What follows was written in the early 1980s as a contribution towards promoting chastity. It is based on my observations of the motivations for sexual adventures among my acquaintances in college and is intended to speak to an individual's conscience and lead to an examination of motivations rather than just warn of possible consequences. Although it takes the form of a young man's pledge, its ideas can easily be adapted to other formats. Some people I sent it to also told me it could just as easily apply to young women. In any case, please use it to best advantage where you feel it may help.
Al Lemmo

Will your boyfriend sign this pledge? If not, you'd probably better learn the real reasons why he won't.


Recognizing that growing up is to a large extent a matter of becoming more responsible for both myself and for others, I pledge to strive for maturity by exercising restraint and by foregoing those activities for which I and the young women in my life are not yet prepared. In particular, my responsible and loving concern for them will be evidenced by the following:

I am fully aware in making this pledge that keeping it will not always be easy, that it runs counter to prevailing notions about the uses of sexuality and that signing it may very well expose me to the ridicule of my peers. However, I regard these things as a small price to pay for the benefits that keeping it will bring in my life, the lives of those who interact with me, and ultimately in the world. I will become a responsible, mature and truly loving person by keeping this pledge. I will become capable of establishing and maintaining healthy and mutually fulfilling relationships. I will contribute to the betterment of my world by not adding to its problems and by reserving my energies for positive activities rather than the undoing of avoidable mistakes.

Aware of these benefits which I desire for my life and for the lives of those I care about, I now confidently and proudly sign my name to this pledge.