Birthist Abortionites have made plans to continue their sacrament of prenatal child-killing underground should the protection of law be restored to prenatal children.
The abortion of a fundamental human right by a member of the cult of Abortionism when committed against a member of a target population peculiar to his or her sect. Commonly understood among non-Abortionites to be a crime.
One of the subdivisions of the cult of Abortionism which can be identified by the criteria by which it targets human populations for exclusion from the human community and ultimately for abortion of their fundamental human rights. The major Abortionite sects include Racist, Sexist, Birthist, Classist, Creedist and Utilitarianist. There is much overlap among them, the most highly developed Abortionites being convinced that exclusion should apply to anyone not like themselves.
The full range of characteristics common to practicing Abortionites including mastery of abortionthink, fluency in Abortionspeak and possession of a fully developed Abortionite blind spot. Individuals who possess these skills are capable of looking at piles of bodies, whether prenatal children or death camp victims stacked in ovens, and not see human beings.
An hypothetical conference of representatives of all Abortionite sects which could never actually be held due to their proclivity for aborting each other.
A facility in which Abortionite sacraments and other forms of Abortionite worship and religious formation are practiced. A number of temples were operated secretly in Europe by the Racist sect in the 1930's and 1940's but the Birthist sect openly operates many temples in many countries today. See also ABORTUARY.
An Abortionite, especially one of the Birthist sect, for whom the lives of prenatal children or other target populations have no significance at all. One who enthusiastically promotes abortion as a positive solution for a multitude of problems.
An oxymoron used by Birthist Abortionites, abortionmongers, necrochoicers and the like to describe and defend a state of anarchy with respect to protecting the lives of prenatal children and abuses of freedom that destroy human lives both prenatally and postnatally. See also CHILD KILLING PRIVILEGES.
Actions surrounding the sacrifice of prenatal children or other target populations to Abortionite idols, to include any pre-mortem examinations, usually conducted in an Abortionite temple by the Birthist sect. Suggested usage in preference to the oxymoron "abortion rights".
A suggested term to substitute for "abortion rites", especially in oral communication, to avoid any confusion with the oxymoron "abortion rights". Its description of prenatal child-killing as human sacrifice to the idols our nation has come to worship should be emphasized. See also ABORTION RITES.
A dialect of Orwell's Newspeak used by Abortionites to deny the realities of their sacraments (murder, slavery, etc.) and thereby enable doublethink. Used extensively in present day America by the Birthist sect to confuse the unconverted population and thereby confound effective action against their sacrament of child-killing. Very effective for necropimping.
Doublethink with respect to the value of life, holding in the case of the Birthist sect of Abortionism that prenatal life is both inviolable under the ethic of sanctity of life and also disposable at any time for any reason. Also, the rationalizing process of devaluing the life of another sufficiently to justify destroying that life with little or no remorse based on any of the Abortionite criteria which define the various sects.
A form of insanity characterized by great excitement and enthusiasm for abortion. Common among abortionmongers and other Abortionites, especially those of the Birthist sect, after the process of abortionthink has run its full course.
Love of abortion. A warm, even passionate emotional attachment to abortion, especially as practiced by the Birthist sect, when it is seen as a wonderful, life-enhancing and essential option in life. Characteristic of abortionmongers and other Birthist Abortionites.
A facility in which prenatal human sacrifice is practiced. A temple of the Birthist sect of Abortionism wherein this sacrament takes place. See also ABORTIONITE TEMPLE.
The foremost missionary organization of Abortionism and related cults such as Evangelical Paganism. Variously known as Atheists, Communists and Liars Unscrupulous; Anti-Christian Litigation Union and Abortionite Confraternity of Litigious Ultra-Leftists. An organization devoted to destroying the moral foundations of American society by eradicating the influence of religion from public life.
A medical procedure used to diagnose problems in prenatal children by analyzing material sampled from the amniotic fluid. Advocated as part of a search and destroy policy by eugenicists and other necrochoicers.
An individual who believes that many if not all animal species have an equal claim to the recognition and protection of human society. Curiously, Animalists are frequently Birthist Abortionites who recognize few or no such claims for prenatal human children. This is due to their primary Abortionite affiliation with the Sentiencist sect. See also SENTIENCIST.
A negative label adopted by the necromedia to refer to pro-lifers, sometimes even applied in coverage of euthanasia to promote the desired negative image of pro-lifers as busybodies and meddlers in private matters. Contrast with the necromedia's use of necrochoicers' preferred euphemisms for themselves.
The preferred descriptor of Birthist Abortionites, abortionmongers, necrochoicers and the like for pro-lifers and others who oppose the administering of Abortionite sacraments. Its foolishness makes perfect sense to persons with fully developed Abortionite blind spots who are incapable of understanding that the only thing that makes any Abortionite sacrament unacceptable is the nature of the choice.
The choice to self-abort one's life with help from one or more other persons. Popular with Functionalist Abortionites for putting the sick out of our misery when they cannot manage it alone. See also MEDICIDE.
The surgical removal of a baby from a woman's body, usually in many pieces in order to kill it. A suggested alternative to the euphemism "abortion".
A piece of clever imagery concocted by abortionmongers to insinuate that any prenatal child-killing conducted outside the law is necessarily unsanitary and a much greater hazard to the health of the mother than child-killing conducted under the present state of anarchy. Widely used by necropimps.
A Biblical character who was guilty of serious crimes but was released in preference to a man known to be innocent when the responsible public official, claiming to be personally opposed, staged an act of democratic theatre, knowing that the mob's choice would be to his own political advantage. Today, mobs still scream for the release of the culpable and the deaths of the innocent and public officials still wash their hands.
A technique for making lies become truth in the public mind by having the lies constantly repeated, preferably from a multiplicity of sources, giving an overwhelming impression of their truthfulness. Perfected by a Racist Abortionite in Germany, it is lavishly used today by Birthist Abortionites, abortionmongers, necrochoicers and necropimps.
A piece of clever imagery concocted by Birthist Abortionites, abortionmongers and necrochoicers to insinuate that restrictions on prenatal child-killing would mean government intrusion into the most private and personal aspects of people's lives. It proved extremely effective in spite of being patently ludicrous.
A relatively new branch of ethics that deals with the issues created by modern biological science, especially in the areas of reproduction and life support. Heavily infiltrated by Birthists and other Abortionites, it has virtually become the black art of rationalizing the unconscionable, sometimes even dispensing with all pretenses for formulating any rationale.
A form of cultivated ignorance used by Birthist Abortionites in pathetic attempts to twist scientific facts to fit their grotesque agenda. Usually characterized by the use of observable, scientific phenomena such as birth and the functional capabilities of the prenatal child as philosophical criteria for the definition of biological life in place of the true biological criteria. Curiously, the bio-ignorant seem to enjoy flaunting it.
A non-violent means of dealing with a pregnancy that occurs under undesirable circumstances. The prenatal child is permitted to continue living throughout the limited period of the pregnancy and appropriate arrangements are made for its care after the natural terminating event of birth. See also CIVILIAN BASED DEFENSE.
The process or event occurring approximately nine months after the beginning of each individual human life in which the child changes habitat or environment from intra-uterine to terrestrial, having acquired the necessary adaptations to survive in this next phase of the human life cycle.
A term commonly used to mean contraception, that is, the prevention of conception, although some methods act by producing early term abortions of the lives of prenatal children. Prenatal child-killing is actually the only form of birth control other than Caesarean delivery because that's what it controls, not conception.
