Prayer for the Respect of Human Life

by Little Rock CYM group members Guy, Rachel and Aaron

Lord, in this life we have many crosses to bear, and we have no desire to have any other burdens on our shoulders. For this reason, we ask You to help keep us chaste in mind, soul, and body. To be chaste in mind, is to be chaste in thought. To be chaste in soul, is to be chaste in heart. To be chaste in body, is to be chaste in our daily actions actions towards others and ourselves. Sometimes, in our actions we do make mistakes, and we are sorry for them. Sometimes the consequences from those actions are easily put aside. Yet sometimes these consequences can lead to choices that go against Your will, such as taking the life of an unborn child.

Although society condones this terrible act, it goes against the moral values that You call us to hold dear to our hearts. All unborn children are sacred and human, and they deserve a chance to live as we do. Please Lord, open the hearts of all pregnant women and men considering an abortion and all who are for abortion to help them make the choice that is according to Your will, to respect all life especially that of an unborn child.