Michigan Catholic

From Our Readers Dec 26, 2004
Election follow-up

A letter from Dolores Barret of Livonia, titled "Election involvement," was in the Nov. 26 issue.

She implies that President George W. Bush has not and cannot stop abortions without a change in Roe vs. Wade. That is simply not true! You correctly pointed out that the president nominates judges to the Supreme Court, but, in addition to that, the president has power to:

  1. Prohibit the distribution of "morning after" abortion pills to children in schools.
  2. Require parental notification for a minor daughter's abortion.
  3. Sign the Partial Birth Abortion Ban passed by Congress.
  4. Prohibit taxpayer funding of abortions for federal, including military, personnel and dependants.

What a difference between Bush, a staunch defender of the life of the innocent, and Sen. John Kerry who says he would "vote against any restrictions on age, consent, funding restrictions, or any law to limit access to abortion."

We all want a change to Roe vs. Wade, but even without it, Bush has made a difference in many ways and has already stopped some babies from being killed.

George T. Cooney
Royal Oak