A member of the Birthist sect of Abortionism who believes in aborting the rights of others on the basis of whether or not they have been born, often to the point of justifying their deliberate destruction. Of or pertaining to the Birthist sect.
A term popular among Birthist Abortionites and abortionmongers to describe prenatal children and thereby dehumanize them in the minds of potential Abortionite converts to facilitate their destruction.
Possessed by beliefs that individual human lives begin at some other time than conception or that the question is a religious one or that such subjective, ill-defined and self-serving criteria as self-awareness, viability or appearance have anything to do with the question. Also used to describe the cessation of brain waves to imply that brain function has ceased and the individual can therefore legally be declared dead because the brain has no capacity for revival with current medical technology, i.e., brain wave loss is irreversible. It does not follow that the onset of embryonic brain waves some six weeks after conception marks the beginning of life because brain waves will be irreversibly present (about six weeks later) once conception has occurred. Conception marks the beginning of irreversible life for an individual. See also IRREVERSIBILITY.
A method of religious training among Abortionite sects, popular for its effectiveness, especially when the culture at large is supportive.
A popular criterion among the bio-ignorant for the existence of a new individual human life, often held up as gospel truth (it actually has some Biblical basis) in spite of its biological insignificance.
Confraternity of Birthist Slanderers. A communications network dedicated to slandering pro-life Americans.
A suggested, accurate alternative to the oxymoron "abortion rights". See also ABORTION RITES.
A term used by the original, pro-life, nineteenth century feminists to describe what is commonly called abortion today.
The most popular mantra of Abortionites, especially the Birthist sect. Used as a euphemism and necronym for the Abortionite sacraments.
A person who has been born and has thereby acquired certain rights accorded on the basis of national identity. In the United States citizenship is conferred under the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution to those who have been born or naturalized. Many categories of non-citizens are also persons who have basic human rights regardless of national identity (permanent residents, illegal aliens, etc.).
A doctrine of social activism which requires disobedience to unjust laws. Usually held up as heroic and laudable among the politically correct except when practiced by pro-lifers to save human children instead of whales, owls and trees. Such actions by pro-lifers are known as rescues and are not true civil disobedience since no unjust laws are broken. The just laws which protected prenatal human life were destroyed by Roe v. Wade, leaving only a state of anarchy. See also RESCUE and CIVIL OBEDIENCE.
A pacifistic theory for national defense against military aggression which calls for non-violent non-cooperation with the aggressor in spite of the possibility and even likelihood of severe losses. CBD calls for the nation so raped to endure the unwanted child of the rapist nation, its occupation army, indefinitely until it is withdrawn in exasperation. The objective is to avoid the even greater violence of war. See BIOLOGY BASED DEFENSE.
Obedience to the basic laws of civilization which require human societies to recognize and protect all human beings.
A member of the Classist sect of Abortionism who believes in aborting the rights of others on the basis of social or economic class, sometimes to the point of justifying their deliberate destruction. Communists are a typical example.
Cable Necropimping Network. A communications network which provides necropimping services for the prenatal child-killing industry primarily through cable television.
A piece of clever imagery concocted by Birthist Abortionites, abortionmongers and necrochoicers to promote the Big Lie that illegal instances of prenatal child-killing were conducted by crude means that were always dangerous to women.
The application of intimidation or other forcible means to assure that certain choices are made. Nearly always employed by Abortionites to compel others to make the destructive choices sought by the Abortionites.
A military term meaning incidental or unintended harm to persons or property in close proximity to a legitimate military target. The rationalization of prenatal child-killing on the basis of so-called hard cases results in rates of collateral damage in excess of 97%, rates that would be morally horrendous if produced by the military.
A biological relationship in which one organism (animal or plant) lives with, on or in another without injury to either. Adamantly denied by bio-ignoramuses in order to maintain their ludicrous belief that "dependence" has anything to do with the scientific definition of biological life. See also DENIAL.
A suggested, more appropriate phrase to use in place of the morally bland "perform abortion". See also PRENATICIDE.
A necessary condition under the Just War Theory to lead a nation into war. Commonly violated by analogy in the war on prenatal children when their destruction is decided upon by minors or individuals who are sadly and often deliberately ignorant of the nature of the act.
A clever semantic device concocted by Birthist Abortionites, abortionmongers, necrochoicers and the like to insinuate that part of the pro-life agenda is that all women must become pregnant at some time in their lives or even as often as possible. The pro-life agenda only requires that an established pregnancy be completed as a matter of preservation of existing life, parental responsibility and similar ethical principles.
The union of sperm and egg cells resulting in a zygote or fertilized egg. Identical to the term "fertilization". Deliberately and inaccurately "redefined" by the American Medical Association to mean the implantation of the zygote in the uterine wall several days after fertilization in order to loosen moral strictures against actions that might damage or destroy human zygotes and embryos.
A term invented by Birthist Abortionites and abortionmongers to dehumanize the prenatal child in the minds of potential converts.
A principal means of promoting the Birthist Abortionite agenda by sloppy use of terminology and failure to distinguish biological, ethical, legal, moral, religious and other concepts such that persons exposed to the gibberish become exasperated and unwilling or unable to oppose the Abortionite campaign.
A political philosophy characterized by trust in individual initiative, tradition, experience and time-tested institutions rather than human ingenuity for reshaping the world for the better from the top down. Conducive to spiritual degeneration when practiced apart from ethical systems which require attention to social responsibilities.
The prevention of conception by keeping the sperm and egg cells from meeting and fusing.
The support for and practice of prenatal child-killing by persons who are members of ethnic groups that are themselves the targets of Racist Abortionites. These ethnic groups usually experience disproportionately higher rates of prenatal child-killing due to the synergistic effect of targeting by both Racist Abortionites from without and Birthist Abortionites from within.
A decision-making process which myopically excludes any consideration of factors that cannot be measured in dollars and cents and can therefore result in extremely serious damage to ethical systems. It can be easily manipulated as proven repeatedly by Birthist Abortionites, abortionmongers and necrochoicers.
An individual who believes in aborting the rights of others, sometimes to the point of justifying their total destruction, on the basis of their religious beliefs. A member of the Creedist sect of the cult of Abortionism. Of or pertaining to the Creedist sect.
A choice regarded by society as so unacceptable and destructive as to be punishable by law if exercised.
Ignorance with an agenda. A lack of knowledge due not so much to a failure to learn as to a determined refusal to accept certain knowledge because to do so would undermine cherished political or philosophical beliefs. The condition is common among Birthists and other Abortionites, abortionmongers and necrochoicers. See also BIO-IGNORANCE.
Abortionmongers, Birthist Abortionites, necrochoicers, necropimps and the like who engage in systematic assaults upon the legal, moral, ethical, philosophical and other foundations of American society in their quest to destroy the roots of opposition to prenatal child-killing. Also descriptive of Evangelical Pagans and others with similar agendas.
An individual who attempts to maintain women seeking to receive the sacrament of prenatal human sacrifice at a Birthist temple in a state of ignorance such that the women will proceed with the sacrament in spite of the efforts of any pro-lifers attempting to provide information that might cause them to make a life-sustaining choice. Usually prattling some Birthist mantra such as "choice" while at work, the deathscort is an ultra-hypocrite.
The pastoral staff of a Birthist Abortionite temple. Also, any other group of individuals engaged in administering the sacraments of Abortionite sects.
A principal means of promoting the Birthist Abortionite agenda by simply refusing to acknowledge the very nature of its objectives. Used very effectively in concert with confusion to promote a variety of Big Lies.
