The Michigan Catholic June 5, 2009
From Our Readers

Perfect deception

In the article “Obama urges mutual respect, dialogue” (Gene Stowe, MC May 22, 2009) concerning the Notre Dame commencement speech, President Obama is quoted as saying “Open hearts, Open minds, Fair-minded words” in reference to finding common ground over abortion, and related issues. A companion article “Vatican paper says Obama sought ‘common ground’” (John Thavis) attributes Obama with speaking for a “conscience clause” for medical personnel who are opposed to abortion. Actually, Obama placed the modifier “sensible” before “conscience clause” in his speech, making a critical difference.
Of course, all of these suggestions for finding a common ground are grossly inconsistent with every action Obama has taken and every campaign promise he has made regarding abortion. His speech was artfully crafted as an attempted hoax to deceive the members and students of Notre Dame University, the Catholic Church and the American people in general. For the most part he has succeeded.
Is it an example of open hearts, open minds, fair-minded words to arrest people with the opposing view and place them in jail for marching on campus while saying the rosary. Is this “dialogue”. The administration of Notre Dame is complicit in driving a wedge between many Catholic members and the faith of the Church, for inviting a person of Obama’s convictions and bestowing upon him an honorary degree.

Bob Roesser
Southfield, MI