The Michigan Catholic Oct 26, 2007
From Our Readers

Jesus is the answer

One of the most beautiful articles I've read recently was Msgr. Thomas Rice's (Oct 5) column. "Father, what is missing?" Some of the more distressing articles I've read are about Catholics bashing other Catholics or anti-abortion Christians. To fulfill Jesus' prayer that we may be one in Him, we Christians should support each other's social justice efforts. You work for economic and immigration reform and I should support your efforts. I work to reduce and eliminate the scourge of abortion and you should support my efforts. Now the fact that I believe that we as individuals and we as Church, not the government, should be the first to reach out to the weak and vulnerable-born individuals does not place me in opposition to Catholic social teaching. The fact that I do not devote nearly enough time or treasure, does. Matthew Chapter 25 suggests that Jesus will judge individuals and the Church on our efforts to help the poor not governments. On the other hand, the blood of 90 innocent children cry to heaven per minute and we as Catholics mostly remain indifferent. As Msgr. Rice said, what is missing is Jesus. Let us let Him find us.

Barb Yagley