A cherished criterion for the existence of life among the bio-ignorant who steadfastly refuse to acknowledge the reality of commensalism, symbiosis and parasitism as biological relationships in which unique organisms depend upon organisms of other species. See also CULTIVATED IGNORANCE.
A cultural elite devoted to the Orwellian practice of reality control with the objective of removing all social restraints on perverse and immoral practices. The depravigentsia are concentrated in Hollywood, New York and academia.
The outbreak of widespread depravity in a society when its moral foundations have suffered severe damage.
The process of undoing the mental training of cult members. For Abortionites this would include healing the Abortionite blind spot to develop a mature conscience, nurturing an inclusive ethical system, abandoning abortionthink and Abortionspeak and educating the individual about the humanity of the target populations of his or her sect.
The exclusion of the any portion of the human population from social recognition and protection based on their less developed abilities. Applicable both prenatally and postnatally.
The process by which cells become specialized into the various tissues of the body. Usually first detectable within the first few cell divisions after fertilization as the cells of the early embryo lose the ability to generate a complete adult organism if separated from each other.
A technique for early term prenatal child-killing which involves dilating the cervix and inserting an instrument to scrape the uterine wall to destroy and remove the prenatal child and its supporting organs.
A technique for late term prenatal child-killing which involves dilating the cervix and inserting instruments to pull apart and remove the prenatal child and its supporting organs.
A technique for late term prenatal child-killing which involves pulling all but the child's head through the cervix so that the child is not yet technically born, puncturing the base of the skull with a scissors, evacuating the brain with a catheter so that the skull can be collapsed, and removing the dead baby from the mother's body. This causes minimal damage to the child's body to facilitate harvesting of its organs.
Having the full number of chromosomes in the cell, the chromosomes existing in pairs. See also GAMETE.
A term from human rights activism used to refer to persons who suddenly and completely drop out of sight forever in societies given to human rights abuses. The United States currently has some 35,000,000 children who are disappeared - and counting.
The making or perceiving of differences and distinctions, usually to evaluate choices. Illegal when conducted in accordance with generally discredited Abortionite criteria, it remains legal when practiced on the basis of physical maturity by the Birthist sect of Abortionism. See also REFORMED ABORTIONISM and POLITICALLY CORRECT.
An increasingly popular concept promoting brotherhood, acceptance and recognition for all people regardless of such politically correct criteria as ethnicity, religion or sex. The celebration of diversity of form has not been extended to include prenatal children.
The belief among Abortionites that any individual Abortionite has a divinely-ordained right to abort any and all rights of members of the target populations of the various Abortionite sects.
A Biblical concept, especially important to Calvinists, regarding the relationship of man to the rest of creation, especially life on earth. Perverted by necropimps in certain churches, in a classic exercise of Orwellian reality control, to provide theological cover for prenatal child-killing in spite of that fact that Calvin himself was strongly opposed to this abomination.
A complex concept first explored by George Orwell in the novel "1984" but succinctly described as the ability to hold two contradictory thoughts in one's mind at the same time and accept both of them. Necrochoicers evidence mastery of the practice when they claim to believe in the sanctity of life while accepting the deliberate destruction of prenatal life for virtually any reason.
A procedure historically used to involuntarily select men for military service to protect the nation's interests. Subsequent participation in warfare could then expose them to a variety of extremely unpleasant situations for indefinite periods as well as loss of their lives, or physical and emotional problems for the remainder of their lives. Suggested contrast with the proposed pro-life agenda of requiring pregnancies to be completed to preserve human life and the nation's moral integrity. While usually inconvenient and occasionally hazardous, pregnancy is of finite duration with few physical or emotional negative aftereffects. It is also usually due to one's own actions. Even when it is not, the pro-life agenda is much less demanding of women than the draft has been of men. See also BIOLOGY BASED DEFENSE.
A term used by abortionists to describe the birth of a live and often seriously injured baby as a result of a failed attempt to kill the child prenatally.
Characterized by having an especially perverse responsibility dysfunction such as opposing capital punishment for the culpable while defending the practice against the most helpless and innocent members of human society.
A scientific term for an organism in the early stages of its development. In humans, usually before ten weeks gestation.
The process or time at which the soul enters the physical human body according to some theologians. Often used as a basis for ridicule by Birthist Abortionites because it is not provable in any scientific sense.
A person so obsessed with the negative impacts of human activity on the natural environment as to be willing to dispense with human life, especially prenatally, to mitigate such harm.
A semantic device highly favored by all varieties of Abortionites to put a positive face on their horrible sacramental practices and deny their realities. Some examples include "pro-choice", "final solution", "ethnic cleansing" and "reproductive freedom".
A single word oxymoron and euphemism meaning "good death". The practice of putting the sick out of our misery by active means or neglect.
A cult movement dedicated to eradicating the restrictions of the predominant Judeo-Christian culture on various forms of idol worship, particularly Abortionite sacraments.
The ability of the child to survive in the extra-uterine or terrestrial environment. Suggested usage in conjunction with intra-uterine viability to emphasize that the prenatal child is perfectly "viable", i.e., able to live in the only environment to which it is adapted at that stage of the human life cycle. Extra-uterine viability actually exists at conception as evidenced by the ability of the embryo to begin development in a Petri dish, is temporarily lost as the embryo becomes more complex, and is regained in the latter stages of pregnancy.
An all-purpose epithet favored by those unable to articulate a rational objection to their opponents' positions. Thus, defenders of prenatal children, especially if they reject most or all hard case wedge issues, are "extreme" while those who accept the destruction of prenatal children for any reason at any time are "enlightened", "tolerant", "defenders of freedom", etc. See also PROJECTION.
An individual who believes that fundamental human rights are extrinsic, being granted to the powerless by the powerful. A primary characteristic of Abortionites. See also INTRINSICIST.
Used as an epithet by Birthist Abortionites, abortionmongers and necrochoicers to describe pro-lifers whom they regard as wanting to restrict their religious freedom to practice the Abortionite sacrament of prenatal child killing. Real fascists are members of other Abortionite sects, especially the Racist sect, which have been historically discredited and are more readily identifiable.
The preferential killing of female prenatal children. See also GENDER CLEANSING.
An individual, usually female, who believes that the practice of prenatal child-killing or its toleration somehow enhances the dignity, character, standing or other aspects of the lives of women.
An individual, usually female, who is a dedicated and fanatical abortionmonger. Such individuals believe that the option to kill prenatal children is essential to the political, social and economic advancement of women.
A suggested response to the epithet "male chauvinist pig" when merited.
An assortment of negative feelings and reactions common to female Birthist Abortionites which are elicited by any suggestion that prenatal child-killing should be restricted. These include anger, resentment, humiliation and general emotional distress. It is regarded as outrageously insulting by such individuals that such nonentities as prenatal children should be accorded any recognition or protection by society which would limit the options of their mothers. See also TOXIC SHAME.
A pro-life, usually female individual who believes in and works toward the political, social and economic equality of women with men. Commonly misunderstood to be in favor of the option of prenatal child-killing. True feminists believe that it is the male-dominated society that must change to accommodate the real and different needs of women and children rather than that women must change to become the killers of their own children to achieve equality (thereby adopting some of the worst characteristics commonly attributed to men) or that children must be sacrificed.
The union of sperm and egg cells resulting in a zygote or fertilized egg. Identical in meaning to the term "conception".
