The Michigan Catholic June 12, 2009
From Our Readers

Common ground

At Notre Dame University's commencement ceremony, President Barack Obama exhorted Americans to "work together to reduce the number of women seeking abortions, let's reduce unintended pregnancies" (May 22).
One way to reduce the number of women seeking abortions is to pray at the neighborhood abortion facility. This does not require government involvement. It is something most of us can do; and it touches hearts. When we pray there some women (and men) do gain the spiritual strength to choose life for their children. Others turn back to Jesus for healing and reconciliation. This leads to a reduction in unattended pregnancies.
For too long, abortion has been treated as a political issue. We should look at abortion as it really is - an act of violence against the child. Abortion is also the most divisive issue of our times - not just because some people refuse to accept it as a constitutional right. Abortion pits women against men ("No Womb; No Say). We cannot achieve peace or justice if we are apathetic to the carnage around us.
Please come an pray at the local abortion facility. This is the "common ground" - the new Calvary - that could unite Christians.

Barb Yagley