The Oakland Press May 18, 20097
Letters to the editor

The ‘safest sex’ is abstinence

I was surprised to read that no Oakland Press readers agreed with Bristol Palin’s advocacy of abstinence programs.

No one could see her change of heart might be based on a new maturity brought on by motherhood. An objective look at the social trends of the past 40 years show less healthy and less happy Americans. Testing and contraception does not control the spread of sexually transmitted infections (now epidemic among young people).

Promiscuity does not lead to happiness. Injecting our young girls with chemical contraception or Gardasil does not prevent heartache. Doesn’t anyone read the small print? Who would expose their children to these chemical dangers when chastity is more positive (and increases their self-esteem)? Yet our cultural mavens and socalled “health care” providers such Planned Parenthood promote all of these for children as young as 9 years.

No legitimate health care provider would recommend “safe drunkenness,” “safe smoking” or “safe obesity.” Why do we blindly accept the concept of “safe sex” in the face of strong evidence of the harm caused by sexual license?

Where are the adults in our country and why are they not protecting our children from sexual predators? Why do we expect parents to do this alone when we all have an interest in healthy, happy children?

Healthy, happy people save themselves for that special someone who is also faithful.

Barb Yagley