A term used by abortionists to describe the problem of extracting the relatively large prenatal child's body through the relatively small cervical opening.
The irrational fear that the acknowlegement of the fundamental right to life for prenatal children must somehow diminish the nature or standing of women in society.
From the Latin for "young one", the prenatal child from approximately ten weeks gestation until birth. Preferred terminology by many Birthist Abortionites for its scientific correctness yet general unfamiliarity or strange quality which aids in dehumanizing their target population. Generally applied to any prenatal child regarded as a potential recipient of the Birthist sacrament of prenatal child-killing.
A euphemism and necronym concocted by the Racist sect of Abortionism which held political power in Germany in the 1930's and 1940's. Used to describe the genocide practiced against the Jews. The full name was the Final Solution for the Jewish Problem. Prenatal child-killing has become America's Final Solution for the "Negro Problem", the unwanted pregnancy problem, and other "problems" with controlling the populations of "undesirables" as perceived by those who control the nation's cultural agenda.
The part of the United States Constitution which forbids the government from restricting certain rights of the people and from establishing a national religion or restricting the free exercise of religion.
An act of war intended to deny the target its defenses, usually by surprise or swiftness, such that effective defense cannot be employed. Prenatal child-killing accomplishes this by pre-empting the rights normally accorded to human individuals after birth. Nowhere is this intent clearer than in partial birth abortion.
The use of terminology in such a way that words mean the opposite of their literal or traditional meaning. A technique for diminishing the power of words. See also OPPSPEAK.
A term used by Birthist Abortionites, abortionmongers, necrochoicers and the like to describe any restrictions on prenatal child-killing. Women are always described as being "forced" rather than simply required to take certain actions. A term much favored by the necromedia which never describe prenatal children as being forced to give up their lives. Also, one of two essential elements of law, the other being morality.
The state or condition wherein individuals may make choices within limits designed to safeguard the well-being of all members of society, its benefits depending upon whether or not it is exercised with love. It can also be characterized as the ability to choose good over evil. Choosing evil over good is an abuse of freedom and a failure to observe the basic Law to love one's neighbor as one's self.
A slogan of the totalitarian party in George Orwell's "1984" which is a guiding principle of Abortionism. The benefits of freedom require that good be chosen over evil and that it be exercised in love, whereas Abortionism requires that evil be chosen over good and that love be regarded as one of many antiquated, sentimental ideas from oppressive ethical systems which demand self-denial and self-discipline. The slogan is a deliberate exercise in doublethink, a skill developed by practicing Abortionites. True freedom, which requires the individual to work at developing a sound conscience rather than one with the Abortionite blind spot, is slavery to Abortionites.
An individual unencumbered by the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of the ages who persists in formulating moral philosophies in the blissful vacuum of ignorance, all the while believing this practice to be the epitome of sophistication and rationality.
An individual who believes that the rights of others may be aborted at any time, sometimes to the point of justifying their total destruction, on the basis of their functions or abilities. A member of the Functionalist or Utilitarianist sects of Abortionism. Of or pertaining to the Functionalist sect. See also ABLE-IST and UTILITARIANIST.
A reproductive or germ cell having half the somatic chromosomal complement (haploid) produced by the process of meiosis in organisms which reproduce by sexual means. An egg or sperm in humans. Such cells have no destiny but death within hours or days at most unless fused with their counterpart by fertilization. They do not proceed through the human life cycle or produce other forms and are not individuals of our species whose loss carries any moral significance. Yet it is a favorite fixation of the Birthist bio-ignorant to claim that life is a continuum having no identifiable starting point because these forms exist. Such persons are unable or unwilling to distinguish these isolated cells from those diploid cells which constitute an individual of our species that is proceeding through the life cycle. See also LIFE CYCLE.
The elimination of one sex from a human population. Usually conducted against females prenatally. See also FEMICIDE.
The state, process or period of growth and development of a human being or other species in the womb from conception to birth.
The belief that the abrogation of fundamental human rights can be conducted on the basis of selected criteria without danger of the criteria expanding to target additional populations.
The persistent and habitual belief or thought process that regards child-killing as being a legitimate expression of freedom.
The persistent and habitual belief or thought process that proceeds as though prenatal children somehow do not already exist. Usually evidenced by fluency in Abortionspeak.
The scientifically correct term for "pregnant woman". Suggested as an example of dehumanizing language for those who insist upon the terms "fetus" and "embryo" or even more dehumanizing concoctions of their own.
Persons advocating the loosening of moral strictures that protect helpless human individuals either prenatally or postnatally in order to facilitate the harvesting of their organs for research or transplantation purposes.
Having half the full complement of chromosomes in the cell, only one of each pair being present. Typical of gametes produced by the process of meiosis. See also GAMETE.
That set of legitimate human concerns such as rape, extreme poverty, mother's health, etc., that have been effectively employed by Birthist Abortionites as wedge issues to divide the prenatal and postnatal human populations from each other. See also WEDGE ISSUE.
A quaint old phrase traditionally used to mean "give birth". Perverted into the lexicon of lies known as Abortionspeak to promote The Grand Illusion that prenatal children somehow do not exist until birth.
A term used euphemistically by Birthist Abortionites, abortionmongers, necrochoicers and the like to include acts that result in the deaths of human beings. Such use is an example of a necronym and a Big Lie. See also NECRONYM and BIG LIE.
A practitioner of the medical arts who has abandoned the principles of the Hippocratic oath which generally prohibit doing any harm and explicitly prohibit the giving of deadly medicine or a device to cause the death of an unborn baby.
A term used by the mother or others to describe an unwanted prenatal child, especially if the mother was an unwilling participant in its conception. One of many indicators that abortionthink is in progress. The child, as always, is just as much hers as his regardless of the father's social standing. See also MY BABY, ABORTIONTHINK, FETUS, BLOB, PRODUCTS OF CONCEPTION, etc.
Ignorant of history, especially deliberately so in order to justify particular viewpoints or practices.
Excessive or overweening pride or arrogance. Characteristic of Abortionites as they determine who may or may not be included in the human community. Especially evident among Birthists as they prejudge the quality of life of an individual over an entire lifetime based on anticipated circumstances at birth which is itself usually many months away.
An individual living creature (being) of the human species, Homo sapiens. The term describes only the biological nature of the entity, not any philosophical or religious concepts that many attach to what it means to "be human". The individual progresses through stages of development, changing habitat at birth, but remaining the same individual and species throughout the process. Often confused by the bio-ignorant with isolated living cells such as gametes which do not proceed through a life cycle. Bio-ignoramuses also often define the term as a biological entity on the basis of philosophical criteria that are irrelevant to biology.
An ancient Abortionite sacrament in which human lives are destroyed in offerings to false gods. See also IDOLATRY.
The parent philosophy of positivism which is the parent philosophy of Abortionism. The philosophy based on the principle that man is the measure of all things.
A Caesarean section performed to remove a late term prenatal child and kill it by means of neglect, starvation, drowning, strangulation, suffocation, etc.
The worship of false gods. Universally practiced by Abortionites of every sect whose primary false god is often their own intellect. Other common Abortionite idols include money, power, sex, convenience and image or reputation.
The love of ignorance. Typical of Abortionites of every sect.
A slogan of the totalitarian party in George Orwell's "1984" which expresses a guiding principle of all Abortionites. Cultivated ignorance of the humanity of the target populations of the various Abortionite sects coupled with ignorance of ethical systems that reject Abortionism is the strength of the cult. The slogan is a deliberate exercise in doublethink which is a skill achieved by mature Abortionites who are typically recruited from cultures in which it is believed that knowledge is power.
