Letters - Detroit News Aug 1, 2007

New abortion practice horrifies pro-lifers

Convenience trumps women

The gist of the July 30 article ("Abortion procedure fuels debate") is that abortionists feel compelled to administer digoxin to fetuses to stop their hearts before an abortion so the abortionist will not be violating the federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act. The hang-up, however, is that digoxin can produce side effects in women having abortions. In addition, the article stated that at three Northland abortion clinics, "women between 20 weeks and 24 weeks always got digoxin because doctors felt it made removal of the fetus easier." Apparently, these abortionists were not concerned with side effects; they just wanted to make their jobs easier.
Maria Michalik

Abortion hurts women

One direct way to solve the rightness or wrongness of abortion is simply to show readers pictures of aborted fetuses. Let them decide if this is human life worthy of protection. We now have more than 35 years of evidence that abortion hurts women and denigrates society.
Edmund V. Starrett

Protect child and mother

The real question prompted by the article is whether the death of one person is ever justified to potentially improve the health of another. Doctors must recognize the health of both patients, instead of just one. Pro-life advocates are working toward the day when women's health can be protected without the intentional death of their offspring.
Amanda Peterman
Grand Rapids

Where's the compassion?

So the abortionists are whining about feeling compelled to administer digoxin to kill younger fetuses, even though this use of the drug can assure the mother that the "fetus could not feel pain. What kind of doctors are we training in our medical schools? They feel no compassion either for the child that they are tearing apart or for the woman, who should prefer that her fetus be dead before dismemberment.
Barb Yagley

Killing remains killing

With all of the scientific advancements, only someone who lives under a rock can deny that a baby in the womb is a human being. That is why it boggles my mind to see quotes in the July 30, article by those defending the right to abortion. Attorney Janet Crepps states, "Because certain aspects of abortion procedures are variable in ways that physicians cannot control, physicians may feel compelled to cause fetal demise to avoid any appearance or suggestion that they have violated the law. One fail-safe way to protect against prosecution under the law is to ensure that fetal demise has occurred." Translation: Make sure you kill the baby before you yank it out of the womb.
Dan Czarniecki
Family of Faith Apostolate