Letter to Editor of The Michigan Catholic by Alice Guardiola, Sept 13, 1996

Abortion should be primary concern

Please allow me to respond to Bob and Marie Fehribach's Letter to the Editor in the Aug. 16 issue of The Michigan Catholic. It seems ironic that they could call themselves "pro-life," then deny this sacred ethic as the issue of supreme significance in the upcoming elections.

I urge voters to remain firm in their resolve to uphold the sanctity of life as the highest principle that guides your consciences as you take to the voting booth. While all other issues may hold significant impact and ramifications, let us not forget that only God has the right to give life ... and take it away.

While Bob and Marie drum up other issues that are comedic in comparison, I would urge them to "give to Caesar what is Caesar's;" that is, give to any politician his B-52s and their welfare reform, but let's give to God the respect that He deserves and protect and hold dear all things crafted by His awesome, wonderful hands. Is this an issue of B-52s and reform bills? Or is it about the murder of innocence? If you can not see the difference, then you are truly color-blind, you cannot see the red blood on your own hands.

Christ wasn't "concerned about legislation affecting the poor, minorities, immigrants and children." But I dare say He does care for, and carefully measures how Bob and Marie affects these same folks with their own actions. Forget about legislation, what are you doing? What are we all doing?

Alice Guardiola
Troy, MI