The modern day equivalent of "barefoot and pregnant".
A convert or full member of the Sexist sect of Abortionism usually described by the sect as a "mature adult". An example of oppspeak. All Abortionites are morally immature, having developed to varying degrees the Abortionite blind spot or complete Abortionite syndrome. See also PORNOGRAPHY, ABORTIONITE BLIND SPOT, ABORTIONITE SYNDROME, OPPSPEAK and FLIPSPEAK.
The anchoring of the developing embryo in the uterine wall about a week after conception which soon makes it detectable, due to hormonal secretions, by testing of the mother's blood or urine. Suggested by some as a time before which the embryo's destruction may be morally permissible because it is undetectable and by others as a time after which it's destruction may be permitted because it is then fully dependent upon the mother. Both approaches are typical of the ethically dysfunctional and morally retarded thought processes of mature Abortionites.
An ethical rule in warfare, commonly violated in modern times, which requires that unarmed civilian populations never be directly attacked. A primary basis for objections to nuclear war planning. Commonly violated by analogy in the war on prenatal children who are innocent victims of the behavior of others.
An increasingly popular concept describing actions, words and thinking that carefully avoid excluding any members of the human family on the basis of such politically correct criteria as sex, ethnicity, language, and religion, from any human activity. Inclusiveness has not yet advanced to the point of applying to prenatal children who may still be excluded from the activity of simply remaining alive. True inclusiveness is an exercise in love and the giving of the benefit of any doubt to the other.
The most common form of idolatry among Abortionites who passionately believe in their own powers of reason to rationally determine who may or may not be included in the human community.
The ability of the prenatal child to survive in the intra-uterine, prenatal environment or habitat. Used to emphasize that prenatal children are perfectly "viable" in this environment.
An individual who believes that fundamental human rights are intrinsic with each human individual from the beginning of its existence. A primary characteristic of pro-lifers. See also EXTRINSICIST.
The bringing together of egg and sperm in a glass dish outside the body to assure that fertilization occurs regardless of the condition of internal organs of the mother. The success of this technique puts the lie to all nonsensical assertions that there is any question about when each individual human life begins.
That quality of a process that precludes a prior state from being attained again. The characteristic associated with brain wave loss under the present state of technology that is most responsible for its acceptance as a criterion of death. It can also be said that an individual human life is irreversibly present after conception and that all the criteria treasured by bio-ignoramuses and other Birthist Abortionites, such as sentience and self-awareness, will be irreversibly met if the prenatal child is not destroyed.
A suggested symbol for Birthist Abortionism consisting of a skull within the mirror of Venus (feminine symbol composed of circle with cross below) and having hooked ends on the cross to form a swastika. A takeoff on the Jolly Roger and Molly Yard.
An aspiring tyrant, frustrated by the democratic process, who believes it to be his or her divinely ordained mission in life to instruct lesser intellects as to what their laws ought to be.
The legal doctrine that courts may pass judgement on the constitutionality of laws passed by legislatures instead of merely resolving disputes in accordance with those laws. A power not granted to the judiciary under the United States Constitution which only defines the jurisdiction of the courts (the types of cases they may handle). Successfully ignored by some early presidents, it is now regarded as cast in stone and a favorite necropimping tool for Birthist Abortionites to thwart all attempts to restore legal protection to prenatal children.
A necessary condition under the Just War Theory to lead a nation into war. Commonly violated by analogy in the war on prenatal children who are frequently destroyed for less than compelling reasons.
An ethical theory developed by Christians to justify the killing of other human beings in war under certain conditions.
A necessary condition under the Just War Theory to lead a nation into war. Commonly violated by analogy in the war on prenatal children who can almost always be delivered at birth and put up for adoption when the biological mother is unable to raise them. Killing of the child prenatally is almost never the last resort available.
An enforceable rule set forth by a governing body based on moral principle. Law not based on morality is based only on force.
The social operating principle based on "might makes right", "eat or be eaten" or similar dicta. The operating principle of those who would justify the destruction of prenatal children conceived by acts of rape.
A brain disease characterized by blind faith in human reason to radically and beneficially restructure society in spite of all historical experience to the contrary. Often accompanied by responsibility dysfunction. See also RESPONSIBILITY DYSFUNCTION.
A political philosophy that proclaims love of freedom and eschews force of any kind, yet claims significant numbers of Birthist Abortionites as adherents. Its basic flaw is that it is not based on love of neighbor but apathy toward neighbor and love only of self. See also FREEDOM.
The sum of biological, scientifically observable phenomena which distinguish animals and plants from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested primarily by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally.
The continuous sequence of changes undergone by an organism from one primary form to the development of the same form again. A biological concept denied or confused by the Birthist bio-ignorant to alternately deny that prenatal children are living members of their species or claim that gametes constitute individual organisms. See also GAMETE.
A term adopted from chemistry to mean a test to serve as a yes or no criterion for some decision, especially regarding suitability for public office based on an individual's view of prenatal child-killing. Hurled in an accusatory manner by Birthists and necropimps when pro-lifers object to a necrochoicer as a nominee but never used by necrochoicers in such fashion when abortionmongers reject a pro-lifer for the same reason. See also POLITICALLY CORRECT.
A formerly innocent phrase to describe human sexual intercourse which has been adopted by culture assassins to include all instances of fornication and copulation wherein love is frequently totally absent. An example of oppspeak.
A suggested alternative to the single word oxymoron and euphemism "euthanasia".
A word or phrase to be repeated over and over to numb the mind and crowd out troubling thoughts arising from remnants of conscience. A favorite prayer form of Abortionites.
Actions intended to heal unhealthy conditions. Often used as a euphemism and necronym by Birthist Abortionites, abortionmongers, necrochoicers and the like to include the practice of prenatal child-killing. Such usage is an example of a necronym and a Big Lie. See also NECRONYM and BIG LIE.
Literally, the killing of medicine or the medical profession (a point that should be stressed by pro-lifers). Used by fanatics favoring doctor-assisted suicide to describe this unethical practice.
A medically trained individual who has prostituted his or her medical skills to destroy human life, usually prenatally. See also ABORTIONIST.
The process of cell division which yields the haploid germ cells or gametes which have half the full chromosomal complement.
Known as the "angel of death" at the Auschwitz death camp, Dr. Mengele was in charge of medical experimentation on the prisoners. An abortionist in his later years in hiding in South America, his 1990's reincarnation, Hillbillary Shaftem Mengele, is now president of the United States.
The process of cell division in somatic cells which yields cells having identical diploid chromosomal complements.
The necromedia's preferred descriptor for political figures who lack the moral courage or intellectual capacity to defend the lives of prenatal children. See also RELIGIOUS RIGHT.
The state of moral decay in a society caused by the failure to exercise existing moral authority over a long period of time.
Conformity to generally accepted rules of right or virtuous conduct. An essential element of all just laws.
The breakdown or loosening of commonly accepted moral standards of behavior in a society usually resulting from damage to key social institutions such as families and churches.
The paralysis of the social machinery for shaping moral individuals when it is under incessant assault.
A quaint old phrase traditionally used to refer to a pregnant woman or gravida. Perverted into the lexicon of lies known as Abortionspeak to promote The Grand Illusion that prenatal babies somehow do not already exist.
An Abortionite sacrament that has historically been practiced in many times and places by nearly every Abortionite sect. The choice of aborting the life of another person. Prenatal child-killing has not historically been treated as murder in the legal sense, nor would it be if the protection of law were restored to prenatal children, but abortionmongers have found it effective to make this claim.
A term used by a woman to describe her prenatal child when it is wanted by her. See also HIS BABY.
Variously known as Necrochoicers Attacking Religion And Law, Nihilists Against Reason And Limits, and many other descriptors. An organization of the most virulent strains of Birthist Abortionites and the most fanatical of abortionmongers devoted to the dehumanization of prenatal children by any and all means and the advancement of the malicious and unrestrained war against them.
Stated as "truths we hold self-evident" by the nation's founders, the belief that our fundamental and inalienable (not transferrable) human rights are intrinsic with each of us from the time we are created as living individuals of our species, having been granted to us by our Creator rather than by any human source. See also INTRINSICIST.
The legal process by which citizenship is conferred on persons born in foreign countries.
Necrochoicer Broadcasting Company. A communications network which actively promotes the necrochoice agenda while censoring and caricaturing pro-life Americans.
Promoting or advocating death as a legitimate option under certain circumstances.
A suggested alternative to the euphemism "pro-choice" to reflect the true nature of the choice being advocated and help focus attention on the fact that this is the only thing that makes prenatal child-killing objectionable or controversial.
An individual who believes that under certain circumstances death may be a legitimate and appropriate choice to make for oneself or to make for others.
Speaking of death with longing sentimentality or warmth and enthusiasm.
The portion of the professional news and information media which is aware of the power of language and which unprofessionally persists in conducting its coverage of child killing in Abortionspeak to promote their own anti-life agenda. The necromedia commonly engage in news dialysis and censorship of pro-life events and perspectives.
Any of numerous ludicrous ideas about the biology of human life put forth as scientifically meaningful by Birthist Abortionites, abortionmongers, necrochoicers and others suffering from cultivated ignorance. The most extreme would have us accept that children suddenly spring to life at birth like Athena from the head of Zeus or that life somehow begins at some ill-defined time long after birth. See also BRAIN DEAD.
A word or phrase used as a substitute for a death-dealing Abortionite sacrament, often depending upon context and usually in a euphemistic manner. Some examples include "choice", "reproductive freedom", "medical care", "Final Solution" and "privacy".
Pimping for death. The providing of intellectual, theological, political, social or other cover for the medical prostitutes of the abortion industry. Also applicable to those who would pervert the medical profession into an agent of death for the sick. Usually committed by persons having influence in academia, the media, churches, government and other critical social institutions which have been strongly infiltrated by Birthists and other Abortionites.
A pop psychology based on the belief that death is a perfectly acceptable and even desirable outcome for the resolution of problems under a wide variety of circumstances.
A necrochoicer, abortionmonger or Abortionite, especially of the Birthist sect, who pathetically gropes for some hidden, sinister or somehow distorted psychological motivation for pro-life opposition to child-killing or other abortions of fundamental rights. These might include sexual hangups and desires to oppress women. Necroshrinks, like all Abortionites, suffer from the Abortionite blind spot, having completed the process of abortionthink, and therefore just don't get it.
The mental preoccupation with and rationalization of death, whether one's own or others' through the practice of some Abortionite sacrament.
The attitude that death is a desirable and good outcome or something to be longed for.
A slogan or motto of survivors of the Nazi Holocaust expressing their determination that such monstrous crimes against humanity would never be tolerated again. Such has not been the case, either postnatally or, even more so, prenatally.
The process of selecting or interpreting what is news so as to promote a particular point of view. Commonly practiced by necrochoicers and necropimps in the news media.
Nitwits, Oddballs and Weirdos. An organization of feminazis and feminasses devoted to the destruction of the social fabric of American life, especially by attacking its most basic institution, the nuclear family.
Necropimping Propaganda Radio. A national public radio network that conducts its coverage of the issue of prenatal child-killing in the preferred terminology of Birthist Abortionism.
The use of words in a context wherein they mean the opposite or something other than their original and commonly understood meanings. A technique to blunt the power of words and ideas, especially when used to introduce moral confusion or uncertainty. See also FLIPSPEAK
A legal doctrine, abhorrent to judicial activists, that laws should be interpreted in accordance with the original intent of their framers.
Morality based on desired outcomes rather than moral principle. A characteristic of Abortionites whose morality is rooted in might makes right.
An organization that originated in the Racist and Utilitarianist sects of Abortionism and is now the largest operator of Birthist Abortionite temples in the United States.
An animal or plant that lives on or in an organism of another species from whose body it obtains nutrients. Typically confused by the bio-ignorant with the nurturing relationship of one species for its own young.
An organization that panders to religiphobes and attempts to limit or negate the influence of religious Americans in public life.
A human being or other legal entity (such as a corporation) recognized by law as having rights and duties.
The crux of the issue of prenatal child-killing. The state of possessing those qualities deemed essential to recognition and protection of the law.
An individual who habitually confuses philosophical or religious beliefs for scientific knowledge such as the definition of life or the motion of the planets. See also BRAIN DEAD and NECROMYTHOLOGY.
A term to describe the self-righteous attitude of Reformed Abortionites who believe they are morally superior due to the strength of their commitment to oppose the more generally discredited Abortionite criteria for exclusion. See also REFORMED ABORTIONISM.
The position, especially among politicians, of claiming to be personally opposed to private executions of the known innocent while refusing to use official or other personal authority to do anything to stop them. Usually also characterized by a willingness to assist in the executions out of an unstated belief that such actions are politically or otherwise advantageous.
Hate literature characteristic of the Sexist sect of Abortionism. See also IMMATURE ADULT.
The philosophy that rights are bestowed by government rather than pre-existing or intrinsic. The principal philosophical premise of Abortionism.
The killing of a person, especially a young child, after birth. Suggested usage with "prenatal abortion" to emphasize that there is no difference in killing before or after birth. See also PRENATAL ABORTION and POST PARTUM ABORTION.
A ludicrous example of bio-ignorant Abortionspeak used to describe prenatal human life. A prenatal child is a potential newborn just as a newborn is a potential adult but there is nothing potential about the biological life of either.
The central organizing principle of Abortionism as identified by Orwell.
A term concocted by abortionmongers and the like to further dehumanize the early term prenatal child and facilitate experimentation upon it.
A self-terminating condition of limited duration in which the prenatal child grows and develops within its mother's body to the point where it has acquired the necessary adaptations for survival in the next phase of the human life cycle.
A euphemism favored by abortionmongers, Birthist Abortionites, necrochoicers and the like to dehumanize the prenatal child in the minds of potential Birthist converts.
Any physical exam or counseling session conducted at an abortuary prior to killing a prenatal child.
Suggested usage with "postnatal abortion" or "post partum abortion" to emphasize that there is no difference between killing before or after birth. See also POSTNATAL ABORTION and POST PARTUM ABORTION.
The exclusion of the prenatal portion of humanity from social recognition and protection. See also DEVELOPMENTAL APARTHEID.
Used as a euphemism to include prenatal child-killing by Birthist Abortionites, abortionmongers and necrochoicers. Such usage is an example of a necronym and a BIG LIE.
A suggested term for usage in preference to the scientifically correct but sterile and dehumanizing terms "embryo" and "fetus" in most contexts.
The use of the lives of prenatal children as a bargaining chip in negotiations over other items on the agenda of necrochoicers.
A suggested single word term for the prenatal child to include both the embryo and fetus. Its usage is intended to be more familiar due to common usage of the term "neonate", and less coldly scientific.
A suggested single word term for prenatal child-killing to replace the more euphemistic "abortion". It has the advantages of identifying what is destroyed in more familiar and concise language while linking it with the act of killing. See also COMMIT ABORTION.
Used as a euphemism and necronym for prenatal child-killing by Birthist Abortionites, abortionmongers and necrochoicers.
The crowning jewel of Birthist Abortionite euphemisms consisting of two positive terms for the philosophy and action of killing the most helpless and innocent of human beings. Frequently used as a mantra by its mindless devotees, the term neatly evades the fact that the only thing at issue is the nature of the choice and implicitly legitimizes the choice before any discussion can even begin. Immensely popular among necropimps for its effectiveness against the unconverted.
A euphemism favored by abortionmongers, Birthist Abortionites, necrochoicers and the like to dehumanize prenatal children in the minds of potential Birthist converts. All human beings are actually products of conception.
In psychology, the act of ascribing to someone or something else one's own attitudes, thoughts, traits, etc. Typical of Abortionites who accuse their opponents of being hateful, discriminatory, controlling or opposed to freedom.
An individual who believes in the sanctity of human life in all its stages and who is willing to defend it rather than stand idly by and permit human life to be destroyed.
Also known as proportionability. A necessary condition for waging war under the Just War Theory and international law which require that the use of military force be in proportion to the desired objective in order to limit destruction of life and property. Commonly violated by analogy in the war on prenatal children whose destruction is all out of proportion to the objectives usually being sought.
A hormone used to induce some abortions by injection into the amniotic sac. This causes violent labor and premature birth. The abortionist first injects a toxin to assure that the child is not born alive.
One of the criteria for exclusion from the human community by the Utilitarianists or related sects of Abortionism.
The point during pregnancy at which the movements of the prenatal child can be felt by the mother. Used during earlier times, when scientific knowledge of prenatal life was less complete, to mark the time after which prenatal child-killing would no longer be permitted.
An individual who believes in aborting the rights of others, sometimes to the point of justifying their destruction, on the basis of their race or ethnic identity. A member of the Racist sect of Abortionism.
The choice of forcing sexual intercourse upon another person. The trump card of abortionmongers. A wrong used repeatedly with great success to justify the additional wrong of child-killing when the only reason to oppose it, the nature of the prenatal child, has not changed in the least. Used to appeal to the best, most compassionate instincts in people to produce the worst possible reaction. See also WEDGE ISSUE.
Renegade Coven of Abortionite Reprobates. An organization devoted to necropimping from religious perspectives. Masters at Orwellian reality control with particular emphasis on the history of Judaism and Christianity.
A technique identified by Orwell in which perceptions of the present and directions for the future are controlled by those who have the power to manipulate perceptions of the past. Expressed in the slogan from the novel "1984":
"Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past". Actively practiced by necrochoicers in all institutional settings where they may exert influence.
A branch of Abortionism which emphatically rejects certain Abortionite criteria such as race and sex which have been generally rejected by society at large. Their Abortionite roots are evident in their efforts to marginalize and dehumanize their opponents and abort their fundamental rights. The predominant Abortionite sect of Reformed Abortionism is the Birthists. See also POLITICALLY CORRECT.
The deliberate exclusion of persons with religious principles or motivations from public policy forums and every other possible aspect of public life.
A favorite Big Lie of Birthist Abortionites, abortionmongers and necrochoicers to portray the human rights issue of prenatal child-killing as a religious matter to confuse or hide it behind common misunderstandings of the First Amendment.
Individuals who subvert divine authority by claiming a divinely ordained personal freedom of conscience to promote an Abortionite agenda. Includes many Abortionites, especially of the Birthist and Utilitarianist sects, who masquerade as Christians to more effectively necropimp. See also FREE THINKER.
A derogatory label applied by abortionmongers, Birthist Abortionites, necrochoicers and the like to their pro-life opponents to depict them as out of touch, extreme, fanatical, authoritarian and dangerous to personal liberties.
The inner terror experienced at the thought that one's actions might be influenced by some religious belief or principle or that public policy might be affected by the same.
A necessary function for any living thing to survive as a species, often being possible only during some portion of the organism's life cycle. Typically denied by bio-ignorant Birthists as having occurred until after birth.
A term used to call to mind its related and equally reprehensible policy, ethnic cleansing. The cleaning up of the messy aftermath of reproductive actions, usually by vacuuming the victims out of their residence in pieces.
A euphemism and necronym used by Birthist Abortionites, abortionmongers, necrochoicers and the like to refer to prenatal child-killing. True reproductive freedom is exercised before reproduction occurs. After conception, reproduction is an accomplished fact.
Still another euphemism used by Birthists, abortionmongers, necrochoicers, etc. to include the practice of prenatal child-killing. See also REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM.
A suggested phrase to describe the business of processing prenatal children for disposal or spare parts.
A euphemism concocted by abortionmongers, Birthist Abortionites, necrochoicers and the like to describe prenatal child-killing. See also REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM.
A coordinated action of civil obedience by pro-lifers to shut down a Birthist Abortionite temple and/or intercept the intended recipients of the Abortionite sacraments and prevent their further indoctrination in the cult. See also CIVIL OBEDIENCE and CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.
The act of shifting responsibility for one's actions to other parties by default or direct action. Applicable to the care of children conceived by irresponsible parents, support of such parents by the taxpayers or others, or the forcing of such children to pay for the actions of irresponsible parents with their lives.
A future euphemism to describe the coerced suicides or euthanizing of those who would otherwise irresponsibly burden their families or society at large with their continued support.
The failure to attribute accountability for actions to individuals, usually burying it in some group. Often also characterized by a willingness to assume within the group the responsibility for many destructive behaviors while absolving individuals of personal culpability. Frequently also characterized by a willingness to punish the innocent, in particular prenatal children, for the actions of others.
An act of tyranny committed by judicial activists on the United States Supreme Court in 1973 in which the premise of the nation, that we are endowed by our Creator with an inalienable right to life, was struck down and repudiated. The act violated numerous principles of law, morality and logic and destroyed the nation's duly enacted state laws that protected prenatal human life, creating in their stead a state of anarchy with regard to protecting prenatal human life.
A human pesticide used to chemically eliminate unwanted human life. An agent of chemical warfare whose use violates international law prohibiting this practice.
A devout Birthist Abortionite who is capable of justifying the deliberate killing of unlimited numbers of prenatal children at all stages of development and by any means if even the slightest degree of increased statistical risk to the mother can be demonstrated, even in a situation where both would have a very high probability of survival. Such sadistical analysis depends upon the Abortionite trait of attaching absolutely no value to the target population.
An oxymoron used by Birthist Abortionites, abortionmongers, necrochoicers and the like to describe prenatal child killing under pseudo-medical auspices. Virtually every abortion is intended to kill the prenatal child and can hardly be described as "safe".
Also known as salt poisoning. A technique for late term prenatal child killing in which a portion of the amniotic fluid is replaced by a caustic salt solution via a needle inserted through the mother's abdomen. The child writhes in agony as it is slowly poisoned and is expelled about a day later, hopefully (on the part of the abortionist) after it is dead.
The underlying ethic of all American law before it was destroyed by Roe v. Wade in 1973. One of the basic assumptions of civilization which holds that human life is made in the image and likeness of God and is therefore sacred and may not be violated.
The United States Supreme Court's written opinions sanctioning prenatal child-killing, especially Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. Also, any other writings sanctioning this practice.
A choice for fools, especially Birthist Abortionites, abortionmongers, necrochoicers, the willfully bio-ignorant, morally retarded, ethically dysfunctional and intellectually slothful individuals who make apologies for prenatal child-killing.
A euphemism for a prenatal child-killing procedure in which only some of the prenatal children present in a multiple pregnancy are destroyed.
A favorite criterion of philosofools and other bio-ignoramuses for their definition of life. Totally incapable of being quantified or even detected, it is as dangerous and potentially deadly a criterion for postnatal people as it is for prenatal children. As such, it is a perfect criterion for necrochoicers of every kind.
The capacity for feeling, perceiving or sensing, the lack of which is the exclusionary criterion of the Sentiencist sect of Abortionism.
A member of the Sentiencist sect of Abortionism who believes in aborting the rights of others on the basis of whether or not they possess sentience, often to the point of justifying their deliberate destruction. This sect has the unusual characteristic of including non-human species within the community that is or should be recognized as having rights and protection under law. Of or pertaining to the Sentiencist sect. See also ANIMALIST.
An educational program or process purported to convey value-neutral information about human biology and other aspects of human sexuality. Frequently used as a vehicle to convey an assortment of values, attitudes, and moral and political judgements.
An individual who believes in aborting the rights of others, sometimes to the point of justifying their destruction, on the basis of their sex. A member of the Sexist sect of Abortionism.
A euphemism to describe individuals who are promiscuous or otherwise engaged in sexual relationships outside the institution of marriage.
A term applied by abortionmongers, Birthist Abortionites and necrochoicers to belittle the voting behavior of pro-lifers who regard any necrochoicer as unfit for public office at any level. Curiously never applied by media necropimps to those who speak of "jobs, jobs and jobs", "the economy, stupid" or other matters that can make all the difference to voters of particular constituencies.
An hypothetical government program that might have been enacted prior to the Civil War to secure the right of poor whites to own black slaves. It can only be imagined what effect this might have had on the course of history by further entrenching and legitimizing slavery. Suggested usage to compare with Medicaid funding of prenatal child-killing.
An outdated Abortionite sacrament, primarily practiced by the Racist sect in the United States. The choice of holding other human beings in a condition of involuntary servitude.
A metaphorical moral slide which a society enters upon when it begins to compromise the sanctity of human life, the basic tenet of civilization, and finds it more and more difficult to restrain the expansion of the conditions for the destruction of human life. See also ABORTIONITE CLIFF.
The animating force or spiritual or moral nature of a human being in accordance with various theological systems.
Stupid. Involved in destructive and often criminal activities such as illicit drugs or sex. A prime example of oppspeak.
A term used by Animalists to describe people who believe that human beings have dominion over all other species and may make use of them as they see fit. Used derogatorily with moral righteousness to convey disapproval of such discrimination. Presumably, all animals are speciesists since they must consume other species as food.
The choice of ending one's own life.
The living together of dissimilar organisms, especially when this association is mutually beneficial. Adamantly denied by bio-ignoramuses whose ludicrous definition of biological life requires total independence of an organism for it to be considered alive in order to justify prenatal child-killing. See also COMMENSALISM, DEPENDENCE, CULTIVATED IGNORANCE and BIO-IGNORANCE.
A euphemism popular among abortionmongers, Birthist Abortionites, necrochoicers and the like to describe the poisoning or live dismemberment of prenatal children. The natural termination of a pregnancy is known as childbirth.
A fictional law enforcement agency in Orwell's novel "1984" which guarded the nation's thoughts. Used derogatorily today against opponents by all sides of many issues. Necropimps in the national information media have been most effective in this role.
The belief by an individual that he or she is seriously flawed or inadequate as popularized by psychologist John Bradshaw. Rampant among bogus feminists who believe that women are seriously flawed in that they can become pregnant and must be enabled to become unpregnant at will to more closely resemble men.
High frequency sound waves used to visualize prenatal children in real time for medical diagnostic purposes. Opposed by abortionmongers as a means to dissuade women from having their prenatal children destroyed. Sometimes used as part of a search and destroy policy to commit femicide or other gender cleansing or as part of some other prenatal child-killing program.
Any law of human origin that fails to recognize the humanity of any portion of the human race or sanctions the destruction of any part of the human population in preference to or by another.
The deliberate destruction of human life for less than compelling reasons, especially when committed by a mother against her own child.
A euphemism used by Birthist Abortionites, abortionmongers, necrochoicers and the like to dehumanize the prenatal child and make killing it easier to rationalize.
An individual who believes in aborting the rights of others, sometimes to the point of justifying their destruction, on the basis of their utility or social usefulness. A member of the Utilitarianist sect of Abortionism. See also ABLE-IST and FUNCTIONALIST.
A societal operating principle that holds that human life has value only to the extent that it is or has the capability of becoming socially useful. Adopted by some European nations beginning in the 1920's with disastrous results. A competing ethic to the sanctity of human life. See also SANCTITY OF LIFE.
A term meaning ability to live or continue living in a particular habitat or under a given set of environmental conditions such as aquatic, terrestrial, intra-uterine, tropical, temperate or arctic. All living organisms possess viability in particular habitats or environments and may adapt themselves in the natural course of their life cycles to attain viability in other habitats or environments. Viability has been incorporated into Abortionspeak by Birthist Abortionites, abortionmongers and necrochoicers to insinuate that prenatal children are somehow not alive or not yet fully human when they are perfectly viable in their mother's womb. Suggested alternatives to this misnomer are "intra-uterine viability" and "extra-uterine viability".
Injurious use of physical force. A favored description of pro-life activities by necropimps to accomplish character assassination against the pro-lifers. The violence of prenatal child-killing is never described as such.
A much misused metaphor for the division between church and state. Originally used to express the protection of the church from the power of the state, it has been corrupted by Evangelical Pagans to mean the isolation of public matters from any religious influence. It can also be used to describe the division between civilization and barbarianism, the former premised on the assumption of human rights being intrinsic with human life, and the latter based on might makes right. The first priority of any Abortionite missionary campaign is to breach this wall.
One of the most cherished criteria Birthist Abortionites cling to for granting or denying prenatal children the right to live. The incessant delivery of the message that human life is valued only insofar as it is wanted by those in power has played no small part in the alienation, anger, hopelessness and rebellion of many who feel very much unwanted. This, combined with the worship of choice, has fed many social ills such as crime and suicide but has been studiously ignored by the necromedia.
A slogan of the totalitarian party of George Orwell's "1984" which expresses a guiding principle of all Abortionites. Every Abortionite believes that waging war on the target populations particular to his or her sect will constitute or bring about some vision of peace. The slogan is a deliberate exercise in doublethink, a skill developed by all mature Abortionites.
An otherwise legitimate concern used by Abortionites as a cynical ploy to divide people from each other to facilitate the aborting of the target population's fundamental human rights. Historically used by Racist Abortionites, examples being unemployment and immigration, more recent applications by Birthist Abortionites have focussed on the so-called hard cases.
The ultimate rationale for prenatal child-killing. It boils down to "I want it (the right to kill prenatal children), therefore I should have it". It is might makes right, the essence of Abortionism. Often expressed in words similar to "I just think ..." due to the inability to articulate any credible rationale.
A concise summary of Abortionite philosophy, sometimes used as a mantra, expressing the belief that the abortion of one individual's human rights is a matter that may be decided by